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Eagle Claws Edison Elementary

201 S Dawes St. Kennewick, WA 99336

Edison Mission: To prepare every child for life as a learner, a team player, a friend, and a responsible citizen. Kennewick School District Mission: To provide a safe environment in which every student reaches his or her highest potential and graduates well prepared for success in post-secondary education, work, and life. Phone: 509-222-5500

Fax: 509-222-5501

Welcome Back!

September 2013

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Welcome to the First issue of our snazzy new newsletter put out by Egg Came First Media. This will be coming out each month with updates on what is happening in your child’s classroom and school. The new Eagle Claw’s Newsletter will feature articles form your principal, counselor, teachers, as well as the Action team for Parent Partnerships (ATP). Also, new to each issue will be games, puzzles, fun facts and relevant articles about education in your area. This is all being brought to you at no cost to the School/ District. You will notice some great local businesses being featured in each newsletter, they are the

reason we are able to bring you this magazine style newsletter. Please in turn help support them by using there services over others whenever possible. We hope you like what you see and we will see you again next month.

Go Eagles! 2 Edison Elementry Newsletter

Principal’s Perspective Welcome Back! Dear Families,

classroom family and friends board is a visual that says we Welcome back to a year of are partners in the educational growth for your child. At Edi- process for children, families, son we are committed to deand teachers. It sends children veloping all children in their the message that the people roles as learners, team players, on this board are your home friends, and responsible citifamily who care deeply for zens. In each classroom chil- you, and we are your school dren are part of a small family family who also care deeply within the larger school fami- about you and your success. ly. Your child will be asked to We want children to visually bring in a family photo to be know that there is someone added to the classroom family who is “irrationally crazy” and friends board. Each child about them. carries with them their home experience, and we want to We have adopted these conacknowledge that important cepts from a program known part of their life. as “Conscious Discipline,” and are embracing family model You are a part of the Edison for creating optimal school extended family. We are all in climate. this together; from families, Thank you for joining us, and to schools, to communities, to welcome to the Edison School nations, and finally our global family! community. Staying connected is a need for all people. Sincerely, Strong connections have been shown to prevent a wide vari- Bruce Cannard ety of high risk behaviors. The Principal Edison Elementry Newsletter


What Are We All About?

Our Mission and Vision reflect our core beliefs. These are what we stand for as a school community, and we invite you to join us on our journey to create the best school experience possible for every child who enters our doors. We are at our best when we continually strive to live up to our mission and vision.

The Edison Mission

To prepare every child for life as a learner, a team player, a friend, and a responsible citizen.

The Edison Vision

Our school community is committed to inspiring students to achieve high standards of intellectual and personal development through a stimulating and comprehensive program. We create a school family where children are safe, cared for, and respected in a multicultural environment.

4 Edison Elementry Newsletter

Attention Parents! C h ild r e n ’s S pe e c h P r o g r a m s N o w A v a ila ble See Rapid Gains in... Reading & Speaking Comprehension Vocabulary Classes Forming




Call 509-735-6442 or Visit us online at w w w. T h e S p e e c h P a t h o l o g yL e a r n i n g C e n t e r. c o m

Located at 8514 West Gage Blvd., Kennewick, WA

now offering orthodontics! Board Certified pediatric dentistry in a




e wave to a healt h t hier Ride

David Hamilton, DDS James Collette, DDS & our new orthodontist!

Jonathan Collette, DDS


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Counselor’s Corner

Welcome Edison Eagle families. We are so excited to start the new year. My name is Lorri Ledgerwood and I am your child’s school counselor. Edison staff members are dedicated to educating the “whole child.” We recognize that the academic concepts we are trying to teach are learned best when a child’s social, emotional, and health needs are also met. Creating a school family helps us address these needs. Your help as a member of our school team is important, and communication is key. Please plan to attend Orientation on September 10th. Feel free to pop into the office and meet our office staff, and/or talk to your child’s teacher. We look forward to working with your family to meet the educational and other needs of your child here at Edison. Sincerely, Lorri Ledgerwood Edison School Counselor (509) 222-6065

6 Edison Elementry Newsletter

Edison’s Action Team for Parent Partnerships


At Edison, we want to partner with you to help your child succeed in school and in life. We honor and celebrate family contributions to student success. We would love to have your ideas and support as we plan future family events. The team welcomes new members and visitors to meetings and event planning. Monthly meetings take place at Edison on the second TUESDAY of each month. Visit our website or contact us about joining our team.

At Edison, we strive to offer parents: • Tools and information to help you be the best parent you can be. • Clear communication from the school and efficient ways for you to communicate with us. • Volunteer opportunities at the school or from home. • Information and strategies to help improve and support your child’s learning at home. • Access to community resources and information.

Upcoming Events: • FALL FAMILY READING NIGHT (OCTOBER 24) Kindergarten and 1st grades attend reading event at school and receive a FREE book. Each classroom has activities for families to do at home. • FAMILY ENGINEERING NIGHT (FEBRUARY) 4th and 5th graders and their families engage in construction activities as they experience hands-on engineering challenges. • SPRING FIESTA (MAY) 2nd & 3rd grade families come together to celebrate cultures at Edison. We share food, poetry, music, and a family activity.

Edison Elementry Newsletter


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Bear on the Run My furry paw got caught in a great big beehive of honey! Please help me get through this critter-crazy maze and into the pond safely.


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Kennewick School District 27 Chicken Nuggets with Brown Rice Egg Salad Sandwich Chicken Sandwich Hamburger

28 29 30 Teriyaki Dippers Breakfast for Lunch WG Turkey Corn Dog with Brown Rice Waffles and Omelets Cobb Salad/WG Roll Chef Salad/WG Roll Crispy Chicken Salad Chicken Sandwich Chicken Sandwich Chicken Sandwich Cheese Pizza Cheese Pizza Hamburger


3 Chicken Nuggets with Brown Rice Chef Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Pepperoni Pizza

4 Teriyaki Chicken with Brown Rice Chef Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Peperoni Pizza

5 Chili Fritos Crispy Chicken Salad Chicken Sandwich Hamburger

6 BBQ Beef Sandwich Cobb Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Cheese Pizza


10 Chicken Nuggets with Brown Rice Egg Salad Sandwich Chicken Sandwich Hamburger


12 Macaroni and Cheese Crispy Chicken Salad Chicken Sandwich Hamburger

13 Strawberry Parfait with Granola Cobb Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Cheese Pizza


17 Chicken Nuggets with Brown Rice Chicken Caesar Salad Chicken Sandwich Hamburger


Sweet and Sour Chicken Chef Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Pepperioni Pizza

19 20 Turkey Gravy/WG Roll BBQ Chicken Mashed Potatoes Sandwich Crispy Chicken Salad Cobb Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Chicken Sandwich Hamburger Cheese Pizza

23 Beef Soft Tacos Chef Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Cheese Pizza

24 Chicken Nuggets with Brown Rice Egg Salad Sandwich Chicken Sandwich Hamburger

25 Teriyaki Dippers with Brown Rice Chef Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Pepperoni Pizza

26 27 WG Turkey Corn Dog Enchiladas Crispy Chicken Salad Cobb Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Chicken Sandwich Cheese Pizza Hamburger

Breakfast Prices Student: $1.25 Reduced: Free Adult: $2.25 Milk: $.55

Lunch Prices Student: $2.50 Reduced K-3: Free Reduced 4-5: $.40 Adult: $3.50 Milk: $.55

No School Labor Day

Turkey Hot Dog Chef Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Cheese Pizza

Beefy Nachos Chef Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Cheese Pizza

30 Cheese Quesadilla Chef Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Cheese Pizza

Cheesy Nachos Chef Salad/WG Roll Chicken Sandwich Pepperoni Pizza

Fresh Pick for Aug-Sept is sweet crunchy Jicama look for it on the salad bar on Fridays.


BREAKFAST Ultimate Breakfast Round & Low Sugar WG Cereals with WG Toast offered daily along with Fresh and Canned Fruit

MONDAY: French Toast TUESDAY: Breakfast Pizza WEDNESDAY: Waffles or Oatmeal THURSDAY: Pancake Sausage Stick FRIDAY: French Toast Sticks Breakfast Prices: Student: $1.25, Reduced: Free, Adult: $2.25, Milk: $.55

Choose a balanced Plate

Students may choose from 4 different entrees each day all of which meet the guidelines for the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act including whole grains, lean meat and lowfat cheese. There is a variety of fruits and vegetables offered to complete a balanced plate. Fat Free, 1%, and Fat Free Low Sugar Chocolate Milk is available every day.






September 2013




2 Labor Day No School






























Egg Came First


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