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as they ‘chugged’ along with imaginative madeup stories together.


Chug the Bug: Chug Makes New Friends is an original rhyming story about a timid young bug named Chug, who doesn’t quite know what type of bug he actually is. As autumn approaches, school begins, and it’s time for him to leave for his very first day! On this adventure, Chug will meet all kinds of wondrous bugs as they make their way to school together. But as challenges arise, they’ll discover that with teamwork, anything is possible!

Just in time for back-to-school, Kid’s Play Books, LLC launches Chug the Bug: Chug Makes New Friends mobile eBook app, which promises to help a whole new crop of kids transition from home to school.

3D Interaction The Chug the Bug 3D Interactive Storybook App launched the Amazon Kindle and iTunes platforms July 25; it became available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac on July 26th. A version for the NOOK, Google Play’s Android as well as Windows Mobile platforms will be coming soon.

Behind the Story

To Inspire

Chug the Bug: Chug Makes New Friends was written as a story that could be fun for children of all ages while helping to develop their sense of self-identity and contribute as a form of positive moral and social guidance. As a result, the majority of the themes focus on relatively common childhood experiences—the emotions felt when leaving parents for the first time, learning to manage and be involved in social interactions as individuals, and navigating through unfamiliar and sometimes strange places.

The 3D interactive storybook app uses “highquality art... to create stories that take full advantage of multimedia, computing power, and inter-connected capabilities of mobile devices to entertain, educate, and inspire.” –Mobad Media

Kid’s Play Books, LLC.

How the Story Originated Chug the Bug was originally created as a bedtime story by Brent Angie for his son whom was 4 years old at the time. It was during this nightly ‘downtime,’ usually right after coming home from work travels, that he and his son would ‘catch up’ together, resulting in many wonderful imaginative stories based upon their experiences of school beginnings. It was the exact opposite conditions of Brent’s traveling work environment—a time which was enjoyably slower like that of a caterpillar— School Choice

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Back to School Edition  

September is here and school is back in session.

Back to School Edition  

September is here and school is back in session.