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How to Make a Haunted House Props Alone Won’t Scare

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Turning your home or garage into a haunted house can be scary, no pun intended so let’s learn a thing or two from the best Denver Haunted Houses and add them to your neighborhood haunt! Size and Location 

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Your haunted house will progress much more smoothly if you make a few key decisions before setting up. Map out your location before you do anything else. Think about: Will the haunted house start outside? How many rooms will you use? How many people can fit in the rooms? How will people enter and exit? Maybe you want to turn your entire house into a haunted haven. Or maybe you just want to haunt the basement, garage or backyard. Think about the space you're going to work with as you make plans.

Attendees 

Who's coming to your haunted house? Make it appropriate for your audience. 1. If your haunted house will be patronized by toddlers, stick to friendly scares. 2. If you are inviting a more hardened adult/teenage set, the gorier the better. 3. If your haunted house's attendees will be mixed in age range, create a separate section with scarier parts for older kids.

Haunted Theme 

Of course your haunted house will have frights and scares, but you may want to add a theme as well. Possible themes include: 1. Scary creatures: werewolves, witches, and vampires 2. Scary movies: Jason, Freddy, and Michael, or maybe the Corpse Bride. 3. Ghosts and poltergeists: whether it's Casper or something scarier, ghosts always lend a haunting atmosphere. 4. Favorite toys: if the attendees like Transformers, have a robot section. If Barbie is more their style, a chamber of haunted Barbies may be just the thing. Haunts on a budget 

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Set the perfect haunted mood by decorating your home in the true Halloween spirit! String lights with Halloween colors outside. Cover your furniture with white sheets, for an abandoned appearance. Drape mirrors with cheesecloth. Paint witches or hanging figures on your window shades. Backlit, and seen from the outside, they are a sign of more scares to come!

Denver Haunted Houses

5. If there are areas of the house that will be off-limits, mark them as such with police tape.  For extra scares, have a CD player emitting screams, sighs, and moans from the cloistered area.

Haunts for bigger wallets 

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Skeletons, ghosts, bats, rats, spiders: use props to create the right atmosphere. Set up a graveyard that visitors must stroll past to enter the haunted house. Make fake tombstones with insulation board.  You can buy insulation board at home supply stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. Use a hot knife to cut them into the right shapes, and then paint them gray.  If you like, paint guests' names on the graves, for extra ghoulish effect. If the graves are outside, pile mounds of earth around them so they look freshly dug.  You can do this inside too, if you don't mind the mess! Create ghoulish arms reaching out of their graves by having a fake hand reaching out of an old sleeve.  You can also make fake hands by filling surgical gloves with sand. Use styrofoam heads from beauty supply stores to create disembodied murder victims.  Extra points for blood and knives! Make coffins, either out of plywood or cardboard.  Use a large cardboard box cut into pieces to make a coffin. 

Decorate with skeletons, fake cobwebs, spiders, bats and rats.  If you have the mechanical skills, put fake rats or spiders on motorized tracks, so they move! 7. Make bats out of black construction paper and hang them from the ceiling. 8. Ghosts can be made by with a styrofoam ball, fishing line, and old white sheets.  Poke a hole through the styrofoam ball with a drill or coat hanger.  Thread fishing line through the hole with a needle.  Pass the needle and fishing line through center of the white sheet.  Tie the fishing line into a loop.  Using the tied-off loop, hang your ghost in a corner or alcove.  Arrange the sheet so it's centered over the ball.  Add spooky eyes with glow in the dark paint. 9. For a haunted house event that will please the younger set, turn cardboard boxes into a small maze.  You, or your kids, can decorate the boxes with glow-in-the-dark paints beforehand. 10. Take fishbowls or other clear bowls and fill them with gory delights.  In the dark, cold spaghetti can be a poor soul's intestines.  A bowl of peeled grapes are a witch's supply of newt eyes.  Pumpkin flesh can be a rotting zombie brain.

Denver Haunted Houses

11. Put plastic brains or other organs in clear jars, then add colored water. You've now got a mad scientist's specimen. 12. Make a smoking cauldron with dry ice inside a black pot. Just add water and let the smoke pour out.  Use caution when you handle dry ice, and never touch it with bare hands! 13. If you like, use a fog machine for a spooky atmosphere. You can even make your own fog machine!  If using a fog machine, chill the fog with ice before unleashing it, so the fog doesn't float away too quickly.  Enjoy these props and effects, but remember that less is more. Don't feel that you have to decorate every corner of your house. Fewer props, hidden in unexpected locations, make for more scares!4

Story Story is one area people don’t think of when making a haunted house, and it can make or break your haunt. Think about it sitting around a camp fire, making smores isn’t scary, but if you add a ghost story watch out. With a good story you set the mood, emotions, and the mindset of your visitors. Here is some examples of great stories. 13th Door (Ranked one of the best Haunts in America). The folks over at the 13th Door call their story, “The legend of the 13th Door.” On a very cold October night, John Barrington a wealthy Denver millionaire was throwing his Daughter a wedding party to remember in his hotel, the Barrington Hotel. Andrew Barrington, John’s nephew, had a terrible gambling problem and he owed lots of money to a bunch of shady people. Many of them had grown tired of Andrew’s empty promises and were demanding that he make good on his debts or there would be severe Consequences. That is why Andrew came to his uncle’s hotel, desperately seeking his Uncle’s help, but his Uncle was a scrooge and refused his pleadings, and had hotel security throw him out.

Andrew was driven insane with rage at his Uncle’s response, and returned that evening when the party was in full swing. Andrew locked all exits to the hotel and started a fire. The rescuers and bystanders at the scene were tormented by the screams of those trapped inside. Only after the fire was put out, was the full horror of the tragedy known. Every burned bodies found was their missing hands, cut off and left for stumps. In a sick act of revenge Andrew rendered them unable to open any windows or doors, and instead left them to burn alive.

Denver Haunted Houses

When the authorities reached the scene they found one victim outside the hotel. Deeply burned and moments from his death he blurted out “He said….he said……Andrew said…… I left one door unlocked……to survive you must find THE 13TH DOOR!”

Now the people at the 13th Door tell ever single visitor this story before they enter the Haunted House, and do you think they’re ready to be freaked out…..Ooooo….yeah! No wonder this has been voted one of the best haunted houses in America, let alone Denver, and after hearing their story I bet you can guess what their theme is too! So take these considerations into account when building your own haunted house, and be sure to visit the best Denver Haunted Houses!

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Denver Haunted Houses

How To Make A Haunted House  

Why stumble through the process of making a haunted house for your Neighborhood, when you can learn from the PROs!

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