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TEST 7/Crossfit Central Burpees

Total Body Strength, Endurance, and Overall Work Capacity

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ssume a push-up position with both hands placed on the start line. Test monitor measures from hands to the bottom of your kneecap and places a cone there to mark “extended position.� Stand up to start in a static position. When judge signals start, you squat, place both hands on the start line, kick legs back in one motion (together), then pull legs back in one motion (together), and stand fully upright with knees and hips aligned to finish one Burpee (position of hands is optional, though to the side is recommended). There is no push-up in this sequence. A good repetition requires that your hands are on the start line and your knee position during the kick reaches the cone. Score is total number of good repetitions achieved in one minute.

TEST 8/Castle Hill Fitness Hand Grip

Hand and Forearm Strength

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tand and hold the dynamometer in your dominant hand. Extend your arm straight out from your shoulder. Squeeze the dynamometer with a consistent, maximal effort for no more than three seconds (no jerking or pulsing is allowed). Test monitor will read the results from the dynamometer, which is listed in pounds with no decimal points. Score is highest number of two attempts.

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June 2012 - The Outside Issue  
June 2012 - The Outside Issue  

The Outside Issue with #1 Cable Wakeboarder, Tom Fooshee, as the cover feature.