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Importance of General Induction Training

Queensland Mining Industry Training Advisory Board developed a General Induction program commonly called as GI for mine workers of Australia with of a goal of regulating the training imparted to temporary mine worker and ensuring their safety is maintained. Australia is one of the biggest exporters of natural resources like coal, silver, nickel, gold etc and this means Australia also has a lot of workers who work in mines and since mine workers have the highest accident and mortality rate government and private contractors have equally taken steps to ensure their safety and bring down the rate of accidents. The government has made the contractor responsible for any accidents happening at the site and they will be solely responsible to bear the financial or legal costs for the same and it has actually reduced the number of accidents because now contractors themselves are imparting proper safety training and installing required safety equipments. This program is developed with a primary goal of imparting knowledge about mining, safety procedures, safety equipment with their working knowledge and with theoretical knowledge of mining procedures and impart core skills before they are taken for specific training and actual work. General Induction gives them knowledge which helps them understand their worker better and improve their performance. This GIQ course imparts knowledge about general overview of mining, safety, legislations, tackling workplace hazards, risk management, emergency procedures, isolation and tagging procedures, knowledge about first aid and how to use it, the environment, work process and skills to prevent and fight fire. These skills not only drastically reduce the chances of accidents but also reduce the cost of training as a general induction brings down the need for repetitive training for every work or procedure.

GIQ - General Induction Queensland Training Importance  
GIQ - General Induction Queensland Training Importance  

Australasian Training and Education Centre imparts General induction training course in Queensland, which is all about people working in the...