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Sponsors Q&A (continued)

DANE’S BODY SHOP Dane’s Body Shop is sponsoring the 40yard dash. Speed and power are two huge parts to fitness and sport which are both showcased in the 40-yard dash. At Dane’s Body Shop, we are constantly striving to support health and fitness in the city of Austin. Being a part of the AFM FITTEST will allow us to help, first hand, in delivering our passion to the city. Dane’s Body Shop is a mission driven fitness studio/box gym that will knock your socks off! We exist to help our members achieve their ideal fitness levels and improve the quality of their lives.

BODY BY FRAME Body by Frame is sponsoring the Agility Cone Run. It is great test of speed, power, agility, reaction, and quickness. It also requires body control in the changing of direction. The AFM FITTEST is a great opportunity because it allows individuals to set goals. We encourage our clients to set goals that feel “somewhat unachievable” and go after them with a plan. It opens the door to all of Austin to compete to be one of “The Fittest.” Many of our clients who are everyday people can show that they, too, have a spark inside for competition. This event will motivate Austinites to get out and be active, making Austin one of the fittest cities. Body by Frame focuses on achieving your goals (not ours), surrounds you with a team of trainers and nutritionists, and delivers results with a carefully orchestrated, customized plan. The human body is a remarkable organic machine. Under the right conditions, it will respond rapidly to become healthy, fit, and beautiful. We see it happen every day. We'd like to see it happen to you.

OatMega Bar Oatmega Bar is sponsoring the Precision Throw. This test is not something a typical athlete trains for, so we thought it would add an interesting and fun twist to this competition. The three main core values of our company are have fun, be energetic, and love what you do. Consistency and quality are key measures of our products. The same can be said of the person to be crowned Austin’s fittest! We are local! Trevor, our owner was born here and is also competing in the AFM FITTEST! Our products use hormone–free whey, Omega 3s, and green tea. There are no other protein products on the market that use this unique combination of ingredients.


CROSSFIT CENTRAL CrossFit Central is sponsoring the Burpee test. We are all about functional movements performed at high intensity. What’s more basic and intense than a burpee (drop to the ground and jump up)? Yea, BURPEES!! CrossFit Central’s core values are loyalty, integrity, honor, trust, and competition. We strongly believe that by competing, by striving together, and going “all in” you have the opportunity to live up to your true potential! The AFM FITTEST encourages the community to get out and compete and put their fitness to the test. Not only will it be a fun challenge but it will be a true measure of who is the fittest in Austin. CrossFit Central is a local family-owned business started in 2005. Our team is dedicated to pursuing excellence in all that we do, transforming people’s lives and building a fit community in Austin!

CAMP GLADIATOR Camp Gladiator is sponsoring the Interval Run, which tests speed, endurance, and conditioning. We're an award-winning full-body workout that produces results in improving speed, endurance, and conditioning among other areas, so we wanted a fast-paced, exciting event that our campers could test themselves and cheer on others! Camp Gladiator’s mission is to positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible. Camp Gladiator is the leader in group fitness and wanted to support AFM by participating in an event where people come together for fitness. Camp Gladiator is an award-winning outdoor group fitness program and was voted Best Outdoor Boot Camp by AFM and several other publications. Camp Gladiator is a motivating and challenging fitness program for all fitness levels set to revolutionize group fitness.

CASTLE HILL FITNESS Castle Hill Fitness is sponsoring the Hand Grip Test, which we have unofficially renamed the “Death Grip” test! Obviously, it’s the coolest test. It is also the most available test of fitness for people of any fitness level to participate in. Grip strength doesn’t rely on such attributes as aerobic fitness or agility in order to be completed. You might be a fast sprinter, but do you have a “Death Grip”? (Our massage therapists will do really well!) The AFM FITTEST is what Castle Hill Fitness’ core values are about: have fun, challenge your physical and mental fitness, have fun, repeat. The ten fitness tests Diane Vives created explore all of these things. We love that this event brings together so many excellent fit businesses and personalities in one place. Building a community is what we strive to do at Castle Hill Fitness, and now with the AFM FITTEST we can work with everyone else, align our collective vision for a fitter future, and dominate the community. Castle Hill Fitness is a downtown, locally owned boutique gym celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. We are a friendly, open, and welcoming fitness center that employs seasoned fitness professionals in all types of training modalities. As a business, we strive to offer a balance of all things health and wellness, offering public fitness, Pilates, and yoga classes, a wellness spa with acupuncture and organic skin care, a healthy grab and go café called Food for Fitness Café, and a Pinarello dealer bike shop, Castle Hill Cycles, all on the corner of 12th and Lamar.

RUNTEX RunTex is sponsoring the 1-Mile Run. This test is a perfect balance between speed and endurance. When it comes to determining Austin’s fittest athlete, the combination of the two is of the upmost importance. RunTex believes in promoting health, family, community and philanthropy through running events and is dedicated to promoting the health of families in the Austin community. Through running events, RunTex strives to inspire every individual to become an athlete.

Pure Austin Pure Austin is sponsoring the Pull-Up test. One of the best exercises for your upper body is the pull-up, pure and simple. This compound exercise is superior and intense, plus we’ve got the best rig in town for your pull-ups! The AFM FITTEST concept is innovative, the first in Austin, and one of the best ways to challenge, assess, and motivate. At Pure, we strive to develop and implement innovative programs to inspire and motivate, create community, and provide people with the best methods to reach their goals and launch some new ones. We want to create the Pure experience that impacts and balances your life, and has you looking forward to coming back again. We create possibilities; our goal is you. Also, when you compete again next year, come by and we’ll get you ready.

June 2012 - The Outside Issue  

The Outside Issue with #1 Cable Wakeboarder, Tom Fooshee, as the cover feature.