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    “My  Life  With  A  Diabetic”  by  Austin  Wethered    

The absolute most terrifying moment in my life was the spring of 2009 in 6th

grade. That is when my dad had a diabetic blood sugar spike, which dropped his blood sugar to 25. He was in bed when it happened. I came in the room and tried to get his attention and he did not respond; it was like he was in a coma. I called for my mom and for twenty minutes we tried to raise his blood sugar but he would not move or respond so we called for the ambulance. They then came in and tried to get him to respond but he would not, so they injected him with glucose to raise his blood sugar, which worked slowly. Finally, he came to but he was in very unstable conditions. They took him to the hospital where he would stay for the next two days. That day I felt like I was going die of a heart attack or stroke. In the hospital I prayed he would be okay. The good thing was that he was okay after it all was over. This story about him crashing out was scary but not as scary as when I say this has happened multiple times throughout my life. I will never know when it happens again. It could be in the morning, at night, in the afternoon. On a rainy day, or on a sunny day. In heat, or cold, or any place in the world it could happen. The next time it happens I MAY NOT KNOW…. So to those people who know, or are around a brittle diabetic, I wish you luck in the days, months, and years to come. I hope no one will ever have to deal with what I have dealt with in my life. I also hope that it never happens to anyone else. But my greatest hope is that one day we can find a cure for diabetes.

My life with a diabetic