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June 2007 Line-Up

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Asphalt Cowboy: Mark Johnson Getting to Know “Chopper Tracy” B.A.C.A. Gives You A Reason to Ride Caliente Harley-Davidson Dealership June 2007 Calendar Andrea Marie & the Magnolia Band Graham Reynolds: “Tick Tock Club” Mary Queen of the Universe: A Mosaic Film Guerilla News Vanishing Texas River Cruise The Naked Truth: The Legend of Hippie Hollow

Charlie Sexton Performing at Antone’s photo by C.J. Teare

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Asphalt Cowboy the re-M A R K -able

st or y b y Re ne e J udk ins co ve r pho t o by Te r ri Wi les

With brains, talent and an insatiable appetite for adventure, local singer/ songwriter and Spicewood resident, Mark Johnson lives an exciting multifaceted life. His diverse interests and quixotic nature blend together creating an artistic harmony that lives within his lyrics. ark Johnson has been a motorcycle fanatic all his life and as a teenager he could only dream of owning one. At the age of 19, his dream was realized when his ride became a Bridgestone Trail 90, and in his senior year of college, he replaced it with a Kawaski 500. After earning a degree in Math and Electrical Engineering, Mark began working for IBM. He was riding a ’76 Kawaski KZ750 at that point, until a friend talked him into visiting a Harley-Davidson Dealership. While during a short test-drive on a ’81 Roadster, he realized that there was no going back. He was hooked for life. His journey through the world of Harley-Davidson has taken him from Roadster to Low Rider, Flathead to Shovelhead, to his current Rat Bike and ’92 Heritage Softtail that is his around-town scooter.



Mark Johnson Pictured below is Mark’s Rat Bike, a 1947 74 cubic inch flat-head Harley on a hard tail frame. What he has added: - A Spam can for the air filter housing - A 6" fin on the back fender for the "Jaws" effect - "This vehicle is made of 100% pure shit" painted on the rear fender - "Hardley Dangerous" painted on the gas tanks - Lots of kids toys strapped on w/ bailing wire - Gumby is on the front forks - A lever from a tiller as the throttle rather than a twist grip

“I'll Never Let You Go” by Mark Johnson I never believe you - when you tell me you’re leaving You never could see it thru - your words have no meaning You’ll never be out on your own - with your lies and your scheming If you think you can go it alone - well, I’ll tell you you’re dreaming Chorus: I'll never let you go I breathe fire from your soul You’ll never sprout wings and fly So don’t even try - Yeah, don’t even try This beautiful moment is mine - it becomes our eternity My enchanting forgiveness, a sign - to our new sanctuary No need to look further for bliss - your eyes, no more tears to weep You’re safe in my sweet tenderness - the hour is here, go to sleep

ark’s second love is his music in which he has been involved with from an early age. After playing the violin for a year in the fourth grade he won a college scholarship for lessons, but after two years his family moved to Vermont where there was no classical music program. In the eighth grade he got his first guitar and through high school he played with different rock bands, usually at school dances. For the next ten years Mark didn’t do much musically until 1982, when living in Raleigh, North Carolina, he started a rock band with fellow IBMers. When they needed a drummer, he immediately bought a drum set and learned to play. They played together as a cover band until Mark’s move


to Texas in 1995. Shortly after his move, Mark began writing songs and has written at least 25. He plays at different locations around the Lake Travis area and regularly sings in local church choirs and has recently started playing drums in a Christian rock band that performs for the Bee Creek United Methodist Church located in the Spicewood. continued page 4 3

few days after September 11, 2001 Mark began working for the Southwest Research Institute in the Space Sciences Division located in San Antonio where he designs electronic components used in spacecraft for NASA.


Some of his research projects include: - Deep Impact: collided with the comet Tempe11, on July 4, 2005 and where his design is embedded. Mark states, "What I actually held in my hands is now soaring through outer space somewhere above us." - New Horizons: launched a year ago and headed for Pluto, Mark, working with a Professor from Stanford University, designed and built an instrument that will measure Pluto’s atmosphere. Mark comments, "It will be nine more years before it reaches Pluto."

Pictured is the “Lost Parrot Band” with Mark Johnson on drums, Frank Raymond playing bass and Cliff Bennett with harmonica. Also performing at the Lost Parrot Cabins on Lake Travis this night is Amanda Bennett, center. Amanda Bennett is 10 years old and has been taking guitar lessons for 2 1/2 years. She is a student of Chris Gebhard at the Austin School of Music. Last summer she took part in “Rock Camp Austin” which is sponsored by the Austin School of Music. She was the only girl rocker in her band and they performed at Antone’s. She plays a solid black Daisy, an electric guitar for girl rockers, that Cliff bought her for her 10th birthday. Her parents are Marshall and Hope Bennett of Austin.


- Orbital Express: a fancy gas station attendant for the Space Station. He designed most of the data telemetry electronics, it has yet to be launched. - Glast Burst Monitor: scheduled to launch later this summer, measures Gamma rays that will help scientists at NASA get a better understanding of the beginning of our universe. Mark designed the data collection electronics. - EVE: Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment, it will stare at the sun to measure ultraviolet light emissions. He worked collectively with scientists at the University of Colorado. - Kepler: will look at other solar systems to find planets similar to our own. A satellite orbiting earth gazing at a red dwarf star named Gliense recently discovered one such planet. - IBEX: Interstellar Boundary Explorer, scheduled to launch in about two years, will measure galactic wind, much like our own solar wind, is located farther out in our galaxy. Mark explains, "When our solar wind passes through earth’s magnetosphere, it creates the Aurora Bourealis." He designed the data collection electronics.

To contact Mark Johnson email: mj61954@gmail.com


Getting To Know

Chopper Tracy Tracy Bostick, known as "Chopper Tracy" rides an American Ironhorse chopper.

Bostick grew up riding dirt bikes and then progressed to Harley's, with her longest ride being from Naples, Florida to Milwaukee Wisconsin and back, for the Harley Davidson 100th year celebration. Tracy, originally from Dallas, has been in the antique business for 17 years. CHATEAU TRACY has three locations, in Austin, Round Rock and Wimberley. She moved to Austin 14 months ago and began her new venture earlier this year. When she met her husband Dave, who shares the same passion, they started a business selling cool biker stuff, she calls it her "biker boutique". SMILIN' DAVE'S SHADES & STYLIN' BABES caters to the motorcycle world selling sunglasses, hats, belts and belt buckles, jewelry, clothing, purses, and gift items. They go around they country setting up at bike rallies and at other festivals, hoping to expand to a store front in the next year, in the Austin area. Several other rallies take her out of state but look for her @ Lonestar Rally in Galveston Nov 1 - 4. Look them up online @ www.Smilindavesshades.com or, e-mail hotchoppercutie@hotmail.com 5


A Reason to

BACA members consist of business owners, police officers, doctors, lawyers, sales people, mechanics and many others that share one common goal... to love and protect children.

B.A.C.A. Breaking the Chains... HEALING THE WOUNDS to feel safe, and to be able to go B.A.C.A Austin Chapter dren on living as kids, without looking over Submitted by Zinger, Vice President he entire Austin area rumbled with thousands of motorcycles from across Texas and around the country as the Republic of Texas biker rally hit Austin the first of June. Each year, the community comes out to see the bikes and is typically in awe of the biker attitude and biker way of living. Motorcycles are freedom. You can feel the sense of raw power pulse through your veins when a loud bike goes by. It is a way of living. Many sayings exist – Ride to Live and If I Have to Explain, You Wouldn’t Understand. But, here with Austin and in 20 other communities across Texas, 29 states across the United States and Australia, you will hear another biker motto – "Ride for a Reason". This it the motto of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), a nonprofit 501c3 organization comprised of volunteers bikers whose mission is to help abused children feel safe. BACA is very involved in the local child safety and child abuse prevention systems within each community. BACA is as a body of bikers who empower chil6


their shoulder ever minute in fear after child abuse has occurred. You see, BACA typically gets involved when a police report has been filed about some form of child abuse. Parents and/or guardians are provided information on BACA from the Police Department and Centers for Child Protection – the agencies working front line in the child abuse system. If children are scared to go on with their every day lives, if a perpetrator is threatening the child (which often happens when the child is going to testify), the kids get scared, and for good reason.

So, what does BACA do? If a child, parent or system representative calls, we go. We put on our black leather vests which proudly display our well earned patch identifying us as BACA members and head to meet the needs of the kids involved. First we do what is called an initial interview with the child and guardian, explaining what we do and what we do not do. We learn more about the situation, the case, the kids and potential threats. We are not a vigilante group. We will not seek out a perpetrator. Amongst a host of things, we use our presence to shield children from harm, or even the thought of harm. Sometimes, just having a bunch of bikers around makes kids feel safe – I mean, who is going to mess with that kid when there are 10 big bikers standing around? No one in their right mind. While we use our talents to make kids feel safe, kids go on playing, they go to school, all of the normal things they may not do if they are looking over their shoulders. There have been times that kids have been threatened, the perpetrator will knock on the kids window in the middle of the night and tell them what will happen if they testify, show them a gun.

Many sayings exist –



Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) is a volunteer driven QRQSURÀWRUJDQL]DWLRQ whose mission is to create a safer environment for abused children. BACA is a body of bikers who work in conjunction with state and local child protection agencies to empower abused children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live.

Ride to Live,

Breaking the chains... healing the wounds. No child deserves to live in fear.

If I Have to Explain, You Wouldn’t Understand,

To learn more about BACA or locate a chapter in your area, call 877-719-2988 or go to

But, here with Austin and in 20 other communities across Texas, 29 states across the United States and Australia, you will hear another biker motto –


"Ride for a Reason". Remember, these are abusers who are not safe people to begin with. Kids naturally are scared to death, and rightfully so. In these cases, BACA members will set up ‘camp’ around the child’s residence. In collaboration with the local police department, BACA creates a shield for the child. BACA members will escort the child to school, to extracurricular activities – whatever is necessary to let that child (or children) go about their every day lives. BACA members will escort kids to court, empowering them to do what they can in the court room. Often, kids are petrified to testify in court. Imagine sitting in the witness stand when you are 12 years old and looking out at the perpetrator who threatened to kill you or your dog or your mom if you testified. Most kids would freeze up. I would. But, BACA members will fill up the court room so the child has familiar faces to look at instead of the perpetrator, giving them the courage and power to do what they have to do. BACA is a presence. We do not counsel, we do not interfere. But we do protect. We do what is best for the kids and whatever it is they want us to do to help them feel safe. We are all about the kids. No kid should ever live in fear! BACA stands ready to assure the safety of that child, whatever it takes!

www.bacausa.org • 877-719-2988


Designed by Mark Oppelt:


The New Caliente Harley-Davidson Dealership in San Antonio story by Renee Judkins photos courtesy of Thomas McConnell On 7.5 acres located off Loop 410 and Culebra Road in San Antonio, Texas, sits the new crème de la crème Caliente Harley-Davidson Dealership designed by Mark Oppelt, AIA of O’Neill Conrad Oppelt Architects, Inc. This masterpiece consist of a 40,000 square foot concrete tilt wall constructed building that includes fabric canopies, cut plate steel architectural shadow casters, a large recessed plaza that acts as a display space as well as a 8

gathering area for celebration activities. The 11,250 square foot showroom and 2,000 square foot parts area displays motorcycles and merchandise. There is also a full service department and a twostory warehouse in the rear of the building. A 1,000 square foot customer lounge has large format plasma screen television, Internet access carols, a seating area and pool table. Not only does this dealership offer sales and rentals it also offers a 60,000 exterior training area and a 900 square foot classroom for instructional purposes. Among its many luxuries there is an outdoor stage with a 2,400 square foot covered party plaza, a 15,000 square foot showroom with multiple large screen televisions. Caliente houses 22 service bays, an indoor Dyno

with closed circuit video feeding back to the customer lounge television, a water softener for bike washing, over 8,500 square foot of indoor bike storage, covered motorcycle parking for customers. And, for special convenience, there are eleven toilets, thirteen sinks, four drinking fountains, walkaround parts counter with built-in chrome consulting stations, a separate picnic area with outdoor grill, and a on-site rider's edge course, and all of this within walking distance to five restaurants and two hotels. Caliente Owners, Paige and Fred Bosshardt O’Neill Conrad Oppelt Architects, Inc. San Antonio, Texas 210-829-1737


Original Oil Paintings created from planetary alignment at the time of your birth.

“truly the most personal, meaningful gift to yourself or someone you love” FOR INFORMATION & APPOINTMENTS

Mickie Bellah l 512-694-5004 www.mickiebellahart.com

CAPITAL LANDSCAPING Commercial/Residential

Lillie Fellows Cell 512-626-6096 Home 512-266-8030


2 Bedroom Units for Sale

Prices & Information 361-343-1723 100 0 L a n t a n a Por t Aransas, Texas 78373 t h e d u n e s co n d o s . co m

photo by C.J. Teare








BIRTHDAY BASH at Luckenbach, Texas 412 Luckenbach Town Loop Fredericksburg, Texas


Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341


Llano, Texas


Ballet Under the Stars





Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons


Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341



Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341


Austin Symphonic Band Zilker Park


Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons


Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341





Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons


Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons


La Zona Rosa 612 West 4th & Rio Grande lazonarosa.com


Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons


Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341





Zilker Hillside



801 Red River • 480-8341

Continental Club 1315 S. Congress




Continental Club 1315 S. Congress

Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons


Continental Club 1315 S. Congress


Continental Club 1315 S. Congress

Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons



Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons


Continental Club 1315 S. Congress




Continental Club 1315 S. Congress


Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons


Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341


The Paramount Theatre June 22 & 23 • 472-5470


The Glenn at the Backyard 13101 Hwy 71 @ 620 thebackyard.net


Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons


Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341



The Backyard 13101 Hwy 71 @ 620 thebackyard.net

Pow-Wow • burnetchamber.org





MALIN Stubbs BBQ 29 28801 RedJESSE River • 480-8341

Continental Club 1315 S. Congress


Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons

Bandera, Texas

Continental Club 1315 S. Congress


Lake Travis Lakeway Commons

BOOMERS 30 Mulligan’s Sports Bar



Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341

HILL COUNTRY RAILFAIR and June Festival June 23-24 512-756-4297





Capitol City Comedy Club 8120 Research Blvd. • 467-2333


Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons


RISE AGAINST Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341

8120 Research Blvd. 467-2333

TOMMY CHONG 16 & SHELBY Capitol City Comedy Club


Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341

Combo w/Mitch Fatel Capitol City Comedy Club 8120 Research Blvd. • 467-2333


Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons



Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341


THE HOLD STEADY SAGE FRANCIS 8 603 Emos 9 Emos Red River • 477-EMOS 603 Red River • 477-EMOS

DYNAH BBQ 15 14801 Red RiverStubbs • 480-8341

San Marcos • Live Theater Brauntex Performing Arts Theater 830-627-0808



June 7, 8, 9 • texasskiranch.com


BUDDY GUY ZOOKEEPER CLAYPOOL 19801LES Stubbs BBQ 21ALEX ANCKMAN 22 Stubbs BBQ 20 801 Red River • 480-8341 Red River • 480-8341 Stubbs BBQ TEXAS HOLD’EM

Continental Club 1315 S. Congress



Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons


Continental Club 1315 S. Congress

Mulligan’s Sports Bar Lake Travis Lakeway Commons



Call Verna Eddy Experienced Realtor 512-496-1396

Continental Club 1315 S. Congress


Continental Club 1315 S. Congress



Stubbs BBQ 801 Red River • 480-8341


Continental Club 1315 S. Congress



Continental Club 1315 S. Congress


Boerne, Texas





MAGAZINE friday saturday

w/Russ Nagel Capitol City Comedy Club 8120 Research Blvd. • 467-2333






BBQ 12 11801 Red RiverStubbs • 480-8341

PARADE 3603 RedMICE Emos 4 River • 477-EMOS






JUNE 2007


Andrea Marie Campise has loved singing and performing since childhood. As a little girl she'd sing along with the radio, brush microphone in hand, and perform for her parents. Her dad worked in the construction trade, so she moved around a lot(including a few years on Nantucket Island) until her family settled down in Spicewood, Texas. Growing up, Andrea Marie sang in high school musicals and choir, studied piano and tuba, and listened to the radio every chance she could get. "My dad used to have Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson tapes in his truck -- I would play DJ, listen to them over, and over and sing along," she says.

“Performing is such a thrill.� - Andrea Marie and The Magnolia Band

fter graduating from Lake Travis High School, Andrea Marie attended UT for a while and then lived in Santa Monica and Denver. She took her first guitar lesson at Santa Monica College. "As soon as I knew how to play my first three chords, I was downloading tabs off the Internet and trying to learn how to play and sing at the same time," she recalls. In Denver she lived next to a restaurant/bar that did karaoke every night of the week. "I loved going and singing up on stage and I just couldn't seem to get enough of it. Doing karaoke gave me the courage to get up on stage and do what I do now." Eventually, Andrea Marie got homesick and moved back to Spicewood. Her singing career didn't get serious until 2002, when she started playing as a duo with guitarist and music teacher John Fink. "We started writing music and learning a lot of cover material, then playing anywhere and everywhere we could." After playing regularly at several Austin open mics and building a following, they eventually found a drummer and bass player and started the full band. Andrea Marie and the Magnolias now perform originals and covers 4-5 nights a week around Texas and are frequently booked for private functions. Andrea Marie graduated from Texas State University with a degree in communication studies and minor in mass communications -- she finds her



communications background helpful for promoting the band. Andrea Marie has a vocal style all her own. She cites Patsy Cline, James Taylor, Otis Redding, and the Beatles as early musical influences. When I moved back to Austin I really started getting into local bands like Kelly Willis, Reckless Kelly, Seth Walker, The Greencards, Rusty Weir, and so many others," she says. One of her biggest idols, Willie Nelson, lives and records just down the road from her home in Spicewood. She's a huge Dixie Chicks fan as well. What keeps her going? "I love making people happy and evoking memories with music, whether they be happy or sad," she says. "People relate music and lyrics to their own lives and personal experiences -- each time I get up on stage and sing an original tune or a cover, I do that for people." She says that people often thank her for doing a particular song because it reminded them of a past event in their life. But beyond that, there's the sheer joy of making music." I like making the audience happy, but singing and performing truly makes me happy and content -- I wouldn't be complete without it. Performing is such a thrill. Music is a tough career and industry -- I found that out very quickly -- but I will never give up on it!"

Gigs in June!

Andrea Marie has a vocal style all her own. She cites Patsy Cline, James Taylor, Otis Redding, and the Beatles as early musical influences.

Band Members: ANDREA MARIE Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals JOHN FINK Lead Guitar

JUNE 1 • 9:00 PM The Salty Dog Port Aransas, Texas JUNE 2 • 9:00 PM Alice Faye's Rockport, Texas JUNE 4 • 9:30 PM Andrea Marie Music Showcase @ Latitude Thirty Austin, Texas JUNE 6 • 7:30 PM Bike Night @ Aunt Tilly's Lakeway, Texas JUNE 7 • 7:00 PM Barton Springs Grill Houston, Texas JUNE 8 • 9:00 PM Time Out Sports Bar Aransas Pass, Texas JUNE 14 • 8:00 PM The Co-Op Bar Austin, Texas JUNE 15 • 9:00 PM Poodies Roadhouse Spicewood, Texas JUNE 16 • 9:00 PM Burnet Fair and Rodeo Burnet, Texas JUNE 17 • 7:00 PM The Pier (Formerly Shades) for Fathers Day Point Venture, Texas JUNE 22 • 9:00 PM Fat Moe's - Rogers Hotel - Downtown Waxahachie Waxahachie, Texas JUN 29 • 9:30 PM Aunt Tilly's Lakeway, Texas

“I loved going and singing up on stage and I just couldn't seem to get enough of it.”

photography by Edward Verosky


JEFF LYNN Bass & Harmony Vocals PRICE PORTER Petal Steel



Graham Reynolds

Winds Up for a Golden Arm Trio Release with "TICK TOCK CLUB"

by David Wyatt

rom film scores, symphonies, operas, and children's choirs - GRAHAM REYNOLDS tightens the gears and springs of his Golden Arm Trio for a new release seven years in the making. Following 1998's self titled debut, "Why the Sea is Salt" (2000), and last year's "A Scanner Darkly: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack," Reynolds readies for release the third Golden Arm Trio LP, "Tick-Tock Club." What new and long-standing Golden Arm Trio fans can expect is an album with a depth and richness built on the sum of Reynolds stunning resume of creative endeavors in the interim. Operating from his East Austin home and studio, this tireless composer/musician/bandleader has scored films (shorts to 'A Scanner Darkly'), written symphonies and operas, provided the soundtrack for silent films and dance productions, been commissioned to write for everything from solo tuba to children's choir, produced chamber performances (Golden Hornet Project), and crisscrossed the city and the nation - literally hauling a piano in his van. Beyond fine-tuning his performance abilities, his many adventures have informed his artistic vision - and it's all there in "Tick Tock Club."



Golden Arm Trio, is actually a loose collective of which Reynolds is the only permanent member - with some outstanding musicians as regularly featured additions. The band (formed a dozen years ago shortly after Graham's arrival in Austin) has toured throughout the United States and Europe and has previously released two critically acclaimed CDs, as well as the recent major motion picture soundtrack to Richard Linklater's "A Scanner Darkly." RollingStone.com has described the band as "an Austin, Texas-based power-jazz merger of John Zorn's Naked City and the 1970s radical-prog band Henry Cow." Reynolds is a composer, bandleader, pianist and drummer who works constantly in theater, dance, film, concert halls, and nightclubs. His compositions include four symphonies, two operas, a violin concerto, more than a dozen one movement string quartets and countless chamber music pieces. Film scores include five feature films, dozens of short films, animated shorts, and more than 20 silent films. Film collaborators have included Richard Linklater, Steve Collins and Luke Savisky. His performance highlights include a live appearance on NPR’s Talk of the Nation and a night at the Kennedy Center. He has also collaborated with theatre creatives, collaborating on everything from recorded incidental music to fully scored musicals with live accompaniment on more than a dozen productions. He has even ventured into the world of dance, working with choreographers Yakov Sharir, Ellen Bartel, and Andrea Ariel. With every hour, minute, and second occupied with these new musical experiences, one of Austin's hardest working musical minds concedes that his new CD could never have come out as it did until this moment. Reynolds reflects, "I think of this album as having three different style threads (band/performance, orchestral/chamber, sound design/abstract pieces) that criss cross several times throughout the CD and finally meet in the end. There are also several themes that are recontextualized in drastically different styles." All of these elements work together like a precision timepiece - and "Tick-Tock Club" will prove worth the wait.


Mary Queen of the Universe Collaborative Work by Kathi Herrin, Greta Olivas, Valerie Olivas, Sara Garcia, and Victoria Jasse Pelarski

This is the mosaic collaboration project that I entered for the Jesus Christ Superstar Production set decoration at Zachary Scott Theater for the summer of 2007. It will be installed with about forty other pieces created by local Austin artists. asked my wonderful mosaic artist friend, Dianne Sonnenberg, to do a workshop for us on the art of mosaics. She did the workshop for us at Zachary Scott Theater one week before deadline. She is an amazing mosaic artist and a great teacher. Anyway, after a couple of weeks of preparation and layout, I called my friend and artist Greta on a Friday night desperately asking for her help to complete the project over mother's day w/end. She came to the rescue and brought with her the very small mosaic beads that she placed around the image of Mary and that you see throughout the piece. She recruited her daughter, Valerie Olivas and roommate, Sara Garcia to polish the tiles as we grouted. My neighbor's young daughter, Victoria, also came over to help me place glass and stars on the piece on the request of her mother, Martha, who had stopped in to talk to me while I was working on it. The halo of stars around Mary's head placed by Victoria added a very nice touch. We made our deadline and delivered the piece on Monday. Greta took the digital image in my driveway in natural light just before we transported it to the theater in her daughter's truck. You can see the landscape and sky reflecting across the top of the piece due to all the glass. The piece will be on display throughout


the summer on set during the run of the production at the Kleburg stage located within the Zachary Scott Theater complex just off Toomey Lane at S. Lamar Blvd. in Austin. The piece measures 4ft x 4ft, 16 SF total. I have not done a mosaic before. I was inspired, drew a sketch of what I had in mind, i.e. the Blessed Mother, the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Planets. I just loved this project, very hard, long hours, but lots of fun to see it come to completion. I could not have done it without the team of people that showed up to push it over the goal line. Hank, Greta's husband, who gave her a ride to my house and checked in on the progress of the piece offering his support and I remember a HIGH FIVE from him once he saw some progress from the team effort. Brad, my husband, helped out offering this great painter's tape for us that he had on hand. He also brought out snacks and beverages to all of us to keep us going. Patrick, my neighbor, offered up a few questions and comments on the piece while his daughter Victoria walked around the piece placing glass here and there.

Art Works by Kathi Herrin www.artworksbykathiherrin.com katherrin@austin.rr.com 15

FILM GUERILLA NEWS by Rich Newman s the locally shot Fireflies in the Garden shifts into the final days of production, news of additional Friday Night Lights episodes being shot in Austin comes to fruition. NBC has requested scripts for six more installments of the series to be shot over the coming months. This, coupled with the city-driven incentives package for the program, promises to bring more FNL work to the area soon. Trouble struck the set of Kings of the Evening in Bartlett when disgruntled members of the local IATSE chapter decided to hold an impromptu picket on the set. After defending the film’s position as an independent production, director Andrew P. Jones managed to stave off the opposition. The film has since wrapped and is now in post-production. Also, the locally shot Theft of the Drag Queen’s Wig is finishing up with post-production and should be hitting the big screens soon. The highly anticipated Villa Muse Studios, scheduled to swing into action in 2008, has now released more details concerning the site. The 681-acre development will include 8 soundstages, a post-production facility, a recording studio, an amphitheatre, and multiple production offices. In addition to having the largest purpose-built stage in North America (50,000 sq. ft.), the unique facility will actually offer a residential area for those involved in the film community to actually live on site! It all spells more work for the local film community. Ready to kick off your own film? If you missed the June 1st deadline to get in on the $150k that the Texas Filmmakers Production Fund will be handing out this year, consider getting in on the 6th installment of the 48 Hour Film Project. All films will be shot over the weekend of June 22nd and then screened at the Regal Arbor Cinema on June 26 & 27. Sign up for the Reel Women sponsored event at www.48hourfilm.com. Suffering from post-SXSW-syndrome? Can’t get enough of those Richard Linklater panels? Never fear, two other great fests are now swinging into action. SXSW Click is now accepting your 10 min. or less short films until June 15th for their online media fest (visit www.sxswclick.com for more info). Also, the third installment of Fantastic Fest (www.fantasticfest.com) is revving up for this September. I spoke to FF organizer Tim League about this year’s offering and this is what he had to say: "2006 was an amazing growth year for us. In our second year, we established Fantastic Fest as the largest genre film festival in the United States. We have formed an official alliance with Fantasia in Montreal and Dead Channels in San Francisco (the North American Fantastic Film Alliance - www.fantasticalliance.org). Karrie (League) and I have been traveling extensively hunting for films, and we have already secured an amazing



spectrum of titles this year. For those who though last year was loads of fun, just wait until September, Fantastic Fest is going to blow you away!" In other news, (pictured) local animation pioneer Bob Sabiston (A Scanner Darkly, Waking Life) is finishing up on his newest project. I managed to get a quick Q&A in with Bob after SXSW:

AWO: Any new projects in the near future? BS: We're working on a 23 minute short right now called The Even More Fun Trip. It's a rotoscoped documentary featuring Ryan Power, who was also the subject of our 1999 short film Snack and Drink. I've got about 12 people working on it part-time. I'm also writing a Nintendo DS paint and animation program, which I hope to get published.

AWO: What do you think about the new wave of CG films hitting the big screen (300, Sin City 2)? BS: I really liked the look of 300 -it matched the comic book subject material and at the same time transcended it. Sin City didn't really appeal to me. It didn't get anywhere near the bold look of the comic. I wonder if Sin City 2 is going to be more of the same? They should make Sin City the way that they made that recent French film Renaissance -- that was real black and white!

AWO: Will there be any more rotoscoped feature films in the near future from you? BS: Well, The Even More Fun Trip is rotoscoped. It should be done later this year. As far as a feature film, we aren't working on one right now. Maybe once the short is done we will start working on a feature film.

AWO: What’s been your favorite film in the last six months? BS: Probably Children of Men, but really I haven't seen any great, ground-breaking movies lately. I liked Brick and Bubble a lot, but those were over 6 months ago. I did just read a great book called The Terror by Dan Simmons! It isn't groundbreaking either but it was definitely entertaining. Tune in to the next issue of Austin Wide Open for more interviews, information, and news about the Austin film scene. You can also catch me on my weekly blog at www.austinfilmguerilla.com or listen in to the Guerilla Film news spots on KOOP Radio (91.7 fm).

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Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Lake Marble Falls, Lake L.B.J., Inks Lake, Lake Buchanan an on-going series on the art, music, history, lifestyle and activities of the Highland Lakes

Vanishing Texas River Cruise: Vanishing Texas River Cruises • 16942 RR 2341 in Burnet • 512-756-6986

story & photo by Virginia Beck


ince 1982, Vanishing Texas River Cruise tour boats have traveled the Colorado River. Despite recent rainfall in the Hill Country, though, the river is still too low for touring. "It’s the fifth time since 1982 we’ve been kicked off the river," says Vanishing Texas tour guide Tim Mohan, pictured above. "The water’s so low now that you can see the silt line. So we stay on the lake instead and just try to make the tour as entertaining as we can for people." Mohan and the rest of the Vanishing Texas crew excel at doing just that. In fact, if the tour company didn’t make a point of telling potential customers that the cruise was required to take an alternate route because of drought conditions, there would be little way for any first-time visitor to know that Lake Buchanan was anything but the touring ground of choice. As Lake Buchanan drops to historic lows, stones marking the outlines of buildings that made up the old towns of Tow and Bluffton are being revealed for the first time in decades. To the uneducated eye, these are nothing more than squares of rock in desolate sand. The stories behind those rocks, however, go to the heart of what it means to be a Texan. A lot of bloody battles have been fought over the years for the right to claim ownership of the Colorado and the hills that surround it. Back in the 1700s, the Hill Country belonged to the fierce Lipan Apache, who had taken control of the territory just a few generations earlier. Eager to find the rich veins of silver and gold their scouts claimed to have seen there, the Spanish Conquistadores tried to settle the Texas hills. Despite the European’s superior strength, the Apaches easily fought off the invasion. In 1749, the balance of power shifted without warning. A group of Lipan Apaches showed up in Spanish San Antonio, begging safe haven from their former enemies. A new people had invaded the Hill Country whose horrific ferocity on and off the battlefield terrified even the tough Apache. This new people was the Comanche. 18

The Beating Heart of Texas

The Spaniards never had much of a chance to engage the Comanche. The Mexican War of Independence put a new government in charge of the Hill Country, and though the Mexican army had earned the country its freedom from Spain, it was nothing against the Comanche. By the 1820s, the first American settlers were moving into the region. The Mexican government encouraged the settlement, hoping that the American policy of Indian annihilation would quell the Comanche as well. This newest group of immigrants would become known as the Texians. The white settlers lived for nearly a decade without encountering the Comanche. In October of 1858, this period of peace gave way to immediate war. A party of Texas Rangers out on patrol found four members of the Jackson family horribly murdered and mutilated by a party of Comanche raiders, who had also taken the two youngest Jackson children captive. The Rangers tracked the Indians by sun and starlight, never leaving their saddles, before startling the Comanche in their camp and rescuing the Jackson children. From 1858 to 1874, when they came under concentrated U.S. attack, the Comanche raided the white settlements of the Hill Country. So hard did the early Texans fight to keep their land and families safe from the Indian marauders that for many Hill Country families, the Civil War came and went with hardly any notice. Vanishing Texas tour boats cruise past the remnants of old Bluffton and Tow, and visitors can see the outlines of the towns settled by those first Texans. Tour guides are able to identify a lot of those structures and even map out the towns. The hills surrounding the lake are pristine, and the silence is complete. It is easy to see what drew the first Texans to these hills, along with the people who came before them. The same rough beauty draws us today.

The Naked Truth: ...nude

The Legend of Hippie Hollow

swimming was an activity along the Colorado River up stream of Austin even before the Lower Colorado River Authority created Lake Travis in 1941. PROGRESSIVE SYMBOL OR A SIGN OF THE END OF THE WORLD? Depending on your point of view, Hippie Hollow symbolizes Austin's image as a laid-back, progressive city, or as Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado. "Nobody's ever been there (Hippie Hollow), but everybody seems to know where it is," said Roy Turley, parks program manager for Travis County, which has operated a park at Hippie Hollow since 1985 and estimates an annual attendance of about 153,000. Nor is its reputation strictly local, as Hippie Hollow regularly shows up on any list of favorite nude beaches around the world.

story by John Williams photo courtesy of L.C.R.A.

'OH MY GOD, HE'S NAKED!' According to Morton and other sources, nude swimming was an activity along the Colorado River upstream of Austin even before the Lower Colorado River Authority created Lake Travis in 1941 as a watersupply, flood-management and hydroelectric reservoir that is part of the Highland Lakes of Central Texas. The region was largely rural at the time, but the relative privacy at what would become Hippie Hollow made that site a favorite congregating place for practicing nudists, who were eventually joined by students from the nearby University of Texas at Austin who heard about the site by word of mouth.

YOU CALL THIS A BEACH? Nude it may be, but it's a stretch to call Hippie Hollow a beach. The 109-acre tract is a series of limestone ledges, surrounded by scrub cedar, that visitors must negotiate to get to the water. The surrounding cliffs shield the cove, providing near-total privacy to swim and sunbathe nude. Its fans describe Hippie Hollow as breathtakingly beautiful. "It's one of the reasons I moved to Austin," said Bob Morton, a Travis County resident and naturist who with his wife spent many weekends at the site as newlyweds in the 1970s planning their family — and planning to bring their children to Hippie Hollow.

Austin radio host John Aielli, a university student in the mid-1960s, remembers his first visit. After an arduous trek through the cedar, he and a fellow student entered a clearing where they encountered a man in his 40s who was sunning himself on a rock. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. Then the man stood up.

"My first thought was, 'Oh my God, he's naked!'" Aielli remembered. "I was scandalized." The two students quickly found a place where they could swim, keeping their shorts on. Aielli remembers the cove in those days as "bucolic. It was a great place because only a few people went there, and they kept to themselves. You could meditate, if you wanted to."

WOODSTOCK IMPACT Then came August 1969 and a four-day rock concert at Woodstock, N.Y. that attracted almost half a million young people. Woodstock instantly symbolized the lifestyle and hedonism of what many people called "hippies," as news coverage focused on such activities as male and female concertgoers playing, naked and unashamed, in a river on the concert grounds. Inspired by Woodstock, more and more young people swarmed to the quiet cove on Lake Travis to "take off their clothes and do the hippie thing," Aielli said. With attendance swelling to several hundred people on a summer weekend, the cove acquired a new name: "Hippie Hollow." Find out more about Hippie Hollow at: w w w. n o b o dy swa t e r p r o o f. c o m / h i p p i e hollow.html John Williams is a senior writer and an unofficial historian of the Lower Colorado River Authority. Contact him at asklcra@lcra.org. 19


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