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C h r i s t op h e r W. Br en n i g , M . D . CerTIfIeD: The American Board of General Surgery SuB-SPeCIAlTy CerTIfIeD: The American Board of Vascular Surgery

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7000 N. Mopac Ste. 320 Austin, TX 78731

Dr. Brennig is Board Certified in Vascular Surgery and in General Surgery. He is recognized for his expertise in the minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, recurrent varicose veins, and complex venous disorders including DVT. Please call the Austin Vein Institute to schedule a comprehensive consultation.

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october 2010 | vol. IX No. 2

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Samantha Stevens

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Wendi Aarons, Claudia Alarcón, Linda Asaf, Nancy Miller Barton, S. Kay Bell, Deborah Carter, Barbara Chisholm, Elizabeth Christian, Andrea Claire, Christine Cox, Wilhelmina Delco, Eric Doggett, Ashley Erickson, Susan Farago, Marika Flatt, Garrett Garrels, Korey Howell, Debbie Johnson, Shara Kashani, Laura Koffler, Casie Latimer, Judy Maggio, Marilyn McCray, Julia Nickerson, Dan Poore, Tania Quintanilla, Terri Schexnayder, Kira Taniguchi, Julie Tereshchuk, Reneé Peterson Trudeau, Chantelle Wallace, Justin Wallace

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512.328.2421 • 1213 W. 49th St., Austin, TX 78756 austinwoman magazine is a free monthly publication of AW Publishing Inc. and is available at over 800 locations across Austin and in Lakeway, Cedar Park, Round Rock and Pflugerville. All rights reserved. For submission requirements, go to our website under “editorial” or contact No part of the magazine may be reprinted or duplicated without permission. For copies of articles, call 512.328.2421. AW deeply regrets the following misprint in our September Issue and wishes to print the following correction: on p. 42, in the second column of Sustainable Austin by Christine Cox, the name of the establishment is “The Needle Works” (not “Needleworks”) and the owner’s name is “Colleen” (not “Connie”) Church. Also, John Chatham of Casa Sereno Homes was the builder and John Hathaway of Vanguard Studio Inc. was the local residential architect on the project. Again, we apologize for this mistake. w w w. austinwomanmaga 7




Come see why patients travel to Austin from all over the United States for their comprehensive care by one of our fabulous female doctors. SCIENCE &

Go to our website and listen to what other patients are saying about their dental experience. GORGEOUS Call 512-263-8284 today and experience the difference! SMILES!








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Call today and experience the difference! 2303 RANCH ROAD 620 SOUTH • SUITE 140 • AUSTIN, TX 78734

5 1 2 . 2 6 3 . 8 2 8 4 • w w w. A u s t i n H e a l t h y D e n t i s t . c o m

o n t h e c ov e r

70 amy corbin of C3 Presents

Amy Corbin, our knockout cover girl, is an industry-recognized force of nature in the music business. A mother and shrewd businesswoman, whose pristine reputation precedes her, German-born Corbin books all the talent for ACL (Austin City Limits Music Festival), and has since its launch 9 years ago. With an older brother in the trade show business, one has to believe that coordinating and directing come naturally to the Corbin clan – a military family that lived in Germany until Corbin came to McKinney, TX for high school. Today, the promoter for C3 Presents is known to be a tough negotiator with a discerning eye (which is always on the dollar sign) and a knack for banking hot talent; which is no doubt, part of the reason the huge success of ACL enabled an $83 million infusion into the Austin economy last fall alone. C3 itself has donated nearly $2.5 million to date to the Austin Parks Foundation, and will continue to donate a portion of ticket sales every year from the Fest.

Sto ry

Christine Cox P h oto g ra p h y

e r i c d o gg e tt st u d i os makeup

ka r e n p owa n da k i s s n m a k e u p.u s hair

deklynd channing d e k ly n d.c o m fas h i o n st y l i n g

ca s s i e fl e n i k e n j e w e l ry

cat h e r i n e n i c o l e cat h e r i n e n i c o l e .c o m + courtesy of amy corbin

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contents 10.10

12 contributor

chantelle wallace

16 creating balance

creating inner harmony

18 fitness

need an excuse to exercise?

22 music

the accidental entrepreneur

26 music

lois ferrari

30 spirits

yes we can!

34 glow

diy manicures

40 news

awic luncheon

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breast cancer frenemies nashville

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a star is (not) born

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independent appraisals

An american dream?

56 explore


64 legal smarts



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J u s t i n Wa l l ac e p h o to g r a p h y

Chantelle Wallace compiled + edited by Mary Anne Connolly Chantelle Wallace is a media specialist for Shipley & Associates, an Austin-based research and communications firm. In 2007, she obtained her Master’s in journalism from UT Austin, and has written for a variety of publications, usually on the topics of animal welfare and music. Wallace is active in Girl Guitar, and plays with The Dead Carl Weathers, a Jack White tribute band. When she isn’t trying to live out her rock star dreams, Wallace volunteers at The Town Lake Animal Center and trains for the Austin Marathon with Team Spiridon. Did you learn anything surprising while writing The Accidental Entrepreneur, (p. 22)? I’ve been taking guitar lessons from Mandy since January, but didn’t realize she had been home-schooled for most of her childhood. Do the arts and music have a place in your life? If so, how? I come from a family of musicians – my mom is an amazing jazz pianist and singer – so I appreciate quality musicianship. I’ve taken clarinet and piano lessons in the past, but am really enjoying learning guitar right now. What are you listening to on your iPod? Any favorite artists coming to Austin or ACL you are excited about? Despite the strong stigma against them, I really enjoy ‘80s hair bands such as Guns n’ Roses and Poison. (Feel free to laugh.) Playing with The Dead Carl Weathers has taught me to appreciate The White Stripes and the general genius of Jack White. I probably won’t be braving the ACL crowds, unfortunately – I prefer smaller concerts!

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Come to The Domain and step into exuberant styles from the likes of Neiman Marcus and a host of other fine stores, over 40 of which you won’t find elsewhere in Austin. The result? Pure Domainia. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Burberry, Charming Charlie, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Express, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Forever 21, Gloria’s Restaurant, J. Crew, Jasper’s, The Limited, LoFT, Louis Vuitton, luxe apothetique, Madewell, Maggiano’s Little Italy, McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood, Spa Réveil, The Steeping Room, Stuart Weitzman, Sushi Zushi, Tiffany & Co., Viva Chocolato, World Interiors, ZARA and more. Westin Austin at The Domain now open! Follow The Domain on Twitter and Facebook at

Just minutes from downtown Austin off N. Mopac. Exit Braker Ln. or Burnet Rd. Shopping Line® 512.795.4230

oct 2010

exclusive web features EXPLORE

24 Hours in Nashville The “Other” Music Town (see main story on p. 56) by Marika Flatt


What Do You Stand For? by Debbie Johnson


Exclusive Interview with Susan Dell on the Heroes for Health Gala for Marathon Kids Oct. 7th, 2010

additional web content video interview Amy Corbin talks to us about giving back, while balancing motherhood and her wild ride in the music biz

Logon today! w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   15

creating balance

Q+A with Renée

Creating Inner Harmony: Balancing Yin and Yang

Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river. –Lao Tzu, author, Tao Te Ching I’ve been a self-employed consultant for more than 18 years and am at a place where I’m exhausted and really struggling. My life feels too hard! I’ve always been a real assertive gogetter and am used to getting great results, but lately that’s changed. I’m finding that as I get older, the old ways of getting things done aren’t working so well. I’m always pushing and driving for results, while others around me seem to be having more fun. I’m ready to change how I work, but I’m not even sure what that means! Any ideas on where to start? – sarah, 48


UPCOMING RENÉE TRUDEAU EVENTS Oct. 14th 7:30–8:30 p.m. CST | Being Present and Remembering What Really Matters. A FREE

interactive life balance teleclass via phone with Renee Trudeau and special guests. Fall 2010 Self-Care as a Spiritual Path: A Women’s Group. A 12-week, small group-coaching program led

by Renée. Nov. 5th 9 a.m.– 3 p.m. Reflect, Reclaim, ReBalance: A One-Day Self-Renewal Retreat.

Register for all events at

By Renée Peterson Trudeau

Sara, it sounds as if you desire a greater sense of balance around “how” you work and live. Great job for recognizing this! I can relate to how you’re feeling. Throughout my 30s, I was the same way. If I wasn’t achieving the results I wanted, I would push harder, convinced if I just “forced” the outcome, it was bound to happen! The majority of the time, this left me frustrated, over-worked and just not having any fun. This is usually a sign that our energy (how we get things done) is too heavily weighted in the masculine and we’re not fully tapping into our feminine strengths, such as the abilities to ask for and receive help and to be willing to pause and reflect before we take action. Another way to look at this is understanding that we all have both feminine (or “yin”) and masculine (or “yang”) energies. But in our Western culture, where results and outcome are so highly valued, most of us – both men and women – are out of balance and we have come to overrely on our yang strengths. The danger with this is you can physically and emotionally exhaust yourself if you continue this pattern (think of pushing a wheelbarrow full of rocks up a mountain), suffer from burnout and even more importantly, you miss out on the many benefits that come from accessing your beautiful yin-oriented talents and gifts. Both masculine and feminine energies are important. I could not have birthed my first book without my willingness to tap my yin strengths – accessing my intuition and waiting until I was fully inspired to begin writing – and my yang

strengths – accessing the fire in my belly to execute the timeline and get the book to the publisher by the required deadlines! Reflect on the short list below of a few yin and yang strengths. Then, 1.) Observe how your body feels as you read first the yin list and then the yang list; 2.) Make a list of some of your yin and yang strengths that have supported your success thus far and 3.) Make a commitment to begin to allow more of your yin qualities to surface and become more aware of which energy could best serve a given situation. Envision effortlessly weaving your yin and yang attributes – as you feel guided in the moment – to create a beautiful, strong, yet flowing tapestry. Yin (or Feminine) Energy Intuitive Receptive Process-oriented Collaborative Flowing Relational Soft Being

Yang (or Masculine) Energy Directive Goal-oriented Aggressive Authoritative Outcome-driven Determined Hard Doing

Finally Sara, this is a huge topic, but a really important one. Consider taking some time to explore this theme more in depth. Dance, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and creative activities are all great for helping you tap into more of your feminine yin energy. Also, pick up a copy of my book The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal at your local library for additional guided exercises around this topic.

Renée Peterson Trudeau is a nationally-recognized career/life balance coach, speaker and president of Career Strategists. A sought-after media expert, her work has been featured in US News and World Report, Working Mother, Yogi Times, Good Housekeeping and AARP and she regularly presents life balance workshops for corporations, organizations and at conferences around the world. Trudeau is the author of the award-winning The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life (and two other titles). Thousands of women around the globe are joining and becoming trained to lead self-renewal groups based on the Guide, as a way to enhance balance and well-being in their lives. |

WEB EXTRA: Visit for a short, guided journaling exercise on balancing your yin and yang strengths. 16  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

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Recent works will be available for acquisition. Exhibition previews by appointment begin October 2nd.

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Exercise? Need an excuse to

Find inspiration in others! b y S u s a n F a r a g o

nyone driving on the Pennybacker 360 Bridge on an early Thursday morning in September probably did not notice swimmers getting into Lake Austin and swimming out to support crews in kayaks and on paddleboards waiting under the bridge. The “Got2Swim 4 Miles for Colin’s Hope” event was taking place and the swimmers had two goals: the first was to swim four miles to the Walsh boat ramp just west of Mozart’s coffee shop, and the second was to raise awareness for water safety and drowning prevention. This particular day in September would have been Colin Holst’s seventh birthday.

18  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

Nonprofit organizations are turning to activities and sports-related events as a means of raising awareness for their cause. Rather than simply asking for donations, these groups are getting people involved. Involvement provides a sense of individual ownership and dedication to the organization and it also provides another benefit – getting people to be more active. And whether it is a personal connection or the desire to be part of something good, more and more people are doing just that. Doing good is not just physical. In 2007, the Corporation for National and Community Service compiled a series of studies that looked at the correlation between

volunteering and physical health. Findings show that giveback lowers rates of depression, improves long-term health, and raises the levels of dopamine (those “feel good” chemicals) in the brain. The social ties and feeling of being part of something good also have overall positive impacts on the body and mind. Whether it’s to make a difference or show support, there are more and more reasons why people are motivated to get involved with nonprofit organizations. In the case of Alissa Magrum, necessity was the mother of invention. After she underwent hip surgery, she turned to swimming as an alternate means of

OWneD anD OpeRateD By CanCeR suRvivORs

Our team of experts include · Bonnie Friedman who has been a wig stylist for the last 14 years in austin.

Bonnie Friedman

Formerly of pat painters

· Ronn hanson, a wig and hair replacement stylist from san Francisco who has worked in austin for the last 4 years · Wendy Kamasaki is our massage therapist who has devoted 16 years to massage therapy.

Ronn hanson

Formerly of pat painters

Besides our services, we also feature skin care products such as DaMi – Look and Feel Beautiful & Miaderm Radiation Cream.

Our staff is highly recommended by doctors, nurses and social workers in the oncology field. COMe see us anD expeRienCe the DiFFeRenCe. free gift with wig purchase!

512.458.8671 | 7301 Burnet Rd. ste 107, austin, tx 78757



NOW YOU CAN HAVE BOTH Perspiration resistant cosmetics created for Austin’s unique climate and active lifestyle.

Maverick Jeremy Crawford was born on August 1st, 2010 in Amarillo, TX. At only 3 weeks old, Maverick was diagnosed with cancer. Maverick is now being treated with chemotherapy and radiation and is fighting for his life. To learn more about Maverick and ways you can help The Crawford Family, please visit

• 1206 W. 38th Street • 512.320.8732 w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   19

maintaining fitness. One thing led to another and when the opportunity came to be part of the Colin’s Hope swim, she decided, “I’m just going to do it.” Thanks to her dedication and the passion of others, Colin’s Hope raised nearly $20,000 dollars. Action leads to habit. MJ Azrak happened to attend a National Ovarian Cancer Coalition - Austin Chapter meeting a few years ago and they were discussing the idea of having a race. Since then, she participates in the NOCC’s 5K run every year. Azrak

says, “We participate in the NOCC because it is a cause we want to support. Our family has a personal connection with ovarian cancer. It started as a women's-only event so I signed up and dragged my friend Sandy along. I've made it a tradition ever since. Though it has doubled each year in size, it still has a small grassroots feel to it.” There are over 100 events scheduled in and around Austin for October through December 2010 alone. Events include walking, running, cycling, swimming and even

How to get involved with a nonprofit sports event: Find your passion

– What moves or inspires you?

triathlons and urban challenges.* Benefiting organizations range from supporting military personnel or children’s groups to raising awareness for disease and prevention. There is something for everyone to get excited about and sometimes the biggest challenge is simply getting started. Austin based multi-sport fitness coach and freelance writer Susan Farago can be reached at:

Here’s an abbreviated list of upcoming charity-based events:

Get involved

Stop Child Trafficking Now Walk - 10.2.2010

Know your limits

Fire Fest benefiting the Buda Fire Training Center - 10.2.2010

– Participate or volunteer or both! – Be realistic when choosing an event.

Grow your limits

– 5K today, marathon tomorrow!

Weston Wright Lighting the Way 10K.5K benefiting The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind - 10.2.2010

Get help

Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Thousand Oaks 5K Fun-Run - 10.2.2010

Inspire others

Vibha Dream Mile 5K Walk/Run Feeding Underprivileged Children - 10.10.2010

Make time

SMILE Walk & Run 5K benefiting Community Dental Care’s dental programs - 10.16.2010

– Seek out helpful coaching resources. – Include family or friends. – “No time” is no excuse.

Continue your support – Proudly wear that race t-shirt!

Check out RunTex’s website for a comprehensive listing of nonprofit events in and around central Texas

TeamKaren 5K Walk/Run benefiting the Morgan Welch Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Program at M.D. Anderson - 10.23.2010 Ronald Run 5K and Pet Fun Run benefiting the Ronald McDonald House - 10.30.2010 20th Annual ThunderCloud Subs turkeyTrot benefiting Caritas - 11.25.2010 Jingle Bell 5K benefiting Mothers Against Drunk Driving - 12.12.2010

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savings are in store for you!

OPENING SOON! Vera Bradley at Prime Outlets – San Marcos 3939 IH-35 South, San Marcos, TX (512) 392-5651

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The Accidental Entrepreneur

b y C h a n t e l l e W a l l a c e

How One Woman Turned Her Passion into a Thriving Business


t’s a Wednesday evening and four women sit in a small room holding guitars, occasionally sipping wine. A tall blonde named Mandy Rowden, 30, stands in front, teaching the ladies how to play Winter Winds by Mumford & Sons. One woman watches Rowden’s rapidly strumming hand, another furrows her brow while playing the pattern and a third taps her foot to the rhythm she is trying to make on her guitar. The women are all members of Girl Guitar, a program Rowden began in 2007 to fuse her passion for musical performance with her gift for teaching. “After moving back to Austin from New York, I was so broke that my cell phone service was cut off,” Rowden says. “I originally put a Girl Guitar class together as a fun way

Mandy Rowden demonstrates a strumming pattern to her Girl Guitar class. 22  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

to pay my cell phone bill. I never pictured it turning into what it’s become. It’s been quite the accidental success.” Girl Guitar classes are held at The Music Lab on Oltorf Street. In addition to encouraging students to drink wine in class, Rowden stresses the importance of having fun and confidence while playing, no matter what your skill level. At the end of each sixweek class, students play a few songs in a showcase at Antone’s Night Club. Performing on stage at a world-famous music venue is both awesome and intimidating for beginners. “The first time I went on stage, I was shaking,” says Suzanne VanRandwyck, 47, who has been a Girl

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   23

I’ve known from an early age that the 9-to-5 lifestyle wasn’t going to work for me, and I’m absolutely miserable if I’m not doing something creative. Guitar member for six months. Having recently performed at her third showcase, VanRandwyck says she now cracks jokes with the audience and feels fairly relaxed while performing. Many of Rowden’s students say that Girl Guitar forced them to face a variety of fears they needed to overcome. “From the moment I joined Girl Guitar in 2007, it changed my life,” says Amanda Hickey, 29. “I am a very shy person, so walking into a room full of women made me sweat. Making music is something I wanted to do my whole life, so I knew I had to overcome the fears of being social, singing in front of my peers and actually getting on stage. Now I am a performing musician, and have accomplished one of my greatest goals.” “Mandy and Girl Guitar teach you to go beyond your limits and have no fear,” says Jennifer Kiger, 51, a one-year veteran of the program who just completed her sixth Antone’s showcase. Girl Guitar’s success in Austin has motivated Rowden to try franchising the group in different cities. Within five years, she hopes to begin a branch in Nashville, and eventually Portland, Brooklyn and beyond. Despite the unintentional formation and success of Girl Guitar, Rowden says this is always what she imagined herself doing. “I’ve known from an early age that the 9-to-5 lifestyle wasn’t going to work for me, and I’m absolutely miserable if I’m not doing something creative,” she says. “Growing up homeschooled in the small town of College Station, TX, taught me to make my own fun, and I guess it’s paying off now.”

24  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

Rowden’s ability to create an entertaining environment makes her classes both unique and addictive, according to her students. “Girl Guitar is probably the most fun I’ve had as an adult,” says Abbey Tootle, 30, who has played in four Antone’s showcases. “It reminds me of being a kid when anything was possible and I was always surrounded by good friends and laughing.” “Mandy is the queen of inside jokes, is never afraid to be silly, and has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know,” says Ana Bee, 38, who has “taken too many Girl Guitar classes to count.” Though she doesn’t actively advocate the idea of girl power, Rowden acknowledges that playing guitar is still mostly a man’s arena. “While I find plenty of work and entertain many people, I still roll my eyes at guys’ condescension of women playing rock music,” she says. “Recently a guy asked me if I could ‘really’ play guitar or if I was just one of those girls who knew a few chords and thought she looked cool. That stuff gets old, but makes it even more fun to wow them on stage.” Despite this disparity, Rowden praises the resources and support available for Austin’s female musicians. She cites the Women in Music Professional Society (WIMPS) and its monthly luncheons as a great networking resource for women. When she isn’t busy helping Austin’s women achieve their musical aspirations, Rowden is the lead singer and guitarist of Cover Girl, an all-ladies, mostly-80’s cover band. She also plays the role of June Cash in The Cash Band,

a Man in Black cover band. And because she plays seven instruments – violin, piano, bass, drums, harmonica and mandolin, in addition to guitar – Rowden substitutes in a variety of bands around Austin. In addition to playing lots of local shows, Rowden hopes to take Cover Girl on the road and capitalize on society’s current 1980’s resurgence. “I laughed at first to think about a touring cover band, but with the right connections we’re looking into casinos and private parties all over the country,” she says. Rowden’s musical skills were sparked when she started learning classical violin at six years old. Soon thereafter, she began playing piano, and by 10 years old she was being paid to play at events in her hometown. It wasn’t until she was a 21-year-old Texas State University student that she “caught the bug for live music” at an open mike night in San Marcos. Despite having played in public for most of her life, Rowden says “performing is still sometimes a bit intimidating, but that’s the rush I love.” With a thriving music business and two successful bands, it looks like Rowden has no shortage of opportunities to feel that rush.


w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   25


b y M a r i ly n M c C r a y

Lois Ferrari

Call Her Maestro estra) a M , t e y r (or bette Although the podiums of orchestras have been dominated by older men, the conducting world is changing.

“I hope that people don’t think of me first as a woman conductor, but rather as a good conductor.”


fter studying at the prestigious Eastman School of Music, Lois Ferrari headed south from Rochester, NY to become assistant professor at Southwestern University’s Sarofim School of Fine Arts. Coming to Texas required a bit of adjustment for this Brooklyn-born Italian-American. “When I moved here in 1993, I couldn’t even find enough ingredients in the neighborhood grocery store to make a decent pasta sauce,” Ferrari recalled with a laugh. “I had to explore awhile to find sausage that wasn’t breakfast sausage. I wasn’t sure I could live here, but things have really changed.” Ferrari’s original career path included math, biology and chemistry with pre-med as her goal. While at SUNY Albany, she began cutting her science classes in favor of hanging out in the Fine Arts building, practicing her flute. When she went home and announced that she would rather be a

26  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

musician than a physician, her parents encouraged her to follow her heart. They bought her an instrument and she transferred to Ithaca College to study music education. “After graduating, I taught general music and I taught orchestra and I taught band and I taught lessons. At the middle school on Long Island, it was a big ‘everything’ job. I found that my favorite part of the day was the conducting. I was having a really good time even with the 6th grade band.” She returned to Ithaca College to study for a Master’s degree in conducting and then set her sights on the conducting program at Eastman School of Music. “I felt fortunate to get an audition, but a bad ice storm prevented me from driving there that morning because the National Guard had closed the road,” Ferrari remembered, “but they rescheduled. It ended up turning out well. I got in on my first try and

when the acceptance letter came, I called everyone I knew.” She had received a full doctoral fellowship and was appointed assistant conductor of the renowned Eastman Wind Ensemble. Ferrari was the second woman in the Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) conducting program under Donald Hunsberger. The atmosphere at the Eastman School was exciting for Ferrari. “That’s where I really learned to become a musician,” she smiles broadly. “I wish I had more than two years, it went very fast.” In conjunction with her studies, she got a lot of podium time, conducting small ensembles for student recitals. She made connections that would enhance her career. There, she met pianist Anton Nell who is now at UT and Peter Bay, who was assistant conductor for the Rochester Philharmonic orchestra at the time and now conducts the Austin Symphony.

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After completing her coursework at Eastman, she accepted a teaching position at Southwestern University in Georgetown. Although teaching at a liberal arts school is different than teaching at a music conservatory, it has been the perfect environment for Ferrari. “I really like having students with different backgrounds,” she said with pride. “I encourage my students to be excellent, uncompromising musicians, but to also contribute to the holistic enrichment of their mental, physical and emotional well-being. It keeps my brain full of more than just music.” “People always ask me, ‘What does a conductor do?’ Yes, we keep time, the tempos. The physical part of being a conductor is about 10% and everything else is rehearsal and research,” said Ferrari. “But the major thing for me is to be the conduit through which the composer speaks.” She continues to maintain an active schedule of guest conducting. Ferrari was appointed the conductor and music director of the all-volunteer Austin Civic Orchestra in 2001. In addition to selecting works for the orchestra to perform, inviting soloists and conducting, she has created competitions for new music and has premiered many works including an opera. She has expanded the presence of the ACO in the

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community. “We have our friends and family following, but building an audience for a civic group is a challenge,” she observed. “But playing at the Long Center would help us cultivate another audience.” After years of playing in churches, auditoriums or ballrooms, the orchestra will finally take the stage at the Long Center in November for a program that features Verdi, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky. Ferrari is pleased to share conducting duties with Peter Bay and the violin soloist will be Jessica Matheas, the ASO concert master. When Ferrari isn’t on the podium, she and husband Paul Gaffney, explore Central Texas by air after Gaffney got his private pilot’s license. Being afraid of heights, she is looking for a support group for family members of pilots and proudly wears the pink headphones she got for Christmas. He rewards her with merit badges for every 10 hours in the air. On the ground, Ferrari continues to love cooking because it is like conducting – taking ingredients and putting them all together and coming out with something good. She and Gaffney indulge their two cats, Buddha and Gandhi. They are also diehard baseball fans. He is Red Sox fan, she a diehard Yankee fan. They have compromised, enjoying the Round Rock Express games.

“I thought I would spend about three years at Southwestern gaining experience and then off I would go,” reflected Ferrari. “Seventeen years later, I am still extremely happy here, although I miss the snow but just for a day or two.”

Austin Civic Orchestra/Austin Symphonic Band Joint Concert

Sunday, Nov. 21, 2010 3:00 pm Long Center for the Performing Arts

Verdi: Overture to La Forza del Destino Peter Bay, Guest Conductor


Violin Concerto in E minor, Allegretto non troppo – Allegro molto vivace Jessica Mathaes, Violin

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 2

More info + tickets:

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(L-R) Tiffany Short & Lara Nixon p h o t o by da n p o o r e

Yes We Can! I am a fan of craft cocktails. In fact, when I go out for a drink, I gravitate toward places that offer more than your garden-variety margarita or gin-and-tonic. I look for something different and creative, a personal signature that will spark the imagination and create a taste sensation. In years past, I was honored to be a judge at the “Official Drink of Austin” contest organized by the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau, before it became a popular vote affair. During these contests, some of Austin’s best and most creative bartenders showed off their skills creating the cocktail that would best represent Austin. Maybe five of the total finalists since the beginning of the contest in 2003 have been women, including 2006 winners Amber Wright and Daisy Undercuffler from the Four Seasons. Last spring, I was pleasantly surprised to see two women among the six finalists in the Maker’s Mark Grape Escape Cocktail Showdown during the Texas Hill Country Wine

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and Food Festival, and I was even happier to see that the winner was Lara Nixon. Her cocktail, the Kentucky Peach, featured her own handmade peach syrup and peach bitters. The young mixologist with a hip attitude and tattoos to match exuded confidence and knowledge during her presentation, wowing attendees and judges alike with her fabulous drink. A Texas native, she has moved around the country over the years, attending bartending school in California and honing her skills in New York City bars. It was there that mentor and friend Chad Salmon encouraged her to start her own business, so she returned to Austin to launch a private bartending and education company, Blue Ruin. “The scene in New York is very much ‘us vs. them,’” says Nixon. “It’s an elitist culture that breeds competition rather than camaraderie.” In Austin, she found a mixologist community that is relaxed, welcoming and supportive, and received encouragement from local luminaries

In an industry largely dominated by men, these talented ladies are literally raising the bar and putting Austin’s cocktail scene on the national map. b y C l a u d i a A l a r c ó n

Bill Norris and Paggi House’s Jeff Boley. “Real craftsmen don’t have to feel threatened; the more the merrier. After all, this is the South. It’s a different social construct,” she adds. This laid-back philosophy serves to further the cause and contributes to the flow of ideas. “As a woman, I have a natural affinity for community, so I am all for raising the bar together and giving something back.” Aside from the Maker’s Mark contest, the Kentucky Peach won the Austin Drink Local Contest in 2009 and Nixon placed 3rd in the Bombay Sapphire contest with her Asian Iced Tea. She has also entered in a partnership with David Alan of Tipsy Texan to create Tipsy Tech, a series of courses that teach bar craft, history of the cocktail, and help further education and discovery so people can make better choices. Her next mission: “to bury the antifreeze-looking, sweet-and-sour-mix margaritas that plague our city!”

There is only

true original


Feel the differen ce! Visit the MBT van and me et the M BT style an d benefi t s gurus. L earn wh y MBTs w ill leave you happy, s atisfied and coming back fo r more. Oct. 15 -16 (10 -4)

Just Add People! 8 Austin Area Spec’s (512)280-7400

Test wa receive lk MBTs and a (while su Free Gif t pplie

SPEC’S Wines, Spirits

s last)

& Finer Foods L/S:4.109”


tender, juicy, delicious... and served sizzling. We serve our steaks “sizzling” on 500° plates so that every last bite stays just as hot and delicious as the first.

Private accommodations for lunch, cocktail receptions and dinner. 477.RUTH (7884) | Congress at 6th St. visit us at or w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   31

Crowned “The Cocktail Queen” in 2007 by for her fresh, innovative, and culinary-inspired drinks, Austin native Tiffany Short spent 10 years in the nation’s capital piling up a resume filled with stints at some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants in the area. Her big break came at the esteemed Inn at Little Washington, where she held various positions before being asked to put together and manage the restaurant’s wine list. When she was hired at PS 7’s she thought she’d be known mostly for her wine list, full offbeat and little-known selections. “But then I started making cocktails. At first I was just going for fun, offbeat, and silly drinks, then I learned about old cocktails,” says the brightblue-eyed dynamo. She became well known for The Bolshevik; made with fresh beet-infused vodka, and next thing she knows she is one of D.C.’s most coveted mixologists. “It was really a serendipity career!” In November 2008, Short left PS 7’s to be part of the opening team at trendy The Gibson, where she was part of a talented group of bartenders who created labor-intensive, handmade cocktails using top-shelf and house-infused liquors. Lucky for us, Short became homesick soon after and returned to Austin a few months back, landing a job at Annie’s Café on Congress. “My main focus is pre-Prohibitionstyle cocktails, based on old recipes with a personal twist while remaining in the 1800s spirit,” she says. Her fantastic cocktails run the gamut from light to serious, using many ingredients, but in small quantities for balance and support, “especially for the strong liquors like bourbon and mezcal,” she adds. Seasonality is key for Short, who will be rolling out her new fall and winter menu soon. In August I found myself swooning at her Strawberry Fields, a simple blend of Lustau Fino Sherry with fresh muddled strawberries. “I like cocktails with sherry. It’s something new and light, and it introduces people to sherry drinking,” she says. She also introduced Austin to Tiki Tuesdays, where each week she prepares three different tiki-style classics in the tradition of Trader Vic. And did I mention there’s another beet cocktail on her menu? The First Tsarina, an incredibly refreshing blend of beet-infused rum, lime and mint, topped with club soda, with a hint of sweet earthiness from the beets. At her suggestion, I also tried the Menta Mágica: Del Maguey Crema de Mezcal, Monin Swiss Chocolate, Fee Bros orange bitters and fresh mint, served on the rocks. Boozy, heady, and thoroughly unique, this drink is something that I probably would have not ordered on my own, but was glad I did. “You need to experiment and be crazy,” Short told me. “Have some fun!”

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New York City Fall From Lara Nixon

1.5 oz Rye .5 oz Domain De Canton Ginger Liqueur .5 oz San Pelligrino Chinotto Soda* 1 tsp Organic Pumpkin Pie Filling (Spiced)* 1 Egg White Nutmeg To Garnish

Place ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously for at least one full minute. The drink’s texture and appearance depends on emulsifying that egg white thoroughly. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with grated nutmeg. *Available at H.E.B. Central Market

The Martinez

This drink is basically the great-great-grandfather of the martini. From Tiffany Short.

1.5 oz Hayman’s Old Tom Gin 1.5 oz Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth .25 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur 2 dash orange bitters

Stir, strain into cocktail glass, garnish with orange.

Love youR Sex Life

The Austin Center for Women’s Sexual Health


some CommoN Problems • Pain with Intercourse • Diminished Arousal • Difficulty Achieving Orgasm • Difficulty After Surgery and Cancer Treatments


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sandeep G. mistry, M.D., M.P.H. -Director of Sexual Medicine tiffany t. Garrett, MA, NCC, LPC -Psychotherapist angela G. treadway, P.T., M.S., D.P.T. -Pelvic Physical Therapist

dolce . salon

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glow step 1


Choose your shape and file your nails. Common shapes are oval, square and

(Do It Yourself)

s e r u c i n a M b y A n d r e a C l a i r e

squoval [yes, it’s a real word] refers to a “soft square,” basically “square w/rounded corners.” Use Sephora’s Glass Nail File in Pink (1) for shaping.


step 2 To soak or not to soak? Soaking your nails is becoming passé; whether in the spa or at-home, it’s all about the dry manicure for longevity of polish with exception of cuticle clean-up. If your cuticles are in need of a severe clean-up, it’s best to soak your nails or massage cuticle oil in to soften the skin. Gently push back with an orange stick. Take care if using cuticle nippers and disinfect prior to each use with rubbing alcohol. Use the Kiss Professional Manicure Set (2), available at Watson’s.

step 3 *No need to miss out on the hand cream; massage a


little cream into your hands prior to your first coat of polish. Liven up tired hands with a massage of Avojuice Ginger Lily Hand Cream (3). Basecoat, really is worth using. Just clear the nail of any cream remnants with nail polish remover, otherwise your polish will slide. Basecoat keeps the polish from staining your nails as well as tends to be a little sticky, therefore anchoring the polish, meaning fewer


hat do you deem as the “perfect manicure?” How long it lasts? Or, the full-on spa treatment with hand massage? Are we to still “soak in it” ala Palmolive as Madge wanted us to in the early ‘80s or is the dry manicure the new thing? Despite so many questions and new techniques to complicate a simple manicure, it really is easy to DIY.

chips and a longer-lasting manicure.

step 4

A quick-drying topcoat or spray will help

more coats you apply, the longer it takes to dry. See if

protect your fresh polish as well as… dry it

you can master this: try to gently pinch your fingertips

quickly. Blasting air from your blow-dryer

from underneath, pulling the skin away from your

will work too, but have it on cool air-

nail, this helps to avoid the color overlapping onto your

flow as heat will not speed up the dry-

skin. Simply rock out with Sephora by OPI Rocker

ing process.

Chic Collection (4) or if you have two left hands, try NIC’s Sticks (5), polish pens that reduce the fussy application.

Tip: If you need to tidy the edges, cover the tip of an orange stick with cotton wool and tip into polish remover.


34  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

step 5

Apply polish; two coats is always best. Beware, the

*For slipping on closed-toed shoes too soon after a pedicure, layer nails with Vaseline and wrap with cling wrap – you will be slimy, but protected!


About Face We’re pleased to announce that we’re now Austin’s source for Girlactik Beauty, the freshest new cosmetics line around.

As seen in:

Marie Claire Allure People

Start today! Achieve your New Year’s resolution on January 1st, 2011

we SpeciAlize in

fitNess trAiNiNg

for women in a

New Patient Special* $35 off exam and x-rays *just mention this ad.

privAte &


setting Fellow of The International Congress of Oral Implantologist


5004 Burnet Road • Austin, Texas 78756

BeST chick STudio in AuSTin

4402A Burnet Road Studio: 512.388.1150

Visit our studio to learn more.

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manicures have come a long way, baby


With all of the fancy, patterned and long-lasting manicures you can get at a nail spa these days, i.e., OPI Axxium, MINX nails and CND Shellac; self-manicuring may seem a little boring; but, there are some fun options! The marble manicure (6), for those crafty and daring, although it can be a bit messy, the results are very cool. Try mixing three colors with an extreme range from light to dark so you see the separate colors or inspire from colors in your marble tabletop. 1. In a plastic dish with room temperature water, pour in your lightest color. 2. Follow with mid-depth color, then darkest color as if creating a “bull’s-eye.” 3. Swirl with a toothpick and then dip from underneath the colors. 4. Clean off the edges (consult above Step 4 tip)> 5. Go brag about your amazing, artistic talent.

*Nail colors used here are Sally Hansen White Tip, Essie Splash of Grenadine and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

step 1

step 2

step 3

Restless Nights?

step 4

step 5

David Duhon, M.D. has been helping Austinites sleep through the night for 20 years.

Call for an initial consultation.

512.329.9296 36  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

Leslie K. Smith, MEd.

no MoRE EyEbRow PEnCil

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Family Therapy Couples Therapy Individual Therapy

Parenting Coordinator Divorce Counseling Home Studies

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HCG Program · Medications · Exercise & Lifestyle Counseling Supplements · Personalized Nutritional Analysis

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now accepting seton, Westlake and three rivers Provider insurance

5900 Balcones Dr. Suite 160 | *the Fda has not approved hcG for the treatment of weight loss nor has it been demonstrated to be an effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity.

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You, Minx You! You can find a few products out there mimicking the latest nail armors found in salons. Try Sephora’s OPI Chic Prints for Nails Design Appliqués (7) in collaboration with Minx. 1. Clean bare nails with rubbing alcohol to remove oils. 2. Select your favorite pattern and choose the best size for each nail. If a strip is too wide, trim with small scissors. 3. Rub the strip for a few seconds to warm. Peel off strip and apply to nail, with the rounded end close to the cuticle. Rub strip over entire nail starting from the center working out toward the sides. Smooth down completely. 4. Press strip over edge of nail and use an ultra fine crystal file to file off excess. File in a vertical motion. Rub strip again to ensure adhesion and to remove any bubbles. 5. To remove from nails, rub to warm. Slowly peel from side to side, not top to bottom. 6. For toes, follow the above instructions and use a nail clipper to trim. In need of a chip-free French manicure for a night or two? Why not glue them on? Try Kiss USA Everlasting French Nails (8) – just refrain from running your hands through your date’s hair, just in case! No need to give up all your secrets in one night!

*If you do yoga, these useful tips can help to DIY your pedicure. Try Illamasqua Nail Varnish Scarab (9) or Shimmer (10)

Contact Andrea Claire at


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How to Turn a Greek Tragedy into an Austin Success

Stephanie Klein took a fearless jump, melding her personal passions into a successful career path. Find out how in this exclusive preview of her appearance as closing keynote speaker at the October 21st Get Smart conference.

b y J u l i e T e r e s h c h u k


ith today’s swirling economy, careers are now journeys with many decision points. And where better to get top-notch guidance on those decisions, than from the street-smart speakers at the October 21st Get Smart conference. With its line-up of breakout speakers (Daniel Castro, Marny Lifshen, Andrea Schenker and Audrey Selden), plus keynote speakers Matthew Dowd (New York Times best-selling author turned ABC News analyst) and “Greek Tragedy” blogger Stephanie Klein, Get Smart is the place to be for advice, support and – of course – that all-important business networking.

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Think of us as your

“comfort zone” for mammograms


Join us for the second annual Stiletto Stampede for the Cure– a high heel dash (100 yards) with the mission to encourage young women and men to know and understand the risks of breast cancer and empower them to prevent the disease through early detection, screening methods, education and overall breast self-awareness.

October 16, 2010 Race Start Time 9:00 AM Hill Country Galleria - 12700 Hill Country Blvd. Bee Cave, TX High Heels 2.5 inches or taller required. 100 yards. Event heats are not competitions.

The BreasT CenTer aT sT. DaviD’s MeDiCal CenTer offers women the latest in digital imaging in a comfortable, spa-like setting. For your comfort, foam cushion mammopads are used for each mammogram. Our newlydesigned facility offers personalized service from a highly-trained nurse coordinator. Plus, private dressing rooms and Wi-Fi access are available.

Schedule your mammogram today or join us on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 6-8pm for our “Mammo Mixers.”

For more information, visit 512-544-8803 STDAVIDS.COM

900 East 30th, suitE 111, austin w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   41

For an exclusive taste of what’s in store, austinwoman recently caught up with Klein, an Austin resident since 2006. Q. How do you find time to pursue

I always tell people to keep their jobs while

all your projects while raising

they find their careers. I didn’t quit my job; I

two kids?

found my career while staying at my job until I got to the point where necessity dictated

A. I'm mother to boy/girl twins (the labor

that I quit one job to take another. (A job that

jackpot!) who'll turn four this December. How

required me to stay in my jammies all day.)

do I find time while raising two sweet bean sprouts? I don't. I can't possibly do it all every

Q. After taking the leap of faith,

day. "Work Hard, Play Hard" is just too hard! It

how did you keep self-doubt at

doesn't work. And balance? Balance is


bullshine. The fact is, there are days where

A. I receive emails daily from women all over

my family is the priority, and other days, writ-

the country asking this in one form or another,

ing days, where I'm lucky if I get to read my

whether it's adjusting to layoffs or breakups,

children a bedtime story. All mothers are

it's basically the same. Change. Change can

working mothers; I happen to work from

be scary, even the kind of change we choose.

home, so I'm able to see the faces of those I

But how we navigate change is what makes

love – which isn't the same as one-on-one at-

us successful. What helped me through it?

tention. Lately what's been working best is a

Knowing that I'd encounter many more times

hard-stop at 4 p.m., three days a week. No

in life where I'd have the same unsure, fright-

matter what's going on, work stops at 4 p.m.

ened feelings helped me realize that the only

– including checking emails, Twitter, Face-

way navigating change would become any

book. I disconnect until they're in bed. The

easier is by going through it. Keeping in mind

other two weekdays are "anything goes" days,

that when we're in our most pain is when we

where I might write at a local café until mid-

do the most growing. Another thing that

night. Weekends, I haul out the camera and

helped? Gin.

capture as many memories as we can make.

Keep self-doubt at bay by knowing what's motivating your decision. Whatever you've

Q. With hindsight, are there ways

chosen (from leaving your job to committing

to prepare for making the kind

to be in an exclusive relationship), ask your-

of leap of faith you took in 2005

self if your decision was driven by joy or fear.

when you left advertising to fo-

Decisions made in fear often end in regret.

cus on writing full time?

Decisions anchored in joy, going for it because it makes you giddy even thinking about it, are

A. Life leaps, and it takes courage to follow

always the right ones.

your dreams – courage and a plan. Not just "a how will I afford healthcare" plan, but a plan

Q. Anything else you’d like to

for "How'll I structure my work days?" If I'd


known early on that the best way to work in a

A. I'm always up for making new friends here

workout and a cocktail or four is to begin with

in Austin. People can reach out to me at http://

setting your work hours, I'd be a lot more

toned today. But that's also just logistics. The best way to combat nerves is to be prepared. As prepared as you can be, but there's only so much you can do. It's why it's called a leap.

42  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

Write your own Greek Tragedy

Top-ranked blogger Stephanie Klein’s tips on establishing and maintaining a successful blog: There are books dedicated to just this question. But the short answer is: - Be passionate. - Be consistent. - Don't worry about making your blog a niche blog, or trying to be "an expert" on a subject. Instead, just follow your passions, write about what moves you, excites you, makes you want to cry in a bathroom. People don't read my blog because I'm an expert mother, was an expert dater, am an expert writer. They read because I'm honest, and I'm me. The me that cries at movie previews, the me who writes about family, films, food, fashion, friendships and "endships."


Get Smart Conference presented by AWC Austin October 21st, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Renaissance Hotel, Austin More of Stephanie Klein’s one-of-a-kind career advice at

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   43


p h o t o by s h a r a k a s h a n i

. t e B u Yo

An American Dream?

The Philippine-born young sommelier is a rising star in an industry Largely dominated by men. b y C l a u d i a A l a r c ó n


une Rodil was born in Cavite City, a suburb of Manila, in 1980. Her family moved to Dallas in 1985, where she grew up. She was accepted into Lamar University in Beaumont at the age of 16, through a Texas government-approved program that allows “advanced” students to be admitted to a university two years early. “Beaumont is not the coolest city to be in when you’re an angst-ridden teenager without any parents lurking behind you. I got in lots of trouble there,” she confides. “After two years, I transferred to The University of Texas in 1998, fell in love with Austin, and never left. Hook’em!” At 19, she got a job at the Driskill Hotel as a cocktail waitress to help pay the bills while in school. She ended up staying there for seven years, moving up the ranks from bartending to room service, server and

44  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

captain, and then finally helping the food and wine director with the wine program. “I guess I had the knack,” she says. “What I did not have the knack for was figuring [out] what I wanted to do with my life. I realized that I just kept getting higher education degrees because I was scared to go out in the world and do what I actually like. It was either wine or Law School. Had my by bags packed to go to NYU and decided to stay here in the beautiful ATX when I landed the job at Uchi.” She has been the sommelier at the acclaimed restaurant, and new sibling Uchiko, since May 2007. Rodil was not entirely a wine novice, though. “My family always drank wine at home with meals. My dad never has a steak without red wine. However, it was only when I started helping with the wine program at the Driskill [that] I realized this was

it.” Her enthusiasm for her newfound passion grew every day and she applied herself to the study of wine. “I would taste with distributors and then go home and look up notes on the regions and cool little factoids about the wines that were going on the list,” she says. “I realized that I truly loved opening cool and interesting bottles for people who came in to dine. I felt privileged that they would trust me to guide their meal for them.” Always the inquisitive mind, she continued her studies and became a Certified Sommelier (aka Level II) via the Court of Master Sommeliers. Last year, she decided to enter the Texas Best Sommelier competition at the TexSom Conference. “In no other state is there a competition/ seminar like this. You apply to compete and they accept you


LUXIVA® COLOR MAX SHADOW LUXIVA® COLOR MAX Packed with more pigment for SHADOW maximum impact.

Packed with more pigment for maximum impact.

512.380.9305 This is the customizable area for Studio Owner’s contact

Thisinformation. is the customizable area for Studio Owner’s contact information.

4477 South Lamar, Suite 570 Westgate Shopping Center Austin, TX 78745 Hours:10am - 6pm M-F SUN 12pm - 5pm Celeste Blankenship, Owner


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depending on certifications and wine industry status. So, I thought ... ‘Ok, I get to totally bomb this thing in front of Master Sommeliers and I’ll really see where I am and how much more work I have to do.’” The competition portion of the conference takes place on the first day. It is limited to 25 Texas candidates who are evaluated by a panel of nationally recognized Master Sommeliers. The highest scoring candidate is named “Texas Best Sommelier” for the year and receives a scholarship to attend a course from the Court of Master Sommeliers. For the most part, people don’t win the first year they compete. “It’s more of a ‘free look’ and really, I didn’t expect anything out of it,” says Rodil. “The theory questions were so hard. It’s the first thing that you do at 8 a.m. on Day One. After answering maybe 50% of the questions, I thought ... I’m just gonna go for it. I already lost this thing, but may as well make the best of this situation and learn about the testing process as much as possible.” The results were

announced later at the Grand Tasting that closes the conference: June Rodil was Texas Best Sommelier for 2009. “My first thoughts? It’s weird to get a prize for feeling so stupid.” As part of her prize, she’ll be sitting for the Advanced Sommelier exam in April of next year. Recently, she hit another milestone, which she earned through her dedication and hard work. American wine critic Allen Meadows, publisher of the newsletter and website, holds an annual symposium for wine collectors in Beaune, France. One sommelier is chosen to intern with him during that time. “I had met Peter Wasserman (who collaborates with Meadows on the symposium) before I won TexSom. [I was] just a microbe in the world of wine at the time,” says Rodil. “They found out that I won and asked me to be the sommelier intern. Honestly, it’s a big honor. There have only been four ever to be asked.” And how was her experience in France? “It was amazing. Each year a specific village is chosen; this year it was

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Corton, the largest Grand Cru in all of Burgundy and quite possibly the most confusing. The program is intense; I was very surprised and impressed at the passion of the collectors. I opened wines from the 1920’s that were drinking beautifully, and I did barrel samples at DRC (Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, considered among the world’s greatest and most expensive wines) with co-owner Aubert de Villaine himself. I also got to spend a little in Champagne with grower-producers.” Always bright-eyed and sporting a radiant smile, Rodil spends her workdays curating Uchi and Uchiko’s wine and sake lists, expanding their selections and adding seasonal offerings in all price ranges. Ask her anything and she will gladly offer her recommendation for pairing or tell you about her latest favorite. The best part of the job? “Tasting wines, of course! How lucky am I that get to do what I love every day? I could be a tax attorney right now. No regrets.”

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After three-and-a-half years with the Uchi/ Uchiko family, she is taking the next step in her career, becoming the beverage director of Congress Austin, David Bull’s new concept restaurant opening in the Austonian in mid-November. “It’s a little insane when I think of it: opening three restaurants in one year,” says Rodil. “I’m truly excited to take on such a large project ... and scared. I wouldn’t be making the right decision without being a little scared.”

June’s Picks What are some of your current favorites? Maximin Gruenhauser Riesling Chateau Pradeaux Rose Pierre Peters Champagne (“always and forever”) Domaine Lafarge Passetoutgrains Research and Burnet Aperol Spritzes 452-8228 If you could have (Nextonly to Chili’s)

five wines on a deserted island, what would you pick?

“So hard! If it really did happen, it would probably be grower-producer champagnes and else.” ffers follow us nothing at Billiot Champagne Brut NV Vazart Coquart Special Club Champagne (“any vintage”) Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Auslesse (“en Magnum — yes I have had one and it was divine! I think I said the words ‘angel tears’ ”) Ramonet Batard Montrachet (“provided there is no bottle variation”) Aperol Spritzes “I just couldn’t go with red on a desert island ... can I have some beer, too?”



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Pink Gloves Boxing Hits Austin

James Bond Fitness brings the women-only boxing community to Austin. Photo courtesy of Garrett Garrels


here is a community of women in Austin who embody strength and grace and are setting and reaching their goals every day. These women aren’t sitting behind a desk or doing work in the home. They are training, growing and encouraging one another, all while helping raise money for breast cancer research. They are doing all of this through the sport of boxing. James Bond Fitness on Burnet Road is the stomping ground for the Pink Gloves

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Boxing members, who can be found throughout the day conditioning, doing mitt work and building a community through group cool-downs after their workout. The store and studio was founded by James and Jennifer Bond, the husband-andwife team who set out to create a family business rooted in Austin to serve Austin’s fitness community. “We designed our business to be more than a place where people buy equipment. It’s a place where people achieve their fitness dreams,” Bond said. In

b y A s h l e y E r i c k s o n

store, they guide you through a full 360-degree approach to reaching and maintaining your fitness goals, through assessments and actually building a fitness plan in order to provide you with the best equipment to reach these goals. It was through their desire to provide Austin with a complete fitness experience that they discovered and partnered with Pink Gloves Boxing. Pink Gloves Boxing, founded by Garret Garrels in June 2006, started as a one-on-one training session between

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SA: Austin- FR

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It is all about goal achievement and personal empowerment. Everyone loves to be part of a community where they are all in it together, but also can chase their own goals. Garrels and a client. The client was training for a triathlon, and Garrels incorporated some boxing moves he knew into her workout. The next week, she invited some friends, who later invited some of their friends, and the program was truly born. Garrels partnered with a former teammate from his days playing football at Carroll College in Montana and they took the program to the next level, introducing it to gyms and fitness centers all over the country. This community has grown into multiple states and is now serving Austin through James Bond Fitness. Brian Rainey, the Bonds’ partner on the personal training side at Pink Gloves, is a master trainer and lead fitness mentor with a background in boxing and mixed martial arts. He leads the program at James Bond Fitness, along with trainers who all at one time started out as members at the inception of the program. All new Pink Gloves Boxing participants start on the lowest tier of the program, with training catered to their fitness level. When ready to move on to the next level, trainers let members know when they are ready to test to gain a new title on the tier. From “Member,” “Pugilist,” “Journeywoman,” “Contender” and finally to “Champion,” each woman earns their place on the tier and eventually can follow the track allowing them to become a trainer for the program themselves. On a Thursday afternoon in September, I found myself in the brightly lit studio in the back of James Bond Fitness with a group of four other women being led by Garrels

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himself. Though I am the regional editor of a fitness magazine, I had just started attending shadowboxing classes at my local gym, while spending most of my time on the treadmill training for an upcoming race. We started training right away, running through five main components of the program: general “active” warm-up, consisting of activities such as push-ups and lunges; technical and specific warm-up, consisting of learning the proper stance and form of the combinations; conditioning, which involves short bursts of high intensity activities like footwork and shadowboxing; mitt work, giving members the opportunity to put the skills learned in the technical warmup to the test; and cool-down, where members sit in a circle and introduce themselves, all choosing a favorite core exercise to lead the group. This was not only one of the most active workouts I had participated in, but one of the most fun and empowering. Not only is a greater sense of confidence achieved when actually wearing the gloves and successfully completing a combination, but it also comes about as others in the group encourage you as you work hard together. Each session has different workouts for a complete training program to be accomplished, but no matter the fitness level, the outcome is always one of goals set and achieved within the community. The Pink Gloves Boxing philosophy is this: “We use the strength of a community to strengthen the individual, and strong individuals build stronger communities.” The strength training and goal setting that is initiated by the program carries outside of the

studio into members’ lives. Bond states, “It is all about goal achievement and personal empowerment. Everyone loves to be part of a community where they are all in it together, but also chase their own goals.” Not only are these women changing their own lives, they are also can helping to change the lives of others, as James Bond Fitness has partnered with the Susan G. Komen Austin affiliate to donate $3 per member, per month. “It is an incredible feeling to provide a program that empowers women, pushes them to achieve their fitness dreams, and to actually make a difference for women here in Austin with a donated portion of our profits.” Pink Gloves Boxing is a unique community of women who work hard and gain the skills necessary to set and achieve goals both inside and outside of the studio. With 10% of profits from the boxing community, members are ultimately helping other women across the country to do the same thing. With their Burnet Road location and a new location in the Cedar Park area opening in October, James Bond Fitness is giving Austin women more opportunities to join Pink Gloves Boxing, with targets of four additional locations in Lakeway, Round Rock, The University of Texas campus and South Austin planned by the end of the year. MORE INFO

James Bond Fitness 8820 Burnet Rd., Suite 400 Austin, TX 78757 512.371.6825

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3003 Bee Caves Road Suite 203 A u s t i n , Te x a s 7 8 7 4 6 w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   51

news b y K i r a T a n i g u c h i

Breast Cancer Frenemies Cherie Mathews: Kicking Cancer’s Ass “I’m trying to kick cancer’s ass,” Cherie Mathews said. Mathews was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 at the age of 40 and eventually underwent a double mastectomy, but Mathews doesn’t feel sorry for herself. In fact, she is mad at breast cancer, and she’s fighting back. Mathews is helping Austin women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer heal comfortably through her specially designed healincomfort shirts. A project that stemmed from a lesson learned the hard way after a painful recovery after surgery. She is also keeping morale high through her annual Support Crew motorcycle rides she organizes with Cowboy Harley. A motorcycle rider for 33 years, Mathews was confronted with the juxtaposition between her life with breast cancer and her life as she had previously known it. Upon leaving the hospital after her surgery, a group of bikers passed by. Mathews described it like a scene straight out of a movie – with wind in their hair, smiles on their faces and not a care in the world. A world Mathews had known long before her diagnosis. “I knew what that felt like, but they didn’t know what I felt like,” Mathews said. “One represented ultimate freedom, the other [breast cancer] was ultimate captivity.” After that day, Mathews wanted to bring awareness that bikers care about breast cancer patients too. That is why she began the Support Crew Rides. This October 23rd will mark the 2nd Annual Ride with Cowboy Harley. Approximately 100-to-150 bikers don their pink and ride with a police escort to St. David's Hospital to meet with breast cancer patients and survivors. It’s Mathews’ way to give the patients something different – something to look forward to.

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Breast cancer survivor Cherie Mathews posing with one of her own healincomfort shirts

And if rounding up Austin’s bikers doesn’t sound like enough, Mathews is busy 24/7 with her other project – healincomfort shirts. Starting her business with just $1,000 might seem like a crazy feat, but Mathews has built her business from the ground up. She saw a niche she needed to fill, so she began healincomfort – self referred to as a “for-profit business with a conscience.” She came up with the idea for these shirts after her own surgery. She was laying in bed in a man’s hoodie, because it hurt to put on any of her own shirts. In fact, it was the only time Mathews cried – out of frustration because she couldn’t find anything to wear. Mathews wanted to make sure no other woman would feel the way she felt. So she designed the healincomfort shirts. The blue shirts are made out of the softest moisture management material that took her a year to find. There are Velcro openings up the middle so no buttons to hassle with, and internal pockets to hold the drains. Her goal is that her shirts will be hospital issue one day. While her main focus is on Austin women, Mathews has requests from across the U.S. One of her shirts has even hopped the

pond to its recipient in England. “Clothing has an impact on your psyche,” she said. “People feel like this is an extension of a hug from a survivor.” Mathews makes sure to give credit where it is due – the reason she has been able to give hundreds of her shirts to women with breast cancer, is because people have generously given to her. Mathews is helping women heal in comfort and dignity after surgery in their battle against breast cancer. So whether it’s rounding up Austin’s bikers and convincing them to wear pink, tracking down the softest material she can find, or convincing women that early detection saves lives – one thing is for sure: Mathews - 1, breast cancer - 0.

MORE INFO register online for this year’s Support Crew Ride at you can order Support Crew shirts + healincomfort shirts + learn more about Mathews at

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   53

Brenda Ray Coffee: Sex and the City Meets Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire Meet Brenda Ray Coffee – author, blogger and breast cancer survivor. She has made it her personal mission to empower women with breast cancer and offer them her set of survivorship skills she learned along the way. Even though Coffee was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, it seems as if she has gained a lifetime of knowledge over the past six years. Knowledge that she shares with the women, men and children who have breast cancer or know someone who has been affected by it. “It was like I had landed on another planet and there was no way to get back home – or home as I knew it,” Coffee said about learning of her diagnosis. She began her media company, the Survivorship Media Network, to produce online, print and television content for families who have been affected by cancer. Launched in 2009, Coffee’s first endeavor under the company name was the

– an online niche for Coffee to reach out to the breast cancer community to share her survivorship skills, and offer them a place to connect. Through her “Top 10 Breast Cancer Blog,” rated by, Coffee offers readers an upbeat glimpse into her world today – chemo brain, ill-fitting bras and all. My personal favorite post from “Brenda’s Blog” is when Coffee gets innovative and turns to raisins and even rocks to use as nipple substitutes. Not surprisingly, her blog gets hits from all over the world. Soon, she will have the opportunity to meet one of her readers – a woman from Africa who is seeking treatment for breast cancer in the U.S.

54  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

Brenda Ray Coffee and her husband, James To add to her repertoire of all things breast cancer, Coffee wrote two books: Husbands and Heroes: A Guide to Help and Thank You for All You Do and Breast Cancer Sisterhood: A Guide to Practical Information and Answers to Your Most Intimate Questions. The latter earned her the title of “Carrie Bradshaw meets breast cancer,” for her honest and raw musings on the realities of breast cancer. Coffee kept the books short and to the point, which is a stark contrast to some of the lengthier books found on the topic. A mere 45 and 82 pages respectively, she wrote these books to offer survivorship resources to women and their families. “When you land on that other [breast cancer] planet, you are terrified and in shock and that continues for quite awhile, so your thinking is scattered,” she said. Some tidbits from the book include the things the doctors just don’t tell you such as not to cut your cuticles or floss your teeth while going

through chemotherapy. And just like a modern day Carrie Bradshaw, no topic is off limits. She goes where breast cancer books haven’t gone before – the bedroom. Coffee talks about sex, vaginal dryness and how to fix it, nipple substitutes and even how to properly apply vaginal moisturizers. Coffee began her journey with breast cancer as a believer in God, and is now even stronger in her faith. She hopes she empowers the people who read her books and visit her website and blog with a sense of strength and courage. “I want them to just realize that they have lives to lead – that this too shall pass, and more than likely they will emerge from this on the other side – stronger and better than ever,” she said.


Coffee’s books can be purchased on + breastcancersisterhood. com.

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The “Other” Music Town Nashville, a Must-See for Austin Music Lovers b y M a r i k a F l a t t


ustin is known as the “Live Music

fashion as the Grand Ole Opry. It is said that

Capital of the World.” But, Nash-

the beauty of the Grand Ole Opry is that its

ville, TN is known as “Music City”

success is due to a melding of the right sing-

for a variety of melodic reasons. For those of

ers with the right circumstances at the right

us in Austin who relish our live music, appre-

time. Truly, it is greater than the sum of its

ciate the tenacity it takes to write a song and

parts. And to this day, the Grand Ole Opry,

find the history of music fascinating, Nash-

synonymous with country music, is the lon-

ville is truly a city you must visit. From the

gest-running radio show in the world.

famous Grand Ole Opry to the Country Mu-

The Grand Ole Opry is made up of more

sic Hall of Fame and historic Studio B, one

than 60 country music artists spanning

can soak up loads of inspiration and musical

three decades and representing all facets of

heritage from classic music legends of yes-

the genre, including: bluegrass, Texas swing,

terday and today.

old Western ballads and, of course, contem-

Grand Ole Opry

porary country. Shows at the Grand Ole Opry

It’s the “show that made country music

are held on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

famous.” What started in 1925 by George

(depending on time of year) and will typical-

Hays as “down to the earth for the earthy,” a

ly feature approximately 12 artists covering

radio show for the rural South on WSM Ra-

a wide variety of styles. On any given night,

dio, still exists today in a more glamorous

you might see the likes of Little Jimmy

56  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

Dickens, the Oak Ridge Boys, Trace Adkins, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood or a newer inductee, Montgomery Gentry. Opry membership is the official stamp that a country performer has arrived on the scene and is the most coveted gig in all of country music. Experiencing the show is a chance to enjoy the timeless spirit of country music. The current location, which is at the Grand Ole Opry House, seats a crowd of 4,400 and has been its location since 1974. Before that, the most well-known

Bringing Your Dreams To


location is the historic Ryman Auditorium. The Grand Ole Opry celebrates their 85th Anniversary this year. What a great excuse to visit! Ryman Auditorium Initially built in the 1880s as a church and therefore known as the “Mother Church of Country Music”, the Ryman Auditorium housed the stellar line-up of the Grand Ole Opry from 1943-1974, and was a favorite stage of such performers as Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and Roy Acuff. In 1994, the Ryman was reopened, after a major renovation, and in 2001, named a National Historic Landmark. Today, visitors can enjoy a tour of the old playhouse known as the “Carnegie Hall of the South” because of its amazing acoustics and historical stage. Also, the Ryman has re-established itself as a premiere concert venue for large touring shows, attracting worldclass artists from all genres of music who want to play on its historic stage. Today, you’ll find the hottest rock & roll shows, jazz and blues legends, A-list comedians and the winter run of the Grand Ole Opry

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(November – January). Some of today’s hottest acts that have appeared at the Ryman include: Emmylou Harris, Harry Connick, Jr., Sheryl Crow, and even The Jonas Brothers.

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Country Music Hall of Fame If you want to get a glimpse of the foot-

Ryman Auditorium at Night

print that country music has made on the American landscape, you’ll want to tour the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Give yourself at least two hours and purchase the audio tour. You will get a glimpse of the myriad of elements that make up both the art and the business of country music. Each exhibit shows the larger musical, social, political or historical pattern of the era. From early performers like Lester Flatt and Patsy Cline to the performers of the 21st century, you can see costumes and dresses worn by country stars of past and present, including the overthe-top merlot dress worn by Carrie Under-

RCA Studio B

songwriters come to play their own songs.

A trip to Nashville would not be complete

You realize there’s an entire underground

without touring the historic RCA Studio B,

network of songwriters in Nashville who are

Walking through the exhibits, you gain an

where 35,000 songs have been recorded,

the artistry behind the faces and voices of

appreciation for how long some of country mu-

which include 262 Elvis records. The only

the stars. Many of these songwriters have

sic’s stars have been shining, such as Dolly Par-

studio tour in Nashville, walking through

written a multitude of hits that have graced

ton, who has been performing more than five

Studio B with your personal tour guide (tours

the charts, many of them hitting #1, but you’d

decades. You get to see treasures such as Elvis’

run throughout the day), you smell the musky

never recognize their names or faces. Song-

1960 “Solid Gold” Cadillac limousine; Nudie

aroma of days gone by and can almost feel

writers like Kent Blazy, Chris Wallin, Cory

“The Rodeo Tailor” Cohn’s sewing machine,

the presence of legends that made their

Batten and Karyn Rochelle can be seen pick-

which suited up two generations of country

greatest music within those walls, like Floyd

in’ and grinnin’ in the round. And you’ll get a

stars; and Trisha Yearwood’s 1986 application

Cramer, Elvis, Roy Orbison and Dolly Par-

front row seat.

for employment as a guide at the original Coun-


wood at the 2009 CMA Awards.

try Music Hall of Fame (yes, she got the job).

The intimate setting of The Bluebird is

You learn how rockabilly in the ‘50s led to

what lends itself to the magic of hearing

Currently, the museum is featuring a spe-

the creation of what’s referred to as the

these artists play their own tunes – songs

cial long-running exhibit called Family Tra-

“Nashville Sound”– music with strings, back-

you’ve heard on the radio – and you get to

dition: The Williams Family Legacy, which

ing vocals and country pop. You’ll hear sto-

see them up close and personal. After you’ve

tells the tumultuous tale of Hank Williams’

ries of how Elvis never recorded until after

experienced The Bluebird, you’ll never listen

family, then and now. Fan or not, the exhibit

10 p.m. due to his superstitions and made his

to the radio the same way again – you’ll al-

displays an enthralling story of a family who

best music between midnight and 5 a.m.

ways wonder who it is that wrote that song.

has lived, and endured, in the national coun-

You’ll hear classic songs broadcast over the

The hits keep coming…

try music spotlight. You can experience the

speakers crooned by timeless voices and

Ideally, everyone from Austin would

captivating story of Hank Williams’ six short

some of the greatest recordings ever made.

visit Nashville and everyone from Nash-

years of stardom, which led to Hank Wil-

And, if you’re feeling adventurous, your

ville would visit Austin and we’d end up

liams, Jr.’s lifetime on the country music

group can even cut your very own record in

with a whole new appreciation for all

stage. See and hear little-known nuggets of

the same room where Elvis recorded Can’t

genres of music. The price of admission

information about the dynasty of the Wil-

Help Falling in Love.

gets you in to touch, taste, smell, see and

liams family, such as Hank Williams, Jr.’s

A New Appreciation

most of all, hear, the origins of country mu-

mountain climbing accident that came so

The delicious icing on your Nashville

close to claiming his life that he would never

cake will be a visit to The Bluebird Café.

look or sing the same again (hence the full

Known to be one of the world’s preeminent

facial hair and sunglasses he always wears).

listening rooms, this venue is where the

58  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

sic. I predict you’ll carry that history with you the rest of your life!

MORE INFO The Bluebird Café 4101 Hillsboro Pike Nashville, TN 37215 Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum 222 Fifth Ave. Nashville, TN 37203 countrymusichall

(RCA Studio B departs from Country Music Hall of Fame)

GermanTown Café Grand Ole Opry 800.SEE.OPRY Monell’s 1235 6th Ave. Nashville, TN 37208 Ryman Auditorium 116 5th Ave. Nashville, TN 37219

web exclusive 24 hours in nashville an hour-by-hour guide of where to go and what to do, while in NAshville! TM

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   59


t) o n (

b y W e n d i A a r o n s


A Star is Born


few summers ago, I enrolled my boys in a creative camp put on by one of the local arts groups. The boys would have much preferred something more like “Whack Your Brother With a Light Saber Camp” or “Eat at McDonald’s for Every Meal Camp,” but I really wanted them to attend a creative camp because I was worried they weren’t experiencing enough art and drama at home. (Well, art, anyway.) During each week of camp, the kids would explore a prevailing theme. Fun stuff like “Dinosaurs,” “South of the Border” and “The Great Masters,” which was by far their favorite because it taught them that in the art world, throwing tantrums and spilling paint on the floor doesn’t make you a bad boy. It makes you Jackson Pollock. But after a month of getting messy and torturing cardboard, the kids began rehearsals

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for the big show they’d be performing at the end of camp. This development made me very excited because, up until that point, the only thing I’d ever see my boys perform was amateur surgery on dead worms. But now, now they were going to be actors! No, stars! Celebrities! Yep, as far as I was concerned, they were just one measly talent scout away from having their own shows on Nick Jr. and hanging out with Lindsay Lohan at Promises Malibu. I just knew they were going to be amazing. Or maybe not. My brief flare of stage mothering quickly dimmed as I remembered my own painful theatrical career. Like the time I was a purple flower with no lines. Or the time I was a green plant with no lines. And, of course, who could forget the time I was a crab apple with no lines? It’s no wonder I never won an Oscar; I was typecast as mute vegetation by the age of 10.

But even worse than those roles was the incident that has forever kept me from stepping foot into the spotlight ever again. I mean, I was fine with playing the part of Abraham Lincoln, since I knew I was the tallest kid in the third grade; but did they have to make me recite the “Emancipation Proclamation” with a black furry beard covering my face? I still wake up in a cold sweat yelling, “Four score and seven BLECH! GET THIS THING OUT OF MY MOUF OR I’M GONNA PUKE!” And so it was with a little apprehension that I watched the boys begin to practice for the show. I knew Sam, the oldest, would be fine since he’s outgoing and likes attention, but I was a little worried about Jack. Like me, Jack was pretty much born without the performing gene and would be much happier painting scenery or washing the lead actress’ hair, if it kept him


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It was all very Off-Off-Off-Good-GodAre-We-Off Broadway. hidden. However, he immediately surprised me by coming home singing It’s A Hard Knock Life and proudly showing off his new dance moves. After he took a very triumphant bow in the kitchen, he told me he couldn’t wait to be on stage. “Wow,” I thought, “Maybe we’re a theatrical family after all. Maybe we’re like the Texas Barrymores!” Finally it was the day of the show. My husband and I took our seats in the small theater with the rest of the smiling parents, and as we waited for the action to start, I grabbed his arm and hissed, “Get the video camera ready, my man. This is going to be fantastic! I think we’ve got the next Mickey Rooney on our hands!” “Or maybe the next Mickey Rourke,” he muttered back. “He forgot to take a bath last night.”

Then the lights dimmed, the music swelled and suddenly, Sam and 15 other five-year-olds tromped into the room dressed in avant-garde Pterodactyl costumes made out of paper plates. (Apparently their costume budget was a little lower than that of Cats.) The kids stood in an almoststraight line, and then began to awkwardly dance while making high-pitched screeches before segueing into 20 minutes of selfwritten knock-knock jokes. It was all very Off-Off-Off-Good-God-Are-We-Off Broadway. Andy Warhol would have loved it; not so much the captive audience. Next, it was Jack’s turn to perform. He happily took the stage with the rest of the three-year-olds, then spotted me in the audience and gave me a big smile. I was so relieved he wasn’t nervous and sat back to watch my little musical theater genius. And

Gorgeous Millie is a playgroup designed to nurture the spirit, minds and imaginations of children aged 0 to 3 years, while providing a comfortable and social environment for their parents and caregivers. Families come three mornings a week from 9-12 for music, art, free play and snacks. The best teachers in the city will engage your child in songs and fun activities while our lattes and comfy couches will make you feel at home. Get three classes in one morning and meet other moms. 62  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

then, as my husband got the camera ready and I started mentally composing Jack’s future Tony award speech, the music began and Jack … stared at his shoes and looked like he was being punished for stealing cookies. (Unlike the little Nathan Lane next to him who was overacting enough to earn the nickname “Camp Ham.”) “Oh, well,” I thought, as the show ended and we went to congratulate a happy Sam and a pale, shaky Jack. So at least one of my boys is probably never going to be an actor. He’ll never grace the Great White Way or be involved in a tabloid scandal with Miley Cyrus. But you know what? That’s okay because not everyone’s cut-out for performing. Not everyone needs to stand in front of an audience. In fact, isn’t that why they become ... directors? I wonder if there’s a camp for that.

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legal smarts

Parents Need School Supplies, Too by Julia Nickerson

G et Your Life Organize d!


hen purchasing my children’s school supplies this year, on the list was four sets of three-ring binders with tabs. I loved that my children were learning a skill that has naturally become part of my professional career – organizing via binders and tabs! My law firm spends thousands of dollars every year in order to keep clients organized using an extremely high tech device – the binder and the tab. I started using binders and tabs in law school to help me study – then, I created binders with tabs when learning everything I needed to know for the bar exam (13 years ago). Now, as a practicing estate and business planning attorney, I have extremely professional-looking binders with elaborately designed and custom printed tabs. Legal documents – whether estate planning or business planning – are easily stored and organized using this system.

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Important legal records should be stored electronically as well. In my office, we scan all of our clients’ legal documents and provide them with an electronic copy. Emergency legal documents are even available to my clients using a secure website. Sometimes, though, it is handy to have that organized binder at your fingertips. At least once a week, someone from my office needs to find a password, a vendor’s name or our employer identification number – which are all stored both electronically and in my firm’s organized business binder. Too often, when I do a legal business audit, I find that companies have not only failed to update and maintain their legal records, the lack of any organization causes loss of time, productivity and revenue. As a mother of three elementary-aged children, I have also found that binders and tabs are useful when storing crucial records for my children. When I am booking a flight and need to know the frequent flyer number for my 10-, 8- and 5-year-old, I pull out my family information binder. I store my children’s vaccination records, important contact information, school records and a multitude of information in this binder. Once an organizational plan is in place – whether for your legal documents or your family’s important records – it is easy to maintain the endless paperwork which makes up being a business owner and a parent. Now that you’ve completed your children’s back-to-

school shopping, make sure you have all the supplies you need to keep your business and your family organized. Julia Nickerson is an estate planning attorney in Austin who counsels families regarding the protection of assets, the transfer of wealth and the preservation of family values. Visit her on the web at or email her at Business Owners and Parents Should Maintain Three Sets of Binders 1. To store all the important legal business records, passwords, tax records and other critical business information. 2. To store the family’s estate plan, healthcare directives, beneficiary designation forms, important family contact information (such as your doctor, attorney, CPA and financial advisor). 3. To store the children’s important information (such as passwords, frequent flyer numbers, school records, medical records, and contact information).


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technology in a relaxing Spa atmoSphere for all of your dental needS .

Did you know? A recent study by the American Dental Association shows that 60% of Americans don’t see the dentist even once a year. But what if you could actually look forward to your dental visits? With our comfortable day spa environment, modern technology, and attention to details, you’ll love coming to us for your regular dental checkups. And now through November 15th, you’ll receive a free one-hour massage with your New Patient Experience. Call for details and to reserve your time.

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Queen of

Mexican cuisine

b y C l a u d i a A l a r c ó n

Anyone interested in gastronomy or in the authentic regional cuisines of Mexico is certainly familiar with Diana Kennedy, widely considered the foremost researcher, teacher and writer on the subject, with eight internationally acclaimed books under her belt.

Diana Kennedy, widely considered the foremost researcher, teacher and writer on the subject of the authentic regional cuisines of Mexico

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or those who are not, I offer a brief summary of her career: A British citizen, Diana Southwood Kennedy went to live in Mexico in 1957 with her husband Paul Kennedy, a writer for The New York Times. While living there, she became fascinated with the regional cuisines, the variety of edible plants and the different cooking techniques. Encouraged by the legendary Craig Claiborne, she embarked on a 50-year ongoing study of the cuisines of Mexico, traveling to all corners of the country, collecting and recording hundreds of regional recipes, family heirlooms, traditional ritual foodstuffs, little known ingredients and other endangered culinary treasures of Mexico acquired from people from all walks of life: housewives, restaurant cooks, famous chefs, indigenous people and market vendors.

Kennedy published her first cookbook in 1972, The Cuisines of Mexico, and has now written a total of eight internationally acclaimed volumes. She has been bestowed the highest honor given to foreigners by the Mexican government, the Order of the Aztec Eagle, for her work disseminating Mexican culture through its foods. She has also received numerous awards from other gastronomic institutions and was decorated with an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth for her work of strengthening cultural relations between Mexico and the United Kingdom, as well as for her work for the environment, which is always reflected in her texts as well as her everyday conversations. For the past 30 years, her studies have centered around her ecological house in the state of Michoacán, but

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11600 Century Oaks Terrace, Austin The Domain 512-835-WINE (9463) 320 East Second Street, Austin Downtown 512-457-1500 w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   67

Kennedy’s knowledge of local native plants is vast and impressive, and her adventurous palate and daring spirit have taken her where no other writer has gone before – quite literally. she has not abandoned her travels, nor her unquenchable thirst for more knowledge even at 88 years of age. A fierce environmentalist with a sharp tongue and quick wit, Kennedy will not hesitate to passionately express her opinion and true feelings about the state of the world, modern Mexican cuisine, or the loss of culinary biological diversity. I first met Kennedy in 2003 after I reviewed one of her books, From My Mexican Kitchen. She thanked me for understanding that her books are not “fad-of-the-moment” throwaways with “quick-and-easy” recipes, but rather important keepsakes and treasures I am proud of and grateful for, as a Mexican national and avid cook. When I reviewed The Art of Mexican Cooking in 2008, I wrote that people who complain that the recipes are too difficult and feature too many “obscure” ingredients have truly missed the point of Kennedy’s life’s work: recording, preserving and honoring the food ways of one of the richest, most diverse culinary cultures in the world, the first to be added to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Since then, she has been an invaluable mentor and supporter of my own work. Kennedy has done some of the most important

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anthropological work in Mexico, even though she is quick to tell you that she is neither a historian nor a scholar. Last month, Kennedy’s most ambitious work to date was finally published in English by The University of Texas Press. Oaxaca al Gusto, An Infinite Gastronomy, a 464page hardback, is the most comprehensive treaty of the regional cuisines of Oaxaca that has ever been written, and the culmination of her life’s work. The state of Oaxaca is one of the most beautiful and diverse in Mexico – culturally, geographically and gastronomically speaking. It has the largest number of ethnic groups in the country and the most indigenous languages as well. Each group has its own distinct cuisine, and Kennedy has spent many years traveling throughout the state in her little old truck – many of these groups live in areas difficult to access – to record in words and photographs “these little-known foods, both wild and cultivated, the way they were prepared, and the part they play in the daily or festive life of the communities I visited.” Kennedy’s knowledge of local native plants is vast and impressive, and her adventurous palate and daring spirit have taken her where no other

writer has gone before – quite literally. The book is organized by regions, presenting over 300 recipes for traditional Oaxacan dishes both familiar and incredibly uncommon, mostly from home cooks, from restaurants in well-known big cities like Oaxaca and the popular resorts of the coast, to packed-dirt floor huts in the Sierras where cooks prepare their meals over wood fires. Each recipe includes fascinating notes about the ingredients, cooking techniques and the food’s place in family and communal life. A special feature of the book is a chapter devoted to each of the three pillars of Oaxacan regional cuisines: chocolate, corn and chiles. Evocative color photographs (most of them taken by Kennedy herself throughout her years of research), her notes to the cook, and a comprehensive glossary, round out this musthave volume. Kennedy will be in Austin for the Texas Book Festival on October 17th at 2 p.m. (subject to change) at the Cooking Tent outside the Capitol Grounds. Oaxaca al Gusto will be available for sale and Mrs. Kennedy will be available for book signing after her discussion of the book. More info at

Frijoles con Yerbasanta

(Beans with Yerbasanta) Señora Aldegunda Cisneros de Andrade, Tezoatlán

From Oaxaca al Gusto, An Infinite Gastronomy In the Mixteca Baja, this way of cooking beans calls for frijoles bayos or colorados grown in the area and not the ubiquitous black beans used in many parts of Oaxaca. Pinto beans can be used as a substitute. Locally, this dish is served as a main course with white rice or to accompany a carne asada.

8–10 portions 1.25 lbs (~500g) pinto/other light brown beans, cleaned, rinsed + strained

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off your chest.

Salt to taste 1/3 cup (85 ml) water 12 costeño chiles*, broken up w/ seeds 3 garlic cloves, roughly chopped .25 Tsp cumin seeds, crushed .5 tsp dried Mexican oregano leaves 4 tbs lard/vegetable oil 2 large yerbasanta leaves*, fresh or dried

Put the beans into a large pot, cover well with water, add salt to taste, and cook over medium heat until soft, about 2 hours, depending on age of beans. They should be rather soupy. Put the water into the blender jar; add the chiles, garlic, cumin and oregano and blend until smooth. Heat the lard in another pan and fry the chile mixture over high heat until reduced and seasoned, about 3 minutes. Add to the beans and their broth, mashing the beans down a little to absorb the seasoning, about 10 minutes over medium heat. Add the yerbasanta leaves in small pieces and continue cooking for 3 minutes more. Serve in soup bowls. *Chiles costeños and yerbasanta, also known as hoja santa, are available in Austin at Fiesta. You can also find hoja santa in many local garden centers as it’s an attractive herb that grows well in our area.

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w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   69 9/9/10 4:29 PM

I never tire of the excitement in this business

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BY C h r i s t i ne C o x

p h o t o g r a p h y b y E r i c D o g g e t t S T U D IO S M a k eu p - KAR E N P o W a N D A , k i ssnm a k eu p . us H a i r - D E K L y N D c h a nn i n g , de k l y nd . c o m f a s h i o n s t y l i n g - c a ss i e f len i k en j ewel r y - c a t h e r i ne n i c o le , c a t h e r i nen i c o le . c o m + CO U RT E S Y OF A M Y CORBI N

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   71

icking fruit is a lot like picking music talent. The ones that won’t be tasty and have an unsavory look should be discarded, persistence and a discerning eye are crucial, and don’t let the heat – metaphorically or literally – slow you down.

“Amy is one of the best talent buyers in the country. She

Promoter and founding member of the C3 Presents

what she does.” In fact, in 2007, Corbin won recognition

is honest, she works hard every day and her enthusiasm is infectious. You could ask anyone in the music business about Amy and I don't think you could find one person who would have a bad thing to say about her.” That’s rare in the music biz, for sure. “Personally,” Powell goes on, “she’s been a tremendous mentor and good friend. She is the absolute best in the country at

family Amy Corbin can do both – perhaps the first train-

as Nightclub Talent Buyer of the Year by Pollstar; a con-

ing her, unknowingly, for the latter. “Amy works harder

cert industry trade publication and information service

than anyone out there. She made my business. Without

who assigns 150 industry stalwarts to a committee

her,” says Charles Attal, “I wouldn’t be where I am to-

each year to vote for the best in the biz. “I was one of

day. She’s an integral part of our whole business.”

only a few women who’s ever won the award.” She was

Corbin, Attal’s life partner whom she calls her “hus-

pregnant with Gemma that night in L.A. at the elabo-

band,” is the mother of two-year-old Gemma Rose

rate awards event, but no one but she and Charles

(named by Attal after a restaurant in the Bowery Hotel

knew. So they celebrated by going back to their room

in New York) and at 32, is a ball of energy and enthusi-

and ordering up cheesecake. “We’ve come a long way

asm for anything she gets her hands on. “I’m not afraid

from the days of living on a shoestring,” she recalls.

of hard work,” she says at the kitchen table of their

There’s a buck outside having a stand-off with the

Westlake Hills home, while Gemma Rose plays in the

family’s tiny dog Chili. “Tiffany,” Corbin says, calling the

other room with the sitter. “I grew up with a military

sitter, “come see this. Get Chili back in the house!” The

father and a mother who worked hard and succeeded

regal buck is the size of a small horse and Chili – well,

in the banking business,” she recalls. “When we moved

let’s just say the buck might have had his way with her if

to McKinney, [TX] while I was in high school, I spent

he really wanted to. “I love having deer running in my

my days waking at 4:30 a.m. to pick fruit on my father’s

yard,” and curly-haired Gemma who is so affectionate

and grandfather’s hundreds of acres of fruit orchards.”

she even offers a stranger journalist a kiss before head-

That meant working in the heat ‘til sunset handpicking

ing off to storytime, seems to also enjoy the wildlife, in

peaches, apples, nectarines, raspberries, okra, onions.

more ways than one. “Charles and I take Gemma every-

“It was miserable; I never had normal summers like my

where. She’s the third member of our team. We don’t re-

friends; I was always working. Plus, my grandparents

ally need time alone; we want her with us, experiencing

were perfectionists. The fruit had to be perfect for mar-

all the characters we

ket.” But it taught her a thing or two, no doubt, about

know, the places we see;

reaching beyond the low-hanging fruit.

even Lollapalooza.” Corbin admits that

“I’ve been working hard since I was 12 years old,” says Corbin. “I feel like I should already be at retirement


age. There are times where I feel a little like I’m letting

down somewhat and



down my crew because I try to come home by five now,

become more balanced

and they work late.”

since Gemma. “We hope

Huston Powell of C3, who heads Lollapalooza and

to have another

all casino bookings (C3 books all the Harrah’s Casinos

baby next year,”

across the U.S.) doesn’t hesitate in his praise of Corbin.

she says with a


Amy in 2n d Grad e, Ge rmany 72  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

Clothing + Jewelry amy ’s own

Amy Corbin in front of the downstairs bar near Stubb’s indoor stage. w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   73

Amy cues ‘em up in the Stubb’s billiards room. 74  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

Clothing + Jewelry amy ’s own

glimmer in her eye. It’s obvious she loves

someone a couple of days a week to help

work with and develop artists. “Charles

being a mother. “Amy is an amazing moth-

him answer phones during SXSW.” That

is from Austin. His family is fourth gen-

er; and she has so much energy!” says At-

meant going to his home office for what

eration Austinite; half-Lebanese, half-

tal. “I do try to limit my work hours,” says

was then “Charles Attal Management.”

Irish. He saw this town grow from a

Corbin. “My priority right now is my family

“It was a couple of tables, a computer

small place to what it is now. That vision

– I won’t sacrifice my time with Gemma.

and fax machine, and in complete disar-

helped keep us focused.” The team start-

It’s already going so fast; I don’t want to be

ray. The phones rarely rang. I was falling

ed getting more and more bands to book

spending time in the office,” which is

asleep. So I decided to go to town on that

with Charles Attal Presents. And the

downtown in the San Jacinto Building,

office. I filed, hung pictures, made it look

bills started getting paid on time, and

“fighting with an agent over a few thou-

great. He was impressed.” Attal was

the couple, though still friends, were get-

sand dollars when I could be spending it

managing an Americana band called

ting closer and closer. “We worked ‘til 11

at home with Gemma.” Attal is a principal

The Damnations (they still play). After a

at night most nights. When you spend

of the now multimillion dollar company.

couple of months, Corbin left to back-

that much time with someone, your work

“When we both have something on the

pack through Europe, alone. “When you

life and personal life naturally start

calendar, his trumps,” she says. The couple

travel alone, it gives you a lot of time for

blending.” But they dated secretly for

rarely goes to events together, so that one

introspection. I kept a journal. I was

many months before sharing their rela-

of them can be with Gemma if she can’t go

searching for something, but I didn’t

tionship with friends. “We didn’t want


know exactly what.” That is, until she

people talking. We didn’t know if we

Corbin and Attal met about a decade

had, at the ripe old age of 22, the prover-

could make it work. I didn’t take it lightly;

ago, right after Corbin graduated in fash-

bial “aha” moment. “I was sitting in a

I had a lot to lose if things went up in

ion merchandising from what was then

club in Germany,” where she had lived

smoke.” Eventually, it became impossi-

Southwest Texas State (now Texas State

when she was younger, “listening to a

ble to hide. Their friends were picking up

University). “I came to Austin to just

band and I thought, ‘Man, this it. Music

on the vibe between them. So they

hang out for a few months before I went

is the universal language. I need to get

moved in together in 2002. And appar-

to Europe,” she recalls. “I met Charles

back to Austin to tell Charles all of my

ently, it worked – well.

out at Stubb’s,” where he was and still is

ideas about how to really make his busi-

“Part of the reason I work so hard, to

part owner, “and he told me he needed

ness work.’” But when she returned to

this day, but even in the beginning, was

Austin, Attal had hired someone to take

to please Charles. It drives me to see

her place. “I would have none of that,”

him be proud of me,” Corbin says with

remembers Corbin, who proceeded to

that tone of voice that women use when

out-work her office mate. “I wanted my

talking about a man they deeply re-

place back; I got it.” And then some.

spect and for whom they have a notice-

Corbin remembers the early days

able affection. The two have two rules:

fondly, without necessarily wishing for

they don’t have lunch together, and

them. “I started working at Stubb’s for

they don’t drive into work together. “He

$18,000 a year. But I knew through hard

eats too fast and we don’t like being in

work, things would come.” She started

the car together a lot – too much back

reaching out to other clubs in Austin to

and forth! This works.”

Amy wit h Ge mma Rose , Age 2 w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   75

ACL First One afternoon, Attal got a call from his friend Charlie Jones of Middleman Entertainment, with whom he had once shared office space. Middleman had merged with Lance Armstrong’s business, Capitol Sports, to become Capitol Sports & Entertainment. “He called Charles to ask him to meet him at a press conference where he would make an announcement early the next day,” recalls Corbin, still with a bit of excitement. “He wanted him to wear a suit; but other than that and an address, we had no idea what was up.” Attal showed up, at which time Jones announced that he would be starting a festival that he’d call “Austin City Limits.” Since Attal was the only one of several people Jones had called to show up, he handed over booking of the festival to Attal. “Charles respected Charlie enough to know to show up at that conference, even though he didn’t know what it was about. It was enough that Charlie wanted him to be there. That’s how he ended up with that piece of business, which really catapulted us to the next level,” says Corbin, who points out that the greatest thing Attal taught her was that in the music business, like in lots of things, relationships are 80% of your success. “A lot of this business is about throwing the dice, gambling, going with your gut, having faith. It can be risky; but good relationships make it easier. And the internet, too, has helped a lot!” The announcement came only three months before the first festival was scheduled. “Charles called everyone he knew that he had a good relationship with, begged them to fit the festival in, and that’s how the first year got off! We only had about 30,000 people, but everyone knew it was going to be an amazing success as the years wore on. It took a few years to reach sell-out capacity, but we’re there now!” And Corbin does the booking. One might refer to her as a one-woman show, but she’ll correct you.

76  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

Amy Corbin’s Advice to Up-andComing Talent “Be willing to put in the hard work. Develop you’r own street team and a strong online community. Learn to promote yourself. You can’t expect the clubs, bars and fans to do the work for you; you’re the only one who can do the heavy lifting. It’s hard, grunt work, but persistence pays.”

A lot of this business is about throwing the dice, gambling, going with your gut, having faith. It can be risky; but good relationships make it easier.

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Jewelry by catherine nicole stella Necklace | $144

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backstage with amy

On Their Friendship by Melanie Jones (Charlie Jones’ wife)

Corbin Does the Grammys aw: Your vote for Best Album of the Year? Mumford and Sons, After the Storm. (Corbin says she was bummed she couldn’t get them for ACL, but they will come to Stubb’s in November!)

aw: Your vote for Best Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year? Ruby Jane


aw: Your vote for Best Single of the Year? The Black Keys, Next Girl off their Brothers album aw: Your vote for BestDressed Female Musician of the Year? Nervo aw: Your vote for Best City (not counting ATX) to Go See Live Music? Chicago!

top 5 female ACL talent picks

“Amy is one of my favorite people to be with! In any situation, she is one of the funniest people I know. No matter my mood, she can get a laugh out of me. We have been friends for 8 years now, and I’ve always admired her style. Our friendship has deepened over the years and it has been a true joy to share motherhood with her. I truly admire how she juggles such a demanding career with motherhood. We visited NYC last month with our friend Sarah, and we decided to get our portrait done in Central Park. It was the longest 15 minutes of my life trying to be serious and still while she and Sarah made jokes.”

Angus & Julia Stone, Fri. 10\8, 3 p.m., AV stage Sarah Harmer, Fri. 10\8, 6:40 p.m., BMI stage The Jane Shermans, sat. 10\9, 2:40 p.m., BMI stage myspace.comthejaneshermans Ruby Jane, sun. 10\10, 11:15 a.m., BMI stage

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MIA, Sat. 10/9, 8:30 p.m. AMD stage | 2010 Austin City Limits Music Festival Oct. 8 - 10th, 2010, Zilker Park, Austin, TX Lollapalooza 2011 Aug. 5 - 7th, 2011, Grant Park, Chicago, IL

Birthplace of Complex Care for Central Texas

Nicole and Schoen

Nicole’s child was due to arrive August 29, but eight weeks before then she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. To fight the disease aggressively and minimize her baby’s exposure to it, Nicole was scheduled to deliver through C-section — only 31 weeks into her pregnancy. Soon after delivery, Mom was transferred to our dedicated oncology floor to begin treatment, and her little boy, Schoen, was admitted to the NICU. Thanks to the highly skilled, award-winning maternity team at Seton Medical Center Austin, Nicole’s experience has a happy ending. Read her full story, or find an Ob/Gyn on our medical staff, at

For more than a century, families in Central Texas have turned to Seton Medical Center Austin when experiencing the miracle of birth. Here, we strive to offer the highest-level and continuum of care for mom and baby, offering:

Michelle Gooch, MD, Ob/Gyn (Austin Regional Clinic)

• Recently expanded unit with new patient rooms and modern amenities for comfort and healing • Expert teams of Ob/Gyns and specialists on medical staff, and a nursing team recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center for excellence in care • Nationally renowned transformational practices for safer labor and delivery Seton Austin’s Level III NICU, the highest level of neonatal intensive care available in the area, is also supported by access to world-renowned pediatric subspecialists at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, another member of the Seton Family of Hospitals.

1201 West 38th Street • Austin, TX 78705 • (512) 324-1000

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Be there for



Since her Lap-Band surgery in February 2008, D’Anne has lost more than 80 pounds. She no longer takes blood pressure medicine, and her sleep apnea is gone.

Weight Loss Surgery could help you live a more fulfilling life. The surgeons of Southwest Bariatric Surgeons have helped more than 2000 people lose weight and keep it off. With better health and more energy, they can now participate more fully in life and be there for friends and family. Our 10 Austin and Round Rock-based surgeons are always there to personally care for our patients.

Learn More at a Free Seminar in Person or Online. Seminars are held in Round Rock, Cedar Park and throughout the Austin area. For more information, please check out our website. Online seminar anytime at Register at or call 512.334.1885 Stephen S. Clark, M.D., FACS, Tim L. Faulkenberry, M.D., FACS, Mark R. Sherrod, M.D., FACS, Nancy G. Marquez, M.D., FACS, Paula S. Oliver, M.D., FACS, Patrick C. Dillawn, M.D., FACS, Steven M. Fass, M.D., FACS, Bridget M. Brady, M.D., FACS, Mario A. Longoria, M.D., FACS, Jinnie A. Bruce, M.D., FACS (All surgeons also practice with Capital Surgeons Group.)

Lap-Band • ReaLize Band • GastRic Bypass • sLeeve GastRectomy

Individual patient results vary.


6500 N. Mopac Building 3, Suite 200 Austin, Texas 78731

Round Rock:

170 Deep Wood Dr., Suite 104 Round Rock, Texas 78681

Top: Thomas Blevins, M.D.; Peter Emerson, M.D.; Luis Casaubon, M.D. Bottom: Stephanie Shaw, M.D.; Valerie Espinosa, M.D.

(512) 458-8400

The center provides comprehensive care for diabetes, thyroid disease and osteoporosis. • Diabetes management services include diabetes education, management of type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pump therapy and dietitian services • Thyroid evaluation and management, including specializing in fine needle aspiration biopsies of thyroid nodules, treatment of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer diagnosis, management and treatment. We offer state-of-the-art ultrasound to identify thyroid nodules and skilled ultrasonographers specializing in thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer follow-up. • Osteoporosis management and treatment and the latest in bone-density measurement technology. • Clinical research in the areas of diabetes, obesity, thyroid, osteoporosis and cholesterol disorders 82  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

Our MissiOn GENaustin’s mission is to foster healthy self-esteem in girls by engaging them to explore and define their personal values and to build skills that empower them with confidence and courage to make wise choices.

Growing up female has always been a challenging journey. Friendships, social groups and self-identity move to the center of a girl’s world as she becomes a teen; meanwhile, school gets harder, her body changes and cultural messages become desperately confusing. And just when girls seem to need guidance the most, they often turn away from trusted adults, hoping to find stronger bonds with their peers. How will they learn the wisdom they need to navigate the pressures and pitfalls of being a girl in today’s world?

GENaustin’s Programs clubGEN clubGEN is an after-school program for middle-school girls. Local high school girls are hired and trained to lead weekly interactive, fun sessions that teach from a research-based curriculum designed exclusively for clubGEN. These sessions help to equip middle school girls with the skills and awareness they need to navigate the pressures of the teen years – with support from both older girls and each other. At clubGEN, girls are surrounded with positive role models they can relate to for connection, inspiration and guidance. Most of all, it’s fun! And it’s free to all girls who wish to participate.

Ways to get InvolveD • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Administrative Support Career Week Speaker clubGEN Volunteer Workshop Facilitator Conference Volunteer Conference Fundraising Committee House Party Host Program Assistant Board Membership PR Committee Graphic Design Volunteer Guest Blogger Social Media Support

Donate Give a girl a chance to take part in one or all of GENaustin’s programs. So many girls want clubGEN or workshops at their schools, or want to attend the We Are Girls Conference. Your donation will make our programs available to girls who don’t currently have access. Please consider helping GENaustin support girls as they navigate the ups and downs of girlhood by logging onto and making a donation of personal significance to you.

ContaCt InformatIon

We Are Girls Conference GENaustin’s We Are Girls Conference helps girls explore issues of bullying, body image and being a girl. Topics addressed include bullying, cyber bullying, self image, dating, diversity, media literacy, financial literacy, parent-daughter relationships, career exploration, higher education and physical health and wellness. The conference is a statewide, one-day event for girl’s grades 5 – 12 and the adults who care about them. GENaustin’s We Are Girls Conference connects girls and adults who have questions with experts who have answers.

Girl Talk Workshops Through Girl Talk Workshops, participants explore the issues of Body Image, Bullying and Being a Girl with topics such as bullying, dating, diversity, media literacy, parent-daughter relationships and physical health. Girl Talk Workshops are offered to schools and community groups year-round. These sessions are designed for 4th-12th grade girls, parents, and educators. Sessions are led through a format of group presentations and hands-on interactive sessions that are designed to identify problems and offer solutions to the complex issues girls face today.

Social Media Join the GENology conversation by becoming a friend, fan and follower of GENaustin on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Won’t you join us?

GENaustin P.O. Box 3122 | Austin, TX 78704 | 512.841.4093 |

GENaustin’s Girls’ Bill of Rights I have the right to be myself I have the right to be treated with equality and respect I have the right to an education I have the right to feel beautiful I have the right to dream I have the right to say no I have the right to become financially independent I have the right to be safe I have the right to take my feelings seriously I have the right to speak up and be heard I have the right to break stereotypes

November 6, 2010

Katherine Schwarzenegger’s

Rock What You’ve Got Story by Casie Latimer

All females, young and old, have been through, (or will go through), the so-called awkward, insecure, rollercoaster, teen years of their life. Having the luck of being born a girl has its perks, but it also has some rough spots that many young girls have to learn to overcome through self-empowerment, strong will and determination. Rock What You’ve Got, the very resourceful, personal and reflective, self-help book written by Katherine Schwarzenegger, is an easy read that teaches girls across America to better understand their bodies and how to survive their teen years. (And yes, Schwarzenegger also happens to have been born to famous dad Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and mom Maria Shriver, but even celebrity daughters deal with these issues.) The 18-year-old USC Annenberg student states, “I am hoping that by reading my book, the amount of pressure that young girls feel to look perfect won’t be so great. I hope they will relax and not feel so pressured to put on makeup and not be themselves. They are beautiful at size 12 and size 2.” Middle school through high school are some of the roughest times in a young woman’s life and Schwarzenegger’s book is designed to help girls deal with physical appearance, daily drama and issues with family and friends that all come along with growing up. Schwarzenegger uses her own personal experiences to hopefully touch the hearts of teenage girls across America: “I really wanted to not make it a serious factual book. I wanted something 13- and 14-year-old girls could read and relate to through my stories.” Instead of writing a book that told girls they should act or look one way and not another, Schwarzenegger writes as if she was talking directly to her readers, sharing her thoughts and feelings and showing girls that they aren’t alone. Through her stories and her own empowerment, she gives advice to help with the realizations that come along with developing from a girl to a woman. “I realized [I had] to accept my body and everything I was going through. I have become a happier and brighter person by accepting my own body and what I have. To rock what I’ve got!” Not only is this book directed toward young girls; it’s also beneficial for mothers to read along with their daughters. Schwarzenegger shares short snippets to help mothers deal with their daughter’s changes throughout the teen years. She cites examples of her famous mom’s relationship with her, as well as her friends’ relationships with their moms. “I want girls to know that this is a time you can be your own person, but also time to build new relationships with Mom and talk about your period, your weight, your boobs, ultimately, changing into a woman.” Schwarzenegger wanted to show girls that not only did she go through the same changes they are experiencing, but every other woman goes through the same thing at some point in their lives. She reminds us that not everyone looks like a supermodel; everyone has their own unique features that they should learn to embrace, accept and ROCK! Katherine Schwarzenegger will be speaking about her book and spreading the word about growing up to young girls at GENaustin’s We Are Girls Conference on November 6th, 2010. Katherine provided to GENaustin by:

Hear Katherine Schwarzenegger speak at GENaustin’s We Are Girls Conference!

How to Register • Register at • Questions? Email us at • November 6, 2010 • 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. • Location:

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders 2206 Prather Lane Austin, TX 78704

Group discounts and scholarships are available.

Special Guest:

Katherine Schwarzenegger

Keynote Speaker: Rachel Simmons

For girls in 5th – 12th grades and the adults who care about them; 800 attendees

reading, Writing and COping With Bullies Author and educator Rachel Simmons comes to Austin to share her belief in the power of girls and offers suggestions on dealing with the growing problem of aggression. Story by Nancy Miller Barton

In 1944, Eleanor Estes wrote the book The Hundred Dresses. The following year, this story about a group of schoolgirls was awarded a Newbury Honor. Here’s what it says on the book jacket: “Wanda wears the same faded blue dress to school every day – yet she says she has one hundred beautiful dresses at home … the other girls don’t believe it, and when Peggy starts … teasing Wanda … everyone joins in.” The book just might make you cry. Estes writes of character Wanda Petronski, “She came to school alone and went home alone … Wanda didn’t have a lot of friends, but lots of girls talked to her.” With insight and tenderness, Estes tells of the angst of her character Maddie. Maddie thought about helping Wanda, but feared if she did, the bullies would turn on her. So here’s the question: Are things any different now from Estes’ view of the ‘40s, or when ‘we’ were growing up? Author, educator and frankly, busy woman Rachel Simmons says the answer is a firm,

“yes!” She spends her time talking to and coaching girls today, helping and learning from their experiences. Simmons says things are not only different, they’re worse. For Simmons, understanding and helping girls navigate the technology, media and aggression that is the backdrop of their lives today is her passion and her business. Oh – it also helps that she’s willing to say, “dork out” to Today Show anchor Meredith Vieira on national TV. When it comes to girls she “gets it.” “I wanted to know why my friend Abby would run away from me after school,” says now 36-year-old Rachel Simmons. Simmons has written three books, including the bestseller The Curse of the Good Girl. As a researcher, she started with a simple question, hoping to help the Wandas and Maddies of today muddle through. While in graduate school at Oxford University, she simply started asking women about their experiences as kids and about “psychological aggression.” What she learned is “every woman has a story and … there’s not a lot of published research.” She

Simmons’ latest book came out in paperback this summer. She says girls need to feel they can “stand up, take up space!”

had been studying political theory but found a passion. “I had a number of accomplishments up to that point,” she says, including being named a Rhodes scholar, but decided, “I needed to focus on a project I cared about, not one that had me winning awards.” As we talk, Simmons speaks in hushed tones, and you can hear a voice over a loud speaker in the background – a train conductor announcing stops. Simmons is traveling from her home in Northampton, MA to New York City. Her pace is pretty purposeful. She has shared what she’s learned on The Today Show, CBS This Morning, The Joy Behar Show and says a recent feature in The New York Times has kept her phone ringing. She speaks on those broad stages, but also oneon-one. For example, Simmons mentions a teenage girl she recently went back-and-forth with over email, trying to help her navigate boyfriend troubles. The boyfriend didn’t like whom she was hanging with. “Girls love their relationships more than anything else,” Simmons says, “but at the same time they are desperate for skills to navigate those relationships.” So, she coached the girl in some assertive selfexpression. Simmons met the child at a Girls Leadership Institute camp held in the Berkshires. Simmons actually helped found the Institute, which as it turns out, is just one thread in a web of books, talks and a website that have grown from Simmons’ earlier questions about why a girl would be mean on the playground. On a recent afternoon, driving past Anderson High School in north Austin, girls and boys, were seen leaving class for the day. They walk, heads down, thumbs flying over smart phones. Others have earbuds firmly in place, enjoying a personally-downloaded soundtrack. The scene is repeated at high schools and middle schools across Austin, and is precisely why as moms, aunts or friends of teens and tweens, we can’t say, “Well, we dealt with mean kids when we were your age and we’re fine,” because today, Simmons says things are more difficult. The reason – “technology.” She continues, “Technology plays a dominant role in girls’ friendships and aggression.” Her explanation is right on. “It used to be you’d have a fight at school, go home and not have to talk to the girl until the next day.” Now, by the time the girl gets home, “it’s all over Facebook.” She suggests parents have clear expectations and set limits on cell phone and computer use. Random spot checks are something kids should expect. She adds we should

be realistic about the type of behavior the media “celebrates” today. “Bullying” she says is “sold to us as entertainment.” Consider TV’s The Bachelor today versus the Family Ties of yesterday. When Rachel Simmons steps up to the microphone at the We are Girls Conference Saturday, Nov. 6th at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, her message will be about aggression and bullying and, “ways girls can empower themselves to have healthy relationships, and be leaders in their own lives.” Her most recent book, The Curse of the Good Girl, has a message that looks toward the future; helping girls self-advocate, know what they’re good at and be willing to say it. She says, as parents, we should “try to build those muscles in our daughters,” and not feel they have to be perfect people pleasers. It’s a paradigm shift for some of us moms who were trained as girls to be just that. In the Forward to The Hundred Dresses, Eleanor Estes’ daughter Helena writes the wise yet tender tale was indeed “true” – as a child, Eleanor felt terrible she didn’t “reach out to a girl who stood lonely and silent.” Perhaps she was “Maddie,” herself poor and afraid, for fear the bullies would turn on her. Remarkable how both Estes and Simmons, women of very different eras, try to give girls the tools for standing up to this age-old problem – bullying.

Come hear Rachel Simmons speak at GENaustin’s We Are Girls Conference on November 6, 2010! Register at

Rachel Simmons gives girls tools for coping with today’s bullies. She points out the cell phone, something many bought to stay connected with our kids, has instead created a disconnect.

By the Numbers: 43% of girls in Austin say that they act out in negative ways, such as bullying, when feeling badly about themselves. *Source – The Dove Self Esteem Fund 2008 research MORE INFO

November 6, 2010 – Register at Abrakadoodle Art Education

Comprehensive Wealth Management


Abrakadoodle, an international, award-winning art program, is the most comprehensive creativity and art education company of its kind, offering highly-regarded art classes, camps, parties and events for children ages 20 months to 12 years old. For more information on programming in Central Texas, contact 512.380.7555 or visit

With a straightforward, education approach and time-tested financial strategies, we help you manage your risk, reduce your tax liabilities and maximize your wealth – giving you the freedom to focus on the people, passions and pursuits that matter most to you. For more information, call 512.651.3128 or visit

Created to empower and motivate girls to excel in math, science and technology. For more information, call 512.916.4775 or visit

Annie Fox

Offers private, couple and group lessons with Melissa Savoie with a focus on a Hatha yoga open to beginners. She also offers regeneration yoga and Rise and Shine Flow in addition to private lessons by appointment. For more information, call 512.529.7847 or visit

Annie is a respected educator, award-winning author and a trusted online adviser. Her life’s work is helping teens become more self-aware, self-confident and better able to make choices that reflect who they really are. For more information, visit

Arte Sana Founded in 2001, Arte Sana (art heals) is committed to ending sexual violence and other forms of gender-based aggressions by promoting awareness, healing, and empowerment through bilingual professional training, community education and the arts. For more information, please visit

Badgerdog An Austin nonprofit dedicated to placing professional writers in school and community classrooms to lead creative writing workshops for youth and seniors. For more information about Badgerdog’s programs, call 512.538.1305 or visit Barb Steinberg Barb Steinberg is a life coach, speaker and workshop facilitator for teen girls, their parents, youth professionals and women. Her mission is to enlighten and enrich the lives of girls and the adults that live and work with them through exploration, insight, compassion and fun. Barb has worked with adolescents for over 20 years, holds a Master’s degree in social work and is licensed by the state of Texas. For more information, call 512.750.3928 or visit

Ballet Austin’s Butler Community School Ballet Austin’s Butler Community School engages, educates and empowers people of all skill levels, economic and cultural backgrounds to adopt healthy lifestyles through dance and regular physical activity. By providing quality instruction in an open and inviting atmosphere, the BCS inspires confidence and encourages fun. For more information, call 512.476.9051 ext 126 or visit

BookWoman Your neighborhood feminist bookstore full of books that inspire change! From books on parenting, fiction books, memoirs and cookbooks – Book Woman has something to inspire everyone! For more information, call 512.472.2785 or visit

CARE A leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty that places special focus on working with women. For more information, call 1.800.521.CARE or visit

The City of Austin Commission for Women The City of Austin Commission for Women serves as an advisory body to the city council and city manager concerning the needs and problems of women in the Austin area. For more information, visit

Dawn Light Yoga

Deirdre Earls, MBA, RD, LD - Author of “Your Healing Diet Austin” Having used an imperfect diet instead of chemotherapy to reverse my own disabling disease, now my objective is to use more than 20 years of experience as a registered dietitian to bring the healing power of food to others. For more information, please call 512.453.8784 or visit

Emily Roberts MA, LPC Psychotherapist & Consultant Emily Roberts is an Austin-based therapist and educational speaker specializing in adolescent and young adult issues who bridges the connection between the child, the parent and the educator through coaching, counseling and empowerment. She offers individual counseling, workshops, groups and educational lectures. For more information, visit

Experiment and Explore Jewelry Design Experiment and Explore’s goal is to empower participants and foster their sense of self through artistic expression. Through this process, our classes reinforce participants to view the world as a place filled with possibilities where they can express their own vision and engage in problem-solving skills, all extending to the world at large. For more information, visit

The Feminine Rhythm A personal growth organization that empowers women to embody their authentic presence and redefine how they think about being an empowered, feminine woman. For more information, call 512.814.9820 or visit

“From the Heart” Family Healing Helping people who are struggling with their children, their partner or with overwhelming emotions who need peace, joy and connection. For more information, call 512.809.8818 or visit

Girl Scouts of Central Texas Girl Scouts is the premier leadership organization for girls in Central Texas. In partnership with adult volunteers, girls develop leadership skills, strong values, social conscience and conviction about their own potential and self-worth. For more information, call 800.733.0011 or visit

Girls Inc. of Greater Austin Girls Inc. of Greater Austin (GIGA) inspires girls ages nine through 18 to be strong, smart and bold in every aspect of life, through providing them with experience, exposure and reflection to tackle the complex barriers that they face while growing up. For more information, please call 512.423.8952, visit our local website at or our national website at

IBM Chapter – Women in Technology Women in Technology works to provide women in the technology community a networking and professional growth environment to develop relationships and create new opportunities. For more information, call 703.683.4003 or visit

iLiveWell, Adrien Paczosa, RD, LD As a registered and licensed dietitian, Adrien believes a healthy life requires a balance of nutritional intake, physical activity and rest. She provides every client with a unique plan that is based on their specific needs. Her practice is based on a positive and supportive approach to helping clients live a healthy life. For more information, call 512.547.9274 or visit

Dr. Karen Rayne Dr. Rayne provides comprehensive sexuality education to middle school, high school and college students. She helps them learn about their bodies and how to make thoughtful sexual choices. She also provides classes for parents on how to talk about sexuality more openly with their children and teenagers. For more information, call 512.924.1814 or visit

Kesha Dirkson/KDEnterpises PR Boutique A boutique Public Relations firm that offers speaking services and supports the empowerment of women to use their voice, build their confidence and improve public speaking skills by sharing in group activity. For more information, call 512.366.8059 or visit

Latinitas Latinitas is a nonprofit organization that enables young Latinas to achieve personal and academic success through media and technology outreach, thereby addressing the critical state of Latina girls today. For more information, visit

Lifeworks Provides a comprehensive network of services for youth and families, addressing critical needs to achieve lasting, positive change. For more information, call 512.735.2400 or visit

loveisrespect, The National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline loveisrespect is a national 24-hour resource that can be accessed by phone or via chat, specifically designed for teens and young adults involved in dating abuse relationships or who may have questions about healthy relationships. Peer Advocates are trained to offer support, education and resources to teens and young adults, as well as concerned parents, friends and loved ones. For more information, please visit

The Money Academy A unique method of introducing financial concepts in a “kid-friendly” way. For more information, visit

Moody Me Workshops by Elizabeth Decker Provide a safe and supportive space for women and girls interested in exploring their moods and feelings through imagery and poetic expression. For more information, call 512.255.7871 or visit

Conference Hosts Planned Parenthood

Theatre Action Project

America’s most trusted provider of reproductive health care. Dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable reproductive health care and education to more than 30,000 men, women and teens in Austin each year. For more information, visit

A team of professionally-trained artists and educators that work with young people to learn critical life skills, gain tools for creative expression and have successful experiences that build self-esteem and confidence. For more information, call 512.442.8773 or visit

Rachel Simmons

Texas Education Agency

Rachel Simmons is an author, educator and coach helping girls and young women grow into authentic, emotionally intelligent and assertive adults. For more information, visit

TEA provides leadership, guidance and resources to help schools meet the educational needs of all students. For more information, call 512.463.9734 or visit

Redirecting Children’s Behavior

The Texas School Safety Center

Redirecting Children’s Behavior offers support to families and schools through focusing and building loving and respectful relationships. With relationships built on trust, children are just naturally more likely to want to cooperate and feel inspired to explore their innate talents. For more information, visit

The Texas School Safety Center is a university center housed at Texas State University-San Marcos that serves as a central location for safety and security information for all independent school districts and junior college districts in the state of Texas. Services include training, research and technical assistance related to safe and healthy schools. For more information, visit An Austin-based business providing training, speaking and consulting in the areas of productivity, individual and team effectiveness and attention management. For more information, call 424.226.2872 or visit

Renée Peterson Trudeau Renée Peterson Trudeau is an internationally recognized life balance coach/speaker and the president of Career Strategists. For the last 20 years, she has created life-changing women’s events and has been featured in US News and World Report, Yogi Times, Good Housekeeping and more. She is the author of The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life. Thousands of women worldwide are participating in self-renewal circles based on the Guide to enhance balance and well-being in their lives. Please visit and

Sol 2 Soul – Evelina Solis

Travis County Attorney’s Underage Drinking Prevention Program Identifies the link between underage drinking with more highly visible social issues in addition to drinking and driving. For more information, call 512.854.4229 or visit Pgm/default.asp.

WING WING is an organization in the Austin area that focuses on valued networking, connection, motivation and education for young, independent and creativity-oriented business women. For more information, call 512.796.1033 or visit

Yoga Rx A new kind of yoga experience with the programs specifically tailored to you, your body, mind and health. For more information, call 512.554.3988 or visit

A career/life coaching and inspirational speaking resource that offers a variety of leadership and social justice workshops, trainings, programs and consultations to students, teachers, parents, coaches, leaders, corporate executives, nonprofits, communities and churches. For more information, call 830.237.3307 or visit

YouthLaunch A youth service program that helps young people gain new knowledge and skills, improve their self-esteem and efficacy and develop a strong sense of social responsibility. For more information, call 512.342.0424 or visit

Strategies for Success

Young Women’s Alliance

Strategies For Success is a bilingual training company specializing on empowering the Hispanic community with skills to achieve success and as parents, to learn to confidently lead their children to academic success. For more information, call 972.841.4042 or 972.522.0149 or visit


Originally called The Ophelia Project, GENaustin was created in 1996 by 12 concerned mothers raising adolescent girls in Austin, TX, to address an increasing trend among middle school-aged girls – a systematic decline and sometimes permanent loss of self-esteem - the outcome of which can be devastating: epidemic levels of anorexia/ bulimia, self-mutilation, depression, low academic achievement, teen pregnancy and drug abuse. GENaustin fosters healthy self-esteem and provides options at a time when girls begin to feel the burdens rather than the advantages of femininity.

Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

A professional organization of women facilitating opportunities to lead, educate, network and serve. For more information, call 512.825.0275 or visit

The Ann Richards School is a unique all-girls public school founded to educate young women and give them the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in college, in their careers and in their communities. Our vision is to focus on the whole girl, providing academic and enrichment opportunities that will engage our students, expand their horizons and give them the tools to achieve their dreams. For more information, call 512.414.3236 or click

Tao of Texas Martial Arts Institute A community-focused martial arts school whose mission is to give everyone the opportunity to gain mental, physical and spiritual strength and as a result, make the world a better place. Specializing in teaching ADD/ADHD youths. For more information, call 512.779.5499 or visit To read powerful, inspiring stories of Tao of Texas’s students, visit our blog at

genaustin thanks the ann riChards sChOOl fOr YOung WOMen leaders. GENaustin has been privileged to locate our headquarters at the school, and to co-host the We Are Girls Conference at the school for three years!

Thank you, ARS, for giving GENaustin a home!

presented BY:

Media spOnsOrs:

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Suzanne Booth (Booth Heritage Foundation) Lisa & Sandy Gottesman Myndi Garrett Diane Gonzales & Michelle Casanova Diane Land & Steve Adler Carla & Jack McDonald Bettye Nowlin Karen Kahan & MariBen Ramsey Lily & Yigal Saad Seton Family of Hospitals Martha Smiley Carmen Tawil Cathy & Dwight Thompson Trisa Thompson Liz Watson Alexa Wesner Office of the Governor

Honorary Co-Chairs: Texas First Lady Anita Perry and Liz Watson Emcee: Olga Campos of KVUE GENaustin’s We Are Girls Conference Committee: Co-Chairs: Diane Land and MariBen Ramsey Theresa Alvarez, Rani Clasquin, Mary Margaret Farabee, Angela Frederick, Lesley Gilbert Guthrie, Christie Horne, Melissa Jones, Kristen Lark, Alisha Ring Lagarde, Lynn Meredith, Bettye Nowlin, Sharon Reddehase, Alicia Quinn Sankar, Cathy Thompson, Kim Todd, Ane Urquiola, Liz Watson, Shannon Boggus

Expert Negotiation on your Largest Investment

In Uncertain Times, Skill & Expertise Matter.

Christopher Garvey


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Your Pet

by l aur a koffler


Finding a Pet Portraitist In Austin

e all know that Andy Warhol

Matchi Martin

Interestingly, her own pets were her muses,

loved Campbell’s soup. But what

Unlike the aristocracy in years past, today

the inspiration for her to pursue art. Orr cre-

many of us don’t know is that he

you do not need a trove of money to commis-

ates sublime, expressionistic, custom acrylic

also loved cats. He loved living with them.

sion a pet portrait. Instead, if you’d like your

paintings of animals. Her subjects vary from

And he loved painting them. It’s not a stretch

little (or big) friend immortalized on canvas,

dogs and cats to ferrets and rats and her main

to suggest that cats, with their exquisite col-

you have plenty of wonderful, affordable op-

goal is “to capture the unique character and

ors, patterns and textures could very well be

tions to choose from. Last year, I was so fortu-

spirit of your pet in a portrait that brings you

pieces of art in and of themselves. And the

nate to visit Matchi Martin’s studio to pose

joy, beauty and real value as a piece of art in

same might be said for dogs and many other

for a lovely portrait. Lining the walls of her

and of itself.” With their fun and modern style,

domesticated animals. One of the best parts

studio, I saw that she had several amazing

these objets d’art would be a treasure for any-

about having a pet in your life is being able to

dog and cat portraits. And she also had a

one who treasures a pet. Let your doggie re-

observe them. Whether it’s watching them

number of animal portraits ready to be picked

lease her inner Mona Lisa at paintedpups.

scarf down a canned happy meal or run

up by her clients. Of course, I had to ask about


around aimlessly chasing their own tails, to

them, they were so colorful and exciting and

me, everything they do is interesting and

I knew Martin was a big dog lover. So I was

Svetlana Novikova

sure that painting pups was something she

Maybe you’ve considered your neighbor’s

Austin is a city with lots of animals and

would enjoy. I discovered that Martin regu-

kid’s hamster a muse? If not, it’s obviously

lots of artists – you could throw a single stone

larly painted pet portraits by commission.

because you have yet to encounter Svetlana

and see it ricochet off both. (Not that I’ve ever

Her distinctive style combines the influences

Novikova’s masterpiece: Impasto Hamster

tried!) As animal lovers, we’re lucky to live

well worth capturing for posterity.

of her German upbringing with the colorful

Painting #1. I could barely believe my eyes at

alongside such talented artists and animal

Mardi Gras spirit of her native New Orleans.

how elegant and refined this little guy could

lovers. Many specialize in work that captures

She uses bold, brilliant, bright acrylic colors.

look. My husband insisted it resembled him

our favorite subject matter: The Austin Pet.

If it’s a vibrant, Warholesque type of piece

after a shower. Yes, this hamster is some-

And if you’ve ever thought about capturing

you’re after, one that would definitely draw

thing special. But then again, Novikova could

the spirit of your most loyal, living compan-

eyes to your wall; contact Martin at mat-

make dried paint look interesting. (Wait,

ion, remembering one who’s long-gone, or

that’s what she does.) She studied art as a child and a teenager in Russia before moving

making someone else very happy by presenting them with a portrait of their special muse,

Erica Orr

to the United States at age 19, and has been

then this article is for you. I’ve assembled my

Another gifted pet portraitist, Erica Orr

painting for a long time. Her pieces

short list of some of the best women pet por-

grew up in West Texas and the San Francisco

have found happy homes all over the

trait artists in Austin.

Bay area but is now based in Austin.

world. She works in different media,

92  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

We’ll stop when cancer does. Austin Race for the Cure® • November 7, 2010 • The Domain 5K Run/Walk • One-Mile Family Walk Registration is open. Visit to sign up and donate. Take the 125 Challenge and raise $125 — the average cost of a life-saving mammogram

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Keeping you and your data safe and secure. Local Women Serving Women. Co-ed team of certified consultants.

SERVICES: It’s fixed or it’s FREE, Onsite & In-shop Complete Managed IT Technology Stabilization Automatic offsite Data Backup Enterprise Class Anti Virus & Spam Filtering Website & Email Hosting

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512.452.3883 |

4604 Burnet road (1 Block north of 45th St.) | Mon-Sat: 8aM - 7pM Sun: 11aM - 6pM

Cammie’s CritterCare est. 1986

but her favorite is watercolor and palette knife in oil or acrylic. Novikova works on commission and you can find more information on pric-


ing, canvas sizes and examples on her website at Her prices are affordable and the product priceless.

Kim Gall Realistic and contemporary watercolors are Kim Gall’s forte. Her art business, Doggie Doodle, strives to “capture what makes your pet who they are.” She does so in a soulful, sweet and fun manner. But she’s also incredibly talented and exacting in her approach. Her multistep process begins with a detailed photo of your pet. She then outlines the basic values and emails you a sense of layout. From there,

Northwest Cammie Harper, Owner office: 512.250.8768 cell: 512.947.3332


• In-home loving pet care • Small pet boarding available • Bonded for your protection

Nature’s treasures of texas

she transfers the sketch to watercolor paper, deepens the values and finally, adds the actual watercolor. It’s a beautiful process and you can see how it unfolds on her website. Gall takes commissions to paint anything from lizards to horses. All you have to do is take that beautiful picture of your animal and contact Gall at for more detailed information on her wonderful work. For that perfect pet memento, you have many outstanding options to choose from. There’s nothing like a great piece of art to show off, and nothing like showing off the beauty and personality of your beloved pet. So, why not reach out to one of these fine artists or do some exploration on your own to locate a good match for your needs and vision? And after all, you may decide to pick up another muse in the process: a hamster or other animal that’s more than worthy of a Petcasso-like work.


Matchi Martin | Erica Orr | Svetlana Novikova | Kim Gall |

NEW 4103 N. IH35 512.472.5015 open Sundays

Specialty Gift Items Jewelry, Gems, & Crystals Large Designer Minerals Salt Lamps & Fossils

we rock

Beads & Findings

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2307 Kramer Lane 512.833.7760 Georgetown 4300 South IH-35 512.864.7319

Nearly 70% of austinwoman readers own a pet.

presented by James Armstrong and Patti O’Meara K.M. Kavoussi, M.D. S.K. Kavoussi, M.D., M.P.H. Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility

 Hyatt Regency Town Lake Featuring Academy Award-winning actress and social activist

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24-Hour Hotline 512.267.SAFE (7233) or 512.927.9616 TTY for the Deaf community

4303 James Casey, Suite A • Austin, Texas • 78745

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   95


Find Out What Your b y S . K a y B e l l Possessions are Worth with an

Independent Appraisal You've spent years collecting precious objects, inherited some family heirlooms or got a nice piece of jewelry as a gift. Now you need to know what these items are worth. An independent personal property appraiser can help. It was so thoughtful of Aunt Jane to

An independent appraisal can keep

give you that heirloom vase. It looks won-

peace in a family, especially when a

derful next to the crystal candy dish you

loved one's estate is being divided. It

bought on eBay, sitting atop the console

can provide a degree of certainty

you got for a song at the flea market.

when you're insuring property. Or an

But now it's time to sell them. How do you know what prices to ask?

appraisal might be legally necessary, such as when making a tax-deductible

Hire an appraiser.

donation of valuable items or deter-

You're familiar with appraisals,

mining asset division in a divorce.

thanks to your home's annual property

Keep in mind, though, that personal

tax bill. But when it comes to deter-

property appraisers are unregulated,

mining the value of what's inside the

with no educational or licensing re-

house, you need a personal property

quirements. That means it's up to

appraiser. They provide evaluations of

you to thoroughly vet the person

the worth of fine art, jewelry, antiques

who will value your property.

and general household contents.

96  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

Between bot tles,

Ethan earned

an MBA.

I was concerned about time away from my family, but the evening classes worked well for me. Collaboration with my classmates is so much of the learning. Within my study group, it’s like having tutors who are all experts in their respective fields. THE BAYLOR PROGRAM FITS WITH


CALL 512.996.4095




The Baylor Executive MBA program in Austin meets Monday and Thursday evenings. The 21-month program begins in August.

7700 W. Parmer

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   97

Keep in mind, though, that personal property appraisers are unregulated, with no educational or licensing requirements. That means it's up to you to thoroughly vet the person who will value your property. How do I find an appraiser?

What will it cost?

Start with the people you know. Ask your attorney for recommen-

Fees are set by the individual appraiser, and often are based on

dations. Insurance agents are helpful, as are antique dealers. Art gal-

an hourly, half-day or full-day basis. Experience and expertise con-

leries and museums also will have suggestions.

tribute to the fee.

You also can seek referrals from the various appraisal trade orga-

Many professional appraisers offer a free estimate of the time and

nizations. Although there are no formal government regulations,

cost involved before they accept a job. When work starts, you also

these professional groups offer various levels of training and contin-

are likely to incur added costs, such as fees for expert consultation

ued education options for their members.

the appraiser deems necessary.

The American Society of Appraisers, for example, has a membership of approximately 3,500 accredited appraisers and an online

Get a complete fee schedule or estimate and make sure all your cost-related questions are answered before you sign an agreement.

search engine to help you locate one. The International Society of Appraisers has a similar "find an appraiser" online option, as do the Appraisers National Association, the Appraisers Association of America and the Certified Appraisers Guild.

What should I expect? An appraiser will examine your property's condition and look for specific or notable characteristics. The article's history – your greatgrandfather brought the violin with him when he emigrated from It-

What should I look for? Any time you hire someone to offer financial guidance, you want to ensure that person is qualified. Conduct a thorough interview. Find out how the appraiser's experience and knowledge relates to the particular appraisal you need. Ask for documentation. A reputable appraiser will supply a qualifications statement or a resume that includes job history, educational degrees and recognition received for professional accomplishments. Get details about accreditations and how the appraiser qualified for the certifications, such as continuing education programs. And always demand references from current and former clients.

There also are some "don'ts" when it comes to hiring an appraiser. Don't hire one who tells you the value of an item immediately. A quick analysis makes for an entertaining Antiques Roadshow episode, but you want your appraiser to spend as much time as necessary to provide accurate value. Neither do you want someone who offers to buy the item at the appraised price or whose fee is based on the item's value. And be particularly leery of an appraiser who offers to give you a

aly – also is useful in the evaluation, as is any documentation on the piece you can provide. Research is next. A thorough appraiser has access to a variety of reference resources, from books to periodicals to subscription information services that provide up-to-date reports from national and international auction houses. During this process, the appraiser should discover any comparable sales. After the data gathering is complete, you'll get a written report. It should contain: - A cover document explaining in detail what type of value is being sought and how the appraisal is to be used; for example, fair market value used for taxes or replacement value used for insurance coverage. - A complete description of the property written so that it can be identified without photos. - The methodology and resources the appraiser used to arrive at the property's value. - The date and location of the property inspection and on what effective date the appraised value was reached. - A statement by the appraiser that he or she has no financial interest in the property or, if there is such interest, a statement disclosing that. - The appraiser's qualifications and signature.

"high" or "low" value, depending on how the appraisal will be used. Note that "no interest" statement. In most cases, you should seek Get the latest tax tips and news at S. Kay Bell's blog,

Don't Mess With Taxes

98  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

an appraisal from someone who is not going to buy or sell the property. That independence is one of the best indicators that your appraisal will be fair and accurate.

November 6-7 2010 Camp Texlake • Spicewood, Texas

Destination get Smart 2010: Your Journey Begins Here!

Join Girl Scouts of Central Texas for a fun-filled weekend to relax, connect with friends, and enjoy a campfire concert by Sara Hickman! Your support provides leadership opportunities for more than 21,000 Central Texas Girl Scouts. Last chance to get away! Find our more and register at

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Renaissance Austin Hotel 9721 Arboretum Boulevard

Opening Keynote Speaker: Matthew Dowd Closing Keynote Speaker: Stephanie Klein The unemployment rate is almost 10% and the average professional will change jobs over five times in a lifetime. Navigating your journey can be tricky at best. Join us for interactive breakout sessions designed to inspire, educate and offer tactical approaches to help you move forward with your personal and professional journey.

Let’s Go! Early rEgiSTraTiOn: August 18th - October 4th and space is limited. presented by: Genius-level sponsors:

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M o de r at ed b y

c e l e b r a t e s

8 great years JUDY MAGGIO

Presented by:

Austin’s #1 News Anchor for Over 27 Years

2 0 1 0 PA N E L I S Ts

October 22, 2010 @ 11AM The Westin @ The Domain




Nationally Renowned Fashion Designer

available at

Ladies ... This Is Not Your Mother’s Society Luncheon!

• Champagne Reception • Small Business Grant Award • Networking

AND THEN ... The “After Party” Fashion Show immediately following luncheon by macy’s, plus shopping event at macy’s with specialty Cocktail Courtesy of Twin Liquors Exclusive Shopping Discounts + Giveaways Throughout the Domain Wrap-up Happy Hour Back at the Westin at the Domain with a Grand Prize Drawing – Includes an Overnight Stay at the Hotel!


Actor, Performer + Stage Legend

• Inspiration By a Fabulous Panel of Former austinwoman Cover Women


Public Relations Powerhouse

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Austin Vein Institute state-of-the-art varicose vein treatment

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Wilhelmina Delco

Former Legislator + Political Icon


bronze Sponsors Envy Salon


Official State Musician of Texas

aw happenings

TIARA TUESDAY First Tuesday of every month Launch of our monthly issue silent auction + charity prize giveaway

b e n e fit T in g : Susan G. Komen - For the Cure, Austin

TUesday, oct. 5 · 6-8pm garrido’s

360 Nueces @3rd St.

s p o ns o r e d b y :

Next Month TUesday, nov. 2, 6-8pm @ fleming’s (the domain)

YOU COULD BE THE NEXT AUSTINWOMAN! Must be a Junior/Senior in high school to enter. 6 finalists will be chosen and announced in our February issue.


Entries may be submitted now through Dec. 1st


ANSWER THE FOLLOWING 4 QUESTIONS: (1-2 paragraphs per question)

a u s t i n w o m a n

• Have you received any awards or been involved in any extracurricular activities in high school? Why are these important to you? • What service projects or community outreach programs have you participated in and how have they impacted you? • What leadership positions have you held in high school and how have these allowed you to stand out from your peers? • What are your dreams in life – aka “what do you want to be when you grow up?” submit to:

Must include name, age, high school you attend + photo. Only one entry per young woman. *Final choices for publication remain solely up to the discretion of AW magazine.

on Check us out every TUESDAY on FOX7 Good Day Austin with Keri Bellacosa during the 9 o’clock hour. Good Day Austin is on FOX7/Cable ch.2

pages PINK



listings | photo listings | Businesswoman profiles

The ultimate resource guide for women For Rates & More Information Call: 512.328.2421

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Conspirare presents Sing Freedom: African American Spirituals October 1st and 2nd, 8 p.m. St Martin’s Lutheran Church, 606 West 15th Street, Austin Tickets $25 - 44; students/youth $10 Tickets and information at 512.476.5775 or The Austin Children’s Shelter Guild’s (ACSG) presents Annual Poinsettia and Holiday Card Sale Began in September and benefits the Austin Children’s Shelter Order online austinchildrenshelter. org/holidaysale




Russell Collection Peter Max exhibit Exhibit runs October 2 - 10 Artist appearance October 9 - 10 1137 West 6th St.



Art Across the Americas Featuring Peruvian and North American artists October 2 - 30 Artists’ Reception 6 - 9 p.m., October 9 - Skillpoint Alliance, 201 East 2nd Street, 78701


9 14

Tiara Tuesday Tiara Tuesday Featuring AW’s October Cover Woman Networking, Charity Raffle Garrido’s 360 Nueces @ 3rd st. 6 - 8 p.m.



ACL Music Festival October 8 - 10 – Zilker Park


Austin Marathon Kids Free Kick-Off 9 a.m. at Austin ISD 11 a.m. all other school districts at Mike Myers Track and Soccer Stadium at the University of Texas

Austin Museum of Art/Laguna Gloria La Dolce Vita Food & Wine Festival 6 - 9 p.m., Tickets available online at or call 512.495.9224, EXT. 223

IdealHeel and Nyle Maxwell Present the 2nd Annual Stiletto Stampede for the Cure Benefiting the Austin Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure 100-yard dash in stilettos 9 a.m., Registration fee $30


Helping Hand Home for Children presents 11th Annual Champions for Children Luncheon Tickets $75.00 per person, Sponsorships from $1,500 - $20,000 Hilton Austin. For more information: 512.459.3353 ext. 103 Austin Skin Open House 4pm - 7pm Wine & Hors D’oeuvres + Door Prizes Meet Dr. Daniel J. Ladd, D.O. 3500 Jefferson St, Ste 200 512.451.0139


2nd Annual Dress by Candlelight Nonprofit Benefit Fashion Show for Candlelight Ranch Cocktail Attire 7 -10 p.m. Saks Fifth Avenue Arboretum Tickets $50 at

Association for Women in Communications Get Smart Conference 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 9721 Renaissance Austin Hotel Space is limited. Austin Film Festival Oct. 21 - 28


Texas Book Festival Oct. 16 + 17 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of South Central Texas presents “Light The Night Walk” Check-in at 5 p.m., walk begins at 7:30 p.m. Venue: Lake Park at Mueller, near the Dell Children’s Medical Center To Register, visit

Arc of the Capital Area Building Bridges Art Celebration and Auction 500 East 4th Street Inside the Hilton Austin VIP Reception 5:30 p.m. Event 6:30 p.m. Cocktail Attire Tickets on sale online at Marathon Kids Heroes for Health Honoring Susan Dell 6:30 p.m. Individual tickets, $175, Individual VIP ticket, $250 Four Seasons Hotel 98 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78701


What Women Need To Know About Divorce Second Saturday of each month 8:30 a.m.- 12 p.m. or call 512.732.1244

50 Best Jobs For Your Personality 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. $30, includes lunch

Wine & Food Foundation of Texas and Whole Foods Market and Marquee Event Group present Tour de Vin 6:30 p.m. - 9p.m. Tickets $50 per person for Foundation members and $75 per person for the general public Whole Foods Market Rooftop Plaza 525 North Lamar Blvd.

Austin Symphonic Band presents Fall Concert in the Park 7 p.m. Zilker Hillside Theater Free admission Conspirare presents Sing Freedom: African American Spiritual 3 p.m. St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church 8134 Mesa Drive, Austin Tickets $25 - 44; students/youth $10 Tickets and information at 512.476.5775 or

North Hills Gallery presents Creative Journeys, Waterloo Watercolor Group Fall 2010 Members’ Art Exhibit October 4 - 31 Reception, October 7, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. 7050 Village Center Drive Mon. - Fri. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Sun. 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Closed Saturday

The Foundation for Wellness Professionals presents New Solutions to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Learn about Fibromyalgia and the common symptoms of this condition 6 - 7 p.m. People’s Pharmacy South Lamar

AIA Homes Tour 2010 October 2 - 3 Tickets $25 in advance, $30 the weekend of the event For more information, call 512.452.4332 or Wally Workman Gallery presents its 2nd solo show with artist Honora Jacob October 2 - 30 Opening reception Saturday, Oct. 2, 6 - 8 p.m. 1202 West 6th Street

c o m pi l e d + e di t e d b y k i r a t a n i g uc h i

austinwoman’s 8th Anniversary Event Featuring Luncheon w/Cover Women Linda Asaf, Barbara Chisholm, Elizabeth Christian + Wilhelmina Delco, moderated by July Maggio w/musical guest Sara Hickman, followed by Macy’s Fashion Show, Cocktails by Twin Liquors, Shopping Specials at the Domain and Happy Hour/Grand Prize Drawing The Westin at The Domain Evie Evan Grand Opening 10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. 504 N. Congress Ave |


The Jewish Community Center of Austin presents Fall Fusion Annual Fundraiser Community Celebration is from 7 - 9:30 p.m. Dell Jewish Community Campus located at 7300 Hart Lane To register for Fall Fusion visit or call 512.735.802


Facelogic Spa Day of Pampering and Giving 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Complimentary 1-hour facials for women currently in treatment for breast cancer (or in recovery) in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Appt. required: call 918.3223


Adrenalin & Stress - Overcoming Stress Damage 11:30 a.m. - 1:00p.m. $30, includes lunch


American Legion Unit 447 presents Annual Flea Market and Yard Sale Fundraiser 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Round Rock American Legion Hall 1000 Georgetown Street

Submit events: 104  austinwoman o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0

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TICKETS ONLINE at AMOA.ORG/LADOLCEVITA or call 512.495.9224, ext. 223

Ricci Neer Managing Director 262.757.8277 Next Event: Wednesday, November 3, 2010 Time: 11am – 1:00pm Place: Westwood Country Club 3808 W. 35th Austin, TX 78703 Speaker: Maria Schnell Topic: Holistic Ways to Create & Facilitate Sustainable Organizational Change

Reflect, Reclaim, Re-Balance: A One-Day Self-Renewal Retreat

Nov. 5th | 9am-3pm | Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa

De-stress, refresh and rejuvenate in a nurturing, empowering and supportive environment. Learn to:

Experience the decadence of a night in “the sweet life” at the 21st Annual La Dolce Vita Food & Wine Festival. Savor bites from more than 50 of Austin’s most prestigious chefs. Sip fine wines and cocktails from Texas and around the world from Twin Liquors and local vineyards and spirit producers. Visit the Scotch and Cigar Lounge with your friends while enjoying majestic views of the Laguna Gloria grounds.

• Tap into the transformative power of self-care; nourish your body and spirit • Slow down, access your “wise self,” and live in the present moment • Enjoy soulful sharing, stillness and connection with like-minded women • Experience movement and creative expression in a beautiful, peaceful setting Join Renee Trudeau and special guests mind/body wellness diva Dr. Deb Kern and intuition expert Dianna Amorde. Perfect for women of all ages - especially those in transition!

Internationally recognized author, life balance expert, speaker and president of Career Strategists, Reneé Peterson Trudeau has been creating and facilitating lifechanging women’s events for more than 20 years. She appears regularly in national media.

Retreat package: $199. Gift certificates &

special discounted room & spa rates available. Register online today; space is limited! or 512.459.6700

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horoscope o c t o b e r 2 0 1 0 b y D e b o r a h C a r t e r


• Mar.21-apr.20 This month is intensely passionate, so if you’ve had a dry spell, know that it’s over. Passion can run both ways, though - dark and light - but the emotion represents an opportunity. Watch out for verbal or physical abuse. Still, an angel sits on your shoulder and good deeds in a past life protect you with this one. Don’t do the typical Aries thing and fight - walk away instead. Try tolerance and empathy. Relationship events erupt from the depths, bringing Karmic shock and awe, so you may be caught off guard and unprepared. With fast-talking and solid, positive energy, you can rise above.

Everyone needs a little help right now. Trust me. That’s why a few guidelines for getting through the next 12 months is helpful. 1. Tell people. You’re in transformation mode and they should know it. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It’ll take several months or even more than a year, so don’t rush. Keep breathing and tell yourself you’ll be fine. Relax. Get out of the habit of worrying. 2. Focus on the good. Remind yourself that you’re in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Don’t overdo the resistance thing. 3. Write. Sit down and write about your process. Let it transpire organically. 4. Break old habits. Everyone has out-of-date habits. Remove as many as you can that are no longer in your best interest. 5. Be nice to yourself.

Cancer • June.21-July.22 Cancers love their homes and relationships and can be a little passive-aggressive, but not this month. Your home and relationships are on dangerous ground, because you can’t hold your tongue. You feel an overwhelming urge to speak out about what is irritating you in your partner, and the fallout could be uncomfortable. You also have a more than passing interest in romance and love affairs this month, so the combination could create an explosion in your partnership. If you value it and want to keep it, stay home and don’t say an unpleasant word for the rest of October.

Taurus • Apr.21-May.21 When the great painter Picasso found himself uninspired, he moved. He changed his love interest, his home, even his friends. New environments energized him and infused his work with renewed passion. This month could expose a crisis of faith, and you wouldn’t mind being an ex-pat: new friends, new dayto-day energy could re-energize you, too. You’re visualizing old hopes and dreams with a different slant. You need to feel a deeper intensity and passion in your relationships or a new one has you obsessed with what could be a different life direction. Go with it.

Leo • July.23-Aug.23 Check your tires and brakes, have your oil changed, or just get a new car. Obey all traffic lights, stay home during thunderstorms and take no chances while you drive. The same goes for your health. If you have been bothered by a nagging health issue, take care of it willingly. Don’t wait until you are forced into action. Make an appointment to see your family doctor and run every test known to man. Also, try to make your home a peace-loving sanctuary, a no-fight zone. Use this month to research your passionate nature in a positive way.

Gemini • May.22-June.20 Back to planning your next career move, but this time, you’re committed to having fun. This time, you see the necessity of combining resources, taking on investors, working with bank officers, instead of carrying it all alone. You’re part of a big family, all invested in you. Do your due diligence. Work out the details in black and white. Put it in writing and incorporate art, creativity, service and beauty into your business plan. Work tirelessly behind the scenes, so that when your lucky break comes (within a year) to develop your fan base, you’re ready to move.

Virgo • Aug.24-Sept.22 Love and marriage, kids and travel, work and play. A young family member surprises you with a special achievement and makes you proud. If you aren’t married, you might find that state changed by the end of this year. If you are married, your marriage or partnership moves into new, more profound waters this month. Take a trip. You’ll find that you’ll need it. Actually, October has you making more short trips than you planned, for work and pleasure. You focus on spending and budgeting, either because you need to spend more, or you need to cut back because you’re spending too much.

Libra • Sept.23-Oct.22 Happy Birthday Libra! The entire Zodiac is in a state of flux, but you’re changing more than most. You’re changing the way you look, your health is changing, and you’ve changed your home and the way you work. You can’t help but expand ... and that includes your waistline, so try to focus on changing and upgrading your health and exercise routine. This should be your month to put some effort into a healthy organic diet. This is also the month of financial extremes - you can make lots of money but also spend lots, too. As my art teacher said, “Three looks, two thinks, one spend.”

Capricorn • Dec.22-Jan.20 I’ll say it again: You’re the most passionate sign in the Zodiac right now. You’re making passionate career choices, and basing decisions on what you love, not what makes you the most income (unusual for a Capricorn). You have a surprise trip to take this month, to hang with a group of people you love and who make you feel passionate and alive. Creating new ways to do the same old thing in your career is the next item on your agenda, but the trip...? Go, even if it conflicts with work projects.

Scorpio • Oct.23-Nov.21

Aquarius • Jan.21-Feb.19 Work is calling you like an impatient lover. Your career is aggressive, insistent and demanding, forcing you to pay attention and change what you do and how you do it. You need to expand one more time before you take your show on the road. You can probably combine work and romance, and you should if you ever want to see your loved ones, because you’ll be working all through October. Learn a new technique, take a class, or tour the world with your ideas and your laptop. Be sure you work while you travel and blog about the beautiful aspects of what you do.

It is said, “Everyone has one good book in them.” This means that everyone has lived a life worth writing about, but most Scorpios have lived more than one life worth writing about. The problem is, you don’t really like to talk about your lives publicly. That’s okay. Fiction is just the truth with the names changed. You’re front and center in October – the star. You’ve energy to spare and share and you’re so charming it should be illegal. Now, get moving on your project, the one that you work on privately, the one that will take time to finish, like your memoirs.

Sagittarius • Nov. 22-Dec. 21 You’re everyone’s friend. Even when you move on from a love affair, you like to stay friends. This month, expect to move from friend to more, and it’s the kind of thing you both want to be kept a secret. Maybe it’s triggered by work, maybe there was an attraction, and that changed to something else. Please be careful not to let it get in the way of your job. Be selective about whom you confide in. Well-meaning friends talk to other well-meaning friends and soon a secret isn’t a secret any more. Be authentic, keep your private life private, and play nice.

Pisces • Feb.20-Mar.20 This is such a fun month! New friends, distant places, long trips, shared money and you are smack in the middle of all the attention. It’s not like you need to be noticed, but this month it can’t be helped. Bask in the limelight, embrace your new acquaintances and be the rock star you are - allow others to give you props, sing your praises and enjoy the ride. This is also the time for exciting foreign developments - exotic people, places and things attract you like pasta to Julia Roberts. “Learning with passion” is this months’ mantra. Next year, it’s work, work, work.

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Judy Maggio

a s t o l d t o J u l i e T e r e s h c h u k

this she believes:

A Mother’s Love

Longtime TV news anchor and Austin icon, Judy Maggio had a rollercoaster summer of change and loss. Not only did daughter Carly leave home for college overseas, but Maggio also faced the death of her mother in early August. In this remembrance, Maggio pays tribute to Caroline P. Maggio (1926-2010), a woman who shaped her life and beliefs from childhood on.


cried when my mother dropped me off for

her. She was the editor of her college news-

look how happy the rain is making the flow-

the first day of kindergarten. I blubbered

paper. My mother always took time to send

ers and trees.” She was always the optimist.

all day long. My teacher didn’t know what

personal thank you notes and write beautiful

From my mother, I learned to keep a song

to do with me. My crying continued through

letters. She showed me how to put your heart

in my heart no matter how many obstacles

the second, third and fourth days of school.

and soul into causes you care about. She

life throws at you. Even in her final weeks of

On the fifth day, she made me stand in the

was active in the civil rights movement, help-

life, she kept singing and remembered the

corner and said I couldn’t come out until I

ing the less fortunate, and volunteered at her

lyrics to every song she ever learned. The

learned how to be a big girl and stopped be-


day before she died, the nurses told me she

ing a cry-baby. I stood in the corner for a very long time. I couldn’t quit crying because I

My mother was my teacher, my role model and my hero.

woke up singing, You Are My Sunshine. I was given the amazing gift of spending

missed my mother. I didn’t understand why I

During the last five years of her life, the

the last hour of my mother’s life with her and

needed anyone else to teach me anything.

tables were turned. She moved from her

held her hand as she died. I always kept a

This was the 1960’s and my mom was a

home in Houston to Austin. I became my

book in her nightstand called The Language

homemaker. I never went to preschool.

mother’s caregiver. Despite the dementia

of a Mother’s Love. This is one of the pas-

that slowly robbed her of many memories,

sages I read to her shortly before she died:

Looking back on it, I think I was a pretty sharp five-year-old. My mother was an amaz-

she continued to be my teacher.

“I love you mother. You gave me life, a

ing teacher. She taught me to treat other

She taught me how to hold my head high

chance to grow up and be whatever I could

people with kindness and compassion. She

in the face of adversity. She showed me how

be. To me, there’s no one like you and I’m so

was a first class storyteller, a world class

to find joy in the simple things in life. One

thankful you are my mother. You passed on

sleeper and the best listener I’ve ever

time, I was driving her home from the doc-

to me your gentle spirit, your generosity, your


tor’s office. I was late for work and it started

passion for life and your love. And I don’t

She was also an incredible writer. I inher-

pouring down rain. I let out an angry sigh and

know of any greater gifts that anyone could

ited my love of writing and journalism from

she said, “Don’t be mad that it’s raining – just


Austin’s number one news anchor for 27 years and October 2003 AW cover woman, KEYE-TV’s Judy Maggio returns as moderator for austinwoman’s 8th Anniversary Event panel.


[fas hion +wed ding 02 .10

issu e]

austin woma n




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a call at


512-338-610 0. We’re always





stinw om

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Linda Asaf is a local fashion designer who has received accolades from all corners of the fashion universe. She believes in a balanced life.

dirty do gs

• sex sc andals • the

new ne w york • chocol atiers

ok e lo st w ta ne t h ea es gr fr me sa

Linda Asaf

February 2010 AW cover woman Linda Asaf was named Best Austin Bridal Designer by Austin Fashion Week in 2009 and the Best Austin Fashion Designer by Rare magazine three years in a row. Her designs are feminine and approachable and have sold at Neiman Marcus, and other high-end retailers. Asaf’s bright personality and love a s t o l d t o C h r i s t i n e C o x for her work shine through when you meet her.

this she believes: Be open-minded. I think this allows

have that unfailing support and love,

you to discover more in life, to see things

knowing that we can count on each other,

in a different light, to think differently, to

no matter what.

be a team player, which is so important. Nurture friends. Wow! What would I do Get to know people first versus judg-

without my dear friends? They are like

ing a book by its cover. My father taught

family to me and we would do anything for

me this and what pleasant acquaintances

each other. We can go for a stretch with-

I’ve made throughout my lifetime.

out talking (especially when on opposite ends of the earth) but when we catch up,

Treat everyone with kindness and dig-

it’s like it was just yesterday when we last

nity, no matter their circumstances or walk

spoke. Good friends are very hard to find,

of life. We are all entitled to this and a little

too. They are the ones who love you no

kindness goes a long way.

matter what your successes or failures or transgressions. They want the best for

Look at the whole picture. I’m more

you and they are not jealous.

impressed with how far someone has come in life versus how much they have materially.

Believe in God or the power of the universe. I grew up in Catholic schools until 11th grade. It has definitely shaped my

Inspire younger generations. The nice

outlook on life. I am more spiritual now

thing about aging is that you gain respect

and have been humbled from thinking

and the young ones look up to you for ad-

that I have control over my own destiny. I

vice and guidance. It takes so little to tell

learned to leave the bigger things up to a

them they will go far but means so much

higher power than me. It’s important,

to them. It gives them a sense of validity

comforting and liberating to release one’s

and inspiration to push forward. To be

self to what the universe has in store for

able to share one’s own life experiences,

you. We are grains of sand and there is

provide advice or words of wisdom, to

absolutely something bigger and benevo-

teach; these are gifts worth giving daily.

lent watching out for us.

Family first. My parents taught us this;

There’s a poet in all of us. I recently found

we should always stay devoted and care

this poem in a family box. I wrote it January

for, stick together and love each other. It’s

3rd, 1971 when I was nine years old:

important to be kind and supportive to

A New Year

one another, no matter. I lost half my family at a fairly young age. Thank heaven we had four kids in our family and I now have nieces and grand nephews. It’s nice to

Here's a clean year, A white year. Reach your hand and take it. You are the builder And no one else can

make it. See what it is That waits here Whole and new. It's not a year only, But a world for you!

Tips for Solopreneurs on Fashioning Balance in Your Life Be optimistic and persevere. Entrepreneurs are inherently optimistic but it takes perseverance to keep going. One of the most common traits of an entrepreneur is how stubborn they are. There are many inspirational stories like this including Steve Jobs, JK Rowling, Simon Cowell, Walt Disney, Milton Hershey and Thomas Edison. Edison is famous for saying that genius is “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Achieve balance. It’s tough to find balance as an entrepreneur, but after years of hard work, I realize how important it is. I have been making concerted efforts over the past couple of years to find more balance in my life ... to spend more time with family, friends and loved ones. If you don’t, life will pass you by. Balance is a key concept in just about everything in our world. Even in fashion design! Good design always has an element of balance to it, whether it’s color, shape, texture or even juxtapositions. Balance is crucial. Resources: 7-entrepreneurs-whoseperseverance-will-inspire-you MORE INFO Visit Asaf’s lovely cottage boutique at 1405 West 6th Street to receive a custom fitting or design consultation, or just to browse and say “hi.”

ENVY SALON & SPA • Full Service Salon • Complimentary Wine & Refreshments • Full Color/Highlights • Up-Dos & Bridal Styling • Packages & Gift Certificates Available

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PlaStiC SuRGeRy Skin CaRe

L ea r n to th i nk .


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Create your own bright future in business. Visit or call 512-448-8600 to learn about our MBA, MS in Project Management, MS in Computer Information Systems, Master of Accounting, MS in Organizational Leadership and Ethics, and MA in Human Services.

V erbena floral design

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B e a u t i f u l b o u q u e t s , C a p t i va t i n g a r r a n g e m e n t s , Pa s s i o n f o r f l ow e r s

Between bot tles,

Ethan earned

an MBA.

I was concerned about time away from my family, but the evening classes worked well for me. Collaboration with my classmates is so much of the learning. Within my study group, it’s like having tutors who are all experts in their respective fields. THE BAYLOR PROGRAM FITS WITH ETHAN JONES OWNER, ELIOT J CONSTRUCTION, LLC

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The Baylor Executive MBA program in Austin meets Monday and Thursday evenings. The 21-month program begins in August.

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Barbara Chisholm,

this she believes:

An award-winning actor + ZACH Theatre a s t o l d t o T e r r i S c h e x n a y d e r favorite, exudes joy on stage and off.


believe in joy and the value and meaning

what she encounters. Your kids and your

me. Obligations are a blessing, not a burden.

of living a joyful life. Not a happy life, but a

partner don’t always make you happy – that

But if you think they’re a burden, they’re easy

joyful one.

would be insane to think they could – they

to be rid of – just let friendships wither on the

Joy is a way to live life; it’s a choice and a

can make you crazy! You can feel real anger

vine or just go through the motion of punch-

consciousness and, therefore, is not change-

and frustration and not feel at all happy with

ing in and out of work, for example. POOF!

able – you can maintain it and even enhance

them in a moment, but this has nothing to do

Obligations all gone! Now, how do you feel?

it through those real, tragic situations, as well

with your joy in them.

Don’t misunderstand me. Joy is not frivo-

as the good ones. Happiness, on the other

Joy can be cultivated. Some people are,

lous. Joy will not solve the world’s problems,

hand, is an emotion and emotions are by na-

of course, predisposed to be joyful, just as

but being joyful can make one more inclined

ture mercurial. They can change from one

some are predisposed to have dance abili-

to do something about them. Getting pissed

moment to the next. If you set out to be hap-

ties. But a born dancer will amount to nothing

about issues so we will act on the injustices

py all the time, you will be living a very shal-

if they don’t work on those skills. Look for joy;

we see with a clear eye is integral to joy.

low life. And you will fail.

be appreciative about the people and the

There’s no joy to be found in ignoring people

things in your life.

around you or avoiding issues. People are

When people say, “I just want my kids to be happy,” I think what they really mean is

My joy is based on gratitude and appre-

hungry out there. Okay, let’s feed them! There

they want them to be joyful. When my daugh-

ciation for what I have. I think I am really lucky

is discrimination: speak up! Sure, there is

ter Rosalind exclaims, “I love my life!” we

to get up and go to work. Does that mean I

and should be anger about these things and

think, “Job well done.” She’s not always hap-

don’t want to stay in bed and sleep longer?

this is part of living a joyful life.

py, she knows disappointment, heartache,

No! But it does mean that I try to recognize

If this sounds contradictory, then I believe

loss, etc. But she understands joy and that is

that I am fortunate to have obligations. It

in the contradiction, the contagiousness and

the greatest gift we can give to her. It can

means I am in relationships with people and

the meaning of a joyful life.

sustain her throughout her life, no matter

connecting to something way bigger than

Connecting with Your Audience • Be present. That means committing to every performance. You never know who will be deeply affected, even transformed by what takes place on stage. It’s easy to be pumped and totally on when it’s opening night. That same energy and commitment is required for every performance. • Be empathetic; tuned in to people and things around you. The audience is a crucial element of a performance, so being aware of their experience creates intimacy and immediacy in a show. • Be grateful they are there. Really, really grateful. • I love when I have opportunities to make eye contact or speak directly to

the audience. I don’t need them to hold hands with me and sing “Kumbaya,” but it’s really great to be able to include the audience in a non-threatening way. • Thank them for sharing the evening with you. Karen Kuykendall was the master at this and I try very hard to follow her example. After a performance she was like the most gracious and generous hostess thanking her guests for coming. Audiences felt so personally appreciated. • Revel in your work. When a performer is clearly enjoying what they’re doing, even if it’s a tragedy, it’s clearly evident. And we, as an audience, share in that enjoyment. I don’t like to see a

performer appear like they are working really hard … that what they are doing is a chore. I like for a performance to appear to be spontaneous and effortless. • Be professional: show up on time, be prepared and work well with others. It will show on stage and the audience deserves that. • Connect with the material and then you can connect that to the audience. • Whether you’re on the stage or in the audience, take part in the communal experience. • Be joyful! You just got to do a show and people came to see it. How great is that?

MORE INFO ZACH Theatre 512.476.3810

th Plans

[d e C e m B e

Barbara Chisho lm Ac

r 2009


The exuberant Chisholm graced the cover of austinwoman in December 2009.



Leadin g Ladie S of au Stin’S thStage StarS : hoLiday eatre Sc SpiritS, ene giftS + gadgetS 6 wint er boot S unde r $200 the tru th abou t Santa


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Vol. VI


I, No.


20 09



stian th Chri Elizabe Bruce cTooUdpLde

oman ustinw





ion L Sect Specia ss


Lo Weight Fitness, lthy Living + Hea S + PLU

Cakes Exquisite stin d vs. Au Portlan Pt. 1 Series – h alt Men’s He

It was a groundbreaker for austinwoman in June 2009, when PR agency owner Elizabeth Christian graced the cover of the magazine shadowed by her husband, former Austin Mayor Bruce Todd.

9 June 200


Elizabeth Christian

b y E l i z a b e t h C h r i s t i a n

I Believe

Public Relations powerhouse Elizabeth Christian lets little get in her way. She wrote her “I Believe” essay while on vacation, heading across the North Sea to Iceland.


ith a last name like “Christian,”

mean checking my brain at the door of the

have yelled “Why?” at the God in whom I

it’s always been a tad hard to be

church – never questioning, probing, pon-

believe all too often.

discreet about my fundamental

dering the deepest questions and contra-

belief system. When austinwoman asked me to write this, I grappled with whether to expound on leadership or ethics or anything


The good news, for me, is that He answers. He never speaks exactly when I want

So what does being a Christian mean to me?

Him to, but, if I listen and watch, I’ll eventually be told what I need to know to get through.

less intimate than writing about the most im-

I believe in the triune God – Father, Son

Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians con-

portant underpinning to my life. Religious

and Holy Spirit. My faith gives me the oppor-

tains a verse to which I turn frequently; he

beliefs are not usually something one brings

tunity to have a steady, ongoing conversa-

reminds me that nothing happens in my life

up at a dinner party, much less in a widely

tion with the Father and Son and to feel the

that hasn’t happened to countless others,

distributed publication.

presence of the Holy Spirit around me all the

and he promises that God will give me the

Oh, well. Here goes.

time. Yes, all the time. It’s not something one

strength to get through. In other words, I

The older I get, the more I realize that the

often brings up in a secular environment, but

need to get over my bad self and just keep

best thing I can do in my life is to try to live up

I see it over and over – a sticky problem

putting one foot in front of the other; keep

to the name with which I was lucky enough to

arises or a difficult challenge surfaces, and if

praying; keep believing; this too shall pass.

be born.

I spend half a minute asking God to step in

Being a Christian, in my book, is not about

and help, things get better, clearer, cleaner.

As my friend Ted Wardlaw, president of the Austin Presbyterian Theological Semi-

walking around in a hair shirt or about judg-

Life is not easy, and Christianity does

nary, likes to say, a quick test of a Christian’s

ing people of different religions. It’s not about

not promise that it will be. Bad things hap-

faith is being able to say the Apostle’s Creed

feeling self-righteous or exhibiting the holier-

pen all the time, and bad things have defi-

without your fingers crossed behind your

than-thou attitude that can send people run-

nitely happened in my life. My faith does


ning when they see a Scripture-quoting fa-

not force me to accept tragedies without

natic coming. Nor does being a Christian

sorrow or anger – I have to admit that I

For this particular Christian, my fingers are definitely not crossed.

Public Relations: 2010 Style As president of a public relations firm, what I talk about all the time (as compared to the subject of my main column) is – wait for it – public relations! It’s not going to surprise you that I think PR is a critically important part of the marketing pie. Most companies with products or issues to sell utilize all three big slices of that pie: paid advertising, one-on-one sales and public relations. Each supports the other; each works best when the others are firing on all cylinders.

So what goes into the best PR campaigns? Each client we have is different, but there are a few major building blocks that have to be part of a solid outreach effort. Message development.

You have to know how to talk about your product , issue or ser vice in a way that is compelling to the listener.

Audience assessment.

Who needs to hear the message you’ve so carefully crafted?

Research, research, research.

It’s vital that we know everything about a client, and that we know everything about the competition. This means using all techniques available and appropriate to the client’s budget – from thorough Internet searches to complex polling and focus groups.

Finally, creation and execution of a plan that starts with the goal and works backward. To hit heads of steam when they’re most needed, you cannot plan from today forward – you have to plan in reverse. Begin with figuring out what you want to achieve and put action steps in place from that day backward.

Wilhelmina Delco

Wilhelmina Delco is known for her boundless energy and quick wit. Her remarkable public service has had considerable influence and changed education in Texas. Community leader, legislator, advocate, wife of 58 years, mother of four, grandmother of nine and now great grandmother of one, she cona s t o l d t o M a r i ly n M c C r a y tinues to make a difference.

I Believe in Making a Difference


y mother used to say, “Use the

something at the school, it was something

was a local responsibility. The only way that

gifts God gave you to improve

the school board said we couldn’t do. Some-

we would get more money for AISD was for

your community.” I believe we all

body from our community needed to be on

the state to appropriate more money. So I

have something to offer. We all have a re-

the school board. I set out to find out more

decided that I would run for the House of

sponsibility to contribute.

about the makeup of the school board. I was

Representatives and get that straightened

in the right place at the right time.

out. The term is two years. At the end of each

Most of my community involvement has revolved around children and education. I

I mounted my campaign for the board

session, I would say I am not going to do this

strongly believe in education for all. I’ve held

from the living room of my home with the slo-

anymore. I served 20 years in the House,

office in every organization with “education”

gan of “Better Communication, Better Repre-

served on over 20 committees and when I

in its name. I’m still passionate about educa-

sentation and Better Education.” I ran and

left, we still had not solved the question of

tion and children trigger me anytime. I be-

was elected to the Austin Independent

equitable funding for schools.

lieve that I have been very fortunate. After

School District Board of Trustees. It was in

After leaving the House, I served as chair

my children went to school, I had time to do

April of 1968, three days after the death of Dr.

of several national education committees

the things that I believed needed doing. So I

Martin Luther King, Jr. I believe that it was

and education organizations. I continued to

could become involved in the community. I

important for an African-American woman

serve on numerous committees, boards,

couldn’t be one of those people who sits in

with children in school to speak up. I have

civic and community organizations. Now at

the dark and says “why not?”

never had a problem speaking up because

81, I serve on the boards of only six different

so many people won’t.


I took an active role in the education of my children at Sims Elementary. I was presi-

After I served on the school board for six

I am very proud of the changes I’ve been

dent of the Sims Association (PTA) and a Girl

years, I was thinking of just coming back

able to make in my community. I encourage

Scout leader. What motivated me to run for

home. The Rodriguez decision had come

you to make a contribution to your commu-

school board is that between the two organi-

down from the federal government that said


zations, every time we wanted to do

the responsibility for funding public schools

TOP TIPS: Three Thoughts on Getting Involved Speak up, Volunteer When I go to a meeting, I’ll be sitting in the back. Then, I stand up and say, “Why won’t somebody do something?” That somebody is usually me. Oh, yes, you can, too.

Give, Because You Can Make a Difference Our communities and our government are only as good as we make them. If you can do one little thing, you don’t have any excuse not to try. I don’t think there is any job too small or any person so untalented that they can’t make an impact.

Take Responsibility We live in a democracy. Voting is a right. It’s the first step to really making a difference. It’s our country, it’s not their country. It’s our community, it’s not their community. And if we don’t speak up and make that difference, then we have nobody but ourselves to blame when things don’t work out.

One of Austin’s living legends, Wilhelmina Delco was on the cover of austinwoman in May 2009. KOREY HOWELL PHOTOGRAPHY

model photo




october 2010

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