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Happy Australia Day

26 January


Members Bowled Over at Christmas Party What a sight! Our recent Christmas Luncheon / Presentation Day at Petersham Bowling Club saw some courageous members strip-off their shoes and socks for a fun game of barefoot bowls. This phenomenon is spreading throughout Australia and it was just a matter of time before our Club got involved. A great time was had by everyone. For the full story on our Christmas Luncheon / Presentation Day please see page 7.

Can anyone identify these Happy Feet seen at our Barefoot Bowling ?

Committee Name President

Warren Gracie

Vice President

Paul Pui

Secretary / Public Officer

Home Phone

Mobile Phone

(02) 9569 2108

0417 417 826


0413 621 078

Maureen Boatwright

(02) 9822 8609

0413 017 263


Helen Lewis

(02) 9709 2344

0417 575 044

Spare Parts

Mervyn Boatwright

(02) 9822 8609

0412 940 001

Club Examiner

Warren Gracie

(02) 9569 2108

0417 417 826

Editor / Webmaster

Robert Yarroll

(02) 9706 8007


Membership / Registration

Faye Yarroll

(02) 9706 8007

0412 830 041

As a courtesy, please do not contact Committee Members after 9:00pm.

Club Meetings The Austin 7 Club NSW Inc meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm in the NRMA Training Rooms, NRMA Building, George Street, North Strathfield. Parking is available in the NRMA car park opposite the building.

Magazine Deadline The deadline for all contributions to Baby Torque is ALWAYS the last Friday of each month. Contributions should be sent to The Editor, Baby Torque, 10 Lorraine Street, North Strathfield NSW 2137.

Banking Details Austin 7 Club NSW Inc

Austin 7 Club NSW Inc Spare Parts


Laboratories Credit Union


Bendigo Bank





Account: 0000009132 Page 2

Account: 128875804

Presidents Report I wish to thank our past President Mark Wellington and the outgoing Committee for all their efforts over the past two years. It will be a hard act to follow. At the time of writing the new committee has yet to meet and get on with the Club business. On behalf of the new committee I trust all our Members had a Happy Christmas and wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2011. I hope to see you at the Sausage Sizzle prior to the January Club meeting on WEDNESDAY 12 January 2011. Happy Sevening. Warren Gracie

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Events Report The last Club event for 2010 was our Christmas Luncheon / Presentation Day at Petersham Bowling Club where our members took part in a Barefoot Bowling competition. 16 January is the Austin 7 Club‟s first run for 2011. We will be travelling north to Brooklyn Marina and what a wonderful way to commence the 2011 Club Calendar of Events. It will be a great beginning to the year and exciting if we see many of our Austin 7‟s travelling together, so let us get the babies out and have a wonderful drive and enjoy the breakfast. There will be many new events for you to attend during 2011 and we look forward to seeing you on these outings. Happy Austin 7 touring, Events Team

Coming Events 12 January 2011 … Pre-Meeting Club Sausage Sizzle The Austin 7 Club NSW Inc will provide a Sausage Sizzle prior to the January General Meeting on Wednesday 12 January 2011 in Bicentennial Park at Homebush Bay. If coming from Homebush Bay Drive direction, get onto Australia Avenue and be prepared to turn right at the parks‟ Entrance Gate. The BBQ will be in the first available area on left. Cooking will begin at 6.00pm. The club will provide sausages, bread, salad, plates and cutlery, etc. All you need to bring is your drinks, tea, coffee, etc. Come and join your fellow members and celebrate the beginning of a new year filled with outings and touring our wonderful countryside in our beautiful babies. RSVP to a Committee Member by Thursday 6 January if you will be joining us. Page 4

Coming Events - continued 16 January 2011 ... Breakfast Run - Brooklyn Marina Departing from NRMA Car-park North Strathfield at 7:30am. RSVP to the Events Team on 9822 8609 by 5 January if you will be joining us on this run. 26 January 2011 ... Australia Day - NRMA Motorfest or Mystery Run Entries have closed for the NRMA Motorfest. You can come along on a Mystery Run starting from NRMA Car-park North Strathfield and finishing with an Aussie picnic. Wear your Aussie gear and bring your flag and have some fun celebrating Australia Day 2011. BYO lunch. 20 February 2011 ... Breakfast Run - Mystery Destination Departing from NRMA Car-park North Strathfield at 7:45am. BBQ breakfast with Bubbly will be cooked by the Committee. Mystery Destination. RSVP to a Committee Member by 16 February if you will be joining us on this run. 20 March 2011 ... Twilight Run - Destination Oatley Park Departing from NRMA Car-park North Strathfield at 3:00pm. BBQâ€&#x;s are available if you want to cook. Bring your own food. 1 - 5 October 2012 90th Anniversary National Austin 7 Hub Rally - Tanunda, S.A. The Headquarters for the National Rally will be at the Tanunda Show Grounds Hall which is in a very nice setting and has plenty of parking available. Prior to preparing and issuing entry forms the Austin 7 Club SA need to get an indication on how many people are likely to enter the 2012 National A7 Rally. Consequently they need your help by completing and returning an Expression of Interest Form as soon as possible. Also, please give a form to anyone else you know who may be interested in attending this rally.

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Coming Events - continued Forms may be obtained by:

  

logging onto the 2012 Rally page on the Austin 7 Club SA website at, asking your Events Director for a hard copy, asking Ralph Drage (2012 Rally Secretary) to send a hard copy.

Invitations Accepted 22 - 25 April 2011 ... Austin's Over Australia - Forbes, NSW For those attending this event, please contact the Secretary if you have not received Newsletter No. 4 which includes the Registration Form. 6 - 8 May 2011 ... Central Tablelands Autumn Tour - Orange, NSW Eligible Vehicles – Manufactured Pre 1931. Please contact the Events Team on 9822 8609 to get an Entry Form and Accommodation List. Entries Close on 20 April 2011.

Other Events of Interest 12 - 13 February 2011 ... 36th Berrima Rally at Mittagong Berrima District Historic Vehicles Club A weekend of country hospitality and motoring through the Southern Highlands. Contact the Events Team on 9822 8609 for more information. 27 February 2011 ... Wings Over Illawarra Open Day 2011 Albion Park Rail Over 500 Car Club vehicles are expected on the day. Contact the Events Team on 9822 8609 for more information. 12 March 2011 Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Motorfest - Myall Park Sports Reserve Located off Yamba Street, Hawks Nest. Arrival 8:00 am - 9:45 am. Official Opening 10:00 am. Entrants fee of $10 per vehicle. Please contact the Events Team on 9822 8609 for an Entry Form and more information. Page 6

Christmas Luncheon / Presentation Day The Petersham Bowling Club was Petersham Bowling Club - a very old photograph the venue for this years Christmas Luncheon / Presentation Day. Founded in 1896, Petersham Bowling Club is reportedly the second oldest Lawn Bowls club in Australia. We were blessed with perfect weather which made for a pleasant al fresco drink and chat on the Clubâ€&#x;s deck before we eventually ventured into the Clubhouse for lunch. Good conversation continued inside assisted by a few more drinks. Our lunch was selected from the Clubs Menu and it was tasty tucker indeed. After we were all fed and watered, the much awaited Presentations were made by our President Mark Wellington. And what a Presentation ceremony it was with plenty of laughter all „round. Paul Boatwright was duly recognised for rolling his car twice at Winton Historic Races recently. A full list of recipients can be found on page 13. Later in the afternoon it came time for a few brave Members to remove their shoes and socks for a friendly game of Barefoot Bowling. Two teams of four players were quickly formed, the first one selected from more senior and experienced Members and dubbed the Golden Oldies, and the other team selected from less senior Members, with a whole lot less experience, and dubbed the Young Ones. Six games were played with an amazing amount of skill demonstrated and a bit of push-and-shove thrown in for good measure. Warren Gracie had the important job of adjudicating the game, and after due consideration he announced the Young Ones the winners. A fun day was had by all.

The Young Ones - Faye Yarroll, Ashley Cottell, Paul Boatwright and Robert Yarroll.

The Golden Oldies - George Magill, Maureen and Merv Boatwright, and Warren Tite.

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Minutes of the December 2010 General Meeting Held on 14 December 2010. The meeting was opened at 8:15 pm by Mark Wellington who welcomed all Members to the meeting. Minutes taker: Joanne Wellington Attendees and Apologies There were 23 Members in attendance. Apologies; Ken Rolley Moved. Robert Yarroll

Seconded. Dennis Quartly

Minutes of previous meeting read and accepted Moved. Faye Yarroll Seconded. Amy Pui

Business arising from minutes Mentioned in the previous minutes calendar may be late but Mark informed all we have it tonight. Bob Riches asked if we have checked if any concerts are on at the same time as our next meeting as his journey tonight was extended by an hour on his normal time. Correspondence Bent Wire, Baby Torque, The Depender, Drive Chatter, Austin 7 Journals, Light Shaft. Emails – re website updates, LCU statement, Letter to WG re registration, Nominations for positions on the committee. Moved. Maureen Boatwright Seconded. Helen Lewis

Treasurer Report Warren read the Financial report. Moved. Robert Yarroll Seconded. Faye Yarroll

Spare Parts Merv read the Spare Parts report. Moved. Faye Yarroll Seconded. Trevor Hails

Editor Faye Yarroll thanked Darryl for the work

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he has done. December new look magazine. Website is updated with 210 visits in the last month – 1,000 pages viewed 18 different cities around the world – including Japan and Italy. Faye joined the club via internet. Some web traffic via other club‟s sites. Membership Renewals from 13 Members. Welfare Warren Tite attended our Barefoot Bowling day after his operations. Events Director Listed in the magazine; 12 Jan Club Sausage Sizzle at Bicentennial Park (Note change of date is now Wednesday and all future Club Meetings will now be held on 2nd Wednesday of the month), 16 Jan Breakfast run – Brooklyn Marina, 26 Jan Australia Day NRMA Motorfest or Mystery Run, 20 Feb Breakfast Run, 27 Feb Wings over Illawarra open day, 20 Mar Twilight run, 1-5 Oct 2012 SA 90th Anniversary Rally. Moved. Bob Riches Seconded. Barbara Fahey

General Business Supper Roster; Jan – BBQ, Feb – Faye & Robert Yarroll, Mar – Amy & Paul Pui, Apr – Warren Gracie, May – Joanne & Mark Wellington, Jun – Maureen & Merv Boatwright, Jul – Carolyn Thompson, Aug – Faye & Robert Yarroll, Sep – Paul & Sandra Boatwright, Oct – Amy & Paul Pui, Nov – Helen Lewis, Dec – Members to bring a plate, handed out 2011 Calendars. Meeting finished at 8:40 pm.

Recent Happy Snaps

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Car of the Month Kevin and Barbara Fahey have been members of our Club for almost three decades. Kevin says he‟s lost count of how many Club runs and Rally‟s they‟ve been on together over the years ... but oh boy ... they‟ve had lots of fun. They clearly remember getting their 1937 Austin 7 ARR Ruby Saloon back in October 1961 from fellow Club member Don Scanes. They affectionately named their new baby Ruby. Back then little Ruby was just an unassembled body shell and didn‟t even have interior trim. It was obvious that Ruby was going to need a lot of love and devotion over the coming years. That attention was forthcoming and brakes, a Big 7 front end, 13” wire other things. This has helped little rather charming little Austin 7 we see

Page 10

included the addition of hydraulic wheels together with many, many Ruby to become the spritely and today.

Much of this important work was completed just in time for the 1963 Border Run conducted by the Austin 7 Club of Victoria. In fact, little Ruby was road registered the very morning of the day of the Run. Then Kevin and Barbara sprinted off to Gundagai to join other cars for the start of the Border Run. Wow .. just made it in the nick of time! Kevin and Barbara have enjoyed many National Austin 7 Rallies including Canberra in 1992, Maroochydore in 1997 and Ballarat in 2002. Over the years they‟ve had lots of fun in Ruby and have met many people who have become good friends. At our recent 2010 Christmas Luncheon / Presentation Day Barbara was recognised for her sterling efforts as the Club Raffle Sales Lady. Our Club is certainly enriched by people like Kevin and Barbara Fahey!

Information Sheet If you would like to see your Austin 7 featured in this magazine please complete and return the “Car of the Month - Information Sheet” available from the Editor. Page 11

A few words from our new Editor / Webmaster If you haven‟t seen our Club‟s website lately ... then you‟re in for a treat!

Simply go to and check out our new features. Our current Baby Torque magazine can now be viewed online together with links to the 12 most recent editions. If you have family or friends who would like to join our Club, then they can now print a Membership Application Form from the site. And check out all those beautiful Baby pictures. Please note that the Editor would love to know who owns that little yellow Austin Roadster that greets everyone to our site. Can anyone help with a name? I would also like to formally acknowledge the great job Darryl Stockley (our former Editor and Webmaster) has done with our magazine and setting up our website. Thank you Darryl. I truly hope all Members enjoy our new look Baby Torque and Website. Robert Yarroll

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Unusual Austin 7 Front Suspension Austin 7‟s, and the unusual things some people do to them, never ceases to amaze me. Recently I came across the Austin 7 seen below which had the most unusual front suspension setup I‟ve seen. Naturally, I had to snap a photo. If anyone can put me straight on whether this is a rare original factory setup or a very unique one-off design then I would be very grateful. I wonder how well it performs? Editor / Webmaster

Presentation Day Recipients Club Shields for 2010 Club Member of the Year

Paul Boatwright

Club Car of the Year

Paul & Amy Pui, Robert & Faye Yarroll

Don Avery Memorial Shield

Amy Pui, Faye Yarroll

Most Enthusiastic Club Member

Robert & Faye Yarroll

Longest Distance Travelled for an Austin 7

Paul Boatwright

Trophy Winners for 2010 Austin 7 Achiever of the Year

Cliff Stockley

Austin 7 Point Score Winner

Warren Gracie, Robert & Faye Yarroll

Austin 7 Best Teddy Bear‟s Picnic

Faye Yarroll

Tail End Charlie President‟s Run

Bob & Judith Riches

Crankshaft Breaker

Ken Rolley

A7C Historic Winton 2010 Rolly-Polly x 2

Paul Boatwright

In Appreciation Gift Club Raffle Sales Lady

Barbara Fahey Page 13

Spare Parts All Spare Parts correspondence should be addressed to: Mr Mervyn Boatwright, P.O. Box 1055, Menai Central. NSW 2234 Tel:/Fax: (02) 9822 8609


Spare Parts will NOT be brought to meetings unless requested beforehand due to the vast number of parts in stock nowadays. Please contact Merv by the Wednesday evening prior to the meeting with details of the parts you need. All Members choosing to pay by cheque for Spare Parts should read the instructions at the bottom of their invoice. Please make all cheques for Spare Parts payable to Austin 7 Club NSW Inc Spare Parts.

REMEMBER 2nd WEDNESDAY NRMA has changed our Meeting day for 2011 to the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Please note this change on your Club Calendar.

Member Advertisements Radiator Grill 1929 Contact Merv Boatwright (on behalf of a Club Member) on (02) 9822 8609 or at Austin 7 crankcases 1928-1934 Contact Kevin Harte on (02) 9614 1512 Alloy brake shoes 1Ÿ� to suit 1932 Austin 7 2 x Stub Axles. Right hand and Left hand. Contact Merv Boatwright (on behalf of a Club Member) on (02) 9822 8609 or at Page 14

Bad Weather If bad weather conditions are looming, please contact Maureen Boatwright on Saturday evenings or from 6:30am on the Sunday of the run in question (H) 02 9822 8609 (M) 0413 017 263. And please remember to always carry the following documents in your Austin 7:

 Comprehensive Insurance Policy  Clubs‟ Certificate of Currency  Baby Torque magazine

Point Score Trophy Don‟t forget the Austin 7 Club NSW “Point Score” program. Our aim is to see as many people as possible attending events and meetings (including monthly general meetings). Participation in an event or outing from the starting point to the finish will score you 2 points, while attending a general meeting will score you 1 point. These points are awarded whether you attend in your Austin 7 or modern car. The person with the highest points tally will receive a trophy at our Christmas Luncheon / Presentation Day. So come along and get involved.

2011 Supper Roster 12 January 2011

Club Committee

9 February 2011

Faye & Robert Yarroll

9 March 2011

Amy & Paul Pui

13 April 2011

Warren Gracie

11 May 2011

Joanne & Mark Wellington

8 June 2011

Maureen & Merv Boatwright Page 15

Member of The Council of Motor Clubs, Inc

Austin 7 Club NSW Inc "Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of all types of Austin Sevens" Postal Address: P.O. Box 6009 North Ryde NSW 2113 Email: Website:

The Austin 7 Club NSW Inc has been active for over 25 years and aims to bring together people with the common interest of restoring, preserving and driving Austin Sevens. We are an informal family club that regularly takes our "Babies" to the road for some fun social touring. Spare parts are available to Club Members through the Club Spares Division and our technical people will give advice, where possible, in regard to the restoration of these cars.

Conditional Registration Any Member using a vehicle on RTA Conditional Registration (HCRS) and attending a Secondary Club Run or any event listed under Invitations Accepted or Other Events of Interest MUST contact a Committee Member to advise your vehicles movements PRIOR to attending the event. The committee of the nominated primary club on your conditional registration must be aware, and approve of, all movements of

your vehicle. If you wish to attend invitational events outside Club runs, you MUST contact a Committee Member to log the trip, otherwise your registration and insurance is NOT valid. You should carry a copy of the Clubs‟ Certificate of Insurance (Public Liability) in your Austin 7 at all times together with the most recent copy of this “Baby Torque” magazine.

E-Baby Torque January 2011  

Magzine of the Austin 7 Club NSW Inc

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