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Fit Village & Recovery Zone For all: Come experience the Fit Village, which will be a cool spot on a hot day! Located under the Michelob Ultra Tent, the Fit Village is open to both spectators and competitors all day Saturday, June 9, and provides a unique opportunity to engage with our sponsors. Nexersys will have a demonstration unit available to test your cardio kickboxing skills, and food will be provided by a tantalizing array of vendors including Galaxy Café, Snap Kitchen, Muscle Maker Grill, My Fit Foods, Mel’s Meals, and more. Michelob Ultra, Core Power, Zico Coconut Water, and Square Rüt Kava Bar will be on hand with beverages to satisfy your thirst. AFM would like to thank Michelob Ultra for providing the Fit Village tent. Thank you to all of our sponsors for making this Fit Village and this year’s event a great experience for everyone.

Fit Village Sponsors: Nexersys Core Power Michelob Ultra Dynamax Camp Gladiator CrossFit Central RunTex Body by Frame Oatmega Bar Castle Hill Fitness Fitness Institute of Texas

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For athletes: Congratulations! If you’ve made it to the Core Power Recovery Zone, you’ve completed the 2012 AFM FITTEST presented by Nexersys. The Core Power Recovery Zone is located at the finish line of the RunTex 1-Mile Run, and all timing chips will be removed at this point. Complimentary Core Power Recovery drinks as well as quick massages from Massage Harmony and Chris Spears Massage to soothe those aching competitor muscles will be on hand. Whole Foods Market will provide water and fruit for refueling, and the lululemon athletica team will hand out your FITTEST commemorative award. Recovery Zone Sponsors: Core Power Whole Foods Market Massage Harmony

Chris Spears Massage Medicine in Motion

What (and what not) to Bring

What to Bring: Competitors:

What NOT to Bring: Spectators:

• Valid ID for entry into Camp Mabry

• Valid ID for entry into Camp Mabry

• An identifiable bag to carry any

• Chairs/blankets to sit on • Umbrella for shade • Sunscreen • Refillable water bottle • Camera • Cash for purchases at the Fit Village


personal items

• Refillable water bottle • Towel • Sweatbands • Sunscreen • Hat/visor • Running shoes/turf shoes/cleats • Cash for optional food purchases (free


Children must be attended at all times


• Metal spikes • Pull-up wrist wraps • Gloves • Any illegal substances Spectators:

• Dogs • Glass containers • Tobacco products

refreshments are provided for competitors in the Core Power Recovery Zone)

2012 Event Guide


June 2012 - The Outside Issue  
June 2012 - The Outside Issue  

The Outside Issue with #1 Cable Wakeboarder, Tom Fooshee, as the cover feature.