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PARADISE DUTY FREE [BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA] LOCATED IN THE HEART OF A HOTEL AND CASINO COMPLEX, PARADISE DUTY FREE IS A 23,200-SF HIGH-END RETAIL DESTINATION. RTKL’S BRANDED ENVIRONMENT ATTRACTS NEW CLIENTELE AND CREATES A VISUALLY ENHANCED SHOPPING EXPERIENCE. With input from the client, RTKL developed a design solution that not only reflects the luxury identity associated with the Duty Free shops but also evokes childhood memories of growing up by the sea. On the lower levels sand-colored materials are reminiscent of the ocean floor while ascending levels boast lighter color schemes as if one was rising toward the surface. At the top level, the space culminates with a skylight illuminating large kite-like sculptures, again stemming from memories of playing at the beach. Lighting accents create a blue, water-like glow throughout the space while floor treatments create a Doppler effect on each level.

Client Paradise Duty Free Services Interior Architecture and Design, Environmental Graphic Design, Lighting Design 114


commercial design  
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