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Robert C. Judkins was born in 1964 in Pensacola,Florida. His family moved extensively which allowed Judkins to experience a wide range of cultures and visit some rare and unique landscapes. It was while Judkins was living in Japan that he truly began to develop this personal artistic style. “When I began studying both Chinese Painting and Japanese wood block printing, I really began to understand design. I learned to see the space around objects, not just the objects themselves.” Judkins said. “Painting, for me, is an expression of what I see around me. Often my work is inspired from a feeling I get from seeing something”

In 1987, Judkins formally studied Art at Auburn University and continued to hone his skill after graduation. Judkins’ works have been on display at Columbus State University’s “Columbus Artist’s Guild Show” where he won the 2011 “Fred and Frances Ward Award” and the annual “Arts on the River” festival and the annual “Seafood Festival”. Judkins currently resides in Columbus, GA and a selection of his works can be seen at D’Allens Salon and Spa in Columbus and on line at:

Rob Judkins AWO  

Rob Judkins

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