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October 2011


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Contents PATRON His Excellency James Wise Australian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand

Business Brief 6 Aged Care in Thailand – Challenge and Opportunity 8 Thailand – Gateway to Asia embassy news 12 Join Hands in Empowering Rural Villagers to Fight Poverty 13 Australia Seeks to Reconnect with Thai Colombo Plan for a 60th anniversary gathering

austcham business awardS 2011 14 Congratulations to Hemaraj, Recipient of the Best Services Company Award COMMUNITY SERVICES 16 Keeping the Kids Happy at Wat Putakien 16 Voluntary English Teaching at Baan Khao Din School in Chonburi on Saturday, 10 September members Advancing 17 Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia Launch Initial Interline and Lounge Agreements chamber Events 18 Eastern Seaboard Sundowners at Royal Varuna Yacht Club on 9 September 2011

AustCham members and friends will be saddened to learn that our good friend and colleague, Khun Dusit Nontanakorn, Chairman of the Board of Trade of Thailand and Thai Chamber of Commerce, has succumbed to lukemia at the age of 64. Khun Dusit was a courageous leader of the business community in Thailand, particularly in the fight against corruption. Most recently he was spearheading a reinvigorated campaign against corruption through the sale of anti-corruption t-shirts and a rally that was held at Lumpini Park on Sunday, 25 September 2011. Khun Dusit was a strong supporter of foreign chambers of commerce and businesses associations in Thailand, including AustCham. He will be missed dearly.

PRESIDENT John Anderson Meinhardt Portfolio: Regional Links

8 19 BLCP Power Plant Visit on Friday, 19 August 2011 19 Update from the Board of Investment (BOI) on 24 August 2011 20 Bangkok Sundowners at JW Marriott Bangkok on Wednesday, 7 September 2011 NEW MEMBERS 22 AustCham’s New Members Members’ offers 25 AustCham Members’ Offers From the Chamber Office 26 Message from the AustCham Office

VICE PRESIDENTS M.L. Laksasubha Kridakon Baan Laksasubha Resort Portfolio: Alumni Belinda Skinner Top Talent Asia Portfolio: Communications and English Teaching TREASURER Leigh Scott-Kemmis DBM Portfolio: Advancing Trade and Commerce DIRECTORS David Bell Crestcom – Ra-Kahng Associates Portfolio: Speakers and Talks Khun Jurairat Jammanee HASSELL Portfolio: AustCham Ball Warwick Kneale Baker Tilly Portfolio: Community Services Sam Mizzi McConnell Dowell Portfolio: AFL and Eastern Seaboard Industry Khun Suganya Ransigutta TMF Portfolio: Business Awards Ben Yong Baker McKenzie Portfolio: Legal Saeed Zaki , Ph.D. dwp Portfolio: Breakfast Briefings EX OFFICIO Maurine Lam Regional Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, ASEAN

From the Board

President’s Message COORDINATORS Paul Whyte New Asia Pacific ESB Coordinator Email: Paul Wilkinson CEA Projects ESB Coordinator Email: Steve Brajak Raimon Land Phuket Coordinator Email: Harry Usher Lady Pie Phuket Coordinator Email: Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce 20th Floor, Thai CC Tower 889 South Sathorn Road Bangkok 10120 Tel.: +66 2 210 0216 Fax: +66 2 675 6696

Editorial Committee Belinda Skinner, Robert Taylor, Josh Hyland, Gregers Moller, Gary Woollacott Marketing & Production Scand-Media Corp. Ltd 4/41-42 Moo 3, Thanyakarn Village Ramintra Soi 14, Bangkok Tel.: +66 2 943-7166/8 Fax: +66 2 943-7169 Advertising Finn Balslev Email: Contributions to Advance magazine are welcome. Please submit content to by the first day of the month for publication in the following month’s magazine. Opinions expressed in Advance do not necessarily reflect the views of the Chamber. AustChamThailand Advance


y first six months as AustCham President have been both rewarding, and challenging. Balancing AustCham obligations – particularly the many functions and meetings – with the demands of work and home have severely tested my time management skills. On occasions, it has also tested the patience of my family. I have learnt a lot in a short period…and there is much to learn still. New issues arise on an almost daily basis. I have enjoyed engaging with the diverse AustCham family, and listening to their equally diverse views. Respect for differing opinions is an AustCham strength and one I encourage. There have been some difficult decisions along the way, and in making them I have been guided by three principles: the interests of our Chamber come first; the majority view of the Board prevails; and outside experts are consulted. I intend to continue this approach in future. Thankfully, I have not been alone on this journey. AustCham is underpinned by a hard working volunteer team that includes my fellow AustCham Directors and many sub-committee members. Each brings a valuable perspective to the table. Every day dozens of emails are exchanged on all manner of issues – it is always a group effort. We are fortunate also to have a dedicated AustCham office staff. Andrew Durieux, our former President, resigned recently as a Board member. Andrew was President for two years and volunteered much time toward the Chamber. He remains an AustCham member and I am sure we will see him at many of our functions. On behalf of the Board, I thank Andrew for his dedicated service over the last three and a half years. We are making good progress on some of the Chamber’s new initiatives, with a series of important ‘firsts’. I am genuinely excited about these projects because I believe they will secure AustCham’s future as a leading Chamber of Commerce in Thailand. They will help sharpen the Chamber’s businessspecific focus and strengthen our core Australian characteristics. On our study into Australian businesses in Thailand, we held the first meeting of a group of prominent representatives to oversee the study. Their experience and advice will be invaluable. We are pleased also to report that a leading Australian consulting firm – AEC group limited – will join with us

on the study. By tapping the expertise of AEC’s top-tier economic and business consultants we will be able to produce a comprehensive and influential analysis of Australian-Thai commerce. We also held the first meeting of our Manufacturers and Infrastructure Group. Not to be outdone by the excellent facilitation of straight-shooting AustCham Director Sam Mizzi, the Australian Ambassador contributed invaluable political and policy insights to what was a top quality expertlevel exchange of views specific to manufacturing, infrastructure and related heavy industry. In another first, AustCham and the ThaiAustralia Association (TAA) hosted the inaugural meeting of the Australian Alumni Council. A component of our new Australian Alumni program, the Council brings together more than 20 principal representatives of Australian alumni groups in Thailand. It will help us promote a greatly expanded network of professionals who are proud of their connection to Australia and who wish to network with Australians. Great credit must go to AustCham’s VicePresident, M.L. Laksasubha Kridakon, and TAA President Khun Charn Saralertsophon, who are the architects behind Australian Alumni. Khun Lak in particular has been the driver of AustCham’s alumni efforts for several years now and its success is primarily due to her outstanding efforts. I am looking forward to my next six months as President and look forward to bringing you more positive news about our achievements.

John Anderson President, AustCham Thailand October 2011


business brief

Aged Care in Thailand – Challenge and Opportunity By Bruce Bickerstaff

the Thai public purse from a minority. Still some action seems inevitable, and it’s hard to see what else might be done given the resources currently available.


n Thailand the elderly are traditionally kept in the bosom of the family, often actively involved in household chores or family businesses, right up until the time of death. While there are now more exceptions to this rule as families disperse for education or employment, it still remains common practice. This, combined with limited public sector funding, have meant that Thailand has yet to develop the system of elder care facilities found in most western countries. The facilities that are currently available are mainly limited to designated aged care wards in a few of the hospitals. Now introduce into this picture the many thousands of expats now choosing to retire in Thailand. One reason for this growing trend is a recognition that they can no longer afford to maintain an adequate standard of living in the West in their golden years. Another factor is that retirees today are more well-travelled and savvy than any generation before them. Many of these folks rely on pensions from foreign governments, whilst others have personal savings or investments. Almost all have been hard-hit in recent years by a combination of inflation, adverse movements in the value of foreign currencies, and the Global Financial Crisis. It is no revelation that as people age they require an increasing amount of medical intervention – and assistance generally. As expat numbers grow this is beginning to have a noticeable impact on alreadystretched Thai public health services. For example it has been reported that the clinic that services Bangkok’s international airport is now facing budget over-runs as a result of treating foreign patients who subsequently claim to have inadequate funds to pay their bills. There have also been reports of similar situations occurring in areas of Thailand popular with expats. Most older expats enter and remain in Thailand on the basis of a ‘retirement visa’. These are granted, and extended 6

October 2011

What can expats themselves do to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem?

annually, on the basis of a number of conditions. One of these is that a minimum balance of 800,000 Thai baht (about AU$ 26,000) is maintained in a Thai bank account. But this mandatory nest egg can be quickly eroded in the event of a major health crisis. Similar financial crisis can also occur when elderly persons, sometimes with diminishing mental capacity, are scammed or simply spend their money unwisely. In some cases those responsible are unqualified female ‘personal assistants’ who have been provided with PIN numbers to enable them to shop for food and household items. Without access to family, a support network, and the sort of government safety nets found in a western country, old folks can very quickly find themselves in a dark place if and when things begin to unravel. Help is often then sought from honorary consuls or embassy officials, who have limited resources on hand to support or repatriate old, sick and/or penniless citizens. What can the Thai government do about this? Well some possible responses might be increased visa fees, imposing maximum age limits, mandatory health insurance for expats, and increasing the thresholds for minimum cash holdings and/or annual income. These are not ideal solutions and will adversely affect many expats in order to help safeguard

• Prepare a financial plan and a personal budget, and be careful with your cash • Prepare a Will, an Enduring Power of Attorney, and maintain adequate health insurance • Register your name and contact details with your embassy • Have a plan in place for when you can no longer manage on your own – which might well include returning to your country of origin • If you employ a personal carer then ensure they are qualified and undertake whatever checks you can concerning their character and bona fides. One further step, only now becoming a viable alternative, is to enter a specialised aged care facility. For the reasons set out earlier, these remain few and far between. In fact the author is unaware of any integrated three stage aged care facilities operating in Thailand (i.e. independent living, hostel and nursing home). Foreign entrepreneurs have entered the market but appear to be only interested, thus far, in developing small blocks or clusters of independent living units. One of the few existing facilities for people requiring a higher level of care (that is not merely a hospital ward) is ‘Dok Kaew Gardens’ in Chiang Mai. One would sincerely hope, and it would seem likely given current demographic trends, that further quality aged care facilities will come on stream in Thailand in the very near future catering for both Thais and foreigners. A revised and updated version of Bruce Bickerstaff’s book “Your Investment Guide to Thailand” has just been released by Silkworm Books – further details at AustChamThailand Advance

business brief

Thailand – Gateway to Asia


hailand enjoys a strategic location and serves as a gateway into the heart of Asia – home to what is today the largest growing economic market. The country also offers convenient trade with China, India and the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and easy access into the Greater Mekong sub-region, where newly emerging markets offer great business potential.

Hub of ASEAN Thailand was one of the founding members of ASEAN and has been instrumental in the formation and development of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). AFTA entered into force on 1 January 2010 for the six original ASEAN (ASEAN-6) members (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Brunei) thereby reducing import duties to zero; the so-called CLMV countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) will follow suit in 2015. Thailand has forged close economic cooperation with other ASEAN member nations, and Thai manufactured products and services have access to their markets, which includes all 10 ASEAN countries. ASEAN is home to more than half a billion people GDP in excess of US$1.5 trillion and total trade of well more than US$1 trillion per year. Growing Economy Economically, this country of 67 million people is characterised by steady growth, strong exports and a vibrant domestic consumer market. Abundant natural resources and a skilled and cost-effective work force help attract foreign investors, and enable them to prosper and develop industry in Thailand. FDI Policies The country’s well-defined investment policies focus on liberalisation and encourage free trade. Foreign investments, especially those that contribute to the development of skills, technology and innovation are actively promoted by the government. Thailand consistently ranks among the most attractive investment locations in international surveys, and the World Bank’s 2010 Ease of Doing Business report places Thailand as the 12th easiest country in the world in which to do business. Government Support and Incentives Numerous government agencies support investors. Through the BOI (BOI), the government offers a range of tax incentives, support services and import duty exemptions or reductions to an extensive list of promoted activities. Companies receiving investment promotion privileges from the 8

October 2011

BOI are not subject to foreign equity restrictions in the manufacturing sector, and there are no local content requirements, nor export requirements, as Thailand’s investment regime is in total compliance with WTO regulations. The BOI also coordinates the activity of the One-Stop Service Center for Visas and Work Permits, which enables foreign staff of BOI-promoted companies to obtain work permits and longterm visas within three hours or less. The BOI also administers the One Start One Stop Investment Center, which opened in November 2009 to facilitate a full range of services and streamline investment procedures by bringing representatives from more than 20 government agencies under one roof. In addition to the activities of the BOI, other government organisations, such as the Department of Export Promotion and international chambers of commerce, provide invaluable support and a host of other important services. Long–Established and Newly Emerging Industries With steady economic development and strong support industries, the country’s industrial production has grown and diversified rapidly both in long–established and newly emerging industries. The government has emphasised attracting investment in six sectors that have been determined to be key to the country’s developmental objectives. These six target industries include: agriculture and agro-industry, alternative energy, automotive, electronics and ICT, fashion, and value-added services including entertainment, healthcare and tourism. Below is a brief look at Thailand’s electronics and Medical industries and BOI incentives for each. For further details, please visit their website ( Electronics The electronics industry is one of Thailand’s largest in the manufacturing sector. This industry alone was worth more than US$ 33 billion and accounted for more than 17 percent of Thailand’s export revenues in 2010. Thailand’s main electronics exports are Computer parts and integrated circuits (IC), which account for about 56 percent and 26 percent of total electronic exports, respectively. Having overtaken Singapore in 2006, Thailand is now ranked as the top HDD and components manufacturing base worldwide. Thailand holds a similarly prominent place in the IC and semiconductor industries, and boasts one of the largest assembly bases for these products in Southeast Asia.

AustChamThailand Advance

business brief

As global demand for high-technology consumer electronics such as wireless devices, flat panel displays, MP3 players, gaming consoles and computers continues to grow, Thailand is an ideal location for electronics industry investment. Such growing demand, coupled with strong government support for the sector, promises a bright future for electronics – and electronics investors – indeed. Survey of the Industry World-class manufacturers dominate this fast-growing sector. Multinational companies, such as Fujitsu from Japan, Seagate from the USA, Philips Electronics from the Netherlands, and LG Electronics from Korea, have established production, testing, assembly or research and development facilities in Thailand. These facilities are staffed by more than 370,000 highly skilled people.

• maximum tax incentives for high-technology investment projects totaling more than 30 million baht and producing products not yet made in Thailand; • exemption from corporate income tax for a period of eight years for projects in Zone 3, seven years for projects located in an industrial estate or a promoted industrial zone, six years for projects in Zone 2 and five years for projects in Zone 1; • exemption from import duties for machinery throughout the period of promotion and; • exemption from import duties on raw materials and components used for producing electronic goods. Additional incentives are also available to investors who locate in Zone 3 regions of the country, in accordance with Thailand’s decentralisation policy.

As worldwide demand for computers and mobile phones continues to grow, so does the value of Thailand’s electronics exports. In 2010 the total value of Thailand’s exported electronic components grew 23 percent. The primary markets for these exports were: China (19 percent); Hong Kong (15 percent); the United States (15 percent), Japan (9 percent) and Singapore (7 percent).

Apart from attractive tax incentives, the BOI provides investors with comprehensive business services. It assists locators by identifying potential suppliers, allowing them to own land, permitting them to bring in foreign experts and technicians into the country, and facilitating the work permit and visa application process for foreign employees working in Thailand.

This sustained rise in electronics production and exports has been accompanied by a sustained rise in electronics imports, primarily semiconductors, discrete components and electronics subcomponents. The total value of electronics components imported into Thailand in 2010 was approximately US$24.57 billion, an increase of 28 percent over the previous year.

Moreover, several incentives are available to companies that invest in RandD. The BOI grants these companies a three year

Thailand’s electronics industry has yet to experience a decline in production value or export growth. This expansion is expected to continue in the years to come. Opportunities Thailand has established itself as a competitive location for the assembly and testing of HDDs, ICs and electronic subcomponents such as printed circuit boards (PCBs). However, many key components of the upstream electronics value chain such as semiconductor material; discrete components, such as diodes and transistors; as well as ICs, are still imported from abroad, primarily from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Manufacturers looking to expand their market in Thailand can find excellent opportunities in manufacturing these components locally. Thailand’s pre-eminent position as the world’s largest production base for HDDs and components offers suppliers within the HDD value chain the opportunity to develop world-scale manufacturing capacity within a dynamic and highly concentrated cluster. Almost all of the world’s key HDD manufacturing players are located within a 250 km radius of Bangkok or within the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) offering unparalleled opportunities for manufacturers within the HDD industry. BOI Investment Incentives The BOI of Thailand grants special incentives to investors in the electronics sector. These incentives include:

AustChamThailand Advance

October 2011


business brief

extension of the corporate income tax holiday, while the Revenue Code of Thailand allows for the double-deduction of RandD expenses from corporate income taxes. The Medical Hub of Asia Thailand offers some of the best and most affordable health care service in the world, and in the past few years investment opportunities in the medical industry have grown exponentially. With health care facilities expanding and investment in high-technology equipment soaring, the medical device, pharmaceutical and medical food sectors are experiencing concurrent increases as well. Medical Services Thailand is a world leader in medical services, offering a worldclass medical infrastructure and the highest possible quality of care. The Kingdom possesses over 1,000 public hospitals and more than 300 private hospitals staffed with overseas-trained doctors operating at international standards and offering the best health care available at a fraction of the cost of similar procedures in developed countries. More than 1 million foreign patients visit Thailand each year for a range of healthcare services, including sophisticated procedures like stem cell treatment. As expected, large numbers of visitors decide to undergo surgery in the Kingdom as part of their stay. As a result, the domestic drugs and medical market has grown to over US$ 4 billion in 2010. Many Thai hospitals, both public and private, boast extensive multilingual staffs, ensuring that there are no communication barriers for patients. This is just a small sample of the great efforts being made to accommodate the increasing number of international patients. Beyond the excellent medical services, patients receive personal care befitting of Thailand’s world-renowned hospitality. For example, some hospitals will even assign patients a personal assistant who will walk them through the entire care process, from the front door, to their appointment with the doctor, to the onsite pharmacy to fill prescriptions, and to clearing all receipts for insurance reimbursement. Patients are kept informed throughout their stay at Thai hospitals. Medical Devices As Thailand continues its ascent into the medical hub of the region, considerable opportunities in related fields are being created. For example, the medical device sector will continue to see healthy growth to meet the demands of healthcare facilities for new and upgraded medical machinery and devices. Specifically, the Kingdom is an excellent and cost- effective production location for medical devices and disposables, among other things. In 2010, within the medical device sector, export of oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers enjoyed 14.82 percent growth over the previous year. During the same period, export of diagnostic and laboratory reagents increased 44.78 percent, and apparatus based on the use of X-rays, alpha, beta or gamma radiation by 48.77 percent. Major medical device companies who have invested in Thailand include, among others: 3M, Bausch and Lomb, Baxter Healthcare, Boston Scientific, Carl Zeiss, Diethelm, GE Medical Systems, Guidant, Johnson and Johnson, Medtronic, Philips Electronics (Medical 10

October 2011

Systems), Roche Diagnostics, Siemens (Medical Solutions) Surgical Instruments and Tyco Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Despite a robust chemicals industry and the biodiversity to support pharmaceutical manufacturing, Thailand imported US$ 1.54 billion in pharmaceutical products in 2010 – an increase of 14.6 percent over the previous year. At the same time, the country exported only US$ 323 million of medication – a rise of 20 percent over last year. Therefore, significant opportunities exist to invest in Thailand’s pharmaceutical industry, as both the domestic market and Southeast Asian market currently rely on imported drugs. Moreover, Thailand’s private hospitals consistently record healthy growth, which then leads to even greater demand for imported drugs, and additional imported drugs have recently been placed on the National List of Essential Medicines. Thailand is also investing in research and development for tropical diseases such as dengue fever and malaria, among others, and invites investments into biotechnology research. BOI Investment Incentives The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) grants attractive tax incentives to investors in the medical sector, including: • Be intending to be used under medical supervision. • Priority activities such as the manufacture of medical supplies, medical equipment, and scientific equipment receive the maximum corporate income tax exemption for eight years, regardless of zone and with an unspecified ratio of corporate income tax. Additionally, the BOI provides non-tax incentives such as land ownership rights for foreign investors, permission to bring in foreign experts and technicians, and work permit and visa facilitation for expatriate employees. In 2005, the BOI expanded its promotion of the pharmaceutical industry to cover not only active ingredients, but finished products as well; and in 2007, the BOI added biotechnology as a targeted sector eligible for a wide range of incentives.

BOI Trade Fair Thailand’s largest exhibition fair organised by the Office of the BOI (BOI) will this year be set under the theme of “Going Green for the Future”. Join AustCham at the fair which will be held between 10-25 November at the Impact Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani. For further information, visit

AustChamThailand Advance

since 1951.

embassy news

Join Hands in Empowering Rural Villagers to Fight Poverty


ecently, the Australian Government, through the Direct Aid Program (DAP) provided Baht 800,000 to the Mechai Pattana School in Buriram province. The project, “Kick Starting a Partnership to Break the Poverty Cycle Project” is designed to lift rural villagers and their families out of poverty by empowering them through incomegenerating agricultural activities. The Kick Starting a Partnership to Break the Poverty cycle project is focused on the most vulnerable people in rural villages, including the elderly who are without family support or are raising grandchildren on their own; the handicapped (including both the physically and mentally handicapped); those missing limbs because of motorcycle accidents or land mines; widows and single mothers with no support; people with HIV; and landless villagers. With their active participation, the project supports community members to achieve a better life. A significant feature of the project is the collaborative learning between local community members, youth and adults. Villagers partner with “Youth Volunteer Leaders” to

The Australian Ambassador to Thailand Mr James Wise with students and villagers at the Mechai Pattana School.

The Australian Ambassador to Thailand, Mr James Wise, presents Australian books to Mr Mechai Viravaidya AO, Chairman of Mechai Viravaidya Foundation, together with school teachers and students at the Mechai Pattana School.


October 2011

work on income generating activities, allowing them to exchange experiences and practical ideas. The youth volunteer leaders are chosen to cultivate a sense of philanthropy, leadership and responsibility for a younger generation. Villagers have begun implementing new income-generating activities, utilising the knowledge gained. They repaid the support in kind through tree planting as well as other philanthropic activities. Australian Ambassador to Thailand, H.E. James Wise, recently visited the Mechai Pattana School. “The Australian Embassy is proud to support this initiative. This project provides valuable training and support to empower local communities in Buriram. Through its youth leadership approach, the project’s benefits will continue for generations,” he said.

AustChamThailand Advance

embassy news

Australia Seeks to Reconnect with Thai Colombo Plan for a 60th anniversary gathering


n a 60th anniversary celebration of the highly-regarded Colombo Plan this year, the Australian Ambassador to Thailand, H.E. James Wise, will host a special event in early November for all Thai alumni who completed university degrees in Australia under the Colombo Plan. The Colombo Plan for Cooperative Economic and Social Development in Asia and the Pacific is one of the oldest regional inter-governmental organisations. It was conceived at the Commonwealth Conference on Foreign Affairs in Colombo, Si Lanka in January 1950, and launched on 1 July 1951. The Plan embraces a partnership concept of self-help and mutualhelp in the socio-economic development of its member countries. Thailand formally joined the Plan in 1954. Over a 35 year period, from 1954 to 1989, an estimated 450 Thais completed university degrees in Australia under the

Colombo Plan long term scholarships. After Colombo Plan long term scholarships ceased in 1989, a range of similar scholarships were provided by the Australian Government for international students to study in Australia. Since 1989, more than 300 Thais have been granted Australian Government’s scholarships. Nowadays, the scholarships for international students to pursue further education and professional training in Australia have been provided through the Australian Government’s Endeavour Awards and Development Awards schemes administered by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) respectively. The Australian Embassy, Bangkok, is searching for Thai Colombo Plan Alumni who studied in Australia between 1954 and 1989 in order to invite them to the 60th anniversary gathering. “We estimate that there

are around 450 Thai alumni who studied in Australia under a long term Colombo Plan scholarship, and are looking forward to the opportunity to host this alumni group at our 60th anniversary event.” Mr Wise said. “If you are a Thai national who completed an undergraduate or graduate degree at an Australian university under the Colombo Plan we would like to hear from you.” To register your interest in attending the Embassy’s 60th anniversary of the Colombo Plan event, please go to the Australian Embassy website, www.thailand.embassy. The Australian Embassy is also preparing a factual and pictorial record of the experiences of Thai Colombo Plan scholarship recipients who studied in Australia. Even if attendance at the 60th anniversary event is not possible, the Embassy would appreciate receiving information from Thai Colombo Plan alumni about their experiences as students in Australia, as well as copies of photos taken at that time.

austcham business awardS 2011

Congratulations to Hemaraj, Recipient of the Best Services Company Award their business expands. To date, Hemaraj has built approximately 130 ready built factories, totalling more than 272,000 square meters of area. Currently there are 450 distinct customers, 220 automotive customers, 650 land or factory contracts, and a customer investment estimate of US$ 20 billion.


emaraj Land And Development Public Company Limited is Thailand’s leading developer of Industrial Estates, Utilities and Property Customer Solutions. Hemaraj’s industrial estates are located primarily on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard. They have developed and manage six industrial estates, covering 31,300 rai or 13,000 acres. The industrial estates provide clusters for the petrochemical, automotive and other industries as well as four free zones inclusive in these areas. From the mid 1990’s, Hemaraj began developing the “Detroit of the East” automotive cluster at their flagship Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate and Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong). These form the most significant automotive cluster in Thailand, with investments from Ford, Mazda, GM, Suzuki and more than 150 automobile manufacturers from all over the world. Hemaraj Eastern Industrial Estate (Map Ta Phut) is a prime location for the petrochemical sector. Other industries at their industrial estates include metal fabrication, plastic and polymer, electronics, construction materials, consumer products, building materials, logistics and others. The high-quality infrastructure at Hemaraj ESIE and ESIE includes wide roads in good condition, a stable power 14

October 2011

supply, availability of a range of communications networks, treated potable water, wastewater treatment facilities that meet environmental standards, and solid soil. In addition, Hemaraj provides comprehensive industrial estate operations management as well as extensive commercial, one-stop service, training and other facilities. In addition to industrial land, Hemaraj designs and develops turnkey factories, with clear span layout with no column in the middle and expandable options. All factories are designed for optimal work environment with excellent natural light and ventilation. They are also equipped with all necessity safety features. Their Ready Built Factories from 500 – 9,900 sq.m. are located in both the General Industrial Zone and the Customs Free Zone in most of Hemaraj’s industrial estates. Ready Built Factories provides customers flexibility on investment and financing, as well as a growth path to larger buildings or developed land as

FORMULA FOR SUCCESS: The Hemaraj strategy is to create longterm shareholder value through focused appropriate strategic, business, financial and governance disciplines. This long-term value can be realised by demonstrating and communicating respect for our customers, employees, and stakeholders while behaving in a manner that is communally, ethically, and environmentally responsible. This includes: • Developing industrial estates, utilities, and property solutions that have predictable growing revenue and superior profit opportunities in order to optimise shareholder value. • Leveraging complementary management expertise in property, utilities, infrastructure and environmental competence. • Utilising company financial resources selectively for competing investment opportunities. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: Industrial estates at strategic locations with clusters, excellent infrastructure and service solutions CURRENT MARKET POSITION AND FUTURE PLANS: We are now a leader in the industrial estate market. Hemaraj will continue business with a growing balanced development of industrial estates, utilities including increasing power, and property development. Apart from expanding our automotive cluster at Hemaraj Eastern Industrial Estate, there will be the opening of Gheco-One power plant in Maptaphut in Q1, 2012. This 660 MW IPP, a joint venture with Glow Energy, will supply power to Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). AustChamThailand Advance

Oriental Carpets

Welcome to Oriental Carpets , Carpets of Thailand

washing , repairing and carpets for upgrading

Direct Import and Suppliers of Exquisite

Hand-Made Carpets & Kilims to Beautiful Homes CARPETS, KILIMS, PASHMINA TOWEL & RUBBER UNDERLAY AND MANY MORE ORIENTAL CARPETS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Bangkok show room: 591/15 between Soi 33-33/1 Sukhuvit Road, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Tel: 662-2585096, 662-6623098 Fax: 662-2585096 Mobile: 081-373 4602

Hua-Hin show room: A7 Villa Market 218/1-4 Petchkasem Rd. Hua-Hin Prachuapkhirikhan 77110 Tel. 032-533 608 Mobile : 081-373 4602

Website: Email:

OPEN DAILY: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

community services

Keeping the Kids Happy at Wat Putakien


ustCham is happy to report that our Wat Phutakian community services project is being used to its fullest – the new building, bathroom, kitchen and other facilities are being used everyday and enjoyed by around 100 students. With the school located several hours drive from Bangkok, AustCham Vice President, M.L. Laksasubha Kridakorn and Executive Director, Mark Carroll, took the opportunity of a visit to the nearby Thai-Australia Association (TAA) school on Saturday, 27 August, to drop off a sizeable gift to the teachers and students. With a request from the school for a new refrigerator, AustCham was happy to assist – though having the fridge transported to Kanchanaburi required a favour from one of our members. Many thanks must go to Mike Grisaffi (who gave up celebrating his birthday in Bangkok) and the team from Allied Pickfords for organising delivery of the fridge. The school will now be able to continue to provide nutritiously cooked meals for their young students. Thanks also to John Cameron-Martin, Asian Tropical Homes, and Mattel for their generous contributions of clothes, blankets, furniture and toys.

Voluntary English Teaching at Baan Khao Din School in Chonburi on Saturday, 10 September Nine headed down to Chonburi in September for AustCham’s monthly voluntary English teaching program. A total of 78 students came along to sing, play games, win prizes and most important of all, learn English! Thanks to all those who came along as well and Gina, who provided gifts once again for the children. If you are interested in joining our program, please contact


October 2011

AustChamThailand Advance

members advancing

Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia Launch Initial Interline and Lounge Agreements


ingapore Airlines and Virgin Australia launch the first phase of their alliance, commencing an initial interline agreement and offering reciprocal lounge access to eligible customers. Singapore Airlines customers are now able to connect to a range of Australian destinations served by Virgin Australia on one ticket, with terminal transfers, inflight entertainment and meals included. Reciprocal lounge access for eligible Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia customers is also being offered. Virgin Australia operates a fleet of 89 modern aircraft flying to 32 Australian destinations. From 30 October 2011, Singapore Airlines will be adding one daily service between Bangkok and Singapore to operate a total of 5 flights daily. This flight will similarly be operated by our widebodied B777-200 aircraft, with a seat configuration of 30 in Business Class

and 293 in Economy Class. Passengers can easily connect from Singapore to 5 main destinations in Australia: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney with 92 round-trip flights per week. The agreement will make it easier for Singapore Airlines’ customers from all

For details about our next seminar in Bangkok on Monday the 17th October at 6 pm. please email to: Nick Cartledge (Managing Director) at or view our website Tel: +61 3 9 700 200 Mobile: +61 418 580 060

over the world to travel through to a range of domestic and regional destinations around Australia. Travel to Australia with more convenience, please visit www.singaporeair. com

Chamber Events

Eastern Seaboard Sundowners at Royal Varuna Yacht Club on 9 September 2011 AustCham held ESB Sundowners at the picturesque Royal Varuna Yacht Club with Fragrant Property as our Corporate Sponsor. We would like to thank both the club for hosting us at their venue as well as Fragrant Property for their support. Eastern Seaboard Sundowners will be held in both October and November. Please see the AustCham Thailand website for further details.


October 2011

AustChamThailand Advance

Chamber Events

BLCP Power Plant Visit on Friday, 19 August 2011

To find out just how BLCP helps keep Thai people on the move by providing reliable and clean power, AustCham went for a tour of their site in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate before August Sundowners on the Eastern Seaboard. The total plant area covers 602.25 rai, generating up to a maximum of approximately 1,400 megawatts. BLCP is proud of their impressive Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) portfolio and consideration for the environment - choosing environmentally responsible emissions control systems and implementing measures to reduce any

environmental impact. The company uses high quality bituminous coal as fuel, which has less than 0.70 per cent sulfur and averages less than or equal to 0.45 per cent per year (Sulfur in lignite coal used at the Mae Moh Lignite Power Plant is between three and five percent). They select highly efficient modern-technology equipped to eliminate emissions for environmental impact control. The furnace is specifically designed to minimise emissions and a high efficiency electrostatic precipitator is utilised to minimise any particulate

emissions, which are emitted through a 200-meter high stack. A continuous monitoring system records seawater and air emissions conditions also. The operational monitoring of the facility is supplemented by periodic manual tests by the appropriate government agencies. There was much to be learned from this trip. AustCham is grateful to BLCP for showing us around their plant and educating members on best-practices production of coal power.

Update from the Board of Investment (BOI) on 24 August 2011

Held at the Westin Grand, Deputy Secretary General to the Office of the Board of Investment, Khun DuangjaiI Asawachintachit, met with members of Austcham to give an update on BOI’s outlook and priorities for foreign investment in Thailand”. AustCham would like to remind members that Thailand’s largest exhibition fair organised by the BOI will this year be set under the theme of “Going Green for the Future”. We encourage you to join us at the fair which will be held between 10-25 November at the Impact Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani. For further information, visit the BOI Fair website at

AustChamThailand Advance

October 2011


Chamber Events

Bangkok Sundowners at JW Marriott Bangkok on Wednesday, 7 September 2011 Sundowners was held at and sponsored by JW Marriott. AustCham would like to thank them for allowing us to use their beautiful venue and sponsoring food for our guests also. We would also like to sincerely thank Samitivej Public Company for being our corporate sponsor for the evening. Congratulations to David Lawrence, Khun Suleeporn Ratchapolsitte and Susanna Pahl who all won a free medical checkup courtesy of Samitivej.






5 1) Belinda Skinner - AustCham Vice President, Top Talent Asia; David Lawrence - General Manager, Urban Real Estate; Khun Suleeporn Ratchapolsitte - Director Siam Nakara; Susanna Pahl - Assistant Managing Director Sawadee Travel; Nicolas Leloup - Head of International Marketing, Samitivej Public Company; Tom S’prayoon - Director of Sales and Marketing, Marriott. 2) Ei Ei San - KPMG; Gabriel Angeles - KPMG. 3) Martin Fells - British Club Bangkok; Grajdieru Larisa - Le Lapin Sandwich Delivery. 4) Serena Biasotto - Savino Del Bene; Dorothy Valerio - NLP Top Coach. 5) Leigh Scott-Kemmis - AustCham Treasurer, DMB; Nathan Hansford 6) Khun Siran Manoleehagul - Bumrungrad


October 2011

AustChamThailand Advance

Chamber Events







International; Khun Arisa Bumrungsook - Siam City Law Offices; Khun Lixsiri Supakijjanusorn. 8) Rick McGill - Peopleserve Asia; Khun Chonnicha Chaiwchit - Peopleserve Asia; Khun Nantiya McGill - Modernform Workplace. 8) Khun Apiradee Kokirdpanich - Sodexo; Daniel Roney - Detekt Group. 9) Nicolas Leloup - Samitivej Public Company. 10) Guest, Khun Noppawan Sihuatone - Grand Millennium Sukhumvit.11) Finn Baslev - ScandMedia; Mike Grisaffi - Allied Pickfords; Craig Blake - HASSELL; Markus Wehrhahn - Resource Link; John Mugford - Meinhardt.

AustChamThailand Advance

October 2011


Chamber Events New members and Members’ changes

AEC Group Ltd. Level 5, 131 Leichhardt Street Spring Hill, QLD 4000 Australia Tel: +61 7 3831 0577 Fax: +61 7 3831 3899 Email: Website:

Neal Brazel - General Manager ASEAN Carey Ramm - Chairman The AEC Group is an unlisted public company that is fully owned by its employees and has been operating in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific since 1999 (and before that as Australian Economic Consultants Pty Ltd since 1992). During this time we have evolved into a company that is built around information and the provision of solutions. Products or Services The projects we undertake for our clients represent their greatest challenges. They often present no obvious answers, are fraught with risk and hold substantial implications for the future success of the organisation. We work closely with our clients to present the full range of options available, evaluate the consequences of each option and develop recommendations for the most appropriate path forward. Most importantly, we assist our clients in implementing these strategies. We work side by side with our clients to ensure they achieve maximum benefit from our involvement. Our clients embrace this integrated approach where each element reflects on the next and depends on each other. We achieve this integration through our service lines of: • Economics, planning & development. • Business strategy and finance. • Community research and strategy. • Design, marketing and advertising. • Information and knowledge management. Ownership: Limited by shares, all of which are owned by senior management Senior Management: Carey Ramm - Executive Chairman / Simon Smith CEO / Gavin O’Donovan - Executive Director / Neal Brazel - General Manager, ASEAN


October 2011

Australian Institute of Company Directors 255 George Street, Sydney NSW Tel: +65 6236 9972 Fax: +61 409 880 669 Email: Website:

Field of Activity: Events, Event Organisation and Exhibitions / Food and Beverage / Hotel

Adrian Brown - General Manager Panpath Kanlaya - Director of Marketing

Suzanne Ardagh - Manager International Division The Australian Institute of Company Directors is the pre-eminent professional body for directors, representing their views and interests and promoting the highest ethical standards through education and information. Our membership of 30,000 comes from industry, commerce, the professions, government and not-for-profit sectors. Through our research, policy, education and events, we maintain a high public profile with governments, regulators, the media and the business community both in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. The international division of the Institute has been experiencing strong growth over the past three years and we currently have over 800 members worldwide. We have been active in Singapore, Hong Kong and China, delivering our “International Company Directors Course” and member networking events. A special membership rate is available to overseas Australians and non-Australians who are interested in accessing the latest information on governance best practices. Our members have access to a wide range of information on the website, through webinars, podcasts and the monthly journal. The International Division will be hosting a range of member events through out the Asian Pacific region in the future and we welcome new members from all countries.

Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok Riverside Garden Marine Co., Ltd. 28 Charoenkrung Road, Watprayakrai Bangkholame, Bangkok 10120 Tel: +66 2 307 8888 Fax: +66 2 307 8899 Email: Website:

Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok is owned by City Realty Company Limited whose upscale hotel portfolio also includes Emporium Suites on Sukhumvit. Products or Services • A total 396 suites from the seventh to 35th floor offering all suite types. • Floor-to-ceiling windows that afford both optimal daylight and breathtaking views of the river and city scape. • An Outdoor 35 meter lap swimming pool on the sixth floor with infinity views of the river. • River Barge Restaurant offers International Cuisines and Both buffet-style and a la carte. • Silver Waves Restaurant offer Dim Sum and Classic Cantonese Cuisine and has spectacular panoramic views from the 36th floor. Ownership: Majority Thai owned Senior Management: Mr Charlie Sohponpanich / Ms Savilri Ramyarupa/ Mr Vivat Suthiphongchai

Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Maikhao Beach 81 Moo 3 Mai Khao, Talang Phuket 83110 Thailand Tel: +66 76 603 699 Fax: +66 76 603 555 Email: Website: phuketmaikhao Field of Activity: Services - Food and Beverage/Hotel

Simon Morley - General Manager Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao Beach offers a four-star premium resort to the tranquil northwest coast of Phuket, AustChamThailand Advance

New members and Members’ changes

embracing the pristine and scenic Mai Khao Beach. With unique Thai hospitality, they cater for all types of travelers, from couples on a peaceful romantic getaway, to families seeking the perfect holiday, or for those requiring an executive retreat. Guests can experience in a variety of lifestyle activities together with recreational facilities and indulge in our sophisticated cuisine. With the resort located directly on the beachfront, visitors are ensured a truly memorable stay with real value. A memorable resort experience awaits at Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao Beach. Products or Services Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao Beach features 246 rooms and suites in six distinctive room categories, with choices of garden view, ocean facing view, terrace or pool access. A variety of lifestyle activities are available to fulfill your recreational needs including beachfront infinity pool overlooking the Andaman Sea, signature Tea Tree Spa, Kid’s Club and more, all forming the perfect recreational mix for our guests. The Resort also offers a cosmopolitan dining experience featuring both local and international cuisine in its restaurants and bars. Whether it is a casual lunch by the poolside, a seafood extravaganza buffet or a romantic candle light dinner at our beachfront restaurant, your culinary experiences will be memorable. With five function rooms offering flexible configurations, the resort is perfectly positioned to meet your conference and event needs. The Business Centre is also conveniently located within the function area. Ownership: Narai Hotel Co., Ltd.

Howe & Co. Pty Ltd. 57 Nortgate Drive, Thomas Town Victoria 3074 Australia Tel: +61 3 9463 4541 Fax: +61 3 9464 5022 Email: Website: Brendon Bruce - Business Development Manager Field of Activity: Manufacturer - Automotive Components / Parts / Automotive Leather Goods Howe Leather offers a variety of leather AustChamThailand Advance

products for automotive interior applications. They are a fully integrated leather group with wet blue tanning operations, finishing and cutting facilities. Howe brings a tradition of craftsmanship and the world’s best manufacturing techniques to each step of the production process. The result is the highest quality automotive leather which offers the perfect blend of colour, comfort, durability and style – leather which not only meets, but surpasses, the most stringent requirements of automotive customers and international quality and environmental standards. Backed by a global network and a commitment to service, Howe Leather has achieved international recognition over many years as a supplier of quality automotive leather at internationally competitive prices. Howe Leather supplies iconic car manufacturers and brands Toyota, Nissan, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, Audi and Land Rover. Products or Services • Chrome leather • Chrome free leather • High wear and durability leather • Anti-squeak leather • Anti-staining leather Ownership: Majority Australian owned

reading and writing the Thai language. The students of Jentana & Associates benefit from a tried and true system of learning that combines: • A personal teacher assigned to every individual student or group. • Lessons at home or office at a time most suitable for the student. • An interactive Q&A approach to learning. • Private study books authored personally by Jentana. • Using the J&A Thai language method of lelarning, most students who take the course can feel confident speaking and understanding basic Thai language after only 20 lessons. Products or Services The J&A syllabus is comprised of 6 distinct sections, that ensure students who apply themselves to their study, progress quickly and easily through the basics to a more advanced level of ability and understanding. Step 1 Survival Thai (An introductory course of 10 lessons) Step 2 Advanced Basic (Speak Thai with confidence) Step 3 Intermediate (Introduction to reading & writing) Step 4 Advanced Intermediate Step 5 Advanced Step 6 Expert Ownership: Majority Australian owned

Jentana & Associates Languages Consultant Co., Ltd. 5/8 Sukhumvit Soi 31, Sukhumvit Rd. Klongtoey-Neua, Wattana Bangkok 10110 Tel: +66 2 260 6138-9 Fax: +66 2 259 8580 Email: Website:

Jentana Ngamkhiaw - Managing Director Bruce Hemmingsen - Advisor Field of Activity: Education Jentana & Associates – Speak Thai with Confidence. For more than 25 years Jentana & Associates (J&A) has been successfully teaching foreign visitors and expatriates working in Thailand the art of speaking,

Oriental Residence Bangkok Thai Contractors Asset Co., Ltd. 110 Wireless Road, Bangkok 10330 Tel: +66 2 252 5538 Fax: +66 2 252 5539 Email: Website:

Patrick Schaub - General Manager Kunihiro Iwakiri - Director, Sales & Marketing Field of Activity: Services / Hospitality / Restaurants Located on Wireless Road, Oriental Residence Bangkok will open its doors at the end of 2011. The property features 145 units of accommodations and 46 units of Private Ownership. Residents will enjoy convenient access October 2011


Chamber Events New members and Members’ changes

to the heart of Bangkok’s bustling central business district with a selection of prime shopping centres and the efficient Bangkok Transit System (BTS) within walking distance of the property. The property will have a Resident’s Lounge, meeting rooms with natural day light and stunning park view, a fitness centre, a swimming pool, a spa, “Executive Club” style all day dining and a specialty restaurant featuring a Chinese cuisine. Oriental Residence, Private Ownership, located on the 22nd to 31st floors, will feature one, two and three bedroom suites with an exclusive access to the sky pool and terrace. Products or Services 145 accommodations and 46 privately owned residence / All day dining café and Chinese specialty restaurant / Spa / Meeting facilities Ownership: Thai Contractors Asset Co., Ltd.

Singapore Airlines Ltd. No. 2, Silom Road, Suriwongse District Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Tel: +66 2 353 6000 Fax: +66 2 353 6070 Email: Website:

countries. They are the second largest international carrier in Australia and operate 92 round-trip flights per week to Australia’s main capital cities; Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. En route on Singapore Airlines flight to any destinations, passengers will enjoy KrisWorld entertainment system on a personal TV screen, exquisite menus designed by an international culinary panel of renowned chefs, wine handpicked by Singapore Airline’s wine experts and the award winning inflight service with the Singapore Girl as their internationally recognisable icon providing the high standards of care and service that customers have come to expect from Singapore Airlines. Ownership: Singapore owned

Thai-Ishe Automotive Rubber Craft Co., Ltd. 65/156-157, 19th Floor Chamnan Phenjati Bldg., Rama IX Road Huaykwang, Bangkok 10320 Tel: +66 2 643 9865-70 Fax: +66 2 248 7141, 66 2 643 1583 Email: Website:

Though they have a great selection of existing moulds, their great efficiencies also allow them to open new moulds for make-to-sample and make-to-design customers at competitive prices. ThaiIshe invites all sincere inquiries. Products or Services Engine Mounts / Center Bearings / Shock Absorber Mounts / Control Arm Bushings / Suspension Bushings / Stabilizer Link Bolts / Stabilizer Link Rods / Drive Shaft Boots / Steering Gear Boots / CV Boots / Radiator Hoses Ownership: 60% Australian, 40% Jordanian Change of Company Address Bartercard (Thailand) Ltd. 1126/2 Vanit Building II, 34 Floor Room 3402-3403, Petchburi Road Makkasan, Rajchthevee, Bangkok 10400 THAILAND Tel: +66 2 655 3111 Fax: +66 2 655 3112 AngloINFO Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket 17/24 Soi Bang Rae Moo 10 Chaofa West Road, Chalong Muang, Phuket 83130 THAILAND Tel: +66 84 304 7779 Change of Company Name Asia Biogas Company Limited has changed company name to be Asia Biogas Management Co. Ltd.

Eddie Leong KH Paveena Chokudomsombut Field of Activity: Services - Airlines Singapore Airlines has come a long way since their founding in 1972. They have evolved from a regional airline to one of the most respected travel brands around the world with a commitment to fleet modernisation, product and service innovation and market leadership. In October 2007, Singapore Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance, made aviation history as the first to fly the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380 from Singapore to Sydney. Products or Services Singapore Airlines operates a modern passenger fleet of more than 100 aircraft and its network, including Singapore Airlines Cargo and SilkAir destinations, covers a total of 101 destinations in 40 24

October 2011

Mighil Massoud Somi Massoud Field of Activity: Rubber Products Automotive Components/Parts - Exports Thai-Ishe Automotive Rubber Craft is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality aftermarket automotive rubber, rubber-bonded-metal, and polyurethane suspension parts to global markets. Based in Thailand with dedicated local staff under a Western management team, Thai-Ishe leverage their extensive experience, modern manufacturing and logistics facilities and scale to consistently deliver premium quality parts at affordable prices to their valued customers. While they manufacture and export an extensive array of quality aftermarket parts, they have earned a particularly stellar reputation for their engine mounts, shock absorber mounts, control arm bushings, center bearings and suspension bushings.

Change of Representative • Mr Chad Lloyd Morgan, Associate is a new representative of Clifford Chance (Thailand) Limited. • Ms Raevadee Wattanurak, Managing Director is a new representative of Bartercard (Thailand) Ltd. • Mr Martin Fells, General Manager is a new representative of British Club Bangkok. • Ms Thanyaphon Worapan, Membership Manager is a new representative of British Club Bangkok. • Mr Oscar Hari Prakoso, is a new representative of Indochine Beyond Co., Ltd. • Mr Nicolas Leloup, Head of International Marketing is a new representative of Samitivej Public Company Limited. • Mr Matt Burns, is a new representative of AusWa Thai. • Ms Nathalie Post, General Manager is a new representative of Phachara Suites.

AustChamThailand Advance

AUSTCHAM Members’ offers

Baan Laksasubha 2 Nights Stay for Only Baht 7,000 Baan Laksasubha at Hua Hin is delighted to offer readers two nights stay in the Garden Veranda for only Baht 7,000. Set in plush landscaped gardens, spacious guestrooms are ideal for a romantic getaway or weekend retreat with the family. Enjoy dining at our Costanera Beach Restaurant and Tapas Bar which overlooks a private beach and serves a variety of culinary delights. Offer Until: 30 November 2011 Call: 032 514 525-31 Email: Promotion Code: ACOO1

Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa Unwind in style Make a perfect getaway from the metropolitan buzz to relax at Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa, the city’s only true resort on Chaophraya River while enjoying special room rates for all Thai residents or resident expatriates. Price start from only Baht 3,900 per night including buffet breakfast for two people in a Deluxe Room. Offer Until: 31 October 2011 Call: +66 2 477 0755 Email:

Coverage 20 Percent Discount on BCP Planning SARS, Tsunami, Bird Flu, Coup, Swine Flu, Riots, - what’s the next X for Thailand? What’s next for your business? Are you prepared? Coverage knows and understands all parts of your business and can help provide a plan, training and exercise for you and your staff in English and Thai. Andrew is offering a 20 per cent discount for all AustCham members. Offer Until: 31 December 2011 Call: 02 261 8485

Dusit Thani Bangkok Dusit Thani Bangkok is partnering with the Bangkok Dance Festival for the 13th consecutive year as the official hotel partner. To celebrate this occasion, they are creating an opportunity for all dance and music connoisseurs to experience Thailand’s premier stage performances. This exclusive package includes accommodation, breakfast, a post-show dinner, a roundtrip transfer to the Thailand Cultural Centre and two tickets to enjoy any available performance of your choice. Prices start from Baht 7,300/room/night Offer Until: 9 September-16 October 2011 Call: 02 636 3333

AustChamThailand Advance

Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok, Sukhumvit 15 Celebrate Oktoberfest in Style Four Points Sukhumvit 15 is offering Baht 450 net for scrumptious their German Sausage BBQ Buffet from 19.00 to 22.00. Enjoy German brew for just Baht 140 net. Offer Until: 31 October 2011 Call: 02 309 3255

Le Meridien Bangkok Oriental Dinner Buffet at Baht 500 per person for AustCham member This offer is inclusive free flow soft drinks. Join us for an interactive and a la minute cooking journey from Thailand to Korea, India, Malaysia, China and Japan at Latest Recipe, located on the second floor. Open daily from 18.30 – 22.30. Every culinary journey applies for distinctive awards with the Le Meridien Bangkok Loyalty Card. * Please show your Corporate ID card to get these privileges Offer Until: 31 October 2011 Call: 02 232 8888

Nai Lert Swissotel Bangkok Free Night Promotion Valuable offers rarely knock on your door. Stay in the oasis hotel of Bangkok, Swissôtel Nai Lert Park, Bangkok and get the third night for free. Plan your urban escape now! Offer Until: 31 October Call: 02 253 0123

Park Plaza Open Kitchen Cooking Class AustCham members can now enjoy a ten percent discount on our Thai Cooking Class! Choose a two or three course dish package and enjoy cooking in our interactive open kitchen. Offer Until: 31 March 2011 Call: 02 263 5000 Email:

Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit Happy Hours at asqu “asqu” is a chic and sexy venue- the perfect place to have a relaxing cocktail or enjoy a selection of wine and tapas. asqu offers two happy hours daily, with Boardroom happy hour from 18.00 to 19.00 and Night Owl happy hour from 22.00 to 23.00. Selected drinks are discounted at 30 percent and 50 percent. Offer Until: 31 December 2011 Call: 02 645 4999 Email:

Sheraton Grand Bangkok FRANKLY...I’m Back in Town Experience a magical show of Sinatra’s timeless classics from 30 October to 6 November. AustCham members will receive a 20 percent discount on all packages. Offer Until: 6 November 2011 Call: 02 6498303 Email:

Strategic Migration Special Rates on Australian Visa Assistance Strategic Migration specialise in business and partner visa’s and can also assist other family members. In 20 years we have never lost an application. We offer a 10 percent discount to all AustCham members. Offer Until: 31 March 2012 Call: +66 2 231 8138 Email:

The Sukhothai Bangkok Men’s Double At Spa Botanica Spa Botanica is pleased to present its latest special menu of “Spa for Men” treatments that will spoil you thoroughly with delightful combinations. Receive a 15-minute de-stress scalp treatment FREE! when you book the De-Stress, Rejuvenate, or Mantastic Escape. Offer Until: 31 October 2011 Call: +66 2 344 8900 Email:

The Imperial Queen’s Park Bangkok Sunday Brunch at The Imperial Queen’s Park Parkview Restaurant is reviving the traditional favourites long missing from many brunch menus. Your dining experience will be enchanted by liveaction cooking stations, BBQ selection, fresh fruits and international desserts plus over one dozen imported and artisanal cheeses! Baht 1,400 net/person inclusive of fruit juices, soft drinks and smoothies and a free flow drinks. Offer Until: 31 October 2011 Call: 02 261 9000 ex 4140, 4162 Email:

October 2011


From the Chamber Office

Calendar of Events

Message from the Executive Director


ang around any chamber of commerce long enough and the word ‘sponsor’ is something you will hear often. That’s because for chambers, sponsorships are a genuine win-win. Certainly this is the case for AustCham. Sponsorships are good for our members and good for the sponsors.

Other great examples are our AFL event and annual social ball – with huge giveaways such as airline tickets and premium hotel stays; fine Aussie wines; five-star venues and meals; great entertainment and much, much more. For our sponsors, the AustCham business family is a premium target audience. Sponsorship provides them with an opportunity to build great brand recognition and promote to a group with a strong interest in learning about the goods and services on offer. AustCham’s emails go out to some 3,500 recipients and our monthly magazine, Advance, has a similarly large circulation. Our events are some of the best attended in Bangkok. AustCham has a fantastic record as matchmaker, with sponsorships resulting in productive and mutually-beneficial business relationships, often lasting many years. It must also be said that sponsorships are crucial to AustCham’s overall financial viability. With one of the lowest Chamber membership prices, subscriptions alone do not cover our operating expenses. While we are confident we give back fantastic value in return, the contribution of our Gold, Silver and Bronze annual corporate sponsors is hugely important to our bottom line. We thank them enormously for their support. There is of course a fine line between being an organisation reliant on sponsorship, and 26

October 2011

Breakfast begins at 9.00 Kick off at 10.30. Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok Event Supporters: • 3D Interiors Company Ltd. • Allied Pickfords - Thailand • The Coffee Club • Lady Pie • Raja’s Fashion • Thai Asia Pacific Brewery Co., Ltd. TUESDAY 4 OCTOBER Breakfast Breifing: Anti-corruption laws: not local, but global!

And given that most of our sponsors are also our members, the wins are multiplied even further! For our members and their businesses, sponsors allow us to put on events at very affordable member prices. Sundowners, for example, is iconic for its business networking in a relaxed Aussie style. At Baht 500 in Bangkok and Baht 400 out-of-town it’s also one the greatest values on the planet. In Australia, you would be hard pressed buying two beers for that price.

SATURDAY, 1 OCTOBER AustCham’s Strategic Airlines AFL Grand Final Day

one obsessed by it. So in the office we try and maintain a balance between offering sponsorship opportunities to our members, but avoiding the hard sell. In fact, it was drawn to our attention recently that there are businesses interested in sponsoring our events, but very little information available on what is on offer. In response, we’ve set up a new page on our website – accessible via our home page – where we will keep an up-to-date list of opportunities for businesses to promote themselves through AustCham. Even if your business is not interested in sponsorship, we would encourage members to check the page regularly, including so that you can help spread the word.

Registration at 7.30. Briefing at 8.00 Venue: Grant Thornton Office WEDNESDAY, 5 OCTOBER Bangkok Sundowners

18.00 – 21.00 Venue: Swissotel Nai Lert Park Bangkok Corporate Sponsor: Akara Mining FRIDAY, 14 OCTOBER Eastern Seaboard Sundowners

18.00 – 21.00 Venue: Amari Orchid Pattaya MONDAY 24 OCTOBER

AustCham Office Closed In Lieu of Chulalongkorn Memorial Day

If you think your business might be in a position to sponsor, please check the page or talk to us about opportunities. Sponsorship is great way to support the Chamber while at the same time promoting your business. Members can also help by showing their appreciation to our sponsors. Remaining quiet during sponsors’ speeches is a great example. If you purchase the goods or services of an AustCham sponsor then please let us know, so we can let them know. Word-of-mouth feedback is always a great way to show our thanks.

Thank you to all September sponsors:

As always, we welcome your thoughts. If you think we have or haven’t got the sponsorship calibration right, we’d be interested in your views. It is an important issue for the future of the Chamber.

Mark Carroll Executive Director, AustCham Thailand AustChamThailand Advance

Advance ~ October 2011  

Advance is AustCham Thailand's high profile monthly magazine. It outlines the Chamber's activities and provides information on pertinent bus...

Advance ~ October 2011  

Advance is AustCham Thailand's high profile monthly magazine. It outlines the Chamber's activities and provides information on pertinent bus...