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Safe Working At Heights With Use Of Ladders Tips

Working at heights using a ladder causes maximum accidents in any workplace across country, whenever a worker or an individual uses a ladder to climb up to a certain height he/she is always prone to the risk of falling from the ladder or loosing balance while climbing up or down. But the irony is no matter how frequently such accidents happen at any workplace or house no one ignore working at heights or stop working using a ladder because 90% of our household electrical appliances like tube lights, bulbs, fans, fancy lights, false roofs and split AC's are installed above a human's height and they need frequent maintenance like replacing the damaged item, repairing it or simply installing a new electrical equipment and the fastest way to do is using a ladder. Before climbing any ladder for a work a few steps must be taken to ensure work is also done and there is no harm to the worker's body or life. 1. First it must established the height at which the work has to be, if the height is less than instead of using ladders more stable items like chairs or tables must be used which will reduce the chance of an imbalance.

2. Second, the nature of job will tell you how much stable equipment one needs, like if it is just a simple task of replacing a light bulb then any ladder can be used as there will not much of a load on the stair and there will be restricted body movement on the stairs which means less chances of falling but heavy work like installing of a split AC or some small welding has to be done then more stable equipment like step ladders made with metals to be used as they have a bigger base which ensures that the ladder does not wobble and chances of accidents are reduced.

3. Third, the duration for which the work has to be done will decide the type of ladder to be used as there are variants of ladder available, industrial for heavy usage, commercial for medium usage and household for light works like replacing a faulty bulb. Before using the ladder a few things must be checked like are there any visible defects or damages on the ladder, is there any oil spillage on the ladder which could result in slippery grip and if the ladder has been maintained properly as only then a ladder should be used else there are chances of accidents waiting to happen. Resource: Australasian training and education centre is leading institute for coal seam gas training courses. Contact ATEC for Working at heights courses, Enter and work in confined spaces courses and many other courses training for coal and mine jobs in Australia.

Safe Working At Heights With Use Of Ladders - Tips  

When it comes to working at heights safely,ladder is the most suitable equipment.The work at height regulations 2005 also mentions usage of...