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ᨃែ M I M E S I S



Mimesis noun: imitation of the real world, as by re-creating instances of human action and events or portraying objects found in nature


PERSPECTIVE shape the way we live...”

-Bad Suns

伝 記

My belief is that inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. At a young age, I would often look to drawing as a form of release from the stress and struggles of growing up. I could spend hours drawing the same picture over and over again until I have fully conceptualized my ideas. Now, as a 20 year old, I am studying design, and learning how to use my art as a means for future development and inspiration for others. I am currently a student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa pursuing a career in the field of Architecture. My concentration deals with Urban Design, and focuses on the social and cultural aspects of urban development within emerging cities. As much as I would like to admit my future that will be great, I don’t know what my future holds for me. Statistically, as a designer, there is a higher rate of failure, but I know that optimism and hard work will lead me to greater places, regardless if it’s in the field of design, or something completely different.

自 分

Austin Chun 18083893728 1995-07-21

学 校 仕 事

Education Bachelors of Environmental Design University of Hawaii, Manoa 2013-present High School Education Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama 2009-2013

Work Experience University of Hawaii Press and Publications Student Graphic Designer June 2015-present Kipling-USA Part-Time Sales Associate June 2015-August 2015 Leeward Community College Social Media Assistant Jun 2014- Aug 2014

技 術

Software Experience



As artists, we look to inspire each other with our own unique style. Growing up, I never had professional classes teaching me how to draw, so I studied other artists’ styles closely; taking the time to understand their hand at their own craft, and manipulating my own style in the process. This process would later be taught to me as the term case study, in which we study individuals or groups of artists to better understand their work and craft. My goal as an artist is not only to showcase my work, but also to inspire others as well.

1 Mimic //


Audrey Kawasaki


Design through Inspiration

James Jean

Katsuya Terada

Kim Jung Gi



One of the most fundamental forms of design is basic sketching. Utilizing this tool can actually improve the artists motives, and produce better results. It not only allows for mistakes, but also leaves room for ideas to continue to flow. It is important to understand that no complete idea is ever complete without fully emerging oneself into the initial thought process. Developing strong sketches also shapes the language of our design; adding an extra layer of information to the piece.

2 Conceptualize //

Consumption Series//: This was a study on the influences of nature over human behavior; creating interesting anomolies based on their effects.

Human Interaction with Nature

2 Conceptualize //

Human Emotion Portrayal

Emotional State of Physicality//: This series dealt with the concept of basic human emotions, and how we feel while experiencing this mentality.



For some time now, I have been doing commission based work regarding the fandom community. The fandom community is referred to those who appreciate a particular media (TV, video games, etc.). This type of artwork is known as “fan art�, where an artist is commissioned to draw a character or scene from a particular media. In doing this, it actually strengthens the bond between artist and community, as it appeals to a good population. Many see this as settling, but it actually makes for a better artist. Being forced to study characters makes the artist understand the reasoning behind their particular design. I don’t see this as another way to make money, but as a way to learn more about different forms of art styles, and add my personal touch to them.

Character Redesign

3 Revision //

Understanding Settings

Set Design//: This series dealt with understanding settings, and playing with lighting and color in order to achieve certain feelings

3 Revision //

Original Character Redevelopment//: This series was assigned to me based off characters from a clients video game. The idea was to remake players based off 8-bi CG (computer generated) characters.

Commission Project: Ragnarok





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Graphic Portfolio 2015  
Graphic Portfolio 2015  

This is my graphic media portfolio. This is a compilation of my work throughout my years in college, and it is constantly evolving. Feel fr...