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See you in February at the Council Meeting in East Peoria.

From MD1 Council Chair: Greetings MD1 Lions! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

-Pamela Graney, MD1 Council Chair

I hope the spirit of Christmas will be yours throughout 2018.


In January 2018, Lions will participate in the “Relieving Hunger” Centennial Service Challenge. January 8-14, 2018 will be our worldwide week of service to “Fight Hunger.” Let’s band together to make a difference! January 7-13, 2018 is LCIF Week…consider a personal or club donation.

Happy New Year 2018! Greetings to you all to start a Bright and Prosperous New Year, 2018. As we step into this year, may our goals to spread Lionism in our communities come true with flying colors. As a good lion, let us make some resolutions this year as we already completed six months of current Lionistic Year.

Happy Birthday, Melvin Jones! January 13th is our founder’s birthday…how will your club celebrate? Membership, Membership, Membership… We have six months to turn our MD-1 membership deficit around! How will you help to do this? As your Council Chair, one of my responsibilities is to convene the MD-1 Global Action Team to ensure realistic goals are set and plans of action are implemented, in an effort to reach these goals. It is not too late to set those realistic goals and implement them. Start now! What if we made it our focus to sponsor one new Lion by June 30, 2018? What if we started a new club in each District by June 1, 2018? Work with your Governor and GAT to achieve positive numbers in your District. By doing so, every club would end this year at a plus one! We can do this! The planning of our MD-1 State Convention is in full swing. Lion Sharon and her committee are working to bring us a fun “Vegas, Baby” convention. It will be a privilege to welcome Vice President Jung-Yul Choi from Pusan, Republic of Korea and his partnerin-service, Seung-Bok, to our State Convention in May. I look forward to seeing everyone there for fun, fellowship, and of course, a little business.


1. I will introduce lionism to new prospective members of my community 2. I always wear Lions lapel pin so that friends and family inquire about lionism 3. I donate my share to Lions of Illinois Foundation (LIF) and Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) this year as my tax-deductible contribution 4. I take active role in my Lions Club and help my club grow to help less fortunate people 5. I attend as many Lions programs and fund raisers and play active role

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

2018 January State e-magazine full version  
2018 January State e-magazine full version  

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