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Stories complied and written by Renee Judkins Contributers: Nick Koster, Cliff Bennett, Nathan Alhades

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Laura A. Farrar

Holly Shipwash

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About the cover:

It’s a misty, dreamy day over Lake Travis as Laura Farrar, AWO Art Director, photographs Nathan Alhades, owner of Texas Shine Auto Detailing. Alhades experiences a surreal moment as he poses as part of our cover story about The Cigar Room.

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AWO Entertainment News

Austin Film Society Awards Banquet

Thomas Haden Church was the MC for the 10th Annual Austin Film Society Hall of Fame Banquet. The 2010 Honorees were Lukas Hass, Bruce McGill, Michael Nesmith, Quentin Tarantino became an honorary Texan, and Waiting for Guffman recieved the Star of Texas Award accepted by Catherine O’Hare.

True Grit in Granger, Texas

Central Texas is a favorite of filmmakers for creating old-time sets. Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon are slated to start filming the remake of the old John Wayne classic True Grit in Granger, Texas about 45 minutes northeast of Austin.

Fond Kiser put together the Swingin’ Johnson Band at the urging of the late Poodie Locke, Willie photo by:cliff bennett Nelson’s stage manager and owner of Poodie’s Hilltop The Old Settlers Music Festival is a bona-fide hoot! Roadhouse. Kiser hosted open mic there every Wednesday and It has evolved into a mini-Kerrville Folk Festival. The new cool- performed frequently.The members of the band are: Fond Kiserthing happening there is what people call “camp-fire hoppin.’” Lead vocals and guitars; Mark Johnson-percussion and background It’s like bar-hoppin’ except you take your instrument and vocals; Ray Fisher-Upright Bass; John Christian-Fiddle. Ray is go from camp-fire to camp-fire, jammin’ and meeting other a Bass player for the Austin Symphony Orchestra and the Texas musicians, or just being a listener. Concert performances held Orchestra. Mark has always been a rock-n-roll drummer. And in the early evening are followed by camp-fire hoppin’ that John brings a different sense of melody to our songs. They are continues through the remainder of the night. It’s a very worthy known as a Root-Rocking-Outlaw-Texas Alt-Country band with adventure! Be sure to make a point to attend next year’s festival! a side of jalapenos and a shot of whiskey.

Texas Hill Country lodging with a south-of-the-border pizzazz...

Nestled between Lake Austin and Lake Travis conveniently located right off Ranch Road 620, on Storm Drive, hidden in plain sight is Lost Parrot Cabins.

Escape the ordinary...

Paradise is found at Lost Parrot Cabins.

Tropical color and atmosphere fill your senses as though you actually step through time and space right into the spicy décor of an authentic Mexican resort. You’ll find gardens and rooms radiating with talavera tile and brilliant color reflecting Mexico’s rich exotic nature.

Lost Parrot Cabins is a collection of charming Mexican style bungalows with treetop decks outfitted with patio accents and hammocks. Treat yourself to a paradise offering a unique alternative to the ordinary featuring intimate surroundings and the relaxing comfort of tropical tranquility.

rich palette of color captured within the murals of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera rejuvenates your spirit and elevates your mood whether you’re looking for a festive gala or seeking the somber romance of a quiet evening. Cool water cascades over decorative stone steps that empty into the hillside pool surrounded by

The lush landscape is decorated with long rustic benches and carved motifs of native culture, Mexican lanterns hang overhead, tablecloths and cushions are embellished with Mexican and Mayan design. The


15116 Storm Drive, Austin, Texas, 78734 512-266-8916

A perfect destination unto itself or when attending concerts at the new Backyard. See more info at a wooden deck adorned with a kaleidoscope of umbrella covered lounges. Kick-back and listen to local live music on the private palapa stage and enjoy an evening of dancing under the stars. Spending quality time within the throws of the artistic Mayan, Caribbean and Mexican cultures may heighten the psyche, so don’t be surprised if you become inspired to own a small piece of it yourself. Lucky for you, Lost Parrot Cabins has recently opened a Mexican marketplace style store where you can purchase Latin American folk art and Guatamalen textiles. So even though you may feel like you’re far, far away, isolated on a Caribbean island, in reality you’re just minutes from the fun and excitement of all the things Lake Travis. It is located catty-corner from the Iguana Grill and minutes from downtown Austin. It’s open all year round and the perfect site for special events, girlfriend getaways and small weddings. Lost Parrot Cabins is pet friendly.

The Taste of Summer Aaahhhhh.... sitting on the deck at the Iguana Grill. Now this

is summer! The sun is bright, it’s warm and breezy and the view, well you couldn’t paint a more beautiful picture. It’s a great way to spend your lunch hour. The Iguana Grill has lunch and happy hour specials to get you through the week. Whether rain or shine you can enjoy eating outdoors, out on the large open deck or under spacious covered seating. The Iguana Grill has live music on weekend nights with popular artists such as Van Wilkes, Shelley King, Will Taylor and Strings Attached, Shake Russell, Candiland and many more. The Iguana Grill menu is stuffed full of Tex-Mex favorites including tacos, flautas, enchiladas, with a variety of steak and seafood dishes. There’s a brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday from 11-2.

Come out to Lake Travis and join in on the fun and good times at the Iguana Grill and enjoy the taste of summer. The Iguana Grill 2900 Ranch Road 620, Lake Travis, Texas (512) 266-8439

The Pursuit of

Pleasure, Taste & Aroma

a casual smoker or a cigar aficionado, The Cigar Room’s walk-in humidor features premium cigars humidified to perfection. A humidor is a room or box that holds a constant humidity and an ideal temperature used for storing cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobacco.

A cigar bar is an establishment that caters to patrons who smoke cigars. Interest in them came about in the 1990s when smoking bans were implemented and exceptions were made to establishments that cater to smokers.

When you spend money on powerful status symbols, the cigar being one, it shows that you can afford and enjoy the finer things in life. So when you enter through the doors of The Cigar Room, located at 1310 Ranch Road 620 South in Lakeway, and welcomed with extravagant ambiance and opulent appointed interiors, you know you’ve arrived.

Cigar connoisseurs around the world argue about which cigar brand is better and which country produces the best cigars. The Dominican Republic is one of the world’s greatest locations for growing premium cigar tobacco with its tropical climate and rich soil. Known as “Cigar Country”, the Dominican Republic is the largest producer of cigars in the entire world.

The Cigar Room is a premium cigar bar offering a luxurious lounge perfect for personal or business connections, special events or a private party. Whether

The Cigar Room owner and manager, Alejandro Torres took time experimenting with different tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and created his own brand of cigar, the Torres, right here in the heart of Texas. After opening a small tobacco shop in Austin, Texas, Torres along with Cuban and Mexican Master blenders created a



The aroma of a fine cigar is like a dream of luxury, complimenting a relaxed state of mind. In reality... it can mean the very same thing.

special blend with a Texas twist. Born in Texas with a Latin origin, Torres grew up in the culture and spent many moons in Little Havana, where he acquired a unique taste for quality tobacco. Join in a friendly game of Texas Hold ‘Em, roulette or poker while enjoying a good cigar and glass of premium wine. The Cigar Room offers an expansive collection of choice wines, pipe tobacco, pipes, cigar accessories, wine accessories, gift baskets and men’s skin care products. Hookahs are available for those seeking the adventure of a more sophisticated and exotic smoking experience. A hookah is a waterpipe used for smoking flavored and aromatic tobacco. The smoke is cooled and filtered by passing through water. In the Arab world people smoked hookahs as part of their culture and was once the province of the

“My boy! Smoking is one of the greatest and cheapest enjoyments in life, and if you decide in advance not to smoke, I can only feel sorry for you.” - Sigmund Freud Torres Cigar Pre-launch Party


wealthy. Smoking a hookah is considered “social smoking” and is done through one or more hoses during parties or small gettogethers. In the U.S. hookah lounges are growing in popularity and new hookah cafes are popping up everyday.

Joe Wood

The Cigar Room presents local live music on select nights. Joe Wood, an aspiring singer/songwriter and selftaught guitarist, has been performing most Saturday nights throughout the recent months.

Torres® is comprised of meticulously blended bold and deeply aged Dominican filler tobaccos in rich farmland widely considered by cigar makers as among the finest in Republica Dominicana for filler tobaccos. The Cuban seed Nicaraguan

fillers are sheathed in a sumptuous Dominican Corojo binder and skillfully enveloped in a stalk-cut, Ecuadorian Connecticut seed wrapper; exhibiting a well-balanced, fullbodied character bursting with a confluence of sweet and spicy flavors. Torres® offers exceptional value through its impeccable craftsmanship: the new brand is hecho a mano totalmente (completely crafted by hand) without aid of any mechanical devices and fashioned with a mounted, double cap at the head of each cigar. Torres® is available in five exquisite sizes: Churchill- 7x48, Torpedo- 6x52, Robusto5x50, Pyramid 7x52x36, and Hemingway5x52x46. Twenty (20) Torres® cigars are thoughtfully presented in unpretentiously elegant Spanish cedar boxes with a

dro Tor res

suggested retail price ranging from $8.95 to $12.95 per cigar, offering exceptional experience and affordability.

“Torres® is in a league of its own, it is the epitome of superior value,” stated Alejandro Torres, president of Torres Cigars. “From its rich tobaccos to its exacting craftsmanship and bold, complex flavor, this brand represents our vision of delivering satisfaction and value to even the most discriminating cigar enthusiasts.” Torres Cigars is a privately-held company headquartered in Lakeway, Texas with agricultural and production facilities in Republica Dominicana, Mexico and the United States. The company serves as the exclusive manufacture, importer and distributor of world-class, super-premium hand rolled cigar brand.

The Adventure of Living on Lake Travis It’s not a secret that people love being near water. There’s so much to do: swimming, kayaking, fishing, canoeing and sailing, and that’s just scratching the surface. It’s said that most people will either own or wish to own a home near water at some point in their lives. Just having a view of water from your home is considered a great achievement in life. There’s always a party going on at Carlos’N Charlies. Located at the end of Hiline Road at Emerald Point Marina, it’s the one place you know you can count on for ALL THE GREATS... great drinks, great view, great food, great service, great music and a great time! Come by land or by lake. Courtesy slips are available! Enjoy sizzling hot fajitas or many other local favorites from their full menu including seafood and Mexican dishes. Relax inside or outside with lots of bars, cold drinks, live music on the palapa stage and so much more. Mark your calendar now, so you don’t miss their Annual Independence Weekend Fireworks Show - Friday, July 2nd

It’s human nature to seek out bodies of water. Maps of the world show that the bulk of humanity live near water. Vacationing at the beach or finding solace fishing on a lake, well... it just seems to make us happier. Lake Travis certainly makes a lot of people who live around it very happy. It’s a lifestyle all its own. Over the past 25 years many of the modest weekend and fishing cottages have been transformed into permanent residences and new luxury homes spot the banks from Hudson Bend to the Pedernales River. More than 12,000 lucky individuals call Lake Travis home. Lake Travis is 63.75 miles long and covers 18,929 acres. The lake is considered full at an elevation of 681.1 msl.There are 270 miles of shoreline around the lake with an average depth of 62 feet. There is nothing more serene and beautiful than gazing out over Lake Travis on a warm and lazy, sunny summer day. Walter Judkins is one of the lucky ones having lived and worked in the Lake Travis area for more than 25 years. He has seen a lot of changes and been through a lot of changes throughout those years as he worked remodeling and building homes in the Lakeway and Lake Travis vicinity. In 2005, after spending time in Tikrit, Iraq working as a contractor in camp Forward Operation Base “Danger” as a construction superintendent, he decided to literally dive into the adventure of owning a marine construction business. And he continues to live everyday as an adventure. Living and doing business on the water is not a new experience for Walter. His past is drenched in a passion that has always taken him into the depths of water related activities and work. As a youth his first love took the form of a surfboard while island jumping from Hawaii to the shores of Okinawa to the beaches of California. As a young man he found himself working offshore in the tempestuous waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There he worked in hazardous conditions while scuba-diving doing underwater construction, and eventually becoming the captain of a 150 foot ship. Currently on Lake Travis Walter Judkins mans a 30 foot barge with the lifting capacity of over thirty-thousand pounds and he continues to add to his fleet of barges and roust-abouts. With this, Walter has built a large client base for the maintenance of trams, underwater pumps and docks. Walter Judkins leads his highly skilled crews to accomplish any demand of waterfront owners and provides the highest quality workmanship on Lake Travis. Call Walter at 512-964-2546.


Ciola’s Restaurant Buon appetito

Traditional Italian Cuisine

(have a good meal)

Food plays an important part of the culture and Ciola’s reputation for excellent food and wine has not heritage of Italy, making the Italians masters in the gone unrecognized. Ciola’s has been voted Austin’s art of cooking and eating. best Italian and steak, and has a Wine Spectator award winning wine list. Ciola’s Italian-American Restaurant, located at 1310 Hwy 620 South in the Lakeway Plaza, serves Another Ciola Restaurant is Tony C’s located next up delicious authentic Italian cuisine. Ciola’s has door to the Cinemark movie theater in the Hill more than 50 years of tradition working in their Country Galleria on Hwy 71.Tony C’s hearthstone favor and flavor. With honest Italian ties and with oven delivers a true New York style flavor. Fresh food playing an important part of Italian culture, ingredients and authentic pizza sauce makes it Ciola’s certainly brings a lot to the table. Ciola’s Austin’s original and only coal fired pizza.Tony C’s menu includes an abundance of mouth-watering was voted Austin’s top pizzeria on Austin tried and true recipes passed down from Dan and on Rob Balon’s PizzaWars. Ciola’s Grandmother, Frances Meloni Ciola of Abruzzi, Italy. You can bet there’s a bit of Italian tradition Tony C’s has the hottest happy hour in Austin. in every bite. Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 and from 9 to close. Get happy with $3 drinks, $2 pizza by Italian cuisine is extremely diverse and varied. It’s the slice and half price appetizers. so much more than pizza and spaghetti. On Ciola’s menu you can find a large selection of delicious Visit Ciola’s and Tony C’s when dishes such as Baked Clams, Steamed Mussels, you’re in the Lake Travis area for and Minestrone Soup just to name a few, and it has a wide variety of steak, chicken and seafood great authentic Italian food! specialities.

National & Local Talk Radio Stars Align 98.9 “The Big Talker” 98. 9 “The Big Talker” is doing it BIG in Austin with popular national and local talk shows on a powerful FM signal. 98.9 “The Big Talker” consists of stimulating talk shows that cover a wide range of topics. Whether it’s local or national, 98.9 “The Big Talker” covers breaking stories, delivers the hottest opinions, and gives Austinites the opportunity to call-in and sound-off. The lineup of national radio stars includes the extremely popular and rising personality of Glenn Beck. From 9am to noon he holds our government accountable and fuses entertainment with enlightenment. Austinites enjoy their mornings with a show that is sure to make you laugh with nationally recognized guest musicians and comedians. The long time comedy duo, Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswald, host the Bob & Tom Show from 5am to 9am. On The Dave Ramsey Show (1pm-4pm), listeners interact with Dave as he answers their questions and helps them on their path to: LIVE DEBT FREE! 98.9 “The Big Talker’s” live and local lineup includes Sean Rima from 4pm to 7pm. Sean is a free thinker and refuses ANY party affiliation. He engages his audience with quirky, witty and sometimes deep thoughts on local and national issues. “High Noon” from noon to 1pm really captures the essence of Austin with longtime Austin celebrity musician, and radio personality Sammy Allred along with the loveable TV anchor and longtime Austinite, Fred Cantu. 98.9 “The Big Talker” also offers First Alert traffic and weather, ABC news, and local news updates from the Austin American Statesman; Austin’s most trusted local news source.


Tune in to 98. 9 “The BigTalker” and enjoy real, stimulating entertainment on the radio! 98.9 “The Big Talker” provides Austin with THE alternative to predictable AM talk radio. Stream 98.9 “The BigTalker,” fill out opinion polls, play contests, and read host blogs at

Beautifully 99% Biodegradable Poly’s Clear Tech Detail Fluid is the Secret of the Pros! Bugs, dirt, grime, grease, even HEAVY brake dust are no match for this water based PRODUCT! Used extensively and exclusively by professional shop Texas Shine Auto Detailing, this one fluid is able to clean, shine, and protect your autos, boats, bikes, RV’s and airplanes so they will maintain their showroom quality day after day! Poly’s is used as a quick detail spray, glass cleaner, wash bucket solution and more, while safely cleaning, shining, and applying a polymer protection to all surfaces while effortlessly outperforming leading car care products! Once Poly’s Clear Tech Detail Fluid is applied, a deep durable gloss is formed while the dirt is safely and effectively removed from the surface. Due to the anti-static properties of Poly’s, the surface literally repels dirt, keeping it cleaner longer! Poly’s Clear Tech Detail Fluid was created to consistently deliver these highest level results that professional detailers demand, at an UNBEATABLE value! Now YOU can clean your car like the PROS! One pint dilutes to create 20 quarts of quick detail spray, 120 quarts of glass cleaner, or 55 GALLONS of wash water! Visit www.gotpolys. com for videos and ordering.


Flying High

Parasailing on Lake Travis You don’t need to take a trip to the coast or some far away island to enjoy the adventure of parasailing. You can fly high right here above beautiful Lake Travis.

Parasailing adds a lot of fun and excitement to any VACATION or STAY-CATION. You can take-off and land on the deck of the Parasail boat without even getting wet.

The view is incredible and the experience is awesome. Airscape Parasail has been in business on Lake Travis since Memorial Day 1996. It is family owned and operated. They take pride in their safety record and are very proud of the number of repeat customers they have from year to year. Go to or call 512-257-9675 to make your appointment for a fun time on Lake Travis.

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Holly Shipwash Renee Judkins Stories complied and written by Renee Judkins Contributers: Nick Koster, Cliff Bennett, Nathan Alhades Laura A....