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Austin 7 Club NSW Inc

30th Anniversary Tour

May - June 2014

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The Austin 7 Club NSW Inc meets at 8:00pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at BankstownSports, 8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown NSW. Parking is available via Mona Street (off Greenfield Parade) in the multi-level car park. Visitors are welcome.


Austin 7 Club NSW Inc

This magazine is published bi-monthly: Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct and Nov/Dec. Contributions to Baby Torque should be sent to The Editor, Baby Torque, P.O. Box 6009, North Ryde NSW 2113 no later than the 2nd last Friday prior to publication.


Cover picture: Club stalwarts Mervyn & Maureen Boatwright Page 2

Our Club has served its members admirably for three decades and its present operating format should continue to keep members happy. Heartfelt thanks are in order to all those present and past members who have contributed to the many successes of the Club! On the front cover of this magazine is a photograph (snapped by our Club’s unofficial photographer) that I’ve captioned Club stalwarts Mervyn & Maureen Boatwright. The word stalwart is rarely used nowadays, but I think it’s a very appropriate term. For those unaccustomed with the word, its meaning includes; resolute, determined, committed, unfaltering, steadfast, unwavering, firm, unshakable, vigorous and staunch. All these meanings can be attributed to Mervyn and Maureen’s commitment to the Austin 7 Club NSW.

from the editors desk

I offer a warm welcome to new Club members Geoff & Kathryn Trippett of Castlereagh. Their son Lachlan has acquired an unrestored Australian bodied 1934 Austin 7 Nippy; and an Austin truck that will make an ideal A7 transporter. On a personal note, this is my last Baby Torque magazine. Faye and I have decided to stand-down from Club duties. We trust the solid foundations we have established for the presentation of this magazine, our website, Membership record-keeping and photographic recording of events can be maintained and improved into the future. P.S. My ongoing health issues were exasperated during our recent Anniversary Tour due to several unexpected events that occurred along the way. I send a big thankyou to all those Club members who helped Faye and I, and to those who understand my predicament.

Robert Yarroll

“Many Happy Returns” to all Club Members celebrating their Birthday during May and June 2014. A guy stuck his head into a barbershop and asked, “how long before I can get a haircut”. The barber looked around the shop full of customers and said, “about 2 hours”. The guy left. A few days later, the same guy stuck his head in the door and

asked, “how long before I can get a haircut”. The barber looked around at the shop and said, “about 3 hours”. The guy left. A week later, the same guy stuck his head in the shop and asked, “how long before I can get a haircut”. The barber

looked around the shop and said, “about an hour and a half”. The guy left.

comes back”.

The barber turned to his friend and said, “hey Bob, do me a favour, follow him and see where he goes. He keeps asking how long he has to wait for a haircut but he never

The barber asked, “so, where does he go when he leaves”.

A little while later Bob returned to the shop, laughing hysterically.

Bob looked up, wiped the tears from his eyes, and said, “your house”.

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President’s Report

In March we enjoyed our 30th Anniversary Week Away. We motored to northern parts of NSW that we don’t normally traverse visiting a historic house, a gold mine, farms, a museum and a manufacturer of vintage motor body panels and parts. It was a very well organised event that everyone enjoyed, all thanks to Maureen and Merv Boatwright's organisation.

April General Meeting that Faye & Robert Yarroll were stepping down from their Club positions. On behalf of all Club members I thank Faye & Robert for their efforts over the past few years in which they upgraded the areas of the Club to which they applied their expertise. Your Committee will now look for alternatives to keep up the standards now set by the Yarroll's.

Events Report

It was with regret that I informed our Happy Sevening … Warren Gracie Our week away in March celebrated part of the 30th Anniversary Year of our Club. It was a great success as shown in the emails, letters and phone calls I have received, and I sincerely thank you. Some even asked when is the next one and where are we going? The weather was good except for a heavy shower for a short time when we were travelling from Gloucester to Nabiac. I thank Merilyn & Jim Dunn for arranging the visit and tour of Grossman House and preparing our delicious lunch. Also, thank you to Graham Burgess for showing us Newcastle’s beautiful beaches, and a special thank you to Ron Selig who followed us everywhere as Tail-End Charlie. He also carried all the goodies (food) and equipment for the Rally. Special thanks to all the helpers and in particular Merv Boatwright and Warren Gracie for cooking the BBQ breakfasts and to Helen Lewis who drove me shopping whenever I needed to buy food for our group.

The Run on Sunday 13 April went well considering the bad weather we experienced the previous days. I was pleased to see a few Austin 7’s turn up. We went to the Galston Valley Miniature Model Railway and were fortunate to be able to look around and have our lunch before the rain returned. On the day there were 3 Austin 7’s and 3 moderns. In attendance were Mark Wellington, Ron Selig, Trevor Hails, Russell Linfoot, Bob & Judith Riches and Maureen Boatwright. Our next Run is the Progressive Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea. It would be great to see a large number of Austin 7’s. Please contact me ASAP with numbers as catering and Bistro bookings must be made. Don’t forget the theme for the day is Blue and Red.

Just a reminder, please bring along 2 photos to the June Meeting, (one photo of yourself when you were much younger and one present day photo) and we will have some fun marrying up everyI am pleased so many members appreci- one’s photos. ated the view from our motel rooms at Gloucester. Many, including myself, will Happy Austin 7 touring … return there in the near future. Maureen Boatwright Page 4


2 May 2014 4 May 2014

Pre-1931 Autumn Tour Weekend - Cowra The Dinosaur Driver’s Register Inc (Lachlan Valley) has invited our Club to join them on 2-4 May 2014 for a Pre-1931 Autumn Tour Weekend touring around the Cowra countryside. Eligible vehicles - Manufactured PRE 1931 ONLY. Please contact Maureen on 9822 8609 for further information and Entry Form.

18 May 2014

National Motoring Heritage Day Meet at Liverpool Regional Museum, Cnr Hume Highway & Congressional Drive, Casula at 9:15am. We will travel to morning tea (provided) then a scenic drive to a Club for Lunch. Afterwards we will continue to afternoon tea (provided). Please contact Maureen on 9822 8609 ASAP for catering purposes. Dress in Blue and Red today.

15 Jun 2014

Don Avery Memorial Shield - Breakfast Run - South West Departing from Liverpool Regional Museum, Cnr Hume Highway & Congressional Drive, Casula at 8:00am for breakfast at Gledswood Homestead.

6 July 2014

Breakfast Run - Destination & Time TBA. Meet at Heathcote Railway Station.

19 Jul 2014 20 Jul 2014

Weekend with the VMC - Mountain Run to Kandos We will be leaving Sydney to participate in a fun Trial Run to arrive at Kandos for Saturday night. Please contact Maureen on 9822 8609 ASAP for further information and to make your booking.

17 Aug 2014

Shannons Sydney Classic Eastern Creek

31 Aug 2014

All British Display Day - Kings School - North Parramatta

14 Sep 2014

North Sydney Run - Organised by Paul & Amy Pui

20 Sep 2014 21 Sep 2014

Clarendon Classic Machinery Rally - Clarendon Join Sydney Antique Machinery Inc for this fun day at the Hawkesbury Showground, Racecourse Road, Clarendon. Please contact Maureen on 9822 8609 for further information.

27 Sep 2014 28 Sep 2014

President’s Weekend Away - Robertson This is a joint Weekend Away with the Vauxhall Owners Club for a Who-Done-It Dinner and Show. Please contact Maureen on 9822 8609 if you are interested in attending. Bookings and numbers are required ASAP.

19 Oct 2014

Annual Austin 7 Display Day - Destination TBA.

23 Nov 2014

Ladies Day - Tug Boat Trip Departing from Rozelle Bay. Please contact Maureen on 9822 8609 if you are interested in attending. Bookings and numbers are required ASAP.

7 Dec 2014

Christmas Function / Presentation Day - Destination TBA.

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Cambridge University's 1958 car on roof prank secrets revealed 28 June 2008. Fifty years on an explanation for one of the most ingenious student prank of all time has finally been provided.

Mr Davey, now 72, said a ground party moved the car into position while a lifting party on the Senate House roof hoisted it up using an A-shaped crane made from scaffolding poles and steel rope.

The group of engineering students who carried out the stunt have reunited to reveal their identities and explain how they winched the Austin Seven to the top of the university's 70ft-high Senate House.

A third group passed a plank across the 8ft gap between the roof and a turret window at Caius known as the Senate House Leap - and helped the lifting party ferry across three types of rope, hooks and pulleys.

At an anniversary dinner this month, ringleader Peter Davey revealed he had dreamt up the plan while staying in rooms at Gonville and Caius College overlooking the Senate House roof.

Policemen who heard noises as the equipment passed above them questioned some of the ground party but were distracted by careless drivers nearby and soon left.

He felt the roof cried out to be made more interesting and recruited 11 others to help him adorn it with a car. The group chose the May Bumps week, when any passers-by were likely to be drunken rowers celebrating after their races. The group towed a broken down Austin Seven through Cambridge to a parking space near Senate House, explaining its presence by

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sticking signs on it advertising a May ball.

Three drunken rowers who spotted the car swinging about 40ft up were fobbed off with the explanation that it was a tethered balloon. But it was the efforts of two student girls who showed the greatest ingenuity in trying to saved the pranksters from discovery. They had been deployed to hitch up their skirts a few inches to distract passers by. However, the stunt almost went disastrously wrong when the team

tried to swing the car through the apex of the A-frame, over the Senate House balustrade and on to the roof.

of who was responsible and sent a congratulatory case of champagne to their staircase, while never revealing his suspicions in public.

They had neglected to erect a rope check line running from the Caius side which would have steadied the vehicle. It crashed on to the roof from 5ft above it and, fearing they would be discovered, the lifting team hastily pushed it to the apex before dismantling their equipment and fleeing over the plank bridge.

Many of the group responsible went on to enjoy distinguished careers. Mr Davey, from Mousehole, Cornwall, was awarded a CBE and an honorary doctorate after setting up automation and robotics companies while another, Cyril Pritchett, was a lieutenant colonel in the Army.

The following day crowds of onlookers gathered in wonder to look at the car and watch as the authorities tried and failed to construct a crane to hoist it down. Police, firefighters and civil defence units fought for nearly a week to hoist the vehicle back down before giving up and taking it to pieces with blowtorches. The then Dean of Caius, the late Rev Hugh Montefiore, had an idea

Two of the team of 12 live abroad and could not make the reunion dinner at Caius. One, David Fowler, had died and was represented by his widow Denise. The group said their only regret was that the car was not left in place for ever. Caius officials said the renegades had since become generous benefactors of the college. Article by Patrick Sawer - The Telegraph (UK)

An Austin 7 van pe rched atop the Ca mbridge Universit y Senate House - 11 June 1958 -

Page 7

16 March 2014. Enthusiastic members gathered at Mt.Colah for the 8:00am start of our weeks adventure up north. It was nice to meet John Moyes and Kath Cole from Laggan on their first Club run and to see some country members too. Luckily we had two trailer-equipped tail-end Charlies travelling with us just in case of a breakdown or two, or maybe even three! And how good was that.

NRMA Patrolman Gary from Newcastle who rescued Kath’s Volvo (our tow car) which also failed to proceed on a busy Lambton road. There were a number of other incidents, but overall the Yarroll’s took out the Hard Luck Award after being punished with yet another flat tyre and flat battery too!

Members enjoying the week away (although some joined at different times throughout the week) were Merv & Maureen Boatwright, Paul Boatwright, Graham & Maria Burgess, Jim & Merilyn Dunn, Warren Gracie, Helen Lewis with friend Melba, Russell Linfoot, Graeme & Bev Logan, John Moyes & Kath Cole with (dogs) Bennie and Butch, Paul & Amy Pui, Bob & Judith Ritches, Ken Rolley, Ron Selig, Cliff Stockley with friend Eddy, Wayne & Jenny Styles, Elaine Taylor, Carolyn Thompson and Robert & Faye Yarroll.

Upon arriving at Maitland’s historic Grossman House we were met by Club members Jim & Merilyn Dunn. Grossman House is one of two mirror image Victorian Regency properties built side by side on the same lot between 1870-1871 for prosperous business partners Isaac Beckett and Samuel Owen.

After setting off for Swansea, our morning tea stop, the Yarroll’s A7 was our first causality with a blocked carburettor jet followed shortly afterwards by a flat tyre. How unlucky were they? And then about half an hour later disaster hit them again with another flat tyre. So Herbie had to hitch a ride to Swansea and onto Maitland on Kath’s trailer. A number of other incidents occurred during the week, resulting in a few of the Club cars (both modern and old) requiring assistance. A special thank you must go to

Maitland’s historic Grossman House

Page 8

The National Trust holds an extensive collection of 19th century costumes and textiles here linked to lifestyles and industry in the region. Grossman House and it’s antique rose garden reflects a prosperous Victorian ambiance. We finally arrived at the Palm Valley Motel at Tarro for this evenings accommodation and dined at the Beresfield Bowling Club. 17 March 2014. We started today with a big Aussie BBQ breakfast cooked by Master Chef Merv and his merry band of helpers. Paul Pui was seen happily consuming a BIG BREAKFAST, for which he has become quite famous. It was then time to leave the Motel to take a leisurely drive through the very picturesque countryside and onto the historic town of Morpeth. After a stroll through the village we set off again to Paterson where we had morning tea, then onto Dungog for lunch and finally to the Gloucester Country Lodge Motel. A very special thank you goes to Jim and Merilyn for conducting todays tour. We celebrated St.Patrick’s Day with dinner at the Gloucester Golf & Country Club.

18 March 2014. This morning our ladies visited Karen at the Hillview Herb Farm where they toured the farm before indulging in a scrumptious morning tea and (naturally) some retail therapy. While the ladies were enjoying their ‘women’s secret business’ the men continued down the road to Peter Jackson’s PJ’s Vintage Sheet-Metal for morning tea, a tour and plenty of “men’s secret business”. This afternoon was a scenic drive around Gloucester and tonight’s gigantic dinner was at the Roundabout Inn Hotel. Nobody went home hungry! Rumour has it that Graham Burgess had several bets during the week to see how many ladies he could entice into his Austin 7 for a free ride. Well ... talk about a quick worker ... Graham had several ladies hopping into his car for a quick drive around town and back, and duly won all bets! Sorry Graham, but we said we would tell Maria what you got up to in Gloucester! 19 March 2014. Today we visited Lindy and Matthew Trudgeon at their Trudgalong Farm to see how they have diversified into aquaculture (silver perch), breeding Labrador’s for Vision Australia, farm stay accommodation, horses, alpacas, goats, dog and cat boarding, coach tours and more. You name it and they do it. They have a hard but interesting life living off the land in rural Gloucester. Once again we enjoyed some home ... continued next page ...

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baked cakes before heading back to town via a shallow crossing over the Gloucester River ... which was fun. A few drivers were a bit apprehensive but we all made it across safely and got our tyres washed for FREE. This afternoon we visited the Mountain Maid Gold Mine at Copeland. Here we took a National Parks tour through the dry rainforest and were shown an interesting film on how the miners worked the mine in the early years. After the film we had a short walk to visit the actual mine site before returning to the Motel for our 30th Anniversary BBQ Dinner Celebration. This evening was a highlight of the tour and a large 30th Anniversary Cake and champagne was in order. A special thank you to our current Club Committee, and in particu-

lar to Maureen & Merv Boatwright for their efforts that make our Club what it is today. Three Cheers for Maureen & Merv!!! 20 March 2014. Today we drove to the township of Nabiac. Our day started with some heavy rain and our route took us on some of the WORST ROADS IN NSW. Gosh ... they were shockers! Upon arriving at Nabiac we visited the Motor Cycle Museum where we saw hundreds of motor cycles and various memorabilia from all eras. This museum is heaven for anyone interested in motor cycles. Then it was time for morning tea in town, and afterwards the men took off to visit a white-metal engineer. The ladies took this opportunity to visit the local shops. Our journey continued to Bulahdelah via Wootton, where we had lunch, then back to Tarro for our last night together. Dinner was at the local Bowling Club again. 21 March 2014. Today was the final day of our week-long adventure. We started the day off with another hearty BBQ breakfast before embarking on a leisurely tour lead by Graham Burgess and Elaine Taylor around the sights of Newcastle, its foreshore and beautiful beaches. We then continued to Swansea for our final comfort stop, and a coffee and chat before everyone departed for their homeward journeys. This was a successful and most enjoyable 30th Anniversary Tour ‌ and none of it would have been possible without Maureen & Merv’s wonderful organisation. Article written by Faye Yarroll

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This is a real feel-good-story. I him mobile again. hope you enjoy reading it! So with a new lease of life It’s always great to see yet under his belt Bluebell will another Austin 7 back on the soon be re-introduced to his road again. And that will soon fellow A7’s. And what a joy it be the case for a cute little will be to see Helen behind fabric-bodied A7 Special the wheel of Bluebell again. owned by Club member Helen They always did make a very handsome couple. Lewis.

gether on Club events in Bluebell.

Most people probably wouldn’t choose an Austin 7 as their dream car; but Bluebell is more than just any old Austin 7. Helen remembers herself and husband Robert enjoying many fun days travelling to-

Helen often brings along a friend or two to Club runs. But now that Bluebell will soon be back on the road, Helen can again enjoy attending Club events in her very own (and very special) Austin 7.

During the past few years Bluebell (as he is affectionately known) has been resting peacefully in Helen’s backyard; but has recently been undergoing some much needed love and attention to get

Although Helen has lead a very busy life since Robert’s passing, she is also an active and valuable Club member too. In fact, she generously spends much of her precious time on Club Treasurer duties.

neglected treasures What a forlorn sight ... three neglected treasures just standing in the mud. Can you correctly identify all three cars? Answers are below.


 Singer Junior 4 Door

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 Morris Minor

 Swift Saloon

Tales of Life With an Austin Seven … Boys, Cars and Girls Up to now we boys had not been that interested in girls in that we wanted anything to do with them or to do to them. Apart from trying to splash the girls from the neighbouring girl’s grammar by going through puddles on our bikes as they walked home. Apart of course for Andy Jones who like to show off in front of the girls at dinnertime on the sports field. This went down OK until the day he with great show took off his tracksuit bottom only to discover too late that he had forgotten to put on his shorts. But now we had Austin Sevens, apart from one fingered Rusty who stuck to his Morris Eight but not as stuck as previously. The only torque we knew was the sort now called chatting up and true to tell we weren’t that good at it. And although the bike splashing had gone I suspect some of us would have been better off carry on splashing with the cars rather than attempting to get girls onto the back seat. However hormones and Castrol SAE 30 were at work and we set to it. Some one always had a good idea and knew some girl who would welcome us to visit. So one evening in 1960 five of us packed into the Ruby and set out for the promise land. One girl, five boys, we really had no idea. It was a nice house, in one of the better parts of Cardiff and I parked outside the front drive. I can’t remember much about what went on that evening except that her father was not at all pleased to see us. I think we had a jolly time. Anyway when we had outlived our admittedly limited welcome we all piled into the car and set off home at full speed. Full speed in reverse to back into the drive and that was the end of the brick gate pillar. The Ruby seemed to be OK, didn’t feel a thing!

Page 12

We decided that escape was better than taking responsibility so off we sped. Well this is a Ruby with five up so not sped as we now know it. But soon it was downhill and full of adrenalin having avoided the angry father we took the left hand bend at the bottom of the road at full throttle. Unfortunately the Ruby didn’t and at that moment lost its equilibrium. I didn’t feel my elbow being mashed between the broken driver’s window glass and the asphalt until some time later after we had slid to a stop. At which point we all clambered out of the sunshine roof escape hatch, shouted a lot, pushed the car upright, started the engine and set off home. That is Mark and I did. The three who’d been in the back made other arrangements. Not all that politely as I recall. Nothing to it we thought as we roared home, until steam started to appear. It would seem we had a water leak. We thought it best to stop at a house and politely ask for some water. Unfortunately the proffered milk jug didn’t hold much and after asking the dear lady three times for it to be refilled we thought it best to depart. The Ruby did get us home and of course we had had a nice uneventful evening as far as parents were concerned. The car still went though the driver’s window had stuck down. The water leak caused by the radiator shearing off its two holding bolts was repaired with sticky Sylglas glazing tape and some wire. We heard no more about the gatepost and things were back to normal.

Running repairs I don’t think it would be fair to say that the crack in the Ruby’s front axle was down to poor maintenance. After all we were blessed with loads of those free Castrol lubrication

… written by Viv Gale charts and none of them mentioned servicing the front axle. I put it down to metal fatigue just like the Mark one Comet airliner. This was about the only thing that my Ruby and the Comet had in common. Lots of things that weren’t right with the car I would usually ignore but this crack was on the corner of the axle just where the locating arms bolt through. It was also getting larger by the week. It was just a matter of removing the two axle nuts and replacing the axle. The nuts were stubborn even the gas meter spanners wouldn’t move them. But we had a secret weapon. An Alligator steel wrench! It had a jaw at each end just like the open mouth of its reptilian names sake with sharp back sloping teeth. It would grip any nut there was. Unfortunately it did have the habit of adopting the nuts it came into contact with as its own. That is, it cut into the flats and corner on the nut so that no other spanner could ever be used on them again; sort of mechanical adoption. The nuts came off but the axle remained firmly fixed to the locating arms. Even therapy with Dad’s largest hammer did not encourage them to move. Dad suggested we heat them up, so we dug out the blowlamp. These days it’s all gas and piezo sparkers but Dad’s blowlamp was of the paraffin variety. And it was of course not new, probably older than the Ruby. We filled the dent at the top with meths and lit it to heat up the tubes so that the paraffin would vaporise and then burn with a fierce blue flame at the nozzle. Then we pumped up the pressure and opened the valve. Unfortunately whether from lack of meths or because the blowlamp was past its best it

didn’t quite work out like that. The yellow flame did warm up the axle a bit but we couldn’t stand all the smoke, smell and the spitting droplets of blazing paraffin that threatened to inflame not just the car but also the vicar’s wife. At that time Cardiff’s trams had been replaced with trolley buses and the trams were being broken up for scrap. Dad persuaded two of the blokes who were scrapping the trams to come out to help. They turned up in a Land Rover with two large gas bottles on the back and a load of rubber tubing. It was an oxy- acetylene kit. That did the job and, for a ten-shilling note, the axle was magically burned off its fixings. Now we had a car without an axle. No problem. There was a scrap-yard in Barry where you could get anything. It was a treasure trove; there was everything there from Rolls Royce hearses to Austin Sevens. If you wanted a pleasant summer afternoon there was nothing better than a stroll around Barry scrapyard. When Beeching closed the railways you could also pick up a steam engine. An axle was found and eventually arrived in the tramcar depot about a mile from our house. No car to pick it up in and it wouldn’t go on the bus. So I went on my bike. The axle turned out to have its hubs and brake drums to which was attached a Bowden cable brake conversion. This made it rather awkward to carry but I put one hub on my bike handlebars and balanced the rest on the saddle. Easy! Though the cables dragged a bit I managed to push it home. Putting it on was easy though I avoided using the Alligator wrench. The Bowden cable conversion worked but I don’t think braking was improved. ... to be continued ...

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These minutes of the Austin 7 Club NSW Inc are to be confirmed at the next General Meeting

Minutes of the April 2014 General Meeting AUSTIN 7 CLUB NSW INC. GENERAL MEETING MINUTES DATE: 09/04/2014 Wednesday PLACE: Bankstown District Sports Club, 8 Greenfield Pde., Bankstown Meeting opened: 8.12pm by Warren Gracie Minute taker: Maureen Boatwright Attendees: 14 members in attendance as per attendance book. Apologies: Cliff Edwards, Brian Haywood, Deidre Haywood, Paul Pui, Amy Pui, Joanne Wellington, Robert Yarroll, Faye Yarroll. Vistor: M & G Baxter from UK. Moved: Bob Riches Seconded: Judith Riches

Minutes of previous meeting read and accepted Moved: Bob Riches Seconded: Merv Boatwright

Business arising from previous minutes: Guest speaker from Penrite for a future meeting. Run Log: 1 permission to move for March 30/03/14 as per Ledger for HCRS vehicles. Correspondence In: Magazines from: Lightshaft, The Depender, CMC-The Preserve, Association of British Car Clubs. 1 x Membership Application, Flyers from: CMC, Orange Blossom Festival Baulkham Hills on 28/09/14, Daffodils at Rydal-Sept. 13/14/2014 & 20/21/2014. Emails In: 10 Correspondence Out: Letter to John Walker, Gloucester Motor Lodge, 3 x thank you cards (week away). Emails out: 3 Moved: Mark Wellington Seconded: Trevor Hails

Treasurers Report: Report read

Page 14

by Helen Lewis and accepted Moved: Bob Riches Seconded: Judith Riches

Spare Parts Report: Read by Mervyn Boatwright and accepted Moved: Mark Wellington Seconded: Ken Rolley

Editor: Not present at meeting – Warren Gracie reported that in May/June magazine there will be a special feature on the 30th Anniversary/Week Away, also an article on manufacturing of Bentley Cars. Membership Officer: Not present at meeting – No report given. Club now has 81 members. Welfare: Sad to report on the passing of Albert Durst who was a member in the early years of the Club and also the passing of Phil Carter who in recent years resided on the south coast and both had left the club in recent years. These gentlemen were well respected by the members who knew them and they will be sadly missed. Public Officer/Secretary: Nil to report Events: Good Week Away, have received emails, letters & phone calls all reporting on how much they enjoyed the week away. The run for Sunday 13/04 – you will need to wear enclosed footwear. May 18, is a Progressive morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea Run. HELP needed for morning & afternoon teas. Please contact Maureen if you can help by having morning or afternoon tea at your place. Dress in Blue & Red for the day, lunch will be at a club. Don Memorial Shield Run is a Breakfast at Gledeswood & if interested a tour of the homestead. Numbers

needed. July 19/20 run organized by the VMC Club, this is a timed trial run ending up for the night at Kandos, this should be a great run … numbers required so motel booking can be made. Numbers also NEEDED for 27/29 September - who dunit night with Vauxhall Owners Club and also NEEDED for 23 November Tug Boat. Departs from Rozelle – may need to leave A7’s at home for this one. October 19, Annual Austin 7 Display Day – location to be advised. Reports Moved: Carolyn Thompson Seconded: Mark Wellington

General Business: June meeting please bring along 2 photos – (old & a recent photo of yourself) and we will have a guessing competition. Please provide a copy of your Purple Certificate of Approved Operations or let the committee sight the original, this is to comply with new Club Rules. CMCHeritage cars going out of Aust. without provision, Wendy Muddell from the Australian Motor Life Museum has a partition and requires signatures to stop the export of these cars, Warren Gracie has a form for signatures. Merv.Boatwright had a quote for reproducing little gold Austin 7 cars. May 1, 2014 Robert Yarroll will step down as Editor/ Webmaster and Faye Yarroll will step down as Membership Officer. Warren Gracie was sorry to report this and said Robert & Faye were standing down for personal reasons. Meeting closed: 9.02 pm Winners: Door Prize: Carolyn Thompson Raffle: Paul Boatwright

All Spare Parts correspondence should be addressed to: Mr Mervyn Boatwright, P.O. Box 366, Casula Mall. NSW 2170

Tel: (02) 9822 8609 Email:

ď ?

Point Score Trophy Don’t forget the Austin 7 Club NSW Point Score program. Our aim is to see as many people as possible attending events and meetings (including monthly general meetings). Participation in an event or outing from the starting point to the finish will score you 2 points, while attending a general meeting will score you 1 point. These points are awarded whether you attend in your Austin 7 or modern car. The person with the highest points tally will receive a trophy at our Christmas Luncheon / Presentation Day. Come along and get involved.


DISCLAIMER: The Austin 7 Club NSW Inc (the Club), its Officers and the Committee cannot be held liable for any errors and/or omissions in items that are published in good faith in this Baby Torque magazine. It should be noted that the publication of an advertisement or expression of views in articles and reports in this magazine does not necessarily imply endorsement by the Club.

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Austin 7 Club NSW Inc "Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of all types of Austin Sevens"

Our Club is a member of The Council of Motor Clubs, Inc The Austin 7 Club NSW Inc has been active since 1984 and aims to bring together people with the common interest of restoring, preserving and driving Austin Sevens. We are an informal family club that regularly takes our "Babies" to

the road for some fun social touring. Spare parts are available to Club Members through the Club Spares Division and our technical people will give advice, where possible, in regard to the restoration of these cars.

Postal Address: P.O. Box 6009, North Ryde. NSW 2113 Email:


RMS Regulations & Club Rules Members are to observe all RMS Regulations and Club Rules as contained in our current Constitution and Members Mate booklet. If this Club is nominated as your Primary Club under the RMS Historic Conditional Registration Scheme (HCRS) then the following documents MUST be carried in your vehicle at all times.  a copy of your RMS Certificate of Approved Operation of Vehicle  a copy of this Clubs Certificate of Insurance (Public Liability)  a current or recent Baby Torque magazine If bad weather conditions are looming please contact Maureen Boatwright (Home) 02 9822 8609 (Mobile) 0413 017 263 or Warren Gracie (Home) 02 9569 2108 (Mobile) 0417 417 826 Saturday evenings or from 6:30am on the Sunday of the run.

Baby Torque Number 279 May/June 2014  

A magazine of the Austin 7 Club NSW Inc

Baby Torque Number 279 May/June 2014  

A magazine of the Austin 7 Club NSW Inc