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Ways to Fit


K-12 School Choice & Education Resource Fair

Meet face to face with school reps and get the answers to your questions!

Saturday, September 24, 2011 | 2-5 p.m. UT Commons Learning Center Find the RIGHT school, right now!

Into The


St. Paul

Lutheran School

What We Believe: We believe, teach and confess the saving grace of Jesus Christ. The Power of God and His Gospel message is the central focus of St Paul Lutheran School. We believe the purpose of St. Paul Lutheran School is to help students grow in their relationship with God, others and themselves, to help them acquire knowledge and understanding, and to develop talents and skills for responsible living and service. We believe providing our students with Christian teachers support our fidelity to the Christian Faith. Our teachers: † † †

Are certified to provide instruction in all the academic areas; Model Christian behavior, nurture Christian values, and Integrate the principles of justification by grace through faith revealed from the Bible into all subjects and activities.

We recognize that each student’s interests, needs and learning styles must be individually addressed in order to help them develop the skills necessary to solve problems, communicate effectively and think creatively.

Providing a Quality Christian Education

St Paul Lutheran School provides a vigorous, challenging and comprehensive curriculum for all students in grades pk3-8th grade. Our students' test scores and scholarships pay tribute to their hard work and dedication to learning. This is why... We Believe in Your Child

3501 Red River StreetAustin, Texas 78705 • (512) 472-8301 • 2 | FALL 2011 | School Choice

School Placement Consulting Service Created by Parents for Parents

Saturday, September 24th 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. UT Commons Learning Center (Across from the Domain)

INFORMATION SEMINARS How to Find the Right School Boarding Schools - Breaking the Stereotype Financing Your Child’s Education Charter & Magnet Schools: Your Tuition Free Option Register Online - Seminar Space Limited

PAST PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS Abercorn International School ACE Academy Austin Bilingual School Austin International School Austin Jewish Academy Austin School for the Performing and Visual Arts Brentwood Christian Brook Hill School City School Concordia High School Girls School of Austin Griffin School Fountain Valley School

The Governor’s Academy Grace Academy Harbor Christian Academy Hebron Academy Holy Word Lutheran Hyde Park Baptist The Khabele School Kirby Hall School Lawrence Academy Middlesex School Miss Porter’s School New Hampton School Orme School Paragon Prep

Parkside Community School Redeemer Lutheran School Regents School of Austin San Marcus Baptist Academy St. Andrew’s Episcopal St. Mark’s School St. Gabriel’s Catholic School St. Paul Lutheran School St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Trinity Episcopal School Valley Forge Military Academy The Web School Westover School

School Choice | Fall 2011 | 3

Parkside Community School Montessori from the heart, in the heart of Austin. At Parkside Community School our goal is for each child to become an independent, self-reliant person with the skills necessary to achieve their own goals, the ability to make a positive contribution to society, and to have an awareness of the interrelated nature of all life.

Are treated with respect and dignity Love learning

Parkside is a non-profit Montessori school serving preschool and elementary age children. We offer quality Montessori education while cultivating social skills and a strong sense of community through school-wide activities and outdoor experiences.

Take enriching arts and music classes

Go off to top colleges

1701 Toomey Road Austin, TX. 78704 Ph: (512) 472-2559

Progressive College Prep for grades 6 - 12 Join us for a tour on Thursdays at 8:45am 480-8142

4 | FALL 2011 | School Choice


School Spotlight: Kirby Hall School


Parent to Parent: Find The Right School, Right Now! Never heard of a K-12 Private and Independent School Fair? Read about how Founder of Our Austin City Kids plans on changing that!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Coming in October: The Inaugural Issue of

School Choice

Private School Admission Time line Follow a simple checklist to take the anxiety out of the private school admission process.


Will include :


Feature Articles written by

Ways to Fit Education into the Family Budget With record numbers of Americans in debt, learn 3 new tips to help increase your college fund.


School School first women’s one the top

A School Guide to Private and Independent Schools

* ACE Academy * Parkside Community Montessori * St. Timothy’s School * All Girls Boarding School

Spotlight: Kirby Hall Find out how one of the dorms in Texas now houses private schools in Austin

* Abacus Brain

School Choice PUBLISHER/EDITOR Brandee Davis ART DIRECTOR Jaymar Davis ADVERTISING SALES Interested in advertising in the full version of School Choice? Contact Or call 512.576.2500 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS School Choice is a division of Our Austin City Kids School Placement Consulting Agency. Views expressed in School Choice do not necessarily represent those of the publisher. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written consent of the publisher.


School Choice | Fall 2011 | 5

September 24, 2011 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Parent to Parent Letter from the Editor By: Brandee Davis

More than just a SLOGAN!

UT Commons Learning Center 10100 Burnet Road Austin, TX 78758

Dear Parents: First let me say Thank You for your interest in School Choice - Austin’s first magazine totally dedicated to the exploring education issues and shining the spotlight on local public, private, and boarding schools as well as businesses that provide educational resources in and around Austin and surrounding areas.

Ask An Expert Q&A from a School Placement Consultant

The inaugural issue of School Choice will be available in October but parents can pick up “early bird” copies at the K-12 School Choice and Education Resource Fair that will be held on September 24, 2011 at The University of Texas Commons Learning Center located on the JJ Pickle Research Campus - across from The Domain. This fair is a must for any parent that is interested in the options that are available when it comes to educating their child. At Our Austin City Kids - the parent company of School Choice - we believe that there is a right school for every child (and it’s not just based on your zip code!) Created by parents for parents it is our sincere hope that School Choice becomes a trusted and valuable resource for you and your family. Please enjoy our preview issue and be sure to visit us online at to give us some feedback on what you like (don’t like) or want to see in future issues. Wishing all of our kids a wonderful summer!

Brandee Davis

Brandee Davis Age: 5 Wife and mother of two, Brandee Davis and her family live in South Austin.

Q & A

I realize the private vs. public school quandary has been hashed over many times but I have a more specific question regarding this general topic. There is little doubt in my mind that the very best private school is better than even the very best public school for what I want for my children, i.e. rigorous academics and small classes. The essential question is whether the cost of private school education (~15k/yr) is really worth it in the first few years of elementary school? Setting a good foundation is important not only when building houses, but also when it comes to reading, writing and arithmetic. However, there is no right answer to this question. My advice would be for you to write down what are your top 5 things you are looking for in a school and do your research. Tour private schools as well as public. At the end of the day only you can make that decision. One parent to another: Trust your instincts!



What is a school placement consultant and why would I need one?

If you are a parent who has asked yourself “When will I find the time to research schools?” Then a school placement consultant might be right for your family. A school placement consultant provides families with individual attention and aids in taking the anxiety out of the school selection process.

6 | FALL 2011 | School Choice

Whether you are looking for a preschool, private or public school a school placement consultant is there to provide and gather information on schools that best fit the needs of your child and family.

Our Austin City Kids School Placement Consulting Agency provides affordable customized services that take the anxiety out of finding the right school. Visit us at

School Admission Time line

The Governor’s Academy

Your Checklist for Mastering Private School Admissions Navigating the private school admission process can be a daunting task. With all your options, deadlines and paperwork to fill out going it alone is not for the weak at heart. Ideally you should begin your search for the right private school a year in advance of when you actually want to enroll. This simple guideline is designed to give parents an overview of a typical private school admissions process. Please make sure you double check with the specific schools that you are interested in to find out detailed information about each school’s admission process.

Create a list of schools you are interested in Talk with a school placement consultant about assisting your family with your school search Develop a criteria list of what you are looking for in a school



Attend the K-12 Private and Independent School Fair

Register for SSAT and ISEE and any other entrance exam


Request admission packet from best match schools

Narrow down list of schools that meet your needs Arrange school tours and attend open houses

November - December

Arrange for any SSAT/ ISEE test preparation Ask persons for letters of recommendation


Take standardized tests

Submit all school application materials

Wrap up school visits and interviews

Request and complete financial aid forms Complete interviews


March Decision letter for schools with January— February deadlines arrive mid-month PUBLIC OPTIONS: Visit your local charter and magnet school to pick up application Turn in application one to two weeks early

April—May Let respective schools know your decision If you were wait listed or did not get acceptance into your school of choice. WEIGH YOUR OTHER OPTIONS Most charter and magnet schools have their lottery in May

June—July Get ready for a summer of fun if your new school offers a summer program Enroll in enrichment courses to beat summer brain drain Start getting ready for back to school—it’ll be here before you know!



If you are just starting to look for a school– RESEARCH. RESEARCH.

Check to see if school has summer program




Complete written applications including essays




n Si


bi Sed A




Think Governor’s First New England’s oldest boarding school, educating young scholars and citizens since 1763. For bright, talented and ambitious boys and girls in grades 9-12. Inquire today: 978-499-3120 The Governor’s Academy, Byfield, MA

School Choice | Fall 2011 | 7

8 | FALL 2011 | School Choice


Smart Tips w w Fit



Into the Family Budget

College Cost in 2022

Raising kids is a lot of things— rewarding, challenging, fulfilling and of course expensive. With record numbers of Americans in debt, it might seem difficult to find a way to add college to the family budget. Here are three ways you can tackle your debt and free up money for your child’s college education.


Put the brakes on spending

Use online debt reduction tools

Save. Save. Save!

Tuition at private colleges and universities has increased anywhere from 5% to 13% every year since 1980. At the current rate, which has slowed but not stopped, annual tuition bills at private 4 year colleges will average $69,227 in 2022 when children born in 2004 start college. Calculator Tool

REASON IT WORKS: The first step to clearing the way for your child to go to college is to put the brakes on your spending. Paying off one credit card while continuing to spend on another will keep you drowning in debt.

For those looking for an automated way to chart their debts and their debt repayment plan, the credit reporting agency has introduced an online debt reduction tool, DebtWise, that automatically prioritizes the debts from Equifax Credit Report in order to help you pay them off faster.

It’s always a good idea to add funds to college savings accounts whenever possible to make sure that you have even more to rely on. As you pay down your debt and create a college nest egg, you’ll be banking on your child’s future!

Princeton Review’s Best Value Colleges for 2011 USA Today has teamed up with The Princeton Review to highlight the top 100 “Best Value” Colleges in the United States. These colleges and universities were chosen because they provide high-quality academics at a reasonable price, either by controlling costs or offsetting them with world-class financial aid packages. Top 5 Public Colleges

Top 5 Public Colleges

1. Swarthmore College 2. Duke 3. Princeton 4. California Institute of Technology 5. Harvard

1. University of Virginia 2. New College of Florida 3. University of Florida 4. State University of New York—Binghamton 5. University of Georgia

Three Texas schools were included on the list: * * *

The University of Texas at Austin Rice University Texas A&M University—College Station

National College Fair

Is it time to decide which postsecondary option is right for you? Plan to attend a NACAC College Fair for information on: • Admission requirements • Financial aid • Testing • College majors Seek opportunity––meet with representatives from the world of higher education––and look forward to tomorrow!

Coming to Austin: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

School Choice | Fall 2011 | 9

10 | FALL 2011 | School Choice

SCHOOL STATISTICS GRADES: Pre-K thru 12th TYPE OF Advanced , College CURRICULUM: Preparatory TUITION: $8,550 plus fees FINANCIAL AID:

Yes. Average per family is 25% of tuition


2011 Still accepting students

BEFORE AND Yes . Ranges from AFTER CARE: $963 to $1925 / year EXTRA Piano, guitar, taekwonCURRICULAR: do, fees vary AVERAGE CLASS 1:10 SIZE:

KIRBY HALL Any parent who hears about a college preparatory school that serves Pre-K through 12th grade has to get excited. Small class sizes, phonics for kindergartners, Saxon Math for all grades, and 96th to 100th percentile Iowa Basic test scores are all on the short list of aspects that make Kirby Hall a premier school. But what students who are taught manner as a course requirement, an entire graduating class being accepted into college many their first choice or students in a dual credit program actually walking to and from their class on UT’s campus? Surprised? For the parents of the Kirby Hall Penguins these are just some of the reason why Kirby Hall is their school of choice.

Kirby Hall Facts: •

Class sizes range from 10:1 to 12:1 on average, allowing for a Socratic teaching method and enhanced instruction.

We are a Christian nondenominational school and value the opportunity to instill in the children Christian virtues and values.

Beginning in the seventh grade, our

students learn how to do research at UT’s PCL library in both the stacks and on its data-bases. We also take them to exhibits and performances at the University, including those at the Blanton Art Museum, the Harry Ransom Center and the annual London Stage Actors Group’s performance of Shakespeare. •

Class sizes range from 12:1 to 15:1 on average, allowing for a Socratic teaching method and enhanced instruction.

Solid Foundation The classical white columns against burnt red brick pavers, personify not only the rich history of the building but also Kirby Hall. Established in 1976, The founders of Kirby Hall wanted their children at home and not in boarding schools and they hoped to avoid the isolation of homeschooling . they wanted their children to be treated with respect. It was thought that if students were given recognition for their individual talents and strengths, each

student would feel secure and approach the effort to learn with a greater trust of their own abilities and that success would come more readily. Photography by Kim Pluskota Photography and Graphic Design

Contact Information Director of Admission: Helen Roberts Contact: 512.474.1770 E-mail:

School Choice | Fall 2011 | 11

Austin’s Online Private School Directory Created by Parents for Parents Our Austin City Kids is MORE than just a private school directory! FREE WORKSHOPS and SEMINARS Topics for 2010 - 2011 Insider Tips to the Private School Process Deciding if Boarding School is a Good Fit Kindergarten Isnt Kindergarten Anymore Financining Your Child’s Education K-12 Private School Fair Daycare and Preschool Preview Log onto for event details. Partner Private and Boarding Schools:

Kirby Hall School Austin Jewish Academy San Marcos Baptist Academy St. Gabriel’s Catholic School St. Paul Lutheran School The City School Grace Academy The Orme School (AZ)

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Brentwood Christian School Valley Forge Military Academy (PA) The Kahable School Westover Girls School (CT) Holy Word Lutheran School Harbor Christian Academy The Governor’s Academy (CT)

12 | FALL 2011 | School Choice

Schools: Interested in partnering with O.A.C.K.? Contact Brandee Davis Email: Phone: 576-2500

Holy Word Lutheran School Preparing DisciplesSharing God's Love Holy Word Lutheran School offers a high-quality Christian education for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. We have been serving the Austin area for over 30 years. Your child deserves a great school. We are that school.

Our Mission Holy Word Lutheran School exists to glorify God and to further his kingdom through Biblical and spiritual training of children; through Gospel-centered ministry to families; through quality academic training; and through ministry-minded service to Jesus.

10601 Bluff Bend Dr. Austin, TX 78753 • Phone: 512-836-0660

A Classical Christian School 225 Grace Blvd, Georgetown, TX 78633 | 512-864-9500 office

Math Learning and Tutoring Experts One-on-One · K - College · Test Prep Catch Up · Get Ahead · Stay Ahead Boost Confidence Enhance Problem Solving Skills Georgetown 900 N Austin Ave Suite 127 (512) 869-6284

North Austin 10401 Anderson Mill Rd Suite 109A (512) 331-6284

South Austin 3601 W William Cannon Dr Suite 275 (512) 275-6522

Steiner Ranch 4300 N Quinlan Park Suite 215 (512) 284-9849

Round Rock 1500 South A W Grimes Blvd (512) 415-5371


Grace Academy is an independent school without institutional ties to a particular church or denomination. Our Statement of Faith is focused on the truths that have bound orthodox Protestant Christians together through the ages, across the boundaries of time, place, race, denominaOur Mission tion and tradition. As To glorify God by such, our Statement of serving parents in Faith distinguishes providing their between primary and children a secondary doctrine. distinctly Christ-centered, academically excellent, classical education as a foundation for life-long learning.

“Be doers of the Word and not hearers only”

School Choice | Fall 2011 | 13

PHONE: 512-576-2500 ▪ E-MAIL:

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October 1

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Advanced payment is required for all new accounts. E-mail materials to: Submitting your artwork is easy! Please submit camera ready artwork. Camera ready artwork is artwork that can be scanned without further touch up, preparation or changes. All artwork should be color separated and registered to size. If the artwork sent is not completely camera ready, we can try to touch it up. We can do simple typesetting free of charge. However, if there is extensive work that needs to be done, our art department will let you know if it can be done and what additional charges would be involved to make it camera ready for you. Issue to issue ad changes are free of charge. Each advertiser is solely responsible for any and all photos used in their ads and for obtaining photo releases. Your photos, graphics and logos can be provided as digital images with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Emailing of text is encouraged. We accept digital files. We prefer a distilled PDF file with all fonts and graphics Embedded and the resolution set at 1200. Files should be composed in CMYK (4-color process). We also accept the following formats: eps, tiff or jpg, Files must be in the correct dimensions with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. We cannot accept files that are not in the required format and prefer to create your ad for you if you are not sure of the formats we use.

14 | FALL 2011 | School Choice

In Every Issue: • Up-to-date details on public and private schools • Feature articles exploring a variety of education topics • Private school information At-a-Glance • Trends and happenings in education • A who’s who of associations and accrediting agencies • Helpful education tips and terminology • An educational resources section • Color-coded region-by-region School directories • A Boarding School directory And much more! For a media kit: Interested in finding out more about School Choice magazine? Contact your local sales rep by calling 512.576.2500 or e-mail 2011 - 2012 Editorial Calendar Fall 2011 Inaugural Issue

Winter 2012

Spring 2012

K-12 School Guide

Preschool Preview Guide

Summer Camp & Enrichment Guide

This issue will focus on educational issues that effect K-12 students and their families and will include a K-12 School Guide featuring over 60 public, private and boarding schools as well as education resources & extra curricular activities.

This issue will focus on early childhood education and will include a region by region preschool and day-care guide for parents of kids ages 5 and under.

This issue will focus on things parents need to know about summer camps and summer academic enrichment programs and will include a guide

PHONE: 512-576-2500 â–Ş E-MAIL:

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School Choice | Fall 2011 | 15

What’s more than a great education?


St. Gabriel’s Catholic School pre-Kindergarten - eighth grade all faithS Welcome

for more information or to schedule a private tour, contact our Admissions Office at 512-327-7755.

• Kidventure • Sports camps • Just imagine • Summer Journeys Open to all area kids to explore these and other summer camp opportunities, visit our website: SportS, Spiritual academic leaderShip Service fine artS & excellence formation learning life languageS 16 | FALL 2011 | School Choice

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