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Ladies Day at Luddenham Fifteen adults and three children dined at the Hubertus Country Club at Luddenham during our inaugural Ladies Day Run and Lunch. Our Austin 7’s departed from North Strathfield and travelled to Luddenham with stops at Auburn and Guildford. See page 7 for full story.

Austin 7’s parked in the grounds of “Linnwood” House Guildford

Committee Name President

Mark Wellington

Vice President

Paul Pui

Secretary / Public Officer

Home Phone

Mobile Phone

(02) 9545 1507

0409 121 576


0413 621 078

Joanne Wellington

(02) 9545 1507

0428 545 150

Treasurer / Club Examiner

Warren Gracie

(02) 9569 2108

0417 417 826

Spare Parts

Mervyn Boatwright

(02) 9822 8609

0412 940 001


Darryl Stockley


0404 099 157

Membership / Registration

Amy Pui


0402 816 345

Events Director

Maureen Boatwright

(02) 9822 8609

0413 017 263

As a courtesy, please do not contact Committee Members after 9:00pm.

Club Meetings The Austin 7 Club NSW Inc meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8:00pm in the NRMA Training Rooms, NRMA Building, George Street, North Strathfield. Parking is available in the NRMA car park opposite the building.

Magazine Deadline The deadline for all contributions to Baby Torque is ALWAYS the last Friday of each month. Contributions should be sent to The Editor, Baby Torque, P.O. Box 6009, North Ryde NSW 2113.

Banking Details Austin 7 Club NSW Inc

Austin 7 Club NSW Inc Spare Parts


Laboratories Credit Union


Bendigo Bank





Account: 0000009132 Page 2

Account: 128875804

Presidents Report We have reached the end of another successful year with three new cars on the road and good participation in all of our events. We all look forward to seeing some more of our new members on the road in the year ahead as restorations are completed. As someone once said “it will not happen over night, but it will happen”. Our AGM will be held on 14 December 2010 with the constitution and election of office bearers for 2011 on the agenda. As always, I would like to encourage all Members to consider nominating for a position. There is a small amount of work involved but it is extremely satisfying to contribute to the success of our club. I would like to thank everyone for your support and kind regards over the last two years. Finally, I would like to wish you all a very Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year and I hope to see you and your Austin 7’s on the road in January. Happy Motoring Mark Wellington

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Event Directors’ Report Our members had a great run, celebrating our first “Ladies Day”. It was a very hot day as we made our way to the Japanese Botanic Gardens at Auburn where we had morning tea, some members relaxed whilst other ventured into the beautiful gardens. Then we made a visit to Linnwood House. There was an open day and an exhibition and sale of carnival glass plus demonstrations of wool spinning and woodwork. Members enjoyed a leisurely drive to Luddenham where we lunched at the German Country Club. Wow! What a meal, everyone was investigating what everyone else was eating and the best facial expression of the day came from Faye Yarroll when her meal (a jager) was placed in front of her. All in all I believe everyone had a great day. One couple had a great finish to their day, Kevin & Barbara Fahey had a message on their answering machine when they arrived home “you have won the door prize” from Linnwood House. The next day they drove to Guildford and collected two young grevilleas that were eagerly waiting to be planted in their new home. The winning door prize number was 77. January 16 is the Austin 7 Club’s first run for 2011. We will be travelling to Brooklyn Marina and what a wonderful way to commence the Club Calendar of Events. It will be a great beginning to the year and exciting if we see many of our Austin 7’s travelling north, so let us get the babies out and have a wonderful drive and enjoy the breakfast and much more for those wanting to continue on. I wish all members and their families a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year. See you at the Club Christmas Party/Presentation Day, sounds like a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to it. Happy Austin 7 touring, Maureen Boatwright

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Coming Events 5 December 2010 ... Christmas Luncheon / Presentation Day This year our celebrations will be held at Petersham Bowling Club, 77 Brighton Street, Petersham at 12:00 pm. Arrangements have been made for us to enjoy some barefoot bowling and buffet lunch. Cost will be $7.50 for bowling and $18.00 per person for food. As the second oldest lawn bowls club in Australia, Petersham Bowling Club is happy to host our Austin 7’s so why not drive your Baby on the day. 11 January 2011 ‌ Pre-Meeting Club Sausage Sizzle The Austin 7 Club NSW Inc will provide a Sausage Sizzle prior to the January General Meeting on Tuesday 11 January 2011 in Bicentennial Park at Homebush Bay. If coming from Homebush Bay Drive direction, get onto Australia Avenue and be prepared to turn right at gate entrance at the Park. The BBQ will be in the first available area on left. Cooking will begin at 6.00pm. The club will provide sausages, bread, salad, plates and cutlery, etc. All you need to bring is your drinks, tea, coffee, etc. Come and join your fellow members and celebrate the beginning of a new year filled with outings and touring our wonderful countryside in our beautiful babies. RSVP to a Committee Member by Thursday 6 January 2011. 16 January 2011 ... Breakfast Run - Brooklyn Marina Starting from NRMA car park at North Strathfield. Contact the Events Director by 5 January 2011 if you will be joining us on this run. 26 January 2011 ... Australia Day - NRMA Motorfest or Mystery Run Entries have closed for the NRMA Motorfest at the Rocks. We also have a Mystery Run starting from the NRMA car park at North Strathfield and finishing with an Aussie picnic. Bring your flag and wear some Aussie gear, join the fun and celebrate. BYO lunch. 20 February 2011 ... Breakfast Run - Destination To Be Advised 20 March 2011 ..... Twilight Run - Destination To Be Advised 1 - 5 October 2012 90th Anniversary National Austin 7 Hub Rally - Tanunda, S.A. The Headquarters for the National Rally will be at the Tanunda Show Page 5

Grounds Hall which is in a very nice setting and has plenty of parking available. Prior to preparing and issuing entry forms the Austin 7 Club SA need to get an indication on how many people are likely to enter the 2012 National A7 Rally. Consequently they need your help by completing and returning an Expression of Interest Form as soon as possible. Also, please give a form to anyone else you know who may be interested in attending this rally. Forms may be obtained by:  logging onto the 2012 Rally page on the Austin 7 Club SA website at,  asking your Events Director for a hard copy,  asking Ralph Drage (2012 Rally Secretary) to send a hard copy.

Invitations Accepted 22 - 25 April 2011 ... Austin's Over Australia - Forbes, NSW 6 - 8 May 2011 ... Central Tablelands Autumn Tour - Orange, NSW Eligible Vehicles – Manufactured Pre 1931. Please contact Events Director to receive an Entry Form and list of accommodation. Closing date is 20 April 2011.

Other Events of Interest 12 March 2011 Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Motorfest - Myall Park Sports Reserve Located off Yamba Street, Hawks Nest. Arrival 8:00 am - 9:45 am. Official Opening 10:00 am. Entrants fee of $10 per vehicle. Please contact the Events Director for entry form and more information.

Member Advertisements Radiator Grill 1929 Contact Merv Boatwright (on behalf of a Club Member) on (02) 9822 8609 or at Austin 7 crankcases 1928-1934 Contact Kevin Harte on (02) 9614 1512 Alloy brake shoes 1¼” to suit 1932 Austin 7 2 x Stub Axles. Right hand and Left hand. Contact Merv Boatwright (on behalf of a Club Member) on (02) 9822 8609 or at Page 6

Ladies Day at Luddenham A big “thank you” must go to Maureen Boatwright (our Events Director) for organising our inaugural Ladies Day Run and Lunch on Sunday 14 November 2010. We departed from the NRMA car park at North Strathfield for our morning tea stop at the Auburn Botanic Gardens. This 9.2 acre park was opened in 1977 and is just 17 kilometres from the Sydney CBD. It features a spectacular Japanese garden with traditional Japanese landscaping that includes a waterfall, decorative bridges and ornamental trees set around a large lake. This is a really nice place to relax with a hot cup of tea and some good friends. We then travelled to Linnwood House at Guildford. In 1889 George and Susan McCredie purchased part of the Orchardleigh Estate at Guildford and set about designing and building a residence for their family. The house was completed in April 1891 and was an innovation for its time ... generating its own electricity and having the first telephone in the district. A newspaper article of the time describes Linnwood as “being one of the most perfectly finished domestic establishments in the Southern Hemisphere ... a home that is just a dream of every convenience and comfort”. We finished the day with a hearty meal at the Hubertus Country Club at Luddenham. A great time was had by all. Page 7

Minutes of the November 2010 General Meeting Held on 9 November 2010 at the NRMA Building, George Street, North Strathfield. The meeting opened at 20:05 pm Minutes taker. Joanne Wellington Attendees. There were 21 members in attendance as per attendance book. Apologies. Darryl Stockley, Brian and Deidre Haywood, Trevor Hails, Don Scanes, Paul Boatwright. Moved: Maureen Boatwright

Seconded: Faye Yarroll

Minutes of previous meeting read and accepted Moved: Merv Boatwright

Seconded: Warren Gracie

Business arising from minutes. Nil Correspondence. Bent Wire, Baby Torque, The Depender, Drive Chatter, Letter from Brian Hayward re constitution, Austin’s over Australia Forbes 2011 newsletter, Austin 7 Journals, Light Shaft, Certificate of Insurance ( 3 certificates), Emails – from people asking questions Moved: Bob Riches

Seconded: Judith Riches

Treasurer Report. Read by Warren Gracie and accepted. Moved: Merv Boatwright

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Seconded: Amy Pui

Minutes Continued Spare Parts. Read by Merv Boatwright and accepted. Moved: Bob Riches

Seconded: Faye Yarroll

Editor. Apologies from Darryl – Magazine will be posted out by end of week. In the magazine there will be a form for nominations for AGM. Membership. Anthony Wood paid for this year and next year. Welfare. Warren Tite doing very well after knee operations. Events Director: Sunday – Ladies day run starting at NRMA car park and ending at Luddenham. Christmas luncheon Petersham Bowling Club 5 Dec 2010 January 16 2011 Brooklyn Marina January 26 The Rocks January 26 Mystery run – if you choose 2012 - need to finalise rooms - $50 deposit for 2012 rally needed. Central Tablelands Autumn tour in May 12 March 2011 Hawkesnest motorfest Moved: Cliff Edwards

Seconded: Kevin Harte

General Business Thankyou for attending President’s weekend. Calendar – may not be ready until January 2011. Videos viewed presidents weekend – photos from south coast brunch run and documentary supplied by Brian Haywood about the Austin 7 (of course) The meeting finished at 20:40 pm

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Car of the Month It was love at first sight for Paul and Amy Pui when they got their first glimpse of an Austin 7. It was at a vintage car auction and nothing else interested them except that cute little car. The Pui’s were lucky to meet two Club members on that fateful day which resulted in them buying their Cream coloured 1929 Austin 7 Chummy about two years ago. Although drivable it was mechanically tired but has recently seen major improvements to its brakes, gearbox, engine and electrics. Prior to getting their new Chummy, Paul had never driven a car with manual transmission. Paul believes he is mechanically illiterate compared to other Members, and now realises how dependant he is on the reliability of his modern after his Chummy stalled on it’s maiden Club run; a run that saw him progress from an L Plate to a Red P, and then a Green P in just 2 hours. Being naive about vintage cars has its problems. Like the time a group of Members assured Paul, and he totally believed them, that his gearbox was frozen solid when it wouldn’t engage after being parked overnight in the cold. This is just one of many practical jokes Paul has endured. Paul and Amy’s little car has already brought them much happiness. Their Chummy was recently awarded our Annual Display Day Club Car of the Year. And they love the enjoyment and excitement their car brings to other people too, evident by the many salutes received from fellow motorists. The recent Presidents Weekend Run was an opportunity for the Pui’s to experience driving their Chummy in rain, sleet and light snow; and a chance to discover the true beauty of the Southern Highland’s landscape they’ve missed on other occasions. Paul and Amy reckon the heat from their little engine can be so welcoming in such cold conditions!

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Paul drove about 120 kilometres on the Presidents Weekend including a brisk sprint on the M5 from Mittagong back to Sydney. All in all, Paul and Amy are very happy to be part of our Club and look forward to many more Club Runs in their Chummy. Also, congratulations to Paul and Amy for being our first Members to have their car featured in our new look Baby Torque.

Information Sheet If you would like to see your Austin 7 featured in this magazine please complete and return the “Car of the Month - Information Sheet� available from the Editor.

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Recent Happy Snaps

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Spare Parts Officer says “Thank You” I wish to sincerely thank the many Members who have supported our Club by purchasing parts from our Spare Parts Division during 2010. By supporting our Club in this way it allows us to readily have spare parts available to Members, especially helpful when you need your car ready for the next Run. A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all Members and their Families. Mervyn Boatwright

‘Round the World in a Baby Car Newspapers around the globe followed the very unusual adventure of Englishwoman Gladys de Havilland during the late 1920’s. It seems Miss de Havilland enjoyed motoring very much, so much indeed that she set off on a world tour in an Austin 7. The Editor would appreciate any newspaper cuttings, articles or other information Members may have regarding Gladys’ adventure for the purpose of including this great story in future Baby Torque magazines.

This Picture: Austin 7 cars lined up in Gover Street, New Plymouth (New Zealand), waiting to greet Miss Gladys de Havilland on her world tour in an Austin 7. Taken by unidentified photographer in 1929. (Photograph Reference Number: 1/2055751-F Alexander Turnbull Library)

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Manson Property specialise in residential real estate in Menai, Bangor, Barden Ridge, Illawong and Alfords Point. They were runners-up in the Menai District Business Awards for 2010. LenĂŠ Mitchell looks forward to assisting you find your new home. Tel: (02) 9543 7355 Fax: (02) 9543 7556 Mob: 0411 700 014 Web:

Spare Parts All Spare Parts correspondence should be addressed to: Mr Mervyn Boatwright, P.O. Box 1055, Menai Central. NSW 2234 Tel:/Fax: (02) 9822 8609


Spare Parts will NOT be brought to meetings unless requested beforehand due to the vast number of parts in stock nowadays. Please contact Merv by the Wednesday evening prior to the meeting with details of the parts you need. All Members choosing to pay by cheque for Spare Parts should read the instructions at the bottom of their invoice. Please make all cheques for Spare Parts payable to Austin 7 Club NSW Inc Spare Parts.

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Bad Weather If bad weather conditions are looming, please contact Maureen Boatwright on Saturday evenings or from 6:30am on the Sunday of the run in question (H) 02 9822 8609 (M) 0413 017 263. And please remember to always carry the following documents in your Austin 7:

 Comprehensive Insurance Policy  Clubs’ Certificate of Currency  Baby Torque or Coming Events newsletter

Point Score Trophy Don’t forget the Austin 7 Club NSW “Point Score” program. Our aim is to see as many people attending events and meetings (including monthly general meetings) as possible. Participation in an event or outing from the starting point to the finish will score you 2 points, while attending a general meeting will score you 1 point. These points are awarded whether you attend in your Austin 7 or modern car. The person with the highest points tally will receive a trophy at our Christmas Luncheon / Presentation Day. So come along and get involved.

2010/2011 Supper Roster December 2010

AGM - Members to bring a plate

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Member of The Council of Motor Clubs, Inc

Austin 7 Club NSW Inc "Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of all types of Austin Sevens" Postal Address: P.O. Box 6009 North Ryde NSW 2113 Email: Website:

The Austin 7 Club NSW Inc has been active for over 25 years and aims to bring together people with the common interest of restoring, preserving and driving Austin Sevens. We are an informal family club that regularly takes our "Babies" to the road for some fun social touring. Spare parts are available to Club Members through the Club Spares Division and our technical people will give advice, where possible, in regard to the restoration of these cars.

Conditional Registration Any Member using a vehicle on RTA Conditional Registration (HCRS) and attending a Secondary Club Run or any event listed under Invitations Accepted or Other Events of Interest MUST contact a Committee Member to advise your vehicles movements PRIOR to attending the event. The committee of the nominated primary club on your conditional registration must be aware, and approve of, all movements of

your vehicle. If you wish to attend invitational events outside Club runs, you MUST contact a Committee Member to log the trip, otherwise your registration and insurance is NOT valid. You should carry a copy of the Clubs’ Certificate of Insurance (Public Liability) in your Austin 7 at all times together with the most recent copy of this “Baby Torque” magazine.

E-Baby Torque December 2010  

Magazine of the Austin 7 Club NSW Inc

E-Baby Torque December 2010  

Magazine of the Austin 7 Club NSW Inc