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Watch: Fox And Friends’ Predictably Idiotic Condemnation of Obama’s Ramadan Greeting By Austin Johansen Wednesday, August 03, 2011 Fox and Friends continues to play its role on the Fox News stage of predictable stupidity.

On Monday, President Obama released a statement honoring the beginning of the Muslim holiday Ramadan, extending best wishes to Muslims around the world and on American soil alike. As the leader of one of the world’s most diversely religious countries, it’s simply expected for the President to issue such a statement. Unfortunately, his proclamation is as predictable as the asinine reactions to it from our friends at Fox. Resident court jesters Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson took exception to the White House’s statement with enough contempt to taste through the television screen. Doocy describes Obama’s “absolutely lovely statement” with an oh-so-subtle hint of sarcasm, smirking at the Islamic “iftar,” the traditional evening meal after sunset during Ramadan, like a figment of his daughter’s fairy tales. Gretchen Carlson follows up with some rock solid supporting evidence, claiming “some people” are upset that Obama didn’t offer a similar proclamation for Easter–aside from the White House’s traditional Easter egg hunt and the President and his family celebrating at their church, of course. And those same “people” are saying this could be an “outreach to the Muslim world,” while Christianity in America remains utterly shafted.

Note to Gretchen: The four disgruntled 90 year-old NRA members who comment on the Fox and Friends blog constitute “some people” just as “some people” consider Dane Cook to be original and funny. Those people are out there in very small numbers and we’ve learned not to take them seriously. Even more depressing than these tired accusations is the their complete predictability. After reading about Obama’s proclamation a few days ago, my first thought was, “Very nice, what a lovely statement,” (no sarcasm included). Immediately afterwards, I had to slowly shake my head knowing that a ridiculously twisted analysis of the proclamation would inevitably be coming from the Fox camp in a short time; it’s the role they’re assumed to fulfill in today’s news cycle. Lo and behold, Steve and Gretchen never cease to disappoint, ironically, and they almost seem exasperated themselves as they trickle into the Ramadan statement “story.” By the end of the segment, the two are grasping at straws to somehow pit Obama against Christians, insisting that he only mentioned Easter “in passing,” whereas Ramadan got the full press release treatment, but Easter’s recognition was “nothing big,” This statement was hilariously accompanied by a clip of President Obama and Michelle smiling with the Easter bunny. Church service, personal recognition and Easter bunny chumminess aside, apparently Obama needs an official press release to reassure “some” Christians that he does, in fact, recognize Easter. After blasting Obama’s “terrible, terrible error,” the Friends wrap up their convoluted discussion by chiding Obama’s “8-paragraph statement on Earth Day,” scoffing at it as contemptuously as the Islamic “iftar.” In the bubble world which the Fox and Friends characters live, eight paragraphs is too many for Earth, three is too many for Ramadan and Obama can never win. Their predictable responses to mundane occurrences in the real world are so great in number that they’ve exceeded stupidity and have entered complete irrelevance, for they cater to a form of logic and thinking beyond that of a rational individual; it should serve as comic relief to any reasonable news observer.

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On Monday, President Obama released a statement honoring the beginning of the Muslim holiday Ramadan, extending best wishes to Muslims aroun...

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