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I wanted to write creatively because I feel as if I gain far more from writing creatively than I do from examining blips of my life. As I was writing my friends Drew, Bryan, Joe, and Josh surrounded me. They were pitching all sorts of crackpot ideas that were not relevant to my story whatsoever. I tried to take them and make them relevant. My dearest brother Bryan asked me “What are you gonna call this piece of sh*& anyway?” I wasn’t sure but I could tell by his wide grin that he had concocted a title of his own. “Call it Lunch Time at Barnaby Willows!” he said. “Now, Bryan how exactly am I to pull off a title such as this.” I uttered as I sipped tea from the finest china. Then it hit me, I now had a setting for my paper and additional snapshots. Titles don’t always have to encompass the entirety of a work of literature. In fact, sometimes they seem so irrelevant but have a bit of hidden meaning. Josh wanted a cannibalistic attribute to be added that I later removed upon revision. I enjoy dark humor, inside jokes, constant sarcasm, and an overly condescending attitude because it amuses me, but I couldn’t bring my self to be too distasteful. I’m not saying I don’t take my English class seriously because I do take it very seriously. I would just rather write something enjoyable for the reader on the surface but upon further review you may find some more meaning. I’m not going to pretend to be really good at writing though. I ended up going back and making my paper less ridiculous. I tried to make it less confusing because of what Mr. Naftzinger said but I intended for it to be confusing at first. I also went back and worked more snapshots into it so it would read less like a narrative. There was still one paragraph that was questionable as far as snapshots go.

Lunch Time at Barnaby Willows  
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