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Au Pair: A Stepping Stone For A Big Break In Australia Serving as a home to a diverse range of career-giving institutions, Australia is indeed one of today’s most sought-after countries by professionals motivated to settle for a greener pasture. Unfortunately, the competition level among numerous professionals from different parts of the world who aim for such opportunity has soared dramatically, resulting to failure of many aspirants. Well, if you are still determined to pursue a career in Australia despite your lack in credentials, one thing you can do is to work as an Au pair for a while. This is applicable if and only if you are willing to do whatever it takes to travel to Australia and stay there to explore what this foreign place has to offer. As an Au pair, you will be tasked to do babysitting and provide other necessary childcare services, especially those that can’t be fulfilled by busy, professional parents. You will also be responsible for some light housework such as laundry, furniture cleaning, and dishwashing. In return, you will be treated as a foster child in the Australian family you will be assigned to. This means that you would get free accommodation, meals, and some or most of other daily expenses from your foster family. Apart from that, most Au pairs are provided with a weekly allowance of more or less $150. There is also a one or two day-offs in each week and the schedule for childcare and housework is customizable, based on the agreement with your foster Australian family. Au pair Australia agencies thoroughly study and do careful matching between Au pair aspirants and Australian parents who need someone to take care of their children and some

house chores. That’s why if you consider being an Au pair as a great stepping stone to pursue a big break in this amazing country, the first thing to do is to look for a certified and wellrecognized Au pair agency. Just comply with the requirements and do your best to pass the qualifying exams so that you could take a few steps to your dreams in this way. Because Australian foster families are already briefed by the Au pair agency, included to the benefits of being an Au pair is the free language course throughout the stay. It only means that you no longer need to spend money to enroll for an English learning program so you can improve and practice your language skills, considering you are a foreigner from a nonEnglish-speaking country. Aside from the big savings you could get, this means of learning English is also way more convenient since it is directly and instantly accessible from your temporary shelter. You could arrange the schedule of lessons with your Australian foster parents as well. It basically takes some research to find the perfect opportunity to fly to Australia as an Au pair. Just a hint: look for an Au pair Australia agency that gives a $500 completion bonus to Au pairs who successfully complete the contract period with their foster families. At the same time, avoid agencies that require Au pair aspirants to pay booking and registration fees. For More Information Visit

Au pair a stepping stone for a big break in australia  
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