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Austin Allen Clemson University Landscape Architecture 2014-2018

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603 Foxhound Ct. Simpsonville, SC 29680 2

Context 4 Early Grading Studies 6

Magnolia Hall

10 Redux Contemporary Art Center 14 Baruch Institute 20

Cleveland Park


Proposed Grading Plan 4

Proposed Grading Plan Sections 5

Magnolia Hall Fountain Inn, SC


Magnolia Hall is a residence in the upstate of South Carolina. I took the project on as a second year student in my design implementaion 2 class. The goal for the project was to create a comprehensive site design that included site planning, circulation and the layout of different amenities. One of the main focuses for my site was to create a shade structure that was placed within the entertainment area of the site. My goals for this structure were to create a beautiful space for gathering as well as matching materials to give the feeling that the structure was an extension of the estate. This shade structure would be matched with a vine species such as Confederate Jasmine to help create a dense shade as well as another attractive aspect.




Redux Contemporary Art Center Charleston, SC


Redux Contemporary Art Center was the client for my design build studio while studying off-campus in Charleston, SC. Redux was in the process of moving to a much larger location and had many dreams for making their art gallery an attraction for not only artist to come and practice their art, but also to attract these artist for more gallery showings. The issue in the new space was with the gallery space in that there was not much space for hanging work. Our solution to this problem was creating three moveable walls in the space, two of which added a completely new wall to hang art. The other moved in front of a small niche in the wall for which part of the project, a bar was created. These moveable walls also gave Redux the opportunity to create different scenarios in their space for different styles of art and artists. Along with the bar, we also created a front desk that gave the gallery a place to recieve visitors. Both the bar and the desk were easily moveable to allow for different gallery placement.




Baruch Institute at Hobcaw Barony Georgetown, SC


The Baruch Institute studio was a collaborative studio with Landscape Architecture and both graduate and undergraduate Architecture students. Each Landscape Architecture student was put in groups of 4-5 Architecture students. The goal for the project was to create a new and improved lab building as well as a comprehensive master plan that included lab location and improved circulation and planting design. My group created a lab space designed to have an aspect that is very functional with the landscape. The design allowed for small vehicles to pass through the building as well as “dirty lab� spaces that were much less formal that allowed for the outdoors to come indoors.



BICEFS Labratory Campus A Proposed Lab Building B BICEFS Existing Lab C BICEFS Education Building D Proposed Storage Shed E Main Entrance Bridge F Connecting Bridge G Bio-swale H Fire Break/Service Road I

Parking Lot







Site Master Plan 17

Bridge Sections 18


Cleveland Park Greenville, SC Exit Project


The RFP for Cleveland Park that has recently come out is what I have chosen to do my exit project on. My site analysis has led me in a great direction for design and I plan on a strong research base for my master plan. I plan to address issues such as hydrology, circulation and use of amenities.


Parking/Vehicular Circulation


Active Spaces


Picnic Shelters

Site Mapping 22

Land Use

Land Use with Flood Zone

Stormwater Infrastructure

Waste Water Management

Site Mapping 23

Austin Allen Final Portfolio  
Austin Allen Final Portfolio  

A collection of works from my time studying as an undergraduate Landscape Architecture student at Clemson University.