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My idea for this paper was to write about why young adults should be watching some cartoons. I wrote a lot about Adventure Time, Regular Show, Animaniacs, and Disney. I tried to write what I could about the adult type humor and the easter eggs and the subtle things that the creators put into the shows that make them great. I covered the appeal that comes from the art style and also the time the animators and what not put into the show. They add a lot of little things to the shows that really make them great. I mostly covered the humor of the show, but I didn’t expand on it much. I focused a lot on the humor and aspects that would appeal to readers of less serious and more informal magazines. I thought of my audience as young men and women around the ages of 15-30 and I was hoping that it would be something entertaining. It would be an article to go in a magazine for younger kids to college kids mostly. I spent a lot of time on Netflix and youtube finding parts of the shows that I wanted to include. As jokes and scenes that I wanted to include came up I would pause my show and write a bit about it. The process took much longer than it probably should have, but I enjoyed it. My main issue was that the revising was pretty overwhelming since I mostly just wrote as I went. I worked a lot of jokes from the same shows into the paragraphs and I probably need to fix the order of it all a bit still.

You should be watching Memo/Reflection