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Melissa Rogers

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Kris, Kinky, Chinese characters, the Nobel Prize, and Spam… all in Austin, and all in the May/June issue of Austin Wide Open. Look for our partner publication, Austin All Natural, coming next month. A full-color glossy, bimonthly magazine covering holistic, complimentary, and mainstream health and fitness, along with environmental issues, nutrition, and cuttingedge technology, and it’s all Austin… naturally. This isn’t “I Learned the Twelve Healing Secrets of the Mayans on a UFO with Elvis” (although if that can be documented…). We’re talking drug-free treatment for ADD, cold laser dentistry, and, in June, a focus on something immediate and compelling… outrageously expensive gasoline, and what the alternatives are.

Michael Abedin

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sound check

KRIS... (and the news) a review by Michael Abedin

“This Old Road”


CD Cover:

few decades ago, this country was stuck in an unpopular war in a distant land, with a president who Photography by Mary Ellen Mark and Design by Katherine Delaney was spying on his own citizens and lying about it. Folk and rock music expressed the outrage and frustration that ended the war and the presidency, but country music, with the exception of Johnny Cash, stuck to Okie from Muskogee. Some things have changed, however. Ask Willie, Steve Earle… or Natalie Maines, whose apologies for Dub and his war led to death threats and radio boycotts. (The new Dixie Chicks CD has a scathing comeback by Maines called I’m Not Ready to Make Nice.)

How’d this happen, what went wrong? Don’t blame God, I swear to God I heard him say,

“Not in my name, not on my ground,

I want nothing but the ending of this war. No more killing, or it’s over, And the mystery won’t matter anymore.” “In the News” Kris Kristofferson 4

If you want to know what a songwriter and Rhodes scholar pushing seventy has to say about current events, pick up Kris Kristofferson’s new CD released back in March, called This Old Road. Kristofferson

the other. They became friends, and Cash, no stranger to controversy, got him on stage at the Newport Folk Festival. Hang on, because this gets cosmic… Newport was also where Bob Dylan, another of Cash’s buddies, scandalized the folk world in 1965 by plugging in an electric guitar. (If you saw Dylan in San Antonio in April, wearing a black cowboy hat and doing things to vowels that didn’t seem possible, you can appreciate the wisdom of that decision.) His opening act was none other than that ol’ Okie From Muskogee, Merle Haggard, who had some choice comments awhile back about John Ashcroft and civil liberties. No one, however, threatened The Hag or banned his songs. Meanwhile, back at the Kristofferson CD… this is vintage stuff, just Kris and his guitar with minimal accompaniment, and it’s some of his best work. The second cut, Pilgrim‘s Progress (from The Pilgrim, Chapter 33, on his second album) starts out, "Am I young enough, to

...this is vintage stuff, just Kris and his guitar with minimal accompaniment, and it’s some of his best work. got some of his biggest breaks after Johnny Cash listened to his songs, but what’s not widely known, according to an old Texas Monthly article by Gary Cartwright, is that Kris landed an oil company helicopter in Cash’s backyard with a beer in one hand and a bunch of tapes in

believe in revolution…" , and the answers obvious on Wild American, a roll call of untamed individuals like American Indian activist John Trudell, Steve Earle, and a few other people who’d better watch their backs… including Merle Haggard. In the News, quoted at the

=hgÆmcnlm`^mÍm''' `^mrhng`

This isn’t just a protest album, though. There’s a song or two about love (on more than one level), one piece that’s so vintage it’s from his seventies album Border Lord (Burden of Freedom), and some songs about music, musicians, and the road. Then there’s Chase the Feeling, which starts out with a whispered "One, two, three, four", followed by one of those dark, snaky bass lines that means troubles ahead. Kris blows his harp and boogies through lyrics that you suspect might be a touch autobiographical: "And you got loaded again. Ain’t you handsome when you’re high. Nothing matters…chase the feeling ’til you die." Kris Kristofferson ain’t dead. These are the songs of a man who seems mildly surprised and infinitely thankful that he went through what he did and came out on the other side happy because "there wasn’t nothing else to do", a man who’s at a stage in his life where he doesn’t have to suffer fools lightly, a man who did a grueling round of awards shows and appearances during SXSW with a genuine smile on his face. One of those appearances was at Hill’s Café for an affair honoring him, Freddy Powers, and Sonny Throckmorton, and he sang two songs. The first was Bobby McGee, and the second was To Beat the Devil, a song he wrote for Cash about a lonely singer who meets the devil in a Nashville bar, and may or may not have beat him. He drank the devil’s beer for nothing, though. Then he stole his song.

CD Cover: Photography by Mary Ellen Mark and Design by Katherine Delaney

beginning of this article, will raise hairs on your neck.

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KINKY Chronicles (Part Two)


everal times a year, the planet Mercury appears to move backwards in its orbit, and goes into a three week period of what astrologers call retrograde. Mercury is the guy with the winged sandals, the messenger of the gods that governs communications-especially those involving electronics. During this time, communications are, to put it in layman’s terms, screwed. If you’re scoffing, think back to March 3-25. How’d your cell phone, computer, etc., do? Any problems checking your email… hmm?

Singer, songwriter, author KINKY FRIEDMAN & friend. 6

story by Michael Abedin photos by Brian Kanof What, you might be wondering, does any of this have to do with Kinky Friedman’s ongoing march to the governorship of Texas? Several things, actually, but first it should be pointed out that Mercury goes retrograde two more times this year, so if you buy the premise but don’t want to know when it happens, hoping you can avoid it, then don’t read any further. IT’S JULY 5th THROUGH 29th, AND OCTOBER 29th THROUGH NOVEMBER 18th! (Sorry.) The Greeks called Mercury Hermes, and he pops up in Homeric epics right when things are looking pretty weird. (You’re living with a sorceress on the Isle of Calypso, and she’s just turned your crew into pigs, that sort of thing.) Problem is, there’s this hint that he might have instigated some these problems to begin with, which is a pretty good metaphor for the campaign of a guy who promises to make people look at things they’d rather not… like the fact that there’s a slaughterhouse southeast of Dallas sending horsemeat to Europe for human consumption, and they’re rounding up and killing some of the last of the wild American mustangs. That aside, for the moment, our March/April issue featured Kinky as our cover boy and there were a couple of itty-bitty errata (love that word) that could only be attributed to a backwards planet. First, the excellent photographs of the Kinkster failed to be credited to George Brainard, and the phone number for Kinky World Headquarters was incorrectly listed… (512) 326-5465 is the correct number. The wrong number turned out, fortunately, to be the number of a Kinky supporter who referred callers to Kinky World HQ. (He’s been sent an

autographed copy of the magazine, and Kinky’s blessings as a good American and a great Texan.) Follow Kinky around, and you see things like that all the time. On a Sunday afternoon in March, just before a benefit gig at Antone’s with Bruce Robison, the Flatlanders, and none other than Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Kinky is in (as he would say) a mild snit. Straight out of a power nap, someone in his campaign has suggested that he not put forth the Five Mexican Generals solution to illegal immigration when he does a live interview on Fox News that night. (Take five Mexican generals, give them each a section of the border and a million dollars in escrow. Every time an illegal gets through, that general loses five grand.) "I could do that twenty-five times on Fox News, and people would love it. Even Hispanics love it." The only way to get instant updates on Kinky’s thoughts is to listen to him answer his cell phone, which announces calls with a pleasant snatch of a Viennese waltz. Regarding Max Soffar, a man recently sentenced to death for a murder that Kinky’s convinced he didn’t commit, a man whose sentence Kinky would immediately commute as governor: "How many rich men have been executed in the state of Texas… or in the United States? I’ll tell you how many-- none!" Regarding a conversation with a lifelong Republican, who’s giving Kinky his vote: "This guy tells me that I’ve got to be willing and able to offend people, because that’s what Texas needs, someone who’s not afraid to offend people." Regarding the slaughterhouse thing: "The mayor of Kaufman, Texas called me and asked if there was anything I could do

about this, because it’s been going on for twenty-five years and even the people in the town don’t want it ." He quotes a line from a song quoted by his campaign PR guy, Jason Hardison, who has a nickname (better left unprinted) that has to do with certain anatomical parts of barnyard fowl: "Save a horse… ride a cowboy." The Antone’s gig goes smoothly; even Ramblin’ Jack stays pretty sober. Kinky and the last active member of the legendary Texas Jewboys, L’il Jewford, work the crowd like a pair of old vaudevillians, and Kinky steps outside to puff on a Havana when a tall, distinguished gentlemen wishes him luck. "What’d you say your name was?" Kinky asks, and the guy replies, "Clive Cussler." Kinky turns on a dime and does a cartoon double take, and pretty soon, he’s introducing the bestselling author and shipwreck hunter onstage. Cussler soaks it up, endorses Kinky, then it’s time to head for the Fox interview. Jewford drives down Congress, where a makeup girl is waiting to prep Kinky for his live interview while New York mayor Michael Bloomberg (or someone who looks a whole lot like him) explains that immigration’s a serious problem, because without immigrants, who’ll take care of the fairways on our golf courses? Incredibly, the woman from Fox leads with that by asking, "Do you play golf, Kinky?" He doesn’t miss a beat…"The only two good balls I ever hit were when I stepped on a garden rake." (No mention of Mexican generals.) Fox has a Dynasty cast reunion coming up: "Ever watch Dynasty, Kinky?" "If someone held a gun to my head." There’s a question about Barry Bonds and steroids, (definitely a compelling issue in a state governor’s race), and then Kinky makes her listen: "There’s a town called Kaufman, southeast of Dallas, where they’re slaughtering wild American mustangs…" On the way back to Antone’s, Jewford swings past the Governor’s Mansion on Lavaca. "There’s your new digs, Kinky. Just think, in a few months, there’ll be loud music, wild parties, naked people passed out on the lawn." Kinky chuckles. First, though, there’s the matter of 45,000 plus signatures to get on the ballot (or about a hundred thousand, for insurance). Next, there’s a few million to raise for TV ads, so that folks in the hinterlands can hear the message. Then there’s the general election in November… right square in the middle of Mercury in retrograde. Hermes should be very busy. At press time, polls by the Wall Street Journal and San Antonio Business Journal were showing incredible numbers for Kinky, Sen. John McCain promised him a fundraiser, and they’re still killing horses in Kaufman. If you want to follow Kinky’s campaign, learn more about "the issues", sign a petition, or buy something, go to or call (512) 326-5465.





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reel review


by Michael Abedin

f you wanted to find a cure for the world’s ills, then going to some of the most brilliant minds on the planet would be a pretty good start. Austin writer, actor, and juggler extraordinaire Turk Pipkin went all over the world to interview winners of the Nobel Prize, and Nobelity, the documentary he wrote and directed, started a nationwide run April 18 at the Paramount Theatre. Alfred Nobel was a Swedish scientist and industrialist whose father was an early pioneer in the oil business and international arms trade. Nobel is best known for two wildly polarized accomplishments… he invented dynamite in 1866, and in 1895, he devoted his entire estate to create an international prize for people who had contributed to world peace.


Historians still debate whether dynamite was intended as a weapon, and Nobel later said he wanted to create something so terrible that it would put an end to war… but he wasn’t exactly a naïve researcher who had no idea that putting nitroglycerine in paste form and sticking it in a tube could be used to blow up people instead of mine shafts. One of his old man’s big gigs was developing the first practical sea mines for the Czar of Russia, and little Alfred reportedly tagged along for the job. Ironically, one of the most powerful interviews in the film concerns land mines. There are nine interviews, each titled with a single word… words like persistence, peace, and knowledge. The first few, with academics like UT Austin physicist Steve Weinberg , discuss issues like quantum physics, pandemic disease, and global warming, and a rolling blackout that hit Austin the day before added a certain zing to a warning that dependence on fossil fuel promised "an unpleasant century". There was a slightly unsettling feeling, though, of something theoretical about solutions that are innovative, radical, and put forth in an office. Each of the men took politics and human nature into account and were by no means ivory-tower intellectuals, but there was still something missing, and it came from Jody Williams, the woman who founded the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Interviewed in the graveyard at Gettysburg, there was a fire in her eyes when she called

landmines "the perfect soldiers" that never eat, sleep, or need uniforms. Her work resulted. in a treaty to ban them, signed by almost everyone but the U.S. The first environmentalist to win the prize is a smiling black woman, Wangari Maathai, who taught women to plant trees to reforest her native Kenya, and it was a shock to learn on the film’s website that she had been beaten unconscious and jailed several times. Nuclear physicist Sir Alfred Rotblat, a contemporary of Einstein, had a message that was chilling in its simplicity, coming with the realization that our nation is run by those who would seriously consider nuking Iran. "As long as nuclear weapons exist, sooner or later they will be used." The film includes footage of buildings instantly reduced to ash by a nuclear blast that induced nightmares in a generation of children (and adults) nearly half a century ago, and haven’t lost their impact. Turk did this film for children… his own, and theirs to be born, and for a smile on the face of a small girl in India that he said was his most lasting impression. His final interview, with Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, leaves the impression that there just might be some hope for this planet, but the best line in the film had to be from Jody Williams: "There’s nothing magical about change. If someone wants to change the world, it takes getting up off your ass and caring enough to take the first step…"


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mar y







Cecilia Ling:

Chinese Character Harmony Asian Brush Calligraphy

Tao, Path, The Way Asian Brush Calligraphy Cecilia Ling has regular showings of her work in galleries and businesses throughout Austin. She is currently one of a hundred local artists whose work was chosen to appear in the People’s Gallery at City Hall, a selection of photos, paintings, sculpture, and installment art that opened in February. The exhibit will run for a year, and balloting by those who’ve visited will determine which single piece will be purchased by the city for permanent display. Visit eci_Ling to see her artwork and class schedule, or email



hina has a rich literary history of over seven thousand years, yet during that span of time, one art form has ranked even higher than painting… the art of calligraphy. "You can see an artist’s personality in their calligraphy-- their knowledge, literary level, and culture. Not all young people can do it," according to Cecilia Ling, and she should know. She started her study of calligraphy when she was six years old in Beijing, where she grew up. "Calligraphy is a discipline, and you have to train yourself with patience. In China, you hesitate to call yourself a calligrapher." Cecilia’s parents are both writers, and she says she has a poet’s heart, but her poetry is found in her calligraphy, her photography, and in the intricate Winter Leaves - Wood Block Impression simplicity of the tea ceremony. For a Guadalupe Mt., Tx 2002 day job, she owns a firm dealing with matters of international business, she has degrees from the Harvard School of Business and UT Austin. Oh yeah, and she cooks…and teaches Chinese cooking classes. Not a bad portfolio for someone who could barely speak English when she came to this country to stay in the late 1980’s, just before Tianamen Square. Chinese characters are graphic in nature, simple forms that represent deep meanings-- pictures that are not only worth a thousand words, they are words. The meaning of a character can also have intricate shades of nuance… the term for “crisis”, for instance, is represented by two Chinese characters: “crisis” and “opportunity”. Calligraphy, then, is a form of meditation, "one of the best forms of stress relief" as Cecilia puts it. "The brush is something that’s soft and flexible, but it’s said that it can weigh a thousand pounds, because when you pick it up, it requires you to be focused and in harmony. Some of China’s best calligraphers are monks, not because they have nothing to do, but because they understand harmony between the self and the mastery of an art form." There’s a standard form of calligraphy that’s used for print that‘s to be read, and forms that are considered artwork. "It can take twenty or thirty years to write the freehand or ‘swift’ style," Cecilia explains, "but there are still rules that you have to follow. Styles are named after masters, and once you’re very famous, you can do what you want. One master might have as many as five different styles." The term "freehand" is misleading, though. Before she does a piece of calligraphy, she thinks about it for several months, studies masterpieces in her "library" of calligraphy, and might practice it from fifty to a hundred (or even two hundred) times, on recycled paper. "Once you put down the

Truth Asian Brush Calligraphy


brush" she says. "it’s done. It’s not like oil painting, where you can paint over things. You have to think before you write." This explains why someone who asked her to do a character for a tattoo was surprised by the price, because it takes days of work to produce a single character. (Interestingly, a recent article in the New York Times Magazine pointed out that there’s a new market for the removal or alteration of tattoos of Chinese characters that, turns out, don’t really say what they were supposed to say.) You won’t have that problem with a character by Cecilia Ling, who also teaches calligraphy classes. She takes the first five minutes of each class to calm down, followed by exercises and massage for the elbow, wrist, hands, and fingers. Fifteen minutes is spent talking about culture, history, and masters, and each class ends with a tea break, where students taste different teas. "Tea and calligraphy are similar," she says, "because of their simplicity, and because you add water to both the ink and the tea to bring them alive." Cecilia brings the principles and integrity of calligraphy to her photography, framing each shot carefully with the same sense of balance and placement she uses for a character. By Chinese standards, photography is a relatively new art form, only a little over a hundred years old, and so many people have digital cameras now that they don’t understand the art form. "Don’t change the image," she says. "A photograph is not a painting, so you don’t have the right to change it." Her photos make people say, "I want to go there," or "I went there, but I didn’t get that picture." "That’s why some photographs sell for $35, and Ansel Adams’ sell for $47,000," she says. Cecilia has worked with people in 64 different countries, and her photos might be of Macchu Picchu, Big Bend, or the Forbidden City in Beijing-- a place that’s usually jammed with people, but which she found at a precise moment in time when it was virtually deserted. Each one them is framed in its four corners like a piece of calligraphy, and each one represents something important to Cecilia. "A feeling of quiet," she says, "and harmony-- things I had to learn to incorporate into my own life. I can make the truth look like a dream, or something I saw in a dream become truth… but I don’t twist the image."

CAPITAL LANDSCAPING Commercial/Residential

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Beautiful &

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residential & commercial Window Quartet - China, 2002

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THE ART OF HEALING • BODY • MIND • SPIRIT “Live, Life, Grow” Calligraphy by Cecilia Ling

What happens in the mind of man is always reflected in the disease of his body ...


- René Dubos

UPCOMING EVENTS TOUCH OF LIFE EVENTS May 15-19 Touch of Life Family Wellness Center celebrates Mother’s Day by offering any mom a free week of chiropractic care. May 18 (6:45 PM ) Free workshop/lecture "Peak Health & Athletic Performance", by Dr. Tim Stranahan @ Touch of Life Family Wellness Center. June 15 (7:30 PM) Free workshop/lecture "Pressure Point Therapy", by Dr. Tim Stranahan @ Peoples Pharmacy South as part of the Austin Wide Open/Austin All Natural Peoples Speaker Series. June 19-23 Touch of Life Family Wellness Center celebrates Father’s Day by offering any dad a free week of chiropractic care. For information: 458-9200 or SOUND ALCHEMY CLASSES May 20 (10 AM-5 PM) Sound Alchemy – A one day intensive teaching sound based meditation & healing methods ($120.00).

STRESSBUSTERS by Dr. Timothy Stranahan

We all share the stressful realities of living today, but what many of us don’t realize is just how much negative impact stress can have on our health and long-term well being. We get acclimated to both short and long-term levels of stress, and accept them as a normal byproduct of modern life, but recent studies by the National Institute for Health have shown that stress has a profoundly negative impact on our general health, immune function, mental health, and overall energy and vitality. There are seven common symptoms of stress that are all clear signals that things aren't normal: Headache Fatigue Sleep disorders Neck-shoulder-back pain or tension Irritability or mood swings Digestive problems Sinus conditions and allergies Some stress is inevitable, but the choices we make and the actions we take determine and define how much (or how little) negative effect it will have.

June 17 (10 AM to 5 PM) Sound Alchemy – A one day intensive teaching sound based meditation & healing methods ($120.00).

Stress Control:

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First, take a closer look at the things in your life that cause you stress. Sometimes it’s useful to seek some kind of objective


A Word to the Wise

support and assistance from a professional healthcare practitioner. Once you've identified these stressors and understand how they affect you, you can begin to imagine and create ways to change your environment and manage them. If there’s a problem that can be solved, set about taking control and solving it. There are alternative therapies that address these issues from a neurological or energetic approach. Chiropractic and acupuncture can both be very effective over time in reducing and eliminating the harmful effects of stress, and something as elegantly simple as better breathing can also have far-reaching effects on your health and wellness. Both Pilates and yoga can be very effective at re-educating the body with proper breathing, flexibility, and increased core strength. Often, taking even the most basic of actions towards change and improvement can create a major shift in how you respond to stress, but some chronic stressors can’t be changed. For those, support groups, relaxation, meditation, and exercise are all tools you can use to manage your stress. If nothing you do seems to work, seek a health professional committed to principles of true service, education, and effective natural health care that goes beyond the treatment of symptoms and

pain, encouraging optimum health and vitality. There's support in numbers, so as you're exploring ways to reduce your overall stress levels, be sure to include some activities that put you in touch with like-minded members of your community, and you’ll find we all have much in common in our pursuit of a better quality of life, health, and well being.

We all share the stressful realities of living today, but what many of us don’t realize is just how much negative impact stress can have on our health and long-term well being. Dr. Timothy Michael Stranahan is the founder of Touch of Life Family Wellness Center. His passion and commitment is to provide our community with extraordinary health and healing experiences based on the principles of true service, education, and effective natural health care. Dr. Tim’s approach goes well beyond the treatment of symptoms and pain, fully encouraging each person to cultivate and embrace their true potentials through optimum health and vitality. Log on to to receive a gift certificate for a complimentary exam and consultation with Dr. Tim. For more information call Touch of Life Family Wellness Center at (512) 458-9200.

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Back in March, Kathy Goodenbour Mursch and Austin Wide Open offered:

Dr. Veronica LaChapelle, ND, PhD(c), CHS, CN AUSTIN Lecture: Obesity & Chronic Illness Tuesday, May 16 7212 McNeil #206 512-335-7179 FREE Initial Office Visit for Attendees Lecture: Far Infrared Saunas, Health & Detox Thursday, June 22 7212 McNeil #206 512-335-7179 (Dr. LaChapelle & Kathryn Crafasi)

A FREE MONTH OF LIFE COACHING! and the winners are… In our March issue, we announced the opportunity for three Austinites to receive a free month of life coaching, and in return, they’d let us tell their stories in Austin Wide Open. This month we announce the three who were selected. In June, in the debut issue of AWO’s partner publication Austin All Natural, we’ll feature an in-depth article on the clients and the results of their coaching. Stay tuned for further details…

DYAN SANTO PAULO: Just moved to Austin after living in Costa Rica for over a year. She writes, "I’ve applied for at least 50 jobs that I’m qualified for, and yet have no interviews scheduled. I feel at this point in my life I still don’t know who I am or where I’m going. I feel old, uninspired, tired, confused and frustrated by the state of things to come." Dyan is also hoping to resolve some family issues. She states, "I’d like to write a book called My Life Wrapped in Plastic, RIPPED OFF!" PATTY LEE: "Guilt, shame, and frustration are the ‘feeling’ words that haunt me. And yet there is ‘nothing’ stopping me! No children, divorced over 15 years ago, financially sustained through my own efforts, and well-educated in intellectual and life-living endeavors. Blessed with total freedom and a desire to help and heal the planet, I stay buried, ostrich-like, in the sands of my own shoveling." KATHY SCANLON: 30-plus years of accounting and tax experience as a CPA and CFO for several Austin companies. Recently took a position as a financial planner, loves the work and sees herself doing it for the rest of her career. Having trouble adjusting to working solely on a commission basis rather than salary; also having problems getting clients, although once she has the appointment it’s easy.


Our Life Coach, Kathy Goodenbour Mursch: "I’m excited about working with these dynamic women. It feels to me that each of them is ready to make life-changing decisions."

Dr. LaChapelle is now seeing clients in Marble Falls on a monthly basis; she will be at Atkins’ Pharmacy on Thursday, May 4 & Friday, May 5 MEET Dr. LaChapelle at the Marble Falls Library @ 7:15 pm on Thursday evening. She will be discussing obesity and chronic illness and a natural weight program that is safe & effective.

A.R. Mauldin, D.C. Kimberly Mauldin Heinrich, D.C.

Specializing in Applied Kinesiology Full Spine Adjustment Nutritional Counseling

512-795-0707 4131 Spicewood Springs Rd. Building 0 • Suite 1

Over 60 Years Combined Experience.


Be sure to pick up the June issue of Austin All Natural to find how these three participants fared!

by Michael Abedin alking into Zen Zone is kind of like going into a small, friendly restaurant. Kelli Jordan and her mom, Glenda, greet you, seat you, hand you a menu, and make you feel at home in a relaxing plant-filled environment. My first time, I started with an ion detox footbath with a side of pure oxygen (aromatherapeutically scented with a touch of tangerine), and the dry hydrotherapy massage. Like a good reviewer, I came back for a second visit and tried the Jade Thermal Massage System. The JTMS bed combines Eastern medicine and Western technology using jade massage heads and far-infrared light. Kelli, a chiropractor and UT grad who opened Zen Zone last summer, explained that jade massage heads give a deep-tissue massage to the muscles and tendons around the spine, "relieving long-held tension" and increasing energy flow while working acupressure points along the spine. Jade, according to old Chinese texts, can heal stressed organs, detoxify, slow down aging, and strengthen the immune system, while helium bulbs under the jade caps produce penetrating heat and far-infrared rays that have the same frequency as natural sunlight. So far, so good. "If you like good, deep-tissue massage, you‘re going to love this," Kelli said, then she gave me a little look. "Some people do… some don’t." The opening chords of "Hotel California" drifted through my head, and I thought, this is going to hurt. Actually, it didn’t. The jade heads probed into calf muscles, legs, glutes and lower back like the firm, skilled fingers of a beautiful no-nonsense Swedish masseuse… then they hit the middle back, just behind the diaphragm. This is an area in which thirty-plus years of martial arts training, tournament competition, and the occasional sidekick have resulted in a somewhat unique relation-


ship between ribs and spine. The ribs moved, the diaphragm expanded, and the phrase "relieving long-held tension" took on new meaning. I won’t say it hurt, but I confessed to several crimes I didn’t commit and was ready to reveal all of our troop emplacements and undercover agents by the time the beads moved on. It got a little better each time, and I later heard from another not real well-padded guy like myself that he found it to be an acquired taste (like beer, hot sauce, or other of life’s pleasures), and is now a JTMS aficionado. Kelli said well-padded people really love it, and that I could pad the middle back next time. Then she put me back on the soothing, surf-like dry hydrotherapy bed, which is a good follow-up to the JTMS, and I felt loose, relaxed, and energized when I left. On my first visit, she said some people like to do the ion footbath as a couple (not in the same tub), and I remember thinking that the hydrotherapy bed would be a lot more fun. If I ever did the jade bed with a partner, though, I hope she has some black leather. You can drop into the Zen Zone anytime, no appointment needed, and you can even just chill in a chaise lounge, sip filtered water and visit while the traffic dies down on Lamar. 700 N. Lamar, across from the old KVET studio. (512) 542-9191

The Smile :) of Your

DREAMS Thanks to advancements in dentistry, there are now a variety of ways to help you have a dazzling new smile… and it may be easier than you think. Today's top treatment options include:

The Passionate Woman Presents: Classes, Events & Private Sessions to Allow the Passionate You Come Through in All Her Glory.

Break Through Your Barriers & Discover Your Greatness! Receive Assistance With:

Relationships • Career • Sexuality Family Issues • Health • Money Love • Entities ...and Any Other Place You Might Be Stuck or Desire More Expansiveness

Robin Heart Shepperd, D.C. 444-9777

Whitening - The most commonly prescribed cosmetic dental procedure, with a wide range of options and prices. Chairside (or "lunchtime") is done in the dental office in about an hour, with an immediate change in color that gets lighter as the day progresses. (Dentist-supervised treatments remain the recommended procedures by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.) .

Feng Shui Life Coaching

Bonding - A tooth- colored, enamel-like material is applied to the surface of chipped or cracked teeth, sculpted into shape, hardened, and polished for an ideal smile. The fees vary depending on the tooth and how much of the tooth needs to be bonded.

Implants – An ideal option for people in good general health who have lost a tooth or teeth to periodontal (gum) disease, injury, or other reasons. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge in place. Intimately connected with gum tissues and underlying bone, it prevents bone loss and gum recession that often accompanies bridgework and dentures. Under proper conditions, implants can last a lifetime, and look and feel so natural that you may forget you lost a tooth.

Veneers – As seen on "Extreme Makeover". Beautiful and very thin, custom-made porcelain coverings that bond directly to your teeth. A great option for closing gaps or disguising discolored teeth that don’t respond well to whitening procedures. Instant gratification makes them popular - you can have a gorgeous and perfect smile within a couple of weeks. Dr. Merrily Sandford in Lakeway practices mercury-free biological dentistry, using biocompatible materials for cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Merrily Sandford, DDS, PA. 2303 Ranch Rd. 620, Ste. #140, (512) 263-8284. •

Holographic Repatterning Distance Healing RECEIVE OUR FREE MONTHLY EMAIL NEWSLETTER: www.thehealing



The Reason For the Sneezin’ Season THE PEOPLES PHARMACY SOUTH SPEAKERS SERIES 3801 SOUTH LAMAR (North of Ben White Blvd.) BACK MEETING ROOM JUNE 8 Melissa Rogers of PATHWAYS UNLIMITED Using QXCI/SCIO Bio-feedback for optimal performance. JUNE 15 Timothy Stranahan, D.C. TOUCH OF LIFE FAMILY WELLNESS CENTER Pressure point Therapy. All programs are free, start at 7:30 PM on Thursdays, and include a Q & A session. Call Michael Abedin, (512) 363-2950 for information.

The Ayurvedic Approach to Allergies By Jim Davis, D.O. Do you cringe when you see flowers and trees start blooming in spring each year, knowing that you’ll soon be fighting allergies? Allergies now reportedly appear regularly in the top ten reasons for visits to doctors’ offices. In Austin, allergies are such a widespread concern that we see mold and pollen counts in the daily news along with the weather report. Ayurveda attributes seasonal allergies to imbalances in physiology caused by a reactive type of digestive toxin called amavisha. Ama, the simpler initial form of digestive impurities, is created because of imperfect digestion. If the accumulation of ama in the digestive tract isn’t corrected, the ama eventually travels to different organs or tissues in the body, and over time gets transformed into the more reactive amavisha. Allergens such as dust or pollen interact with the amavisha, creating an allergic reaction. It’s the reactive nature of amavisha that causes allergic reactions, because wherever they interact and interfere, these toxins make it hard for cells to function properly in that part of the body. It's important to understand that it's not the allergens themselves that are causing the allergic reaction. Many other people breathe the same pollen, the same ragweed, and they have no reaction whatsoever. It's the presence of amavisha in the physiology that makes the allergens create such a reaction.

Strengthening the Body’s Defense Systems So what can you do to help the body combat allergens? It’s important to understand that you have to strengthen the body’s defense systems to effectively combat allergies. Appeasing symptoms provides only temporary relief. The long-term solution is to delve into the root cause of allergies and build up the body’s immune system to effectively withstand allergens.

Lifestyle Tips

SPICE WISE! Spice your food with this powerful allergy-fighting spice mixture. 3 parts Turmeric (Anti-allergic) 6 parts Fennel (Cooling, neutralizing) 6 parts Coriander (Cellular detoxification 1 part Black Pepper (Cleanses channels, increases bioavailabilty of nutrients) 1 part Ginger (Anti-ama, cleanses channels)

Blend together in bulk and store in a jar. Place small amount of ghee in a frying pan on medium heat. Add one teaspoon of mixture per serving of vegetables, sauté until aroma is released, being careful not to burn spices. Add steamed vegetables, mix lightly and sauté together for one minute. Salt and pepper to taste. You can also sauté the spices in ghee and drizzle on cooked vegetables and grains.


When you're sick, your doctor tells you to get lots of rest because rest helps boost a depressed immune system. During allergy season your immune system needs to be strong, so make sure that you’re getting enough sleep, preferably at optimal times. Going to bed late and getting up late increases allergy symptoms, as this schedule throws the body's natural rhythms out of balance, causing clogged channels and taxing the immune system. Ideally, be in bed before 10 PM and up before 6 PM to support the body's natural tendency to cleanse and purify itself between 10 PM and 2 AM. You can build long-term health by following an appropriate diet and routine and taking herbs to maintain your immune system.

What About Diet? Following a Kapha pacifying diet (lighter and dryer foods) and favoring pungent, bitter and astringent tastes will help counteract sluggish digestion and congestion which often increases in the spring. Researchers have found that a diet that includes regular intake of spices with anti-allergy capabilities can reduce vulnerability to plant-induced allergies. These spices contain allergy-fighting chemicals that include flavonoids and phenols. Turmeric is rich in curcumin (a compound that is known to have anti-inflammatory properties) and can also help improve digestion and balance the flow of bile. Sage, red pepper, cumin, and coriander are also known allergy fighters. Sautéing ground turmeric, cumin and coriander in ghee (clarified butter) and using it to season vegetables is a way of incorporating some of these spices into your diet. (See allergyfighting diet to the left.) Jim Davis, D.O. is Director of the Maharishi Vedic Health Spa, 2404 Rio Grande. Call (512) 472-9595 or visit

A Medication-Free Approach to ADD: The Smarter Brain Lab If you had a weak calf muscle, you wouldn’t quit walking, according to Dr. Curtis Cripe of the Crossroads Institute for Learning. "If you have a weak muscle, you want to fix it, make it stronger, promote mastery." Cripe was an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in the 1970’s when he began developing the concept for what he calls the "brain lab". It won’t fix your calf muscle, but it has the potential to retrain the brain, using neurotherapy and other brain-enhancing techniques, which can be an important step in dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)-- without using medications that are now being shown to have serious side effects. "When I do the tests, 80% of the kids don’t have ADD," says Cripe. The Crossroads program first gets an assessment of auditory processing, gait and balance, and food and environmental allergies. If a child actually has one of the multiple subtypes of AD/HD identified by Cripe, a specific program is tailored that can take as little as twelve weeks. "I go by measurements, not by time. The engineer in me likes precision." The Crossroads Institute in Austin (see inside back cover) has a fully-equipped Brain Lab modeled after Dr. Cripes original lab in Phoenix, with other branches in Florida, Baltimore, and Beverly Hills. (512) 372-8877. Visit the extensive website at

MAXIMIZE NATURALLY Alternative Therapy at Its Best! Would you like to release:

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“I Hope So...” Call Today! reduce stress, aging, pain psychic, tarot, reiki master angel communication ghost removal, house blessings brain grid restructuring, EFT handwriting analysis

512-707-9886 author of Strength of the Spirit

Intuitive, Healer, Nutritional Consultant for over 20 Years

Beth Carpenter, N.D.

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Letters from Austin

by Austin Nichols



very once in a while a person who’s just too good to be true crosses your path, which is an interesting oxymoron… "too good to be true." We’re so conditioned to be skeptical, suspicious and untrusting that when someone’s truly good to us, we sometimes doubt the intention. Some may have ulterior motives, but usually in time we figure it out and have the option of moving on. 18

We’re talking about the person who’s genuinely happy and cheerful towards you, makes you feel welcomed and special, fixes your favorite foods, or brings you flowers because it’s a beautiful day… someone who thinks of your well-being as much as his or her own.

drives that motivation. Psychologists have their theories about the ego, but what it comes down to in part is that our ego wants to set up our behavior out in the world. Our personality is our signature that expresses thoughts, behavior and feelings.

It’s the Little Things Sometimes when a person like that enters your life it takes you aback, especially if the past connections in your life have been turbulent or chaotic. Why would it be difficult to believe that someone else sees our greatness, strengths, sense of humor, intelligence or attractiveness, to believe we deserve good, kind, and caring people in our life? Is it because we’re not being the best that we could, or being so selfish and in our own world that we don’t have time for a nice person? Is it a lack of self-esteem or the inability to connect, or do we sometimes feel obligated to the other person if they’re generous and giving to us? Do we allow the fear of being vulnerable and open stand in the way? If we meet a person who’s attracted to us for any reason, do we put up walls instead of just accepting their gifts with a simple thank you, or start to worry about how we’re going to re-pay (or even top) the gift they gave us? Do we start wondering what they might think of us if we let them get too close, or, worse, automatically wonder what they want? People seek acceptance and approval and like to be liked. That’s within all of us to some degree because our ego, our self,

What does this have to do with "the little things"? If you’re a natural giver, then it will be easy for you to do nice things for others, while takers, on the other hand, always expect things from others without reciprocity… or is it really that simple? Those who gives simply because they crave attention really can be like wolves in sheep's clothing, becoming takers instead of givers if their sole focus is on themselves. An emotionally healthy person can learn to let relationships ebb and flow like the tide. Willing to be vulnerable, open and loving, a healthy person can risk rejection or disillusionment in order to give and receive kindness, warmth, and understanding. Accepting the idea that you’re loved, admired and respected doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of yourself. Look for, appreciate, and acknowledge the little things in your life that others do.. how they light up when they see you, bring you coffee in the morning, or call to tell you they are thinking about you. Be grateful for each moment you can share something small with someone, something that might turn out to make your day. Allow your ego to rest for a second and take in the magnificent gift of human kindness.

Make Your House

R CK story by Michael Abedin

In the mood to redecorate, or have a room where nobody wants to spend any time? A new trend in home decorating is adding elements of nature, but we’re not talking about flowers or pieces of driftwood. Decorators and designers are using principles of feng shui and crystal and mineral energy, recognizing that stones, especially if they’re properly placed in the home, can enhance the energy and "feeling" of the space.

As Karen Richards of Nature’s Treasures puts it, "We share elements and compounds with the mineral kingdom. Every cell in our body is built of silica, which carries the same energetic frequencies as a quartz crystal." The vibration of those frequencies, or the vibration of any atom, is drawn to similar vibrations, and she paraphrases a law of physics. "A system that comes into contact with a strong field of vibration changes its own vibration to resonate with it. Simply put, crystals and gemstones respond to the electricity and vibrations that are coursing through our bodies, and can help to harmonize, balance, and stimulate our energy." Add light to the equation, and you up the ante. Decorating with lights from natural stones can provide not only an aesthetically appealing appearance, but also a calming, healing energy. Salt lamps can help make your home allergy-free and eliminate odors, and have the natural capability of changing the overly-produced positive electrons from your computer, TV and fluorescent lighting to much needed negative electrons, virtually clearing the electromagnetic "smog" around you. See the June debut issue of our partner publication, Austin All Natural, for Karen’s suggestions for specific stones to enhance the energy of a space. "It looks good," she says, "it can’t hurt, and you don’t have to believe to make it work." Nature’s Treasures, three locations in Austin and Georgetown. See ad this page.

IDEAS INCLUDE ADDING MINERALS AND/OR FOSSILS TO: How can a rock enhance your home? Other than their color, size, and shape, which, like any work of art, can bring a room together, stones and crystals have an energetic effect. This isn’t just some New Age concept… quartz crystals are an integral part of electronics, and the scientific term for the energy generated by crystals is piezoelectricity (pie-ee-zo-electricity). Quartz is silicon dioxide, and, with the exception of oxygen, silicon is the most common element in nature.

1) Tile floors & walkways. 2) Kitchen walls, countertops & bathrooms (adding shells & fossil fish). 3) Fireplaces & mantels. 4) Fountains & fish tanks. 5) Bedroom, adding stones like celestite to help relax & enjoy deep sleep. (Kick up your sex life by adding some red jasper for his libido & chrysocolla for hers!). 6) Night light of a selected mineral in a child or baby’s bedroom. 7) An outdoor sitting area with a fountain, rock garden, or stepping stones creates a place to enjoy nature and release stress, meditate, & visualize.

Enter a World of Nature’s Treasures 1100 E 5th Street 472-5015 2307 Kramer Lane 833-7760 Located Inside TOPS Warehouse

4300 S IH 35 Georgetown 512-864-7319

gems - minerals - fossils WE ROCK!


by Terry Courts

Woof! What’s For Dinner?

FEEDING your dog NATURALLY "Woof woof Grrrr Woof… woof" (Snicker Doodle, waiting patiently in front of his large silver food bowl.)

For those readers who don’t speak dog Snickers just asked (roughly translated) "What’s for dinner?" What happens next is that most good humans open the bright yellow bag of Whole Corn, Soybean Meal, Ground Whole Wheat, Beef & Bone Meal, Animal Fat, BHA/BHT, Corn Syrup, Wheat Mill Run/ Middlings, Water, Animal Digest, Salt, Potassium, Caramel Color, Sorbic Acid, Vitamins/Minerals (the ingredient list of a generic dog food) and reply “Dig in” 20

Unfortunately for man‘s best friend, pet foods available in grocery stores and large chains today are so highly processed and full of preservatives that their nutritional value is questionable at best (aside from the fact that "Animal Digest" sounds like a magazine, or like something really gross). If you believe ol’ Snickers is just a dog and it doesn’t matter what he eats, then read further. There are hundreds of different pet foods available in this country, and your dog deserves the best. While many of the foods on the market seem virtually the same, not all of the pet food manufacturing companies are using high quality and safe ingredients. Like human foods, pet foods are regulated under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and must be pure and wholesome and contain no harmful substances. They also must be truthfully labeled. Foods for or pet (or human) consumption, however, do not require full FDA approval before they are marketed if they’re made with ingredients that are "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS). The old saying, "You are what you eat" goes for your pets, too. The pet food industry now mirrors our human diets, and gives the consumer a better variety and choice. Dog and cat food have now been segmented into Generic, Economy, Premium, Super Premium (humangrade), Holistic, and Raw, and each grade gets closer to an animal’s natural carnivorous lifestyle. Although the purchase price doesn’t always determine whether pet food is good or bad, it can still be a good indicator of quality. It’s impossible for a company that sells a fortypound generic brand of dog food at $9.95 to use

quality protein and grain in its food, because the cost of the ingredients would be much higher than the selling price. Many generic dog foods will use soybean meal, wheat, corn glutens, cornmeal, and whole, crushed, or ground corn as fillers for their cheap protein content. Even more shocking is the fact that byproducts like the internal parts of animals (necks, heads, undeveloped eggs, feet, intestines, lungs, spleen and liver) may also be part of your pup’s dining experience. Although they’re used by many manufacturers, are these the ingredients you would knowingly feed your pet? Better food is also a better value because it takes less good quality food to feed your dog, so even at a higher price per bag, you’ll save several cents per feeding per dog. (You might also be saving on vet bills.) A good rule to remember is that all ingredients used in the pet food must be listed on the label in descending order of predominance by weight, so educate yourself and read your dog food label. The next time Snickers asks what’s for dinner, give him a silver bag of Turkey, Chicken, Chicken Meal, Ground Barley, Ground Brown Rice, Cottage Cheese, Tomatoes, Hemp Oil, Chicken Fat, Flaxseed, Whole Steamed Potatoes, Herring, Whole Raw Apples, Whole Raw Carrots, Alfalfa sprouts, Whole Eggs, Garlic, Dicalcium Phosphate, d-Alpha Tocopherol, Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate), Probiotics & Vitamins/ Minerals (the ingredient list of super premium dog food). Demand the best, learn more about super premium foods, and visit local specialty stores like Flipper’s Pets, Bark-n-Purr, and Gallery of Pets for the best choices.




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From the horse’s mouth…

how to enhance performance with

SCIO Biofeedback by Michael Abedin

A Melissa has used this technology on animals, including show horses. The owner of one horse was hesitant to talk too much about the results, and finally admitted he didn’t want other riders on his circuit learning about the technology. When he was assured of confidentiality, he said that since the first treatment over six months ago, the horse was picking up championships on a regular basis-- even in divisions with more experienced competition. "You can see it in the horse’s eyes," he said. 22

martial artist getting ready for a match makes sure he wears his lucky uniform… a baseball player puts on his shoes a certain way… a bull rider hitches his hat just right. These could be considered superstitions, but they could also be considered a legitimate way of enhancing performance, by putting the body on notice that it’s about to be asked to do something that it shouldn’t really be able to do. Every athlete knows what it’s like to go into that mysterious realm known as "The Zone", where the impossible becomes easy and effortless because the energies of the body, mind, and spirit are completely in synch. If you can get into that zone by going through those rituals, what could you accomplish if there was a way to program your cells electronically to operate at peak performance

levels? What if you could also tap into your own innate ability to heal, and speed up the recovery time for injuries, or get relief from some of those old ones? Biofeedback, using the body’s own energy mechanisms, is a wellestablished therapy that’s recognized by insurance companies, but there’s a whole new set of biofeedback software out there now that can identify electrical patterns in the body and can replace negative frequencies with healthy ones, on the subatomic level. Developed by quantum physicist Dr. Bill Nelson, the QXCI unit (called the SCIO in its latest version) measures millions of bits of information per second and gives back a detailed readout of what’s going on. It can also, however, feed back the correct frequency needed to correct the imbalance.

Athletes from widely varying backgrounds use the technology to speed the healing and rehabilitation of injured tissue, and to enhance performance in a safe and legal way, even while competing.

If you think of yourself as a musical instrument that gets out of tune from time to time, then the SCIO unit operates like a pitch pipe or a tuning fork, giving you the correct vibrational frequency until you’re able to produce it on your own again. Melissa Rogers of Austin’s Pathways Unlimited uses the SCIO unit for clients, and points out that this isn’t theoretical knowledge… it’s based on pure physics, the established laws of energy and electricity. "If thought becomes reality, then this is a tool to help you direct your thoughts and create a higher level of performance." Athletes from widely varying backgrounds use the technology to speed the healing and rehabilitation of injured tissue, and to enhance performance in a safe and legal way, even while competing. Rogers gives a few examples, including Daytona 500 winner Derrick Cope and World Champion All-Around Cowboy Broadus Gravette, a calf roper from Tyler who’s rehabilitating some injuries so he can get back in the saddle (literally) and compete again. There’s also a certain Austinite who’s blown away the French (and everyone else) in bicycle racing in seven consecutive runnings of the Tour de France… Lance Armstrong’s chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Spencer, uses SCIO technology, and there’s speculation that its performance-enhancing capabilities are what made officials test Lance for everything from drugs to blooddoping, to no avail. A session lasts about an hour or so, is painless and non-invasive, and involves having padded wires hooked to the head, ankles, and wrists. The wires are connected to a box housing the software, which is connected to a laptop that delivers a detailed readout of what’s going on and what can be done about it. After the first session, you don’t really even have to be hooked up the box anymore, with obvious implications for athletes working out or in competition. If testimonials and demonstrations are an indicator, success rates are high, and results are sometimes startlingly immediate-- a woman who attended a demo by Melissa at Peoples Pharmacy in March couldn’t raise her arm higher than shoulder level because of an old, chronic injury. After about fifteen minutes on the SCIO, her arm shot straight up in the air when she raised it… and her eyes flew wide open. She immediately asked about getting a unit and learning to use it, which Melissa says is a common response. (It’s available for purchase through Pathways Unlimited, and comes with a complete and thorough training and certification program.) In case there’s a question as to whether the whole thing might just the power of suggestion, Melissa has used the technology on animals, including show horses. The owner of one horse was hesitant to talk too much about the results, and finally admitted he didn’t want other riders on his circuit learning about the technology. When he was assured of confidentiality, he said that since the first treatment over six months ago, the horse was picking up championships on a regular basis-- even in divisions with more experienced competition. "You can see it in the horse’s eyes," he said. "There’s something different after a treatment." Kind of… in the Zone? "Yeah, that‘s it.. More present… in the Zone." If the idea seems far-fetched, consider the fact that European researchers recently joined living brain cells to silicon circuits to create "neuro-chips" that could be used to develop thought-directed prosthetic limbs and organic computers. You could also just take it from the horse’s mouth… or the cowboy’s. As Broadus puts it, "These things can tell you everything from a tick bite to your last surgery." Pathways Unlimited, 9070 Research Blvd. (corner of 183 and Burnet Rd.) (512) 608-3550, or (512) 374-9955. Melissa Rogers will demonstrate the performance-enhancing aspects of the SCIO unit Thursday, June 8, 7:30 PM, at People’s Pharmacy South (3801 South Lamar, just north of Ben White Blvd.) as part of the Austin Wide Open/Austin All Natural Speakers Series.

263-9696 3595 Ranch Road 620 South

QXCI/SCIO Bio-Feedback Experience the ultimate computer virus scan for the human body Using technology and frequencies to measure stress areas in the body. Therapies will assist in neutralizing and balancing destructive wave frequencies within the body to eliminate emotional blockages and promote optimum physical health. Providing a full body analysis of: nutritional deficiencies, hydration & oxygenation levels, as well as analysis of major body systems, locate toxins, fungi, virus, bacteria and parasites.

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t was born in Austin, Minnesota in 1937, helped win World War II, and came home to Austin, Texas in 1978. It’s pink, it’s juicy, and some folks like to eat it and some don’t. Bass Ale’s red triangle may be the world’s oldest trademark, but its blue and gold can may be the world’s most recognizable. It, of course, is SPAM, celebrated in one of Austin’s cherished annual rituals, the Spamarama, held this year in Waterloo Park on April Fool’s Day. Founded by coconspirators from Soap Creek Saloon and the Uranium Savages in ’78, towards the end of the glory days of true Austin weirdness, it was intended to be a spoof of chili cook offs. The first one, held at the venerable Scholz’s Garden, featured entries like Spama Coladas and Spam Cordon Bleu that, if memory serves, did absolutely nothing for a hangover. In one of those synchronistic moments that come when you venture into the land of the weird, something beckoned to Half Price Books on April Fool’s Eve, and there it was… SPAM: A BIOGRAPHY The Amazing True Story of America’s "Miracle Meat" by Carolyn Wyman, published in 1999. It yielded a good deal of information, including the story of how Rudy Hormel (who invented canned ham in 1927) came up with the idea as a way to use the trimmings from pork shoulders.


SPAMMAPS (the palindrome) story by Michael Abedin, Weirdness Editor

In a pig’s butt…

photos by Michael Abedin

There’s a lot of speculation that Spam is the next-to-final destination for things like pig snouts and tails, but in actual fact, pork shoulder is pretty good quality meat that’s just kind of difficult to cut from the bone. About 85% of Spam is pork shoulder, and the rest is ham, which actually does come from a pig’s butt. Part of the shoulder, however, is also called the "butt", which adds a whole new dimension to not knowing that part of your anatomy from your elbow. According to the book, pig hearts and tongues are allowed in lunch meats, but SPAM doesn’t have them. It doesn’t allow snouts, tails, and ears, and there’s no word on what happens to them. (There’s also no verification at press time of the rumor that they’re used in the manufacture of a stock of replacement heart valves for Dick Cheney.) Other bits of Spam lore documented by Wyman include the fact that some marital discord occurred when GI’s who ate the stuff three times a day came back from the Big War and were served SPAM by their wives, who considered it a treat since it had been so hard to obtain (documented by the author’s reminiscences of his parents); that it’s considered a delicacy and served in restaurants in Hawaii (also documented); and that Rudy’s heirs went a little off their nut spending their inheritances, and at least one of them became a vegetarian (never met ’em). The book also contains the script of a 1970 Monty Python skit about a restaurant that serves nothing but Spam, which supposedly was the inspiration for calling all that unwanted stuff that comes over your computer "spam", something inspired by a couple of lawyers, which brings up the point that the Hormel people were kind of suit-happy for awhile over all their free publicity, even tangling with the Spamarama folks (it was equitably settled)… which brings us back to the point of this article. Showmanship was the keynote of this year’s event, including "Lake Porkchatrain", an elaborately tasteless and hilarious display (with Budweiser martinis) whose entry consisted of a can of Spam imbedded in floatable Styrofoam as FEMA relief rations; a Spam IV hooked up to what appeared to be a real pig’s head; and "Duck! It’s Dick", a chance to shoot back at the Killer Veep.

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HEALTH NOTE: OBESITY WILL BE THE #1 CAUSE OF CHRONIC ILLNESS! Hear a free lecture from Veronica LaChapelle, ND, PhD(c), CHS, CN, on "How to Rebalance Your Body-- NATURALLY" and lose the extra pounds! Initial office visit FREE for those attending. This program is used in some medical clinics.Tuesday, May 16 @ 7:00 PM Health Matrix, 72112 McNeil Dr. # 204 (512) 335-7179.


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