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April 2017 Newsletter Indonesian Diaspora Network – Greater Austin Hello, Yes, it is allergy season here in Austin yet we rarely need an excuse to be outside. Here are some line up of activities on April, 14-16 is Reggae Fest and Balloon over Horseshoe Bay, 2123 is MotoGP, and 29 is Eeyore’s Birthday Party. Salam Diaspora,

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July 1 Konvensi CID 4 di Jakarta

April 1-15, 2017

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Online Registration for Indonesian ‘Ratu Kebaya’ Pageant Participation is NOW open to ladies and girls in Austin & its vicinities Link:

In the Community April 1 Facebook Live Stream:

Fees: Single ladies - $5, Mother&Child - $7 Poster on Page 4

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April 22, 2017

April 22

Wonderful Indonesia Festival I 5:00-8:00p CST

Kebaya Pageant at AARC &

Venue: AARC, 8401 Cameron Road. Austin, Texas 78754

Wonderful Indonesia Festival


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April 29 UT Austin Butler School of Music Javanese Karawitan Event

Lightcraft Band by Stephanie Adeline

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Indonesian indie-rock/dream-pop quartet experiences at SXSW Read Here: Page 1 of 6

Watch Live on Facebook, April 1st, 2017 at 4:30-6:15pm CST. April 1 Gather your friends and watch it together via Livestream! During the conversation, we will discuss openly the opinion of the Indonesians in America on relevant Indonesia’s conflicts on various issues, ranging from economy, radicalism, corruption, religious, and ethnic cases will be part of the topic. Finally, we also want to share our opinion on the priorities to practical actions of what Indonesians can do on grassroots level, which is to continue the fast structural changes in the government and the accelerated infrastructure development. Featuring: Eka Kristanto - Indonesian American Muslim Community Benjamin Rasyad - Indonesia Diaspora Foundation Leonard Winardi - Fellowship of Indonesian Christian in America Hosted by Konsulat Jendral RI Houston, TX

Watch live! at:

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Link to Purchase Tickets:

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Registration Link of Ratu Kebaya Pageant:

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April 29

Information Link on UT Butler’s Javanese Karawitan Event:

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July 1

Registration link for Congress of Indonesian Diaspora-4 Working Meeting: Page 6 of 6

IDN Greater Austin April 2017 Newsletter  
IDN Greater Austin April 2017 Newsletter