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PORTFOLIO Ya n g M e n g - J u

It is not JJ This is my Chinese nick name It is called “Din Din”

ABOUT ME Education Chung-Cheng Elementary Schoo ( music AP-class) Taipei Private Dongshan Junior High School Taipei Private Dongshan senior High School National Tsing Hua University (Bachelor Degree in Power Mechanical Engineering)

EC Design School

(Pre-master programs in product design)

Experience & Activities PME (Power Mechanical Engineer) CAD Group Backpacker & Working Holiday in Austrlia Computer Mechanical Engineer ( ASUS Computer CO. Eeepc Department)

Yang Meng-Ju / Austin +886-2-286657595 +886-987-240-476 4F., No.5, Ln. 94, Sanmin Rd., Xindian City, Taipei County 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Pursue The Design Inspiration of becoming a designer As a mechanical engineering student, I used to think that the technology is much more important than the appearance, so i think the core value of a product is made by the engineer not the designer. I stated my position until I start to work in the computer company. When I was an engineer, my team and I had to design the structure of a computer. At that time, I had a lot of ideal about how to improve existing design. Even though I tried to do some improvement, being an engineer can't really change anything. Since then, I started to think how to become a designer. If I am a designer, I can make my desire and dream desire come true.

Move to Design I worked in the company as an engineer for one year. During that time. I tried to find out how designers design, and the process of how to produce a product. The mechanical background also helps me achieve my design and it helps me to think more. Since I have made up my mind, I started to learn the skill of sketch, 3d drawing, and everything that I will need to be a designer. The more I learn the more I find the beauty of design.

Why Industrial Design In addition to the design courses, I kept myself exposed to the art and design field as much as i could, eagerly reading all kinds of design books, auditing relevant courses at school, and attending any cultural and artistic event possible. I tried to combine my profession in school and in work with my project, including the technology and mechanical structure. Because I want to design the products that can be placed, be used, and be bought for everyone, the products need to be mass produced I don't want to create a artistic production which can only be placed in the museum. The industrial design become my goal to achieve my dream.

this is about me my dream and my desire


A cup of coffee A cigarette A perfect imagation

Why I Design ? For thousands of years, the chopsticks are always the main tableware for the chinese and the eastern nations. As the technology progresses, the material for chopsticks is also ranging from plastic to metal. Even the material dreamically changed, the shape doesn’t change much from the original design thousand years ago. Following the culture of slowfood, people start to pay more attention on how to place the tebleware.


The way of placing the chopsticks is a comman issus when we need to take a break during eating

The Problem I Found

Neither these are perfect solutions for placing the chopsticks. Is there a better way to slove this problem? Instead of just putting the chopsticks on the desk, I believe there is a better solution.

T h e Po s s i b i l i t y o f d i f fe re nt s h ap e

S k e t c h & S h a p e De l o p e m e n t

The color and the shape are inspired by the shoes which Michael Jackson was wearing, when he performed the famous - Moonwalk.

“Anti-Gravity� is a pair of chopsticks designed to prevent the front of the chopsticks touching other stuff. With the magnet, users can use this product without changing the using habit of chopsticks.

Two pieces of iron form the wing structure on the tail of the chopsticks. The iron is embedded in the plactic and will not be seen from the outside. It can balance the weight of the chopsticks.

There is a magnet in the protected part on the tail of the base. It will let the chopsticks stick to the base.


A Chopsticks keep tableware clean

This is where I think It is not just a bench It is my spring of inspiration


Why I Desgin ? The interaction between people becomes more and more distant. Even when people are relaxing, they still maintain vigilant. The interaction between one and another is the most direct way to share the emotion and feelings. Is there a product that can help people have more opportunities to connect to others? With the help from this product , I hope it can ease the stress between strangers.

The Problem I Found

? How i think? Why do people drink alone? Does he want to? or does he have no choice? Is there a product can help him?

The Process I Though

I develop the shape from sketches. It helped me create different kind of shapes for my product. The cup is designed to drink alcohol, so I took the standard shape of the wisky cup.

Because of the mechanical structure, the shape of the cup need to have a covered section. A moveable sturucture will be set in the section. I hope the device can be powered by magnet, instead of electronic.






The empty glass.


Pour in the wine. After two glasses contact, the magnetic ball will repel and roll away from the center, then the inner glass will fall down. The wine will come out from inner glass to the outter glass from the small hole in the button.



After drinking all the wine, put the glass upside down and the inner glass will fall back by the gravity. At the same time, the magnetic ball will roll back to the center.

A Glass Share emotion and happiness

A computer A mouse A factory of dream


Why I Desgin ? As the modern society progresses, more and more electronic devices are being used on a daily basis. From cellphones, mp3 players, to PDAs and computers, a variety of devices fill up everyone's backpack. In the past, due to limitations in the available technology, functions have to be spreaded out onto different devices. But as new technologies are obtained, we can expect to see an integration of multiple functions onto one single device.

Dream One Dream One

How I think?

Dream One

What would you put in the bag? Is your bag also full of many kinds of electrical device? Have you ever felt tired of 3C product?

Dream One Dream One Dream One

How can I make an electronic device different by using many possibilities of shapes from paper folding?

Dream One Dream One

Dream One Dream One Dream One Dream One

In the end, I chose the image of paper folding. I want to use the possiblity of folding to miniaturize the scale. In addition to size, I want to combine several functions into one device, so the variety of paper form becomes my ideal image.

Dream One

At the beginning, I want to solve the problem of storing the product. I draw the sketches of the different ways to miniaturize the size.

Dream One Dream One Dream One

This is the PDA mode. The Users can operate PDA with first, second screen and the control button. The first screen is the touch panel, and it can be used as the keyboard.



The users can use this mode as a tabletpc. The fitst screen will be the touch panel, but the control button will have no function.



The users can use this mode as a traditional book with lighter weight and much more information. The first screen will be only a screen, and the users have to make control with the control button.

The first screen will be the touch panel with the keyboard function.The second and third screen will be the monitor,at the same time, the forth screen will shut down to become the support.

A Dream Make all need in One

The Receipt of Portfolio Materials 1. A confortable place for thinking 2. A cup of coffee 3. A cigarette 4. A reailable computer 5. A suitable mouse

PROCEDURE 1.MAKE A DREAM 2.burn the midnight oil 3.burn the midnight oil again 4.burn the midnight oil again and again...


Why I Desgin ? In the modern society, everyone is busy at work. There is too much information we need to know. Reading becomes a job. There are less peolple reading just becausing they enjoy it. A good light can provide a comfortable atmosphere. With a comfortable environment , I believe people will enjoy reading more. With the help of this product, I hope people will read just becausing they enjoy it.

A proper light can make people feel more comfortable when we are reading. Offering a more comfortable surrounding can let people enjoy reading more.

The instant joy when you catch a fish. The instant joy when you learn the knowledge from books. The instant joy when we read!

The idea of the shape refers to a fishingman sitting on the stone. The body is made of steel and the base is made of marble.

- LED Light - Hooked by the wire

- Book Plate - Weight Sensor

- Stone Base - Marble

A Light Make reading confortable!


EeePC T101 The newest eeepc is designed for the tabletPC with touchpanel. With the rotate hinge, it has two different using mode. It let user using computer not only by keyboard and mouse but also fingers.

ASUS EeePC T101 Bottom Case ( D-Part ) Bezzle Case ( B-Part ) Battery Top & Bot Case

This project is a professional work which represent my mechanical profession. I used to work for Asus company as engineer. The main job for mechanical engineer is not only about design but also enable the product for mass produce.

The B-part of eeepc is made by the plastic with IMR. The IMR is the insert molding decoration. This kind of technology can make the plastic surface much glossary.

The D-part of eeepc is made by the plastic with Sputtering. This technique can make the plastic surface conductive. The conductive structure can protect the notebook from shocking by static electricity.

The battery top and bottom case is made by a special material called PC1000. This material is more flexible than usual plastic. The main reason for using

This is where I grow This is where I were mature This is where I dream

MEMS Micro Electrical Mechanical System

M ic ro G e ne rator

Micro Generator This project is developing a micro motor. The modern solider wears “night sight� which ensure the soldier have a clear vision at night. However this great equipment have a series drawback, that is huge consume of energy. So Instead of a big and heavier battery , we hope to design a micro motor which can suppy suffcient power with lighter weight and longer working time.

From This Size

To This Size

This is the first version. Eventough we simplify the whole structure, the friction problem on the shaft is still too serious and force us to change the design.

This is the second version. We change the source of power, and add the fan structure on the rotor. With the frictionless water film, the rotor can revolve with higher speed. The goal of this motor is to build a power generation with 1W output.

Quantum Microsystem Lab National Tsing Hua University

M ic ro G e n e rato r

Semi-Conduction Technology By using the semi-conduction producing process, we can miniaturize the dimension. The scare of a full-function micro power generator will be 1cm square.

The graphic shows that there are three different number of layers in a generator. The difficulity in production will increased dramically, and the yield rate will drop rapidly.

How to Increasing Power? The study shows that the generator geneate much greater power with more layer. The graph shows that the four layers geneator produce four times power than one layer.

This is where I love This is where I live This is where am I

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