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Preorder Fishmonger (Order deadline 4:00 pm, Wednesday 11 February) New England Day Boat St. George River Sm elt, Maine (minimum order 1 lb) Small fish with a cucumber fragrance. Great for frying or roasting. Casco Bay Cod (minimum order: whole fish, 10-15 lb) Delicate flaky white fish. Available for fillet. (2 lb minimum)

Haddock (minimum order: whole fish 10-15 lb) Versatile flaky white fish is excellent baked, poached or in chowders.

$ 6.50/ lb

whole $ 8.95 fillet $ 13.95 whole $ 7.95/ lb fillet $ 12.95/ lb

Hake (minimum order: whole fish 10-15 lb) Mild flavored white fish, good for pan-frying or broiling.

whole $ 7.95/ lb fillet $12.95/ lb

Rosefish (minimum order: whole fish 2-3 lb) Perch Family. Delicate, mild flavored white fish.

$ 4.95/ lb

Lem on Sole (minimum order: whole fish 1-2 lb) Flat fish. Thin and sweet fillets. Good for roulades or simply sautéed with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

whole $ 7.95/ lb fillet $ 20.95/ lb

Skate W ing (minimum order: whole wing, app. 2 lb) Flat white-fleshed fish with soft bones. Poached or pan-fry with a simple caper and butter sauce. Also makes for an excellent soup or broth.

$ 4.95/ lb

M onkfish (minimum order: 5- 10 lb) ‘Poor man’s lobster.’ Meaty white flesh fish for broiling, baking, poaching.

$ 10.95/ lb

M onkfish Livers (minimum order: 1 lb, 2-3 per lb) ‘foie gras of the sea’

$ 16.50/ lb

N & S Atlantic and other Imported W ild King Salm on, Nova Scotia (minimum order: 2 lb filet) 10-15 lb whole fish.

whole $27.50/ lb fillet $37.50/ lb

Black Seabass, Virginia (minimum order: whole fish 3-4 lb) Rich, oily, and flavorful fish. Bake whole, braise, or grill.

$ 12.50/ lb

Fluke, Delaware (minimum order: whole fish 2-4 lb) Flat Fish. Sashimi grade.

$ 13.50/ lb

Baby Squid, Delaware (minimum order: 2 lb fillet) Cleaned.

$ 9.50/ lb

M ahi M ahi, Florida (minimum order: 2 lb fillet) whole fish: 10-12 lb

whole $ 6.95/ lb fillet $10.95/ lb

Am erican Red Snapper, Florida (minimum order: whole fish 2-4 lb)

$ 12.50/ lb

Yellow Edge Grouper, Florida (minimum order: whole fish 6-10 lb) Dense meat fish suitable for various cooking applications.

$ 13.95/ lb

North Atlantic Sw ordfish, Nova Scotia (minimum order: 3 lb wheel) Dense, firm, pink fleshed fish. Ideal for grilling or pan-frying.

$ 17.95/ lb

Brown Baquetta, Hawaii (minimum order: whole fish 10 lb) Bass family.

$ 12.95/ lb

M arlin, Hawaii (minimum order: 3 lb) Sashimi grade.

$ 21.75/ lb

Yellow Fin Tuna, Hawaii (minimum order: 3 lb wheel) Sushi grade tuna.

$ 24.95/ lb

Thai Pink Snapper, New Zealand (minimum order: whole fish 4-6 lbs) Delicate white flesh. Sashimi grade.

$ 15.95/ lb

Red M ullet Portugal (minimum order: 3 lb) True rouget. 1-pound fish.

$ 36.50/ lb

Baby Dover Sole Portugal (minimum order: 2 lb) 1/2 pound fish. Small flat fish.

$ 38.75/ lb

St. Pierre Portugal (minimum order: whole fish 6-8 lb) Also known as John Dory. Grill, sautĂŠ, or poach.

$ 33.95/ lb

Scorpion Fish Portugal (minimum order: whole fish 4-6 lb) Excellent for whole fish preparation. Sweet flavor.

$ 36.50/lb

Sardines, Portugal (minimum order: 1 lb) Pilchard sardines. Oily and fatty. Great for grilling or sautĂŠ.

$ 15.95/ lb

W ild Daurade Royale, Portugal (minimum order: whole fish 4-6 lb)

$35.00/ lb

W ild Turbot, France (minimum order: whole fish 5-8 lb)

$ 60.00/ lb

Sea Urchin Roe, Japan (minimum order: 4 ounce tray) Strong roe eaten raw or in custards.

$ 23.50/ ea.

Fresh Shellfish Stone Crab Claw s, Florida (minimum order: 10 lb) Flown directly from source. 4-5 per lb. Shell on and fully cooked.

$ 25.50/ lb

M aine Pink Shrim p Small peeled and cleaned shrimp. About 40-50 per lb.

$ 9.50/ lb

M aine Periwinkles (minimum order: 2 lb) Petite 'sea snails.'

$ 6.50/ lb

Bangs Island M ussels Maine (minimum order 2 lb) Small to medium sized mussels.

$ 4.95/ lb

Bouchot M ussels Maine (minimum order 10 lb bag) Petite shell

$44.95/ bag

M ahogany Clam s Maine (minimum order: 50 ct bag)

$ 23.50/ bag

M anila Clam s (minimum order: 1 lb) 30 clams per pound.

$ 12.50/ lb

Littleneck clam s (minimum order: 50 ct. bag)

$ 0.55/ ea.

Razor Clam s, Maine (minimum order: 1 lb) 2-3 inch thin clams.

$ 11.95/ lb

New Zealand Cockles (minimum order: 1 lb)

$ 9.50/ lb

Gooseneck Barnacles, Portugal (minimum order: 1 lb) Small red barnacles.

24.95/ lb

Nantucket Bay Scallops (minimum order: 1 lb) Small nickel sized scallops. 40- 50 per pound.

$ 37.95/ lb

Scallops (minimum order: 1 lb., 8-10 per lb) Large Maine diver harvested scallops.

$ 25.95/ lb

'Peekytoe' crabm eat (minimum order: 8 oz. container) Hand picked crabmeat from Portland, Maine. W inter Point Oysters (minimum order: 1 dozen) Freeport, Maine. Medium sized. medium brine.

$ 15.95/ ea. $ 1.50/ea.

W ellfleet Oysters (minimum order: 1 dozen) Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Light body and clean finish.

$ 1.50/ ea.

Island Creek Oysters . (Minimum order: 1 dozen) Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts. Medium. briny, meaty, buttery.

$ 1.50/ ea.

Beausoleil Oysters, Nova Scotia (minimum order: 1 dozen) Medium sized. Light, briny, sweet. more refined shape.

$ 1.50/ ea.

Sum m er side Oysters, Nova Scotia (minimum order: 1 dozen) Medium oyster. Very briny.

$ 1.50/ ea.

Kum om oto Oysters, Oregon (minimum order: 1 dozen) Small oysters.

$ 2.00/ ea.

Please order by email ( or phone (413.528-0488) by 4:00 pm on Wednesday. We will confirm all orders. DO NOT LEAVE ORDERS ON STORE VOICE MAIL! All orders must be secured by a credit card. Approximate fish size or minimum quantities are listed next to each item. Smaller quantities or filets may be available for an additional charge. We absolutely guarantee the quality and freshness of our fish. As a final check on quality we reserve the right to refuse any delivery from Browne Trading (though we never have). In this event we will contact you immediately. Many of these fish are available in very limited quantities. If your selection is unavailable we will contact you no later than Thursday morning. Fish will available for pick up at Rubiner's anytime after noon on Friday. Delivery is available according to the terms below: The minimum order for delivery is $35. The charge for delivery is $10 (no charge within Great Barrington). Deliveries north of Pittsfield, East of Monterey, South of Salisbury, CT, and West of Chatham, NY are by special arrangement only. All fish is wild. Shellfish may be cultivated.


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