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Austin Gregory Ohm

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Artist Statement

Whether painting, sculpting or creating in the digital

realm, my art is a response to the world around me. I use my art to pay tribute and homage to the important people, places, spaces, animals and events in my life. In return my aim is that my art helps people understand me better. I think creativity and problem solving is fun. I create my own puzzles and find unique solutions. I’m looking for visually and intellectually stimulating results. I also see my art as a personalized record of history. I record not only what I see, but what I feel, think, and experience emotionally. My art is also about my curiosity of the world. As a student and teacher, I investigate both the material and spiritual world with my art, bridging the gap between them. My art often inhabits a dream-like environment where odd connections are common place and experimentation is limitless.

Art is for Learning • Art is for Teaching • Art is for Exploring • Art is for Recording • Art is for Justice • Art is for YOU • Art is for ME • ART FOR ALL!

2013 •Madison Spring Gallery Night @ Art In Studio - Madison, WI •Art In Bike Out @ Art In Studio - Madison, WI •Greater Midwest Body Painting Competition @ Art In Studio - Madison, WI •Absolutely Art - Madison, WI 2012 •Madison Fall Gallery Night @ Art In Studio - Madison, WI •The Art of Learning Benefit for Walbridge School - Madison, WI 2010 •Blue Horse - Fish Creek, WI •Ahistorical Productions Art Exhibition & Performance @ Beyond Baroque - Venice, CA •Guenzel Gallery Salon. - Peninsula School of Art - Fish Creek, WI •Brookfield Art Fair - Brookfield, WI 2009 •Artists for Arc 5 - Oshkosh, WI •Flex: A Show Of Strength @ Peninsula School of Art - Fish Creek, WI •Happy Dog Art Studio: Pet Portraits @ Northern Door County YMCA - Fish Creek, WI •The Community Mosaic Project @ Francis Hardy Center for the Arts - Ephraim, WI. 2008 •Community Mosaic Project @ Francis Hardy Center for the Arts - Ephraim, WI •Artists for Arc 4 @ UW Oshkosh Reeve Union - Oshkosh, WI •Music & Mayhem @ Algoma Club - Oshkosh, WI •Rhizome Space - Milwaukee, WI


2006 •Hephaestus Foundry/Forge & Gallery - Ellison Bay, WI •Jerome Gallery - Jerome, AZ •Winnebago Peace and Justice Center - Oshkosh, WI •Artists for Arc - Oshkosh, WI •Jambalaya Gallery - Oshkosh, WI

2005 2004

2003 •Heavenly Lofts Gallery - Waukesha, WI •Donnerstag: Interdisciplinary Arts Spectacle @ Turner Hall - Milwaukee, WI 2000 •CRAP: Completely Random Art Presentation - A Night of Audio & Visual Stimulation - Minneapolis, MN


A full bodied playground for the eye. Comes on with a bright engaging pallet and strong notes of

Picasso, Matiess, Kandinsky & Max

Followed by a soft and warm finish. Grows in complexity as the work matures.


F u n c t i o n a l Architectural Representational A b s t r a c t My sculptures have been influenced by:

R o s z a k C a l d e r B o n t e c o u Chamberlain Stankiewicz


All the Towers are inspired by shapes and movement found in nature. The sculpture is not complete until it has found a personal equilibrium with nature.



Ruby-throated Hummingbird

3/4 “ Sq. Steal Tube


Wood Base

fig. A

fig. B


Grow Cycle Tower


fig. B

The posture of this sculpture resembles a suit of samurai armor.

fig. A


English Inn

Custom designed Knights for the English Inn Restaurant Door County, WI The Horses: •Painted fiberglass horses to appear bronze. •Designed and fabricated all the equestrian armor. •Design influenced by a combination of English and Spanish armor. The Knights: •Ordered real armor from England. •Adapted each knight to hold a sword and gas burning torch. •Built armatures to support the suit of armor sitting on top of the horses. •Painted with automotive quality paint to protect against the outdoor environment.

“I shall never be fool enough to turn knight-errant. For I see quite well that it’s

not the fashion now to do as they did in the olden days when they say those famous knights roamed the world.”

Miguel de Cervantes DON QUIXOTE


Summer Kitchen


Giant Steel Flowers to compliment the antique country chic decor.

Tattoo Design

Art • Science Man • Woman Organic • Mechanic Man • Nature Spiritual • Material


T-Shirt Design

T-shirt designs for the

Bluegrass Adventure & Roots Festival

held each September in Algoma, WI.

Bluegrass Adventure & Roots Festival Algoma, WI

Coloring Book

Print Making

Prescott Downtown Mural Project

Named for “the natural event least likely to occur in the high desert,� Tsunami on the Square is a free, all-ages, outdoor performing arts and culture festival in Prescott, Arizona.

Art for All


Tsunami The Prescott Downtown Mural Project unveiled its first community art project on September 14th and 15th, 2007, the “Art for All” mural. This 1400 sq. ft. mural boldly portrays Prescott’s dynamic heritage. Focusing on the role of the arts over the past 150 years, the mural illustrates Prescott’s pioneer tradition, the rich theater history, the accomplishments of cowboy artists, and the contributions of the arts in present day Prescott. Behind the Historic Whisky Row Alley the mural, complete with a gem studded mosaic, takes one back in time to wild western vaudeville, brings to life the songs of the lovesick cowboy, and highlights some of Prescott’s oldest traditions; the 4th of July parade and a lively square dancing celebration. In a growing arts destination, the “Art for All!” mural welcomes visitors to sample Prescott’s heritage and living culture.

Art for All

ahistorical productions

Graphic design work done for the ahistorical productions art collective.

Austin Ohm Art Portfolio  

Austin Ohm Art Portfolio

Austin Ohm Art Portfolio  

Austin Ohm Art Portfolio