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Welcome To Sigonella

Welcome to the beautiful island of Sicily! We are all excited to have an addition to our community of Sigonella. My name is Amy Shattuck and I’m the 2011 youth sponsorship representative for NAS Sigonella Youth Programs. This means that I get the privilege of telling you the 411on Sig, and what you can expect.

Moving to Sicily can be a big change; Italy is a lot different then the states. But it can also be a wonderful new experience for you. Here in Sigonella you will have the opportunity to seethe beauty of Italy and learn about new cultures.

The people in Sigonella are outgoing and friendly. We all know how scary it can be to be the new person, so people here are really good about accepting people and helping them to make the adjustment. In time, you’ll be as comfortable as ever and feel like Sigonella is home.

Sigonella is one big family and we are glad to welcome you to our dinner table.

Enjoy Your Stay Here in Sigonella! Amy Shattuck 


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Information on Sicily

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Italian Words to Know

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What Are the People out in Town Like

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What Are Some Things to Watch Out For What is the Weather Like In Sicily What is the School Like

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Where do the Teens Hang Out

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What Do Teens Like

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Information on Sicily

Sicily is black and white and a million shades of gray. There is no other  place on Earth like it. Our island is a unique place full of art, archeology, history,  and breathtaking scenery, and of course great food!  The population of this Island is 60,625,881 million  Cool things to see in Sigonella!   Elephant Square: Rebuilt in 1700 on the site of the older medieval piazza, the present piazza plays  the same role as center of the city as it did in the past.  It is a major meeting point for locals, tourists,  and the cities principle streets, which converge  at the piazza. No need to get lost in Catania! At  the centre of the piazza stands the appealing  Elephant fountain, created in 1736. As well as  being made in imitation of Bernini’s Minerva  Elephant in Rome, it is reminiscent of Catania’s long and varied past.   Palermo:  Often overlooked amid the seething metropolis of the capital city, the heart of  Palermo lies in the ancient quarter. In jut a few hours on foot you can explore  some of Sicily’s most famous monuments and charming squares, such as the  Pizza Pretoria.  Mont Etna:  Europe’s highest volcano, and one of the most active in the world, continues to  draw visitors to view its awe inspiring power.    Beaches The beaches here in Italy are stunning, beautiful white sandy beaches with clear  blue water. You can swim out to rocks that are along the shore line and jump off  into the water, or explore the caves.   Etnaland  Etnaland is a water park which has a huge variety of waterslides and attractions.  It’s a great place to go during the summer! Italian Words to Know 4

English                                                                 Italian Hello Ciao’ Goodbye Arrivederci How Are you? Come Stai Thank you Grazie You’re Welcome Prego Please Per Favore’ Excuse me Mi Scusi’ My Name is…….. Mi Chiamo Where is………? Dov’ e ……? I don’t Speak Italian Lo non Parlo Italiano How Much Does it Cost Quanto Costa


What are the people out in town like? One thing to remember is that it is a different  culture and you have to respect that.  With  that in mind know that what you may consider  personal space, might not be the same as  what they consider personal space. 

What are some things to watch out for? The pace of life can be slow and this doesn’t  suit everyone. Also in August many areas of  Sicily, (and also in other parts of Italy), the  country almost grinds to a halt. Once again this  is positive if you are in Sicily as you can relax  for the month. Some Americans think driving  here is crazy. Just go with the flow and repeat  to yourself “I am not going to get in an accident  today!”

What is the weather like in Sicily

The weather in Sicily changes in time with the seasons. With the winter comes  rain and cold and in the summer you encounter blazing sun and dry wind.

What is the School like?


The best word to  describe our  school, SMALL!  Students wise,  we only have like  a 100 high school  students so class  can be mighty  tiny. The great  thing about that  though is you’ll  know everyone in  school, no matter  the grade level  The building is  considerably huge given the small body of students we have. It’s only 4 years  old, and it has the best facilities in Italy. The sprit of the Sigonella jaguars shines  throughout the hall ways, with blue and yellow everywhere                and a giant jaguar coming out of the gym floor!!



Sigonella offers a variety of sports through the school. Fall: Football Cheerleading                                        Volleyball Cross Country Tennis Winter: Cheerleading Basketball Wrestling Spring: Soccer Baseball Softball Track & Field Last year Sigonella had very successful sports seasons. The football team,  wrestling team, softball, and boy’s soccer took home championships and several  other teams placed in the top three. A great benefit to doing sports here is the traveling! On every away game you will  travel to compete in places such as Rome, Venice, Milan, Naples, and even  some parts of Germany.


Where do the Teens Hangout? The Teen Center is where you will find most of the teens. There is a lot to do  there; you can play video games, ping­pong, watch movies, or building a giant  tower out of jumbo Jenga blocks!   Another place teens like to go when they are done with there towers, is the gym,  where they can pick up a game of either basketball or volleyball. 


What Teens Like! Favorite Book:     

Harry Potter  Twilight  Hunger Games  Child Called It

Favorite Sport:                       

Soccer Football Basketball Volleyball

Favorite Movies:                                     Love and Basketball                                              Hangover   Remember the titans 


 The longest yard 

        Favorite TV Shows:   SpongeBob Squarepants                                                             Army Wives  Secret Life of the American Teenager  NCIS

Favorite Music:  Hip­Hop                                               Rap  Country 11

 R+B

Favorite Singer/Group: ­     Kid Cudi                                                                           Alicia Keys   Rihanna   Christina Aguilera

Favorite Holidays:   Christmas   4th of July   Thanksgiving   Easter 



Welcome to Sig  
Welcome to Sig  

This is a welcome book, to sigonella. Inside you will find info on sigonella and the teens that are here.