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How to Develop an Effective French Drainage System The major problem faced by the individuals is standing water that not only affects the landscape of the property but can also lead to the unhygienic surroundings. Standing water can destroy the vegetation, flowers and trees of your garden. Therefore, it is necessary that you take effective steps towards developing an outstanding drainage system. A French drainage system can prove to be the best for you as it is an in-ground system that provides effective water drainage in the water standing areas. This system can direct the water away from your plants and provide them a healthy environment to grow and flourish. If you are also facing the same problem, you can install a French Drainage system in your property. In order to do it yourself, you can follow the following steps discussed further in the article. a. The first thing you need to do is to find a low-lying area where your drain can dispose water. Make sure that the place is barren with no plants. A pond on your property can be the best place for emptying the drain. Keep in mind that the place selected by you should be downward sloping so that the water can easily run down. b. Dig a ditch in the area that is suffering from the issues of standing water and take it to the spot where you can empty it. The trench should be dug 18 inches in depth and six inches in width. c. The trench created by you should be covered by gravel up to 1 inch from the bottom. Cover the gravel with a landscape fabric. This fabric should be laid down from one part of the ditch to another and go down across the length of the trench. d. After placing the landscape fabric correctly you need to fill the trench with sand till; the top. You should prefer to use the coarse sand that does not become massive on getting wet as it will raise the drainage issue. e. In order to make this French drainage systems invisible you can use sod and place it on the sand. If you wish to keep them visible to keep a regular check on the drainage system you can leave the above two inches of the trench vacant and fill it with gravel instead of sod. This will help you in identifying the drainage system. The French Drainage System can be an effective way to get rid of the standing water in your landscape. You can develop it yourself following the above discussed instructions. Austin Drainage Specialist at is one of the finest landscaping specialists in Austin. They specialized in Commercial and residential drainage

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How to Develop an Effective French Drainage System  

The major drainage problem faced in the entire houses which will affects the landscape of the property which leads to the polluted surroundi...

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