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November/December: Holiday The owner of Don Juan’s Juan Rodriguez, general manager Travis Graham and local music legend Rick Lyon strike a pose for the camera.

Tortilla Factory Returns to the Stage

Tortilla Factory returns to the stage on Friday, August 13, at Cedar Street Courtyard, 208 W. Fourth Street at 9:30 p.m. The show will feature Butler, who has long been called “El Charro Negro” (the black cowboy) inspired by the audience’s surprise at his ability to sing in Spanish. During Tortilla Factory’s early days of touring the band often had to sneak Butler into hotel rooms which refused African-Americans. Butler, 70, is considered the “Chicano Nat King Cole.” After two decades off, Tortilla Factory regrouped in 2006. Their newest CD “All That Jazz” was nominated for a Grammy last year. Founder, manager and musical director Tony “Ham” Guerrero has passed the torch to his children Alfredo Guerrero and Laura Guerrero, who along with Bobby Butler, now lead the legendary Tejano band with an expanded sound. Moving into a self-described American World Music, Tortilla Factory’s shows include salsa, Latin jazz, R&B, urban Tejano, and even some straight-ahead jazz. Their new album, “Cookin’” is expected to be released soon.

Don Juan’s Mexican Restaurant at Lake Travis

In Mexico everything is done with passion. From the vivid colors used in their décor, to the spices poured into their cuisine, to the fiestas that can last for days instead of hours, it seems that Mexican traditions are always taken to the extreme. Juan Rodriguez, owner of Don Juan’s Mexican Restaurant has poured his passion into a mix of color, flavor, fresh ingredients and excellent service. Rodriguez has created a colorful fiesta style atmosphere featuring live music that includes an array of local and national acts.

Because Don Juan’s is situated on top of a hill, and with having the dining area located on the upper level, you can take-in a spectacular sweeping view of the natural preserve below. You can add to your Don Juan’s dining experience by sitting outside on the veranda to enjoy the beautiful Texas weather and breathtaking view.

Rick Lyon, Rodriquez’s old friend and local music legend is in charge of the music scheduling and line-up at Don Juan’s. Lyon, along with Travis Graham, another local musician and general manager for Don Juan’s, will book the most talented acts available. With one of the coolest

The Tequilas

decks and stages in the Lakeway area, Don Juan’s is fast becoming the place to be for live music. On Friday and Saturday nights from 9-midnight you can listen and dance to live music on the deck.

Don Juan’s offers the widest variety and the most flavorful Mexican food this side of the border. Only the freshest handpicked ingredients are used at Don Juan’s. The crowd favorite is the Beef Fajitas, which are cooked to perfection on the indoor grill. Other flavorful selections from Don Juan’s expanded menu include Chili Rellenos, Chicken Mole, Mexican Flautas, Steak a La Mexicana plus many more house specialties. The expanded menu also includes a variety of vegetarian plates such as Enchiladas Primavera,

Veggie Fajitas, Spinach Quesadillas, Guacamole Salad and Veggie Burritos.

Don Juan’s offers a large selection of premium tequila. Tequila is a Blue Agavebased spirit that was first produced in the 16th century near the city of Tequila. It is a common misconception that some tequilas contain a “worm” but that began as a marketing gimmick in the 1940s. The worm is actually the larval form of a moth that lives on the agave plant. One favorite way to drink tequila is straight in what is called a “shot” also called “tequila cruda”, served with salt and a slice of lime, and when done in a group it is called a “Tequila Slammer”. Just a few of the cocktails made with tequila include the Margarita, Mexican Martini, Tequila Sunrise and Tequila Matador.

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AWO News Con’t Halley Willcox, Austinite

Dancing Her Way

Halley Willcox graduated from Texas Christian University in 2008 earning her BFA in Modern Dance. Willcox studied physical theater at Edge Hill University in England under Liam Steel former member of DV8 physical theater and Momentum Theater. Willcox has performed in works choreographed by Susan Douglas Roberts, Nina Martin, Alexandra Beller, Christian Von Howard, Keith Tvhompson, David Dorfman, Lisa Race, Erica Gionfriddo, The Living Room Project and Kinesis Project Dance Theater. Currently, Willcox is in her second season with New York based Eyes of a Blue Dog Dance. In addition to performing, Willcox has a strong passion for choreography, and her works have been presented at the AAHPERD Kaleidoscope gala and at Muscle Memory Dance Theater’s Pilot concert, both in Fort Worth, Texas. This summer Willcox toured Spain with Interdansa, as a dancer/ choreographer and performed at Jacobs Pillow with Eyes of a Blue Dog Dance Theater.



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48 Hours of Filming Madness!

Want to get back into your skinny jeans?

By Laura A. Farrar Ever wondered what it was like to film a movie? Some might call it pure insanity. Around the country there is a film contest that takes that insanity to a whole other level. This year the REEL WOMEN of Austin hosted the 48 Hour Film Project. Forty-eight hours of movie-making glory and maybe a bit of blood, sweat and tears. The contest is not for the faint of heart. Here’s how it works. Teams of filmmakers come in on a Friday night and draw out of a hat the film genre they get to create… RANDOMLY! They can pull just about anything out of that hat, from buddy film, action, film noir, comedy, romance, sci-fi to westerns.Then write it, shoot it, edit it, and make it back before 7pm on Sunday. Is that all? NOPE! There are also a set of items that have to appear in the film in some fashion: a certain name and occupation, an object, and a specific line of dialogue. This time around it was a potter, a balloon, and “Why does everyone say that?” There were about forty that started the race and about fourteen of them just didn’t have the moxie to pull it off. Surprisingly, many of the films were pretty darn good! Then again some of them… well, let’s just say participation has to count for something. Got to respect anyone that can stay up on a project from beginning to end over two days straight! Ironically, the sponsor of the event was Visine eye drops! You really need those eye drops to help mask the sleep deprived zombie eyes. This year’s winning director was a 20-year old UT Radio-Film-Television student, a 4-year veteran of the competition and a Reel Women member for of 4-years. There were folks that came from all over Texas to participate: Dallas, Waco, Alpine and Rockport. Here is a list of the winning entries: Best Film : Murder on the Western Frontier Best Directing : (tie) Loonacy & The Fix Best Writing : Murder on the Western Frontier Best Cinematography : L’Homage Best Editing : L’Homage Best Acting Ensemble : Declaration Best Sound Design : Loonacy Best Graphics : Express Delivery Best Special Effects : Loonacy Best Costumes : Continuing Adventures of Major Freedom Best Stunts : Express Delivery Best Use of Character : Murder on the Western Frontier Best Use of Prop : L’Homage Best Use of Line of Diaogue : Glitch Besides hosting the 48HFP this year, Reel Women is a great organization. They really like to focus on work that impacts the Austin Community. If ever you find yourself interested in seeing what it is like to work on a film production, just to get your feet wet, these ladies and gentlemen are the ones to do that with. And yes, men can join Reel Women. About twenty percent of their membership are men. Check out the featured article about Reel Women in the next edition of AWO.

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AWO News Con’t

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