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Thailand Make The City a Tourist Haven Thailand, a prime destination of Southeast Asia, is one of the important centers for business and commercial activities. Its growing image as a corporate hub can be easily understand from its increasing numbers of business centers, corporate houses and commercial venues of renowned commercial groups. Besides being the nerve center of the country, this fantastic city acts as a wonderful tourist destination for people of all ages. Thanks to its marvelous attractions and plentiful things to do and enjoy. The best part of the city is its vibrancy and pace. Step out from your hotel and head towards a typical Siamese village and you will find why Bangkok is called the heart of Thailand.

When looking for the cheaper flights to Asia, I make a point of checking several airports and several airlines. Invariably, if you are coming out of the USA from Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisco (SFO) and many times from Seattle, the best bets are China Air and Eva air and recently it seems Asiana Air, which is also offering some really cheap flights to Bangkok, if you value the frequent flyer miles in to your calculations. Hong Kong also seems to be expensive with no exposure to Air Asia, Tiger Air or Cebu Pacific which are the best for containing costs for traveling Asia on the cheapest flights. Since you probably are about to take a trip to thailand deals, one thing you ought to know is that Thailand flights are often heavily booked. You should therefore book your flight well in advance and be sure to confirm your booking early enough subject to airline policies. Due to the heavy bookings especially during the peak season, getting cheap flights to Thailand can sometimes become a real task. However, some few tips will help you find a good bargain.

Choosing the time to visit Thailand is important as the airfares vary, albeit slightly, with the seasons. If your destination is Thailand's biggest island, Phuket, remember that the period between November and March is the high season as more and more people come to enjoy the pleasant weather around this time. The season March-September has fewer visitors owing to the heavy rain and humidity. That is why advance booking is recommended as booking early will help you avoid the inconvenience of overbooked and overpriced flights during the high season. The major airlines such as KLM, BA, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, PB Air, Air Asia, Bangkok Airways and Singapore Airlines all fly to the various airports in Thailand. For connecting flights, there are respectable airlines serving Thailand such as Kenya Airways, Emirates and Ethiopian. Hundreds of online agencies also provide information on the best ways to obtain cheap flights to the country. So for the winter season if you were going to take a pass on Thailand this year where would you travel to instead? I would be looking at Cambodia, Philippines & Vietnam. Cambodia is now one of the safest countries in the region, if you ignore traffic accidents. The beaches of Sihanoukville now offer everything that you can get in thailand holiday deals, and they are excited to have you there. Vietnam also has a problem with traffic accidents, but is also very safe for tourists, but not quite as friendly and slightly more expensive. Before this crisis there was a burnout on Thailand as the cost of staying there keeps on climbing, and there is no increase in value. Bali compared to Phuket for a good head to head comparison for a long stay, if you are on a tight budget, Bali is a much better deal with allot more culture and with the exception of the internet, a much better infrastructure.

Thailand make the city a tourist haven  
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