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A Book of Tips for First-time College Students By: Austin Atkins


Plan a visit! You should take the time to visit the school of your choice to become familiar with the college.

Attend Classes! When in college, it is important that you attend class. It is your responsibility to be there so you will not miss important information and deadlines.

Read the textbook! Complete Assignments! Pay Attention to Deadlines! Care about Your Grades! It is your responsibility in college to complete all assignments, to read the text, and to care about your grades. You are now out of high school and the responsibility you always wanted is now yours.

Good Note-taking!

Check eLearn! eLearn and other sites are full of needed information, and it is there for you. You can find deadlines, test dates, etc. on these sites. Â

Seek help when needed from an Advisor/ Professor! You should not wait until it is too late to ask for help. The professors and advisors are there to help, and you have to be willing to ask if you need it.


DON’T Cheat! If you cheat, you take the chance of being kicked out of school. Is it worth it?

DON’T Plagiarize! Use your ideas not the ideas of others.

DON’T Procrastinate! You need a plan. The longer you wait the more you will have.

Remember to!!!

Set goals/ Create plans! In life, you need to set short and long term goals. If you have a goal to work towards, you are less likely to give up. You also need a plan that will make you succeed at your goal. Create a routine and a study plan.

Come prepared! Always be prepared. If you come prepared to class and expect the best out of it that is what you will get.

Work on areas of weakness! We all have areas that we can improve in, and the best thing to do is to pinpoint that area and work to improve it. For example, if you have trouble with note- taking, start by learning to organize your notes and picking out the most important parts. Practice makes perfect.

Study! College is different than high school in that to succeed you have to study. Tips for studying includes study groups, using visuals, review your notes.


A book of tips for first time college students  

EDUC 1030 PPT to Issuu

A book of tips for first time college students  

EDUC 1030 PPT to Issuu