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August 2009

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chamber Events Australian Alumni Night on Thursday, 11 June 2009 at The Australian Pub & BBQ JFCCT Luncheon Talk on 12 June 2009 ESB Sundowners at Royal Varuna Yacht Club on 12 June 2009 24 Automotive Focus Group Meeting on 12 June 2009 24 Breakfast Briefing on 11 June 2009

PATRON His Excellency Paul Grigson Australian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand PRESIDENT Andrew Durieux Coverage Portfolio: Key Links VICE-PRESIDENTS Sutipong Ittipong Siam City Bank Portfolio: Community Services John Anderson Meinhardt Portfolio: Strategic Reviews; AFL TREASURER Nigel McKinnon Boral Thailand Portfolio: Treasury DIRECTORS David Armstrong Post Publishing Portfolio: Marketing and PR; SME Services Achara Boonyahansa Grant Thornton Portfolio: Alumni Amanda Canavan Energi Design Asia Portfolio: Business Awards; Australia Day


Anne Lewinski AL Consultancy Portfolio: Sundowners Bangkok

24 BOI-JFCCT Meeting on 22 June 2009 26 Bangkok Sundowners at InterContinental Bangkok on Wednesday, 1 July 2009 New Members 28 New Members and Changes From the Chamber Office 30 Message from the ED


Cover Photo: Networking at Bangkok Sundowners

M.L. Laksasubha Kridakon Baan Laksasubha Resort Hua Hin Portfolio: Sponsorship; Alumni Belinda Skinner The Capstone Group Recruitment and Consulting Portfolio: Communications Ben Yong Baker & McKenzie Portfolio: Governance; JFCCT and Policies Saeed Zaki dwp Portfolio: Industry Groups; Regional Sundowners Ex Officio Maurine Lam Trade Commissioner, Austrade

v From the Board

COORDINATORS Paul Whyte Tinfish (Thailand) ESB Coordinator Email: Paul Wilkinson AGS Four Winds International Moving ESB Coordinator Email: Steve Brajak Raimon Land Phuket Coordinator Email: Harry Usher Lady Pie Phuket Coordinator Email: Executive Director Brett Gannaway Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce 20th Floor, Thai CC Tower 889 South Sathorn Road Bangkok 10120 Tel.: +66 2 210 0216 Fax: +66 2 675 6696

Editorial Committee Andrew Durieux, Belinda Skinner, Robert Taylor, Gary Woollacott, Gregers Moller

Message from the President


n the back of a record attendance and wonderful evening at the Commonwealth Chambers Sundowners at the Pan Pacific in June, we followed up with what I believe is a record for a “normal” (or no special additional groups invited) Sundowners at the Intercontinental Hotel in July. Thank you to the more than 300 people who came. Some of you may be reading this before the next Sundowners – All Chambers invitational at the Hyatt in August. Last year’s event was well attended, and I expect this will be another great Sundowners event. New people to meet, business deals to be launched and secured, marketing opportunities and information about all areas of business and life in Thailand will all be on offer for the members and guests who take the time to join in and attend. June was a busy month for AustCham – Commonwealth Sundowners, Alumni, Breakfasts, JFCCT meetings with Khun Kiat, BOI meetings, NACC discussions, Eastern Seaboard Sundowners and more. July started with Sundowners, then a short break for breath with the extended Buddhist break, another Alumni event, JFCCT meetings, Breakfasts, Lunches and more! Now we move into August – Sundowners, Breakfasts, JFCCT meetings, Lunches, ESB Sundowners, Alumni, all to culminate in the Gala Event of the Year – the Annual Business Awards night. By the time this article is printed the nominations will all have been made and judging will be well under way. The categories have been updated this year to better reflect the membership base, so there is likely to be some interesting results. Who will win the Business of the Year Award? Last year we introduced the People’s Choice Award – this is voted on by the attendees on the night – so get your tickets early to make your vote count.

Marketing & Production Scand-Media Corp. Ltd 4/41-42 Moo 3, Thanyakarn Village Ramintra Soi 14, Bangkok Tel.: +66 2 943-7166/8 Fax: +66 2 943-7169

We also introduced the Young Alumni Award last year and had some well deserved nominees and finalist. There may still be time to nominate your Thai staff or colleagues under 35 years of age who completed their education at an Australian institution. We are looking for those who have shown a contribution to Thailand or Australian/Thai relations coming from their Australian education.

Advertising Finn Balslev Email:

Mark 26 August in your diaries and book your tickets for the gala event of the year.

Opinions expressed in Advance do not necessarily reflect the views AustChamThailand Advance of the Chamber.

Soon after this, tickets will be on sale for the AFL Grand Final of 2009. Tickets will sell fast for the biggest AFL event outside of Australia. I am very pleased and proud to announce that we have secured Ron Barassi as our guest speaker this year. Is there a bigger legend of the game? Last year the Hawks beat the odds to claw the Cats…. who will it be this year? SMEs will be seeing a new look and focus of information and events very soon in response to the findings of our survey conducted last year….tell us what you need – keep us on our toes – get full benefit from the opportunities AustCham is working hard to provide. The last item of note is that we have nominated a new director to replace Khun Chatruthai who, due to pressures of work, has unfortunately had to submit her resignation as a director. ML Laksasubha Kridakon who operates First Steps Nursery, and Baan Laksasubha Hotel in Hua Hin, who is an Australian Alumni, with two children now attending Melbourne University has been nominated to fill the vacancy. ML Laksasubha will have the portfolio of Sponsorship and will also assist in the Alumni area. Welcome aboard!

Andrew Durieux President, AustCham Thailand

August 2009


Business Brief

Order Management Strategies and Planning for Successful Utilisation By Geoffrey Storey Your Supply Solutions


n an unpredictable economic climate, companies need more than ever to focus on operational efficiency to remain competitive. They must take advantage of order management systems that are accurate and efficient to avoid costly errors. No matter whether you capture orders through websites, call centres for direct mail and catalogues, or via retail transactions, having the right applications in place is critical to supporting the growth of the entire organisation. Regardless of whether you’re looking at ecommerce solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) or Order Management Systems (OMS), matching your business requirements with the best solution can be daunting with so many options and software models available. Order Management System Strategies to Support the Enterprise As companies grow, their existing order management solutions may not be adequate to maintain top-line sales or a competitive marketing advantage. You’ll face many questions, such as:

• Is the technology and functionality in the application strong enough to manage and grow the business? • Should I continue to develop my own applications or should I contemplate evaluating commercially available solutions? • How do I know if I am with the right vendor – one who is keeping up with the speed of the industry or best practices? • How do I decide between Software as a Service (SaaS), licensed On-Premise applications, or applications developed internally? Developing a long-term system strategy includes understanding the features


August 2009

and functions available, the hardware requirements, the timelines necessary for each option, the capital investments required, and the cost/benefits of implementing a chosen strategy. Having a consulting firm who will understand your uniqueness and work collaboratively with your company to develop a strategy to meet your long-term systems goals and objectives is increasingly important. We often see that, even a year after purchasing and installing a comprehensive system, companies use maybe 25% to 35% of its potential functionality. Obviously, you’d hope that you’d get much higher use, since companies spend significant capital on purchasing and installing a new system. Historically, management doesn’t look at how to increase the use of installed systems. The Solution Your plan of action should be to do a post-implementation audit of all aspects of the conversion and system usage. This can help increase use of the system well after implementation. Such an audit will help you confer with the vendor and your people about how to get more out of the system – and make sure users have a complete understanding of the system in areas that have high personnel turnover. A consultant, an auditor, or a management member can perform the audit objectively (keep in mind, there may be some sensitive issues if training or conversion didn’t go

... matching your business requirements with the best solution can be daunting with so many options and software models available.

as planned). The audit should include all departments using the system, company management, your IT department and the vendors. The goal is to consider all aspects of the implementation and obtain answers to the following: • What is the open list of items left from the conversion? • What problems is the company having with the new system? • Which people need to be retrained? Be sure all parties understand how to manage your business with the new system (in the old system I had this, what do I use now?). • What doesn’t appear to be working? • What don’t you understand in the new system? • Is management getting all the reports and analysis you expected? This is generally one of the major shortcomings. • Are there some problems left from the file conversion? Data being converted is often not “very clean data”. Key Departmental Areas To find these answers, your audit should consider the following issues: • Are there any customer-service impacts that need to be fast-tracked (e.g., order processing, returns/credit processing, abandonment rate, pick error rates)? • Even with a large amount of training, it takes the practical experience of performing daily work for the users to really understand all aspects of how the system is set up and needs to be managed. The company will need to get through the month-end and seasonal processes before you have mastered some systems. • What program problems are there? From the IT perspective, if it is a radical change in platform or functionality, how well are they providing system availability? Is the help desk up to speed? Are printers and terminals in the right locations and in sufficient numbers? Are all

AustChamThailand Advance

Business Brief

the interfaces ready for non-daily activities (e.g. printers, merge/purge services etc)? • Did the vendors perform their duties in line with written and verbal agreements? Did the conversion come off accurately? Are there still clean-up problems? In retrospect, how well did they manage the conversion with you? Did you get what you were promised in the pre-sales and negotiations? • In setting up systems today there are hundreds to thousands of software switches that determine the “system personality” and functionality. Are all of these set right? Are there some that need to be reconsidered? • From an integration or interface perspective, these data exchanges are often the most difficult to implement and debug. Are all these inter-departmental systems working correctly? • Order management systems and warehouse management system have data feeds to accounting and general ledger. Are all the financial aspects of these systems working accurately? • Are there additional operations functions or processes that are needed, or should be investigated, to gain more productivity and to improve throughput? • What program modifications have been delayed and will now be scheduled as a subsequent phase? From your experience with the system, are these modifications and enhancements really

necessary, or are there new functions, now that you understand the system, that you can use in their place? • From the perspective of company’s standard operating procedures, are the procedures completed? What still needs to be done, or changed and updated, so that you have a way to educate future employees? • While you’re doing this assessment, go back to your original objectives or feasibility study. Realistically, have you achieved (or will you achieve) the tangible dollar savings promised (e.g. personnel savings, inventory turnover)? Has the company gained the intangible benefits expected (e.g. customer service levels, ability to plan and analyse the business better)?

and determine a realistic schedule for further modifications and reports.

Create an Action Plan

After you feel you’ve mastered the basic system, many vendors offer more advanced education in certain specialised topic – oriented to application, report writer, data warehousing.

Once you have completed this survey, you need to circulate the results to all parties and get their concurrence that this audit is in fact a complete list and that all the points are valid. Showing the list to everyone often means that the list gets smaller because people will help each other answer things by saying, “Here’s how you can do that,” or “I didn’t find that to be true.” From this point you should develop an action plan to improve, re-educate, complete conversions and take full advantage of additional reporting and options that you had decided to delay,

After getting concurrence with regard to the outstanding list, the next step is to assign priorities, responsibilities and due dates to be able to follow up with everyone. Follow up with each management member each week about their assigned areas in order to whittle down the list and get this conversion totally behind you.

Use a post-implementation audit to get a considerably higher use of the system in which you have invested and to achieve the savings and benefits originally projected. Geoffrey Storey, Your Supply Solutions, is a member of AustCham Thailand Transport and Logistics Sub-Committee. He may be reached at: geoffreystorey@

Computers Needed for Schools

Blood Donors Registry

Have you recently upgraded your computer or are planning an upgrade? AustCham can provide a convenient way for you to donate your unused computer to a needy school.

AustCham has set up a database of rare blood types: A neg; B neg; AB neg; and O neg. If you would like to volunteer as a blood donor, please email your name, address, mobile no., email and blood type to:

For further information please email:

Your name will remain confidential and volunteers will only be approached in an emergency.

AustChamThailand 8

Remember that you’re often treading on sensitive territory when you’re talking about individuals and how well they are doing their job with the new system. Obviously, there may be a need for changes in personnel or retraining which need to be shielded from the total group.

August 2009

AustChamThailand AustChamThailand Advance

Business Brief

Why Even a Small Website Needs a CMS And the cost?

SafeComs Network Security Consulting


ou are about to get a website built for your business. Having found a good web design house, you are looking forward to seeing the results of their creative efforts. So far so good.

The good news is that a CMS, suitable for a modest-sized website, is not expensive. It can be as low as a few thousand dollars, or simply an open sourced free complementary part of the web design project.

Once the website is set up, and the customers start rolling in, you will want to make ongoing changes. These could be very small, such as changing a phone number, or adding a news item. New products, or shifts in business direction, will necessitate larger updates to the site. Chances are though you will still be happy with the design and it is just the text that needs to be changed.

Of course if your site is larger, or has complex requirements, the cost of a matching CMS will also grow. After all, you get what you pay for.

While the web design house did a great job, you don’t want to have to go back to them for every change. A hundred small changes in a year will leave you both frustrated and is not economical for either party. This is where a content management system (CMS) comes in. Sitting behind the scenes, it gives you the ability to maintain your own site. No website larger than a few pages should be without a CMS to manage it. What is a CMS? A content management system is a software package specifically designed to manage a website. It is installed by the web designers, but intended to be used by you. First off, it provides you with a simple, nontechnical way of updating your content. This is typically (but not always) done via a web-based interface that works much like Word does. Just point-and-click, type in the new words and hit save. Your site is instantly updated. Equally easy is adding new pages, deleting old ones, or restructuring the site to match your new business model. The CMS also automates menial tasks, such as applying the same page layout and appearance across the site. Menus and


August 2009

The business problem

other navigation are also automatically produced. Along with the many other administrative tools, this leaves you to concentrate on the words and not on the technology. What are the benefits? A content management system makes life much easier in many ways: • You are no longer dependent on the web designers making changes for you. • Changes can be made any time they are needed, day or night. This is increasingly important as your business comes to rely on the website as a communications channel. • All the technical details are simply handled by the CMS, allowing anyone to manage and update the site. • Multiple staff can keep the site up to date, instead of being restricted to just one person. The CMS will track who is doing what, avoiding potential confusion. • You can even ensure that each staff can only update the sections of the site they are responsible for. • The CMS ensures that all the pages are consistent in design and will build all the menus and other navigation for you. • The many other powerful features of the CMS allows the site to grow in sync with your business.

You may have a website or intranet and has grown organically over time and while it is very useful, it is far from perfect. Much of the content is out-of-date or inaccurate, it’s hard to find things, updating the site is complex, and the appearance is becoming dated. Worse yet, you’ve lost track of all the pages on the site and by having all the changes made by your skilled webmaster, the updates are piling up in their in-tray. What was on the site last week, or last year? You couldn’t say. In the back of your mind you know that this could leave you in a difficult position if a customer sues, but there is little that you can do. If this sounds grim you are not alone. In fact, it’s the natural by-product of maintaining a site using manual tools such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage. Thankfully these problems are what a content management system is specifically designed to solve. Business benefits There are a wide range of business benefits that can be obtained by implementing a CMS including: • streamlined authoring process; • faster turnaround time for new pages and changes; • greater consistency; • improved site navigation; • increased site flexibility; • support for decentralised authoring; • increased security; • reduced duplication of information; • greater capacity for growth; and • reduced site maintenance costs.

AustChamThailand Advance

Business Brief

Beyond these the greatest benefit the CMS can provide is to support your business goals and strategies. For example, the CMS can help to improve sales, increase user satisfaction, or assist in communicating with the public.

Each of these will be explored in the following sections. The CMS manages the entire lifecycle of pages, from creation to archival. Content creation

The functionality of a content management system can be broken down into several main categories:

At the front of a content management system is an easy-to-use authoring environment, designed to work like Word. This provides a non-technical way of creating new pages or updating content, without having to know any HTML.

• • • •

The CMS also allows you to manage the structure of the site. That is, where the pages go, and how they are linked together. Many even offer simple drag-

Lifecycle of a CMS

content creation; content management; publishing; and presentation.

and-drop restructuring of the site, without breaking any links. Almost all content management systems now provide a web-based authoring environment, which further simplifies implementation, and allows content updating to be done remotely. It is this authoring tool that is the key to the success of the CMS. By providing a simple mechanism for maintaining the site, authoring can be devolved out into the business itself. For example, your marketing manager maintains the press release section, while your product manager keeps the catalogue up to date. Content management Once a page has been created, it is saved into a central repository in the CMS. This stores all the content of the site, along with the other supporting details. This central repository allows a range of useful features to be provided by the CMS: • Keeping track of all the versions of a page, and who changed what and when. • Ensuring that each user can only change the section of the site they are responsible for. • Integration with existing information sources and IT systems. Most importantly, the CMS provides a range of workflow capabilities. These are best explained by giving an example: When the page is created by an author, it is automatically sent to their manager for approval and then to the central web team for their editorial review. It is finally sent to the legal team for their sign-off, before being automatically published to the site. At each step, the CMS manages the status of the page, notifying the people involved and escalating jobs where required. In this way, the workflow capabilities allow more authors to be involved in the management of the site, while maintaining strict control over the quality, accuracy and consistency of the information. Workflow rules bring order to the chaos of manual processes. Publishing Once the final content is in the repository, it can then be published out to either the website or intranet.


August 2009

AustChamThailand Advance

Business Brief

Content management systems boast powerful publishing engines which allow the appearance and page layout of the site to be applied automatically during publishing. It may also allow the same content to be published to multiple sites. Of course, every site looks different, so the CMS lets the graphic designers and web developers specify the appearance that is applied by the system.

It also makes it easy to support multiple browsers, or users with accessibility issues. The CMS can be used to make your site dynamic and interactive, thereby enhancing the site’s impact. Search Engine Friendly Capabilities of CMS This is perhaps the most significant development in CMS. As more businesspeople

These publishing capabilities ensure that the pages are consistent across the entire site, and enable a very high standard of appearance. This also allows the authors to concentrate on writing the content, by leaving the look of the site entirely to the CMS. The CMS fully automates the publishing of your site. Presentation The CMS can also provide a number of features to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the site itself. As an example, the CMS will build the site navigation for you by reading the structure straight out of the content repository.

and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) begin to dig deep into CMS, the need for spider-friendly pages has taken centre stage. Recent advancements have enabled CMS users to install modules (sometimes already built in) to make it appealing to search engines. The latest CMS software can create keyword rich pages, titles, meta tags and even anchor text. That, coupled with advanced search engine spiders being able to go deep into databases to index pages, is set to turn CMS into the next big organic SEO tool. In fact, search engine friendly CMS even makes organic SEO specialists, sad to say, sort of obsolete. Next steps If you are thinking about redoing your existing website or designing a new one, you can contact SafeComs. They can provide information in terms of CMS and SEO. SafeComs Network Security Consulting Tel: 02 259 6281-3 Email: Website:

Australian Citizenship for Non-Australian Spouses and Partners Please note, this is not an instant or guaranteed process. Please email: for more information.

In other cases, the spouse/partner visa will initially be temporary, but if the relationship is still existing 2 years later, it can be changed to a permanent visa.

Many people who live outside Australia and who are becoming Australian citizens under the 2007 Australian Citizenship Act are asking us whether their non-Australian spouse can become an Australian citizen as well.

Once the permanent spouse/partner visa has been validated on entry to Australia and four years have passed, the non-Australian can apply for Australian citizenship by conferral using the special spouse residence discretion in the Australian Citizenship Act 2007.

There is a route to Australian citizenship for spouses and partners of existing Australian citizens, even when the couple lives outside Australia. The Australian spouse/ partner can sponsor the non-Australian in the couple for a family visa. Once granted, the visa has to be validated by taking a trip into Australia. The trip can be just a holiday. Where the relationship is long established, the nonAustralian spouse or partner will usually be granted a permanent visa straight off – i.e. Australian permanent residency status.


August 2009

The candidate has to pass the Australian Citizenship Test, but that can be taken at various DIAC test centre outside Australia. Many non-Australian spouses and partners are now using this route to Australian citizenship, even while the couple don’t live in Australia. (via Southern Cross Occasional Newsletter No. 2 of 2009, 9 June 2009)

AustChamThailand Advance

ATBC President’s Column

Approaching 30 Years… PATRON His Excellency Mr Bandhit Sotipalalit Ambassador, Royal Thai Embassy, Canberra


here has been a great deal of change in the bilateral relationship with Thailand since the inception of the Australia Thailand Business Council nearly 30 years ago. Our Executive is starting to develop its plans for the 30th anniversary celebrations in 2010.

ATBC – Australian Section NATIONAL PRESIDENT Robert Taylor AusThai Connections IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT John Connor Karjura Pty Ltd

This comes at a point in time when the business and political cycles are at a lower point than in the recent past.

FOUNDING PRESIDENT Charles Battersby Intelmar Australia Pty Limited

Our business council is reliant on our volunteer Executive members to help drive the momentum of meetings and information for our members, working in conjunction with our Executive Director in Canberra.

VICE PRESIDENTS Chair of the Queensland Chapter John Cockburn

We are also dependent on our members for their support, both financial and active participation in events and sharing information. These have been challenging times for business councils generally in Australia, however I am confident that the ATBC will continue to be as relevant to our membership in the years ahead as it has been in the past. To this end we will be taking steps to take more advantage of internet based information delivery to our membership; the ability for us to provide an html link to Advance: our monthly joint magazine with AustCham Thailand, is but one means that members will see change.

Chair of the Victorian Chapter Graham Sherry Baker & McKenzie

eign Minister, Kasit Piromya. Should any of our AustCham member colleagues be visiting Australia in the near future; please inform Colin Mackenzie – our National Executive Director – as your onthe-ground knowledge will be of great interest to our members – and we can organise an evening event around your visit. Sincerely,

Also, the ATBC was invited to a private business luncheon in Sydney with the Thai For-


August 2009

EXECUTIVE MEMBERS Clare Florence Glen Robinson ASEAN Focus Group Pty Limited Gavin Thomas Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd Director - Thailand Liaison Graham Storah

We have plans to develop our website such that it contains more relevant and timely information for members is also a step forward. However face-to-face interaction is still vital and to that end we were pleased that in July Gary Woollacott, former President of AustCham, was able to provide our members in Sydney with an update on the situation in Thailand, kindly hosted by Deacons lawyers.

NATIONAL TREASURER Douglas Blunt Centrelease Australia Pty Ltd

Robert Taylor - National President – Australia Thailand Business Council: - President – Australia Thailand Association: - Founding Committee Member – Thai Culture and Food Festival Inc: - Director – AusThai Connections Pty Ltd

SECRETARIAT Colin Mackenzie Australia Thailand Business Council PO Box 6005 KINGSTON ACT 2604 Tel: +61 2 6273 2311 Fax:+61 2 6273 3196 ATBC – Thai Section Chairperson Khun Barbara Buranasilpin

AustChamThailand Advance

Est. 1957 Bangkok Patana School maintains the highest standards of the British curriculum, offering a fulfilling educational experience to children of all nationalities from Nursery age to 18+ Contact us for more information: 643 Lasalle Road (Sukumvit 105), Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Tel: 02 398 0200 Fax: 02 399 3179 Email:


Community Services

how they would feel if certain facilities were not available. Later, when children started asking “How can we help?” they had a chance to hold the big water bottles. Straightaway they tried to open the top ... but found it was glued closed! After poking their fingers in the money slot, they asked “Is this where we put in our money?” Discussion moved on. “Well, if we have any spare coins at home we can bring them to school and put them in the bottle”. There were choruses from all round the circle. “I have coins at home!”, “So do I!” and “I’ll bring some tomorrow”.

It All Adds Up!


an you recollect, as a youngster, trying to make sense of the world? Starting to share, to develop empathy? Beginning to understand the concept of money and what it represents? Just recently the students at First Steps International Pre-School made great strides toward coming to grips with these notions. It was the sight of plastic play money, and the opportunity to see things from a child’s perspective, that made me realise just how far they had come in their thinking. The owner of the school, Khun Laksasuba Kridakon, an Australia-Thai Alumni and AustCham Director, along with all her teaching staff, committed to raising funds for the AustCham Community Services building project at Wat Putakian Kindergarten, near Hell Fire Pass, as their community service project for the last term. Following an initial information session at the school, teachers were keen to involve their students, each accepting a water bottle, fashioned into a money box, for their classroom. Morning ‘Circle Time”, when ideas and thoughts are shared, provided the


August 2009

opportunity for teachers to display and discuss photographs of the limited facilities at the small kindergarten at Wat Putakian, enabling their charges to compare the resources they enjoyed with those currently available to their peers in Kanchanaburi. Pauline Craig, an experienced teacher at First Steps, shared some of her pupils’ insights – their fascination with the toilets at Wat Putakian – and the ensuing innumerable requests to use and flush the toilets at their own school! Their curiosity in asking, ‘What if it rains?’ – once they saw the kitchen, housed outside under a tent, with nowhere for the children to eat their meal nor play out of the elements. The children were challenged to imagine

Information went home via the school newsletter and little faces glowed as they announced “I’ve got money today, Miss,” and posted it into the slot. Classes prepared and sold pancakes or fruit juice, each priced at one Baht, during outside play times. The coins and notes in the water bottles mounted up, the end of term came and I collected the water bottles from the school. It was then that I came to see what these young children had achieved. As I cut open the first water bottle and tipped it, out slid those two toy coins made of plastic! Instantly I had a mental picture of a toddler earnestly posting in those two tokens, a young person very aware of the need to help his peers in differing circumstances, just not yet aware of the conventions applying to the materials from which money is made. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry! I proceeded with the tallying up of the donations and continued to find a range of ‘foreign’ denominations, further evidence of earnest little souls doing their best to help. The efforts of these young children raised over Baht 10,000, in addition to coins in a variety of currencies added for good measure. However, immeasurable is the value of those two plastic coins, tokens of compassion and commitment. If you are able to assist by taking a water bottle for your work place or making a donation of money or goods for this worthy project please contact the AustCham office by telephone 02 210 0216 or email at:

AustChamThailand Advance

Community Services

Voluntary English Teaching on 13 June On Saturday 13 June 2009, volunteers (together with AustCham staff), visited Baan Khao Din School, Chonburi. It was a successful day enjoyed by all. Thank you to Toll Logistics (our English Teaching sponsor) for their continued support.

AustChamThailand Advance

August 2009


Chamber Events

Australian Alumni Night on Thursday, 11 June 2009 at The Australian Pub & BBQ Our sixth Alumni networking function for Thai students who graduated from Australian institutions was held at The Australian Pub & BBQ on Thursday 11 June 2009 and was generously sponsored by Blackmores. Thanks also go to our guest speaker, Dr. Num Tanthuwanit, 2008 AustCham Young Alumni Award Recipient. We hope that our Alumni networking nights will evolve into a forum where Thai graduates from Australian institutions can network and develop professionally, whilst contributing to Australian-Thai relations.


August 2009

AustChamThailand Advance



Chamber Events

JFCCT Luncheon Talk on 12 June 2009 On Friday, 12 June 2009 the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) hosted a luncheon talk with Thailand Trade Representative Khun Kiat Sittheeamorn and his team at the Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok. Khun Kiat is now ranked as Deputy Prime Minister and has been a long time friend of the JFCCT. The first ten years of his career, he

worked with Group Schneider, a French multinational corporation. He was stationed in Malaysia and Singapore. His responsibilities included business operations in 11 South-East Asian countries. He was responsible for development projects amounting to over Baht 65,000 million baht. In the past ten years, he has played a crucial role at the Board of Trade of Thailand in proposing policies and strategies to various governmental organisations related to trade and investment. He has also been Advisor to House and Senate Committees in the areas of Commerce, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Science, Technology & Environment, Banking and Financial institutions. He was appointed as Thailand’s representative in the East Asia Vision Group to determine future co-operative frameworks between ASEAN and China, South Korea and Japan in the areas of economic, political, social and the regional security. He has written many articles related to trade and investment strategies. He has also been a guest lecturer at several leading universities in Thailand.

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Wednesday, 26 August 2009 from 6.30pm Gala five course dinner with vegetarian meals available upon request

Dress: Formal; Ticket Price: Baht 3,500 per person (10% discount for table of 10, Please call or email AustCham directly for table discount: 02 210 0216, Bookings for individual tickets can be made by 21 August by cheque, cash or credit card to the AustCham office or online at:


August 2009

Find Your inner J.K. Rowling, Aravind Adiga or John Grisham AustCham seeks writers, journalists and co-editors to assist, on a voluntary basis, with the Chamber’s very successful monthly magazine, Advance. 3,500 copies are distributed monthly. If you have some free time each month to help then please contact: Tel: 02 210 0216

AustChamThailand Advance

Chamber Events

ESB Sundowners at Royal Varuna Yacht Club on 12 June 2009 On Friday 12 June 2009, Eastern Seaboard Sundowners was held at Royal Varuna Yacht Club. We thank TICON Industrial Connection (corporate sponsor) and Royal Varuna Yacht Club (catering and venue sponsor) for their generous support.





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1) Ian Hamilton - TICON Logistics Park; Andrew Durieux - AustCham President, Coverage. 2) Khun Ploynamnual Limsukont - TICON Logistics Park; Khun Pattama Prasittiwong - TICON Logistics Park. 3) Ian Robertson - Grant Thornton; Khun Suvaporn Jittivong - Tinfish; Khun Ton; Paul Whyte - AustCham ESB Coordinator, Tinfish. 4) Damien Scully - Scully Group; John Anderson - AustCham Vice President, Meinhardt; Ian Hamilton - TICON Logistics Park. 5) Khun Hataikan Duttadintorn - TICON Logistics Park; Malcolm Scorer - AA Insurance Brokers. 6) Khun Vit Vanitbunchar - TICON Logistics Park; Khun Thanit Srianantanon - TICON Logistics Park; Khun Napanun Teeratantikanont - TICON Logistics Park.

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August 2009


Chamber Events

Automotive Focus Group Meeting on 12 June 2009 On Friday 12 June 2009, prior to ESB Sundowners, an AFG meeting was held at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club. On this occasion rather than hosting an outside speaker, members gave the following presentations: Two historical documentaries on early BMWs and the first Model T Fords, committee member Klaus Kinzelmann then gave a short background on the AFG, its objectives and its relationship to the American Chamber’s Auto Council; and Uli Kaiser unveiled the AFG’s Directory, followed by a brief Q & A session.

Breakfast Briefing on 11 June 2009 On Thursday, 11 June 2009 AustCham Thailand was pleased to invite members and friends to attend a Breakfast Briefing at the AustCham Office. Guest Speaker, Andrew Durieux’s (Director of Coverage Ltd. and President of AustCham Thailand) topic for discussion was “Mexican (Swine) Flu - is this the big one? What should business owners be doing now?” Andrew discussed this crisis in terms of corporate management responsibility (medical, legal, financial and social considerations) and advice was provided concerning planning for a pandemic as well as any other crisis event. Those unable to attend at the AustCham office were provided with the oppurtunity of joining a webinar which also proved a success.

BOI-JFCCT Meeting on 22 June 2009 On Monday 22 June 2009 the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) held a consultative meeting with Khun Chanchai Chairungruang, Minister of Industry, Dr. Atchaka Brimble, Secretary General and Khun Duangjai Asawachintachit, Assistant Secretary General, Thailand Board of Investment at the Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok. Members wishing to submit questions to the JFCCT may contact Brett at: execdirector@


August 2009

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Fick upery P deliv


Chamber Events

Sundowners is AustCham Thailand’s monthly business networking function. It is a great opportunity for members and guests of the Chamber to meet, network and exchange views in a social environment.

Bangkok Sundowners at InterContinental Bangkok on Wednesday, 1 July 2009 On Wednesday 1 July 2009, Bangkok Sundowners was held at InterContinental Bangkok. We thank Baker Tilly Thailand (corporate sponsor) and InterContinental Bangkok (catering and venue sponsor) for their generous support.





1) Tabatha Ramsay - InterContinental Hotels Group; Francis Zimmerman - Bangkok Marriot Resort & Spa. 2) Trevor Dick - Indochine Assets Management; Warwick Kneale - Baker Tilly Thailand; Ben Yong - AustCham Director, Baker & McKenzie. 3) Khun Nareerat Cotchatorn - Servcorp; John Didominic - APM Group; Kent Wiley - Canadoil Group; Michaela Julian - Servcorp. 4) Jeffrey Edwards - Heil Australia; Christopher Bruton - Dataconsult; Khun Ekjaree Thanasawangkul - Dataconsult Eugene Cody - Toll. 5) Colin Foster - Preferred Dining; Khun Pravena Piyavongpinyo - Baker Tilly Thailand; Khun Panuwat Nivedmarintre - Baker Tilly Thailand. 6) Bryan Dodd - Meinhardt; Rachell Danuco - Choice Foods; Khun Sakuna Nupinrum - Choice Foods.


August 2009

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Chamber Events








7) John Missingham - Baker Tilly Thailand; Andrew Langdon - Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels; Mark French - The Beaumont Partnership. 8) Khun Panuwatana Frank Ittigusumaln - Baker Tilly Thailand; Khun Pravena Piyavongpinyo - Baker Tilly Thailand; Khun Panuwat Nivedmarintre - Baker Tilly Thailand; Khun Karouna Manikhot - dwp. 9) Khun Anjarat Suthat Na Ayuthya - dtac Khun Wansit Jeremy Saiyawan - dtac Khun Thidaporn Suwanmanon - dtac. 10) Khun Priyachanan Parnchinda - InterContinental Bangkok; John Anderson - AustCham Vice President, Meinhardt. 11) Khun Vanchai Neeranartvong - Dimet (Siam); Khun Suraphol Rujikarnchana - Dimet (Siam).

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August 2009


New Members and Members’ Changes

NEW CORPORATE ORDINARY MEMBERS International SOS Services 93/1 GPF Witthayu Towers, Tower B, 11th FloorWireless Road Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok Tel: + 66 2 614 3604 Fax: + 66 2 256 6340 Email: Website: Principal: Pipat Kananuwat Alternate: Suwat Tachaphahapong International SOS is the world’s leading provider of medical assistance, international healthcare, security services and outsourced customer care. Every day, millions of people put their trust in us to help them wherever they live or travel. For over 20 years, we have been helping our clients manage the health and safety risks facing their international operations on their behalf in remote locations. By providing access to our global network of alarm centres and the expertise of our multilingual staff, we also offer companies professional, outsourced customer care and added value services to differentiate their service offering from competitors. With over 6000 professionals operating in 70 countries, we serve clients and members across every sector. We work in partnership with businesses, governments, not-for-profit organisations and individuals and currently provide key services to 83% of the Fortune Global 100 companies and 64% of the Fortune Global 500 companies. Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park – Bangkok 90 Sukhumvit Soi 24 Klong Ton, Klong Toey, Bangkok 10110 Tel: + 66 2 302 5500 Fax: + 66 2 302 5252 Email:, Website:

Principal: Mr. Richard J Wallace Alternate: Ms. Chompoonut Suntornpong


August 2009

Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park is the newest Executive Apartments under the umbrella of Marriott brand. At Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park – Bangkok, you will enjoy the convenience of five star full service hotel facilities with the space, ambience and privacy of residential living. Our completely furnished apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen, housekeeping services, storage, Bangkok’s vibrant central business district, the Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park – Bangkok is conveniently accessible and near businesses, embassies, hospitals, recreation, shopping and entertainment facilities.


Visy Packaging (Thailand) Ltd. 500/54, Moo 3, Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate Tambon Tasit, Amphur Pluakdaeng Rayong 21140 Tel: +66 8 9936 9100 Website:

Gary has over 20 years of experience dedicated to the financial services and bancassurance and with 12 of those in Asia. He has a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and also a Diploma in Direct Marketing and has been a direct response marketing practitioner for over 25 years, with special interest in the application of data modeling tools for better customer value management. Gary has worked for three international companies in both general management and sales & business development of insurance products in the Asia-Pacific region.

Principal: Simon Shale Alternate: Victor Barr

NEW CORPORATE AFFILIATE MEMBERS Resource Link Consulting Group 1 Glas Haus Bldg., Rm. 1401/1, 14th Fl. Sukhumvit Soi 25, Sukhumvit Rd., Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Tel: 0 2260 6393 Fax: 0-2260-6394 Email: Website:

Principal: Mrs. Duangvipha Wehrhahn Alternate: Mr. Markus Wehrhahn Resource Link is a Thailand’s leading Strategic Recruitment Alliance. Founded in 1999, at the dawn of an age in which the effective and integrated approach to recruitment had become more and more important in driving the business. We provide four types of the Recruitment Services covering: Database Recruitment Service, Advertisement Recruitment, Search Recruitment Service and Project Recruitment Service.

Mr. Gary Wayne Denson CIGNA Insurance Public Co., Ltd. 7 & 10 Floor, Q House Ploenchit Bldg. 598 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Tel: + 66 651 5995 # 222/702 Mobile: + 66 81 846 1131 Fax: + 66 2 650 9600 Email: Website:

He has specific strengths in the strategic design of affinity marketing programs and has extensive experience in working with financial institutions to meet their direct response marketing needs. During his years in Asia he has been responsible for winning, managing and working on key accounts such as HSBC, GE Finance, Readers Digest, Octopus (HK) & was responsible for winning & devising the bancassurance strategy with Bank of Asia; Bangkok Bank (Thailand), Max New York Life (India), Birla Sunlife (India) Southern Bank Bhd (Malaysia), China Trust Bank (Taiwan) and Bank Permata (Indonesia). Prior to moving to Asia, Gary has also worked with Telstra and Bank of Melbourne where he was Head of Director Marketing. Mr. Noppol Mekdumrongsang QuinL Thailand Co., Ltd. Suite number 4C-03, 4th Floor, 723 Supakarn Building, Charoennakorn Road, Klongtonsai Klongsan, Bangkok 10600 Tel/Fax: + 66 2 860 3500 Email: Website:

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New Members and Members’ Changes

QuinL Thailand Co., Ltd. is the owner of, the Thailand leader in Business-to-Business (B2B) eMarketplace. Founded in 2007, we make it easy for thousands of Thai suppliers and buyers around the world to do business online through our eMarketplace. The objective of is to put forward Thai business & services to the world. We help generate enormous benefits to members both in cost savings and productivity increases. We are constantly promoting members through our channels i.e. Europe, USA, and Asia. We work together with overseas chambers of commerce to encourage foreign companies to register with us as a buyer. mainly focuses on a search engine optimization (SEO) system, which helps members to recieve high ranking within top search engines i.e. google. com,, and goal is to become Thailand’s best B2B online trading place. We also offers all services that a Thai company could need i.e. translation, finding export-partners, company logo design, websites, brochures and writing specific software applications.

Change of Representative Kristopher Melson, Foreign Business Advisor is a new representative of Sunbelt Asia Co., Ltd. Brendan Daly, Resident Manager is a new representative of Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit. Marshall Orton, Executive Chef is a new representative of Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit. Boyd Merrett, General Manager is a new representative of Thai Leighton Limited. Khun Nutt Ingavat is a new representative of Thai Leighton Limited. Khun Yupha Boonkham, Managing Director is a new representative of AustAsia-Connextions (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Ernest Smith is a new representative of AustAsia-Connextions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Khun Yuthyong Sudharatna, First Vice President SMEs Relationship Management Dept.3 is a new representative of Siam City Bank Public Co., Ltd. Khun Wacharee Pornchaiwisuthikul, Director of Revenue and Marketing is a new representative of Nai Lert Park Hotel. John Fraser, Managing Director is a new representative of Tinfish (Thailand) Ltd. Wesley Hayden, Resident Manager is a new representative of Pullman Bangkok King Power. Khun Kritsana Janyasakulwong, Director of Sales is a new representative of Royal Paragon Enterprise Co., Ltd. Christoph Leonhard is a new representative of Sofitel Bangkok Silom. Ian Nimmo, Commercial Director-Asia Pacific is a new representative of Loscam Limited. Simon Landy, Executive Chairman is a new representative of Colliers International Thailand. Didier Delaval, Director of Programs is a new representative of t+b solutions ltd. Neil Ager, Country Manager Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia is a new representative of Qantas & British Airways. John Andes, Tax Partner is a new representative of KPMG Phoomchai Group.

Change of Company Name Kirwan Industrial Services Co., Ltd. changed company name to be Kirwan Asia Limited. OZ Minerals Limited changed company name to be Minerals and Metals Group. Nai Lert Park Hotel Co., Ltd. changed company name to be Swissotel Nai Lert Park Bangkok. Woods Bagot Thailand Ltd. changed company name to be The Beaumont Partnership Co., Ltd. The Irish X Change Co., Ltd. changed company name to be Molly Malone’s Irish Pub Bangkok.

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Change of Company Address dtac Total Access Communication PLC 319 Chamchuri Square Building, 40th Floor, Phayathai Road Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Tel: + 66 (0) 2202 8000 (Same Number) The Regent’s School, Pattaya & Bangkok Tel: + 66 (0) 38 418 777 Fax: + 66 (0) 38 418 778 Wisma Forwarding Limited 91/14 Soi Anuman Rajdhon Decho Road, Suriyawong Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Tel: + 66 (0) 2237 0720 (14 lines auto) Fax: + 66 (0) 2237 0734-5 Administration Outsourcing Co., Ltd. Fax: + 66 (0) 2-655 0609 Website: ACE INA Overseas Insurance Company Limited 399 Interchange 21 Building 25th-30th Floor, Sukhumvit Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Tel: + 66 (0) 2611 4040 Customer Service Line: +66 (0) 2611 4000 Fax: + 66 (0) 2611 4310 Email:

Sundowners Across Asia

When travelling regionally, keep in mind these other AustCham networking events: Bangkok Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Hong Kong Jakarta Kuala Lumpur Manila Phnom Penh Shanghai Singapore Vientiane

First Wednesday First Thursday First Thursday Third Thursday Third Wednesday Last Thursday Second Tuesday Third Wednesday Every Friday Third Friday ad hoc

AustCham members pay local members’ prices. Don’t forget to check the venue with the local AustCham!

August 2009


From the Chamber Office

Message from the ED


ast month saw our Sundowners being held at the Intercontinental Hotel and the event once again proved why AustCham Sundowners is the premier networking event in Thailand. With 300 people in attendance, the networking session provides a great platform to meet both old and new acquaintances and colleagues alike. Thank you to our event sponsors Baker Tilly and the Intercontinental Hotel for supporting the evening. This month’s Sundowners is an All Chambers event and will be held at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, sponsored by dtac. AustCham will be inviting members and representatives from the 30 foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand to join us. Tickets for this event are limited to 500 people and will be sold on a first come first served basis so make sure that you book in advance through the AustCham website. Two of our major events will take place over the next two months; Firstly, in August, the AustCham Thailand Business Awards 2009 proudly presented by Akara Mining will be held at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok on Wednesday, 26 August 2009 and it will be the fifteenth year where AustCham has held this gala event. Individual tickets may be purchased online at the AustCham website and table bookings (with discount) can be purchased directly from the AustCham office. Please book early as the limited number of tables will be taken up quickly. AFL Grand Final Day – Saturday, 26 September 2009. We believe that the AFL Grand Final Day in Bangkok is one of the biggest

outside of Australia, regularly attracting over 600 attendees. AustCham has secured “Mr. Football” Ron Barassi as this year’s legend and guest speaker and as rumour has it, it is the first AFL Grand Final that Ron Barassi has spent away from the MCG in over 50 years! This year the chamber is offering an “early bird” special with tickets at Baht 2,500 purchased on or before Friday, 4 September 2009. Tickets purchased after that date will be Baht 2,900, make sure you purchase your tickets early. Please contact the Chamber for further details. The 2009/10 Handbook is now being finalised and all AustCham members are urged to review and approve their listing as sent out by our publisher Veritas Graphics. If you haven’t yet received a copy of the listing for your approval please let the Chamber office staff know and we will make sure that it is sent to you. There is still advertising space left in the Handbook, if you are interested then contact Jim Fowler at Veritas Graphics at As always I look forward to hearing from you!

Calendar of Events WEDNESDAY, 5 AUGUST All Chambers Sundowners

18.00 – 21.00 Corporate Sponsor: dtac Catering & Venue Sponsor: Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok FRIDAY, 14 AUGUST ESB Sundowners

18.00 – 21.00 Corporate Sponsor: AA Insurance Brokers Catering & Venue Sponsor: Sheraton Pattaya Resort SATURDAY, 15 AUGUST Voluntary English Teaching

Venue: Baan Khao Huay Mahad School, Rayong WEDNESDAY, 26 AUGUST AustCham Thailand Business Awards

18.30 – 21.30 Corporate Sponsor: Akara Mining Venue: Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok THURSRDAY, 27 AUGUST NZTCC Networking

18.30 – 20.30 Venue Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit (Please contact NZTCC) WEDNESDAY, 2 SEPTEMBER Bangkok Sundowners

18.00 – 21.00 Venue: TBC Brett Gannaway Executive Director, AustCham Thailand

Thank you to all July event sponsors


18.00 – 21.00 Corporate Sponsor: Meinhardt Catering & Venue Sponsor: Amari Orchid Resort & Tower SATURDAY, 12 SEPTEMBER Voluntary English Teaching

Venue: Baan Khao Din School, Chonburi THURSDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER NZTCC Networking

18.30 – 20.30 Venue Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit (Please contact NZTCC) SATURDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER AFL Grand Final Day

Venue: TBC


August 2009

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