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ALDAR YAS ISLAND MALL [ABU DHABI, UAE] ESTABLISHING THE NEW STANDARD FOR MIDDLE EAST RETAIL CENTERS, YAS MALL BUILDS ON THE DEEP TRADITIONS OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST SHOPPING STREETS AND CIVIC SPACES WHILE ALSO CREATING A BOLD ARCHITECTURAL LANGUAGE UNIQUE TO THE REGION. RTKL’s design for Yas Mall defines a series of distinct urban neighborhoods that support an overarching merchandise strategy and provides tenants a wealth of spaces to choose from, including double-height stores, value retail and high-end venues. The interior spaces, encompassing Avenues, Streets, Boulevards, and Squares, each have their own architectural personality and tenant mix and bring scale and visual interest to the scheme, while also enhancing circulation, navigation and orientation throughout the 345,000-SM center. A system of light-filled interior malls links the neighborhoods, ensuring that all elements of Yas Mall work together and that shoppers can easily explore all that the retail center has to offer.

Client ALDAR Properties PJSC Services Interior Architecture and Design, Architecture, Conceptual Design, Design Guidelines 122


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