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The Great Depression JANUARY 3, 1929


Many citizens across Europe are unemployed

The small family in the picture above struggle to survive with little money from not being employed due to the depression.

The Great Depression in Europe was caused by the collapse of the

U.S. stock market in 1929. It showed just how depended Europeans where on the United States. After WWI, Europe was in bad shape, The Great War lead to major disasters throughout Europe and lest the major countries with the task of rebuilding themselves. But rebuilding wasn’t the only item nations needed to concern themselves with. Germany was hit especially hard; this was a country that in addi-

tion to rebuilding their own economy was forced to pay the French government 132 Billion Marks ($31.4 billion) for damages it cause on French soil during the First World War. A little eccentric considered this debt would have taken until 1988 to fully repay.

Rebuilding of Europe to help out it’s government. Although citizens try to get employed, there are still many citizens without jobs.

Special points of interest:  The U.S. Stock market  Effected from WWI  Money debts

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Europe tries to rebuild during the Great Depression by trying to

get as many citizens employment as possible

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“The Great Depression Cont...” and its impacts on families

Children are giving signs to stand against the Great Depression.

The Great Depression in Europe did not affect every country the same way. While every country was affected by the economic disaster, they were all affected to a different degree. Following WWI, countries like Britain had become much more dependant on exports, when the global economy collapsed it was one of the first

countries to feel the sting. June 30th 1930. As we all know we are going through the Horrible Great Depression. This all started because of the WWI. This war leads to many disasters in our country and we had to rebuild so many things. This was difficult for us, but this wasn’t our only concern. The Great Depression impacted our families. Jobs were hard to find because of this our families are having hard time making money. Another impact the Great Depression made on families was that the Industrial Production is falling which means our employment are falling and we are getting lower wages. Also would lead to demands for food. Since the production is fal-

ling this would lead to fewer hours and less pay, and with less hours and less pay, there would be no jobs. We need jobs to support our family but the Depression is making it hard for us and hard to get food. This horrific event needs to stop. Another impact on families is that those who farms, don’t have enough money to farm because we don’t have money. They raised most of their foods and neighbors and friends helped each other during the hard times. Who’s going to help stop this Great Depression? When will it end? It’s getting harder to find jobs and support our families.


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Rebuilding of Europe jobs started to appear the growth became slow and steady. The first country to make a full recovery would be Sweden in 1934.

“Hopefully America can make a quick comeback.”

Europe during the great depression was a disaster, but as more and more countries left the Gold Standard and as

pression in Europe was over, only to give rise to an even greater challenge, WWII

Britain would also recover early due to it being the first country to leave the Gold Standard. As WWII broke out the war effort brought about new jobs and stimulated economies around the world. The Great De-

What’s Happening In America?

Currently in America, their stock market is going plundering down into turmoil. It is being called, “The Wall Street Crash” because of the very upset and angry protestors filling Wall Street. This began in late October in 1929. The look of the severity of the crash, they will not be recovering soon. More

than likely, 10+ years until they are back to an average state. This may be hazardous to America to be attacked. Other countries may see this as an open window, and bounce on the opportunity before they have time to recover. The economy is the first key to a nation’s fall, and everyone once to take down the largest, most powerful union. I hope not, but this may be the a start to an unwanted World War II. Since Germany’s lost in the World War, they may be looking for revenge against America. They are already in debt, so what is some more? The German’s have a very different look on things. And with this new leader,

Adolf Hitler, being a soldier, it doesn’t look good for America. It is starting to show that Hitler cannot be trusted. America is more than likely prepared for this. They are smart people, and they showed that during the World War with their witty strategies. Hopefully America can make a quick comeback, or this might be the end of the all-powerful USA.


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What About Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler is born on April 20th in Braunau am Inn in the empire of AustriaHungary. At the age of six Adolf attends school and, while clearly intelligent, he is uninterested in formal education, eventually leaving with a poor educational record of achievement. The death of his father when

he was 13 persuades him to get a job to help support his family. While working he also attends art school and regards himself as an artist, absorbing diverse cultural influences, the opera, theatre, reading and drawing. Hitler moves to Vienna with the aim of attending the Vienna Academy of Art, but his application is rejected. His disappointment is compounded by his failure to also get into the Vienna School of Architecture due to his inability to provide a school leaving certificate. Without a job in Vienna Hitler

struggles to care for himself. So he decides to enlist with military service for the Habsburg Empire, Hitler takes action to evade this by moving to Munich in Southern Germany. This move is possible in part due to his inheritance of a small legacy from his father’s estate. Here his life continues much as before, until world events changed the course of Hitler’s life. From this point forward his life will change dramatically.

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The Europe Newsletter  

The Newsletter Project Made by: Austin Horn, Leslie Burns, Jacob Daughrty, Kaleb Lewis

The Europe Newsletter  

The Newsletter Project Made by: Austin Horn, Leslie Burns, Jacob Daughrty, Kaleb Lewis