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ne year ago I wrote my first President’s report. It was the story of how I came to be involved with AustCham. I have learnt a lot in the last year, and certainly the Thai environment has been interesting, to say the least. In my article, I mentioned how effective AustCham can be at advancing our members’ interests. Over the past year we have steadily grown the Advocacy role, and this has expanded beyond Thailand into the South-East Asian region and even back to Australia. Brett Gannaway and I attended the AustCham regional forum in Hong Kong, and signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on behalf of AustCham Thailand. It says we will explore reciprocal membership rights across the region, hold joint events where suitable and possible, assist each other with strategies and support, undertake joint marketing activities and, most importantly, have a unified voice when reporting to Canberra on matters relating to all Australians living in Asia. There is a lot of support for this move from Austrade and the Embassy here in Bangkok, so we intend to get things in place as soon as possible. There are now 20 AustCham organisations in the region, with five in mainland China alone, and an estimated network of 10,000 member companies. Anyone looking to expand their presence across the region would do well to contact the AustCham office in their intended market. Our office has the contacts. We have just held the AGM and a new Board has been elected. I have generously been asked to remain as President for another year, a job I have happily undertaken. There are a couple of changes this year, both of which are out of my control and are the result of very different circumstances. Khun Sutipong Ittipong passed away after a car accident last month. Khun Sutipong was well known to many of our members and had been on our Board for more years than many of us have been in Thailand. His contribution to the Chamber and Thai-Australian relationships was outstanding and will be remembered in so many ways. We have included a special section on Khun Sutipong’s achievements in this edition.

After serving for the past two years, Ann Lewinski did not stand for the board this year, due to work commitments which are taking her to Macau, Beijing and beyond. Thank you Ann for your help and all of us at AustCham wish you the best of luck. So that means we ended up with two new board members to join the existing 10. Returning are Vice President John Anderson, with ML Laksasubha taking the second Vice President role. Nigel McKinnon stays on as our Treasurer. Ben Yong, Belinda Skinner, Amanda Canavan (Sim at the time of last year’s election, if I recall correctly), Saeed Zaki, David Armstrong, and Achara Boonyahansa all return to assist for another year. The two new additions are Jurairat Jammanee from Hassell and Leigh ScottKemmis from DBM. Many of you may recall that Leigh was on the board a number of years ago and has been a judge for our business awards for the last few years. I am sure Jurairat and Leigh will make great additions to the team. Lastly, I should remind everyone about ANZAC day this year – book quickly if you haven’t already, as there is expected to be a record turnout at Hellfire Pass and at the Cemetery in Kanchanaburi for the Sunday dawn service, which will begin at 10.00am this year rather than 11.00am as in previous years.

Andrew Durieux President, AustCham Thailand April 2010


AustCham Thailand Business Award 2009

Boral Thailand Concrete & Quarries in a high position as a market leader. Our aggressive marketing strategy with our new product launch, marketing campaign and service ability allows us to increase our market share and stay firm on our positioning. Boral Thailand Concrete & Quarries is consistently developing new product technology and is heading to towards sustainable development. Every one of our innovations have put in consideration the impact on the environment, the well-being of the community, together with economic betterment.

Congratulations to Boral Thailand Concrete & Quarries, recipient of the 2009 AustCham Industrial Excellence Award Boral Thailand Concrete & Quarries is recognised as Thailand’s leader in manufactured sand and as a benchmark for the Thai quarry industry.



At Boral Quarry we transform managers to be leaders that think things through and define the specific purpose and mission. With our business policy, everyone understands what our business should be, where we are going to, how to reach

Boral Thailand Concrete & Quarries adopted the conceptual idea of manufactured sand from Boral Australia who specialise in innovative construction

materials. Combined with local expertise on geology and the understanding of customer insights, we have the capability to develop new products which help our environment by turning waste material into useful products which are in demand by the market. Beyond creative product innovation, we also stand as a benchmark for the quarry industry in Thailand. The high safety standard adopted from Boral Australia has lead us to hold the highest safety standard in Thailand and become a role model for quarries throughout the nation. Our success does not stop within Boral, but spreads out into the Thai mining industry. We encourage the industry to do the same in the name of safety and to help our world. We are never afraid of losing our positioning – as long as we do not stop 6

April 2010

developing, we will never fall behind. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES IN THE THAI MARKET Non-stop product development stands as our competitive advantage for us to compete in a market of common products where every player is engaged in a price war. Boral Thailand Concrete & Quarries material technology knowledge transferred from Boral Australia moves us above the price war and equips us with product innovation. It is this advantage that drives us to the top of the manufactured sand market. CURRENT MARKET POSITION & FUTURE PLANS Our achievement as the first to develop manufactured sand allows us to remain

our goal and commit to the future of our quarry. Being a matrix organisation, we encourage our people to communicate candidly, cross-functional work and our project oriented style allow our people to develop themselves and their peers. A WINNING CONCEPT Business synergy and a win-win concept are our basic business principles. Our business is to make profit for customer’s business. Hence, it is our commitment to be not only the supplier but the business partner, business consultant and finally the customer’s friend. Our formula for success is a combination of the company’s values which are focus, persistence, performance, respect, leadership, together with social responsibility, environment and the most important, our people’s attitude – ‘the sky is the limit’. AustChamThailand Advance


Sukhumvit 53

Adjacent to Thong Lo Skytrain station 02-260-7890

Bangkok’s most accessible and conveniently located school.

business brief

The Free Flow of Capital and Investment By David Nardone


inding ways to enhance the free flow of capital and investment presents a unique opportunity for Asean to broaden its markets, increase economies of scale of manufacturing, and enhance competitiveness in export markets. While the goal of an Asian Economic Community has been talked about for decades, we need to start by acknowledging that Asean today is not a homogeneous market. We have lost a step due to the past Asian financial crisis of 1997-98, as well as slow market liberalisation, and as a result, other markets have experienced faster growth and increased competitiveness. For example, in 1995, China’s automotive market demand was double that of Asean. Today, it is six times larger. Thailand, regarded as being highly successful in the automotive industry, has experienced little or no domestic growth since 1995, even setting aside this year’s downturn, due to policies and high taxes that discourage domestic automobile consumption. One positive trend from the last decade

relates to foreign, mostly non-Asean, investment in manufacturing throughout Asean. These investors have chosen their industries, processes and products and located them where it made the most sense for their supply chain. Increasingly, they produce in largerscale plants located in one country, trading among Asean, and integrating these operations into their supplier networks. This is positive for economies of scale, enabling manufacturing plants in Asean to be more viable in competing with higher volume non-Asean locations, such as China and eventually India.

US$18 billion invested on our six industrial estates, including 135 automotive customers with 250 factories, 20% are Thai-owned and only 6% are from other Asean countries. The largest percentage of overall customers continues to be Japanese. The current financial crisis has highlighted Asean’s over-dependence on export markets and the realisation that there has not been a decoupling of Asean markets from highly developed markets. Natural resource-based industry, petrochemicals and other industries with large export trading networks already in place, including automotive and consumer goods, will have readily transferable capabilities either producing or selling in expanded markets in Asean, SMEs will have more problems with integration as they tend to have less access to loans and investment capital, as well as limited branding, particularly in overseas locations.

We believe this has led to the manufacturing growth that Asean and certainly Thailand has experienced over the last decade. As Asean expands its reach through free trade agreements with partners, such as China, Japan, Korea, and India, there is vast potential for further development of manufacturing supplier networks, economies of scale, and the overall competitiveness of Asean as a production base going forward.

Asean integration will lead to other challenges in terms of more seamless market access, with harmonisation of good classifications, removal of nontariff measures, elimination of barriers to trade, and clear duty procedures.

Asean integration has had a positive, but really more limited impact on our industrial estate business over the last few years. Of the 600 factories with

Regional AustChams and Related Business Associations • • • • • • •


AustCham Beijing AustCham Shanghai AustCham Guangzhou AustCham Hong Kong Australian Business Association of Cambodia (ABAC) Australia East Timor Business Council (AETBC) Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce in Chennai

April 2010 • Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC) • Australia & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ) • Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ANZCCK) • Australia New Zealand Business Association – Laos (ANZBA – Laos) • Malaysia Australian Business Council (MABC)

• • • • •

Australia-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Philippines (ANZCham Phillippines) AustCham Singapore The Australian and New Zealand of Commerce in Taipei (AnzCham Taipei) Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AusCham HCMC Chapter) Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AusCham Hanoi Chapter)

AustChamThailand Advance

business brief

Accordingly, domestic Asean consumption remains the overriding opportunity. Incentives to spur consumption, especially in increasing consumption of capital goods, with lower excise taxes on automotive for instance, and a quicker restoration of the manufacturing sector could be pursued. Infrastructure expenditures represent a stimulus to local Asean economies, in addition to the lasting benefit of having increased infrastructure in place to help reduce logistics costs and enhance access to expanded markets. The obvious infrastructure benefits are seamless borderless transport using trucking, rail, sea, and multi-modal transport. Power capacity and shared power reserves, distribution systems for power and communications, and even shared water resources could provide economies of investment. As Asean moves inexorably toward the AEC, harmonisation of policy should be pursued, starting with energy, as fuel choices including biofuel and fuel pricing

and fuel taxes affect all member countries and the choices for their consumers. In addition, Thai Board of Investment promotion policies could be similar to those of other countries, not only competing on taxes or incentives, but more on the economics of the investment decision. In the areas of environmental emission standards and commitment to greenhouse gas reduction, standards should be similar to reduce emissions first and to not place an undue burden on countries in relation to each other. However, we have to consider whether Asean is ready to face increased competition in manufacturing. Investment in manufacturing in most Asean countries is already quite liberalised through groups like the BoI, so this may not change dramatically. In addition, non-Asean companies manufacturing in the Asean market are going to benefit from the expanded market

potential and economies of scale as well. So, competition will increase from within and outside of Asean. Can we also provide harmonised goods and increasingly integrated logistics, borderless transport, and communications networks? Do we have the mobility of labour resources to meet this challenge? These are some of the key questions we need to address. The Asean market will continue to expand through increased intra-regional trade, increased investment, including investment from within Asean, and importantly increased Asean domestic consumption. Expansion into Asean overseas markets from our home countries will present a host of challenges to all of us in understanding these markets and in being prepared for this opportunity. David Nardone is the president and chief executive officer of Hemaraj Land and Development Plc.


International airline of

AustChamThailand Advance

Forr mo Fo more re e iinformation nffor orma ma ati tion ion o p please lleas le eas ase e co cont contact ntac nt tac actt a your Australia agent. your preferred prre efe ferr errred ed V A us str tral ral alia a ia a ttravel rave ra el ag agen ent. e en nt. t.

April 2010

SapientNitro VAU 639/FAB

Australia’s newest international airline.


embassy news

Australian Embassy Helps Sister Joan with Her Milk Run Project Bronte Moules, Deputy Head of Mission at the Australian Embassy (right) and Jodie Rogers, Political and Economic Research Officer (left), recently visited the milk run project run by Sister Joan (second from right) in Klong Toey slum area. The project is supported by the Australian Embassy Direct Aid Program.


he Australian Embassy Bangkok recently provided funding for Sister Joan’s milk run project. Sister Joan, a religious Sister from the Western Australian Congregation of Presentation Sisters, has been working in Bangkok’s Klong Toey slum area since 1991. Her tireless efforts focus on helping community members with their basic needs through the provision of food, education and healthcare.

babies and 14 elderly residents through her fortnightly milk run project.

bags and books to assist them with receiving an education.

In a recent visit to the Klong Toey slum community, Ms Bronte Moules, Deputy Head of Mission at the Australian Embassy, said the Embassy was delighted to support the milk run project. Ms Moules said she hoped the supply of nutritious food would help the children to grow up healthy and strong.

The funding of 180 000 Thai baht, made available through the Australian Embassy Direct Aid Program (DAP), helped Sister Joan to supply milk formula for over 167

In the past the Australian Embassy has also provided funding to Sister Joan for her Education Project. This project helps to supply children with school uniforms,

The Australian Embassy Direct Aid Program (DAP) is a flexible, small grants program funded by the Australian Government through AusAID and managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The goal of DAP is to advance developmental objectives and address humanitarian hardship in developing countries.


April 2010

For information on the Fund, please visit bkok/News_DAP09.html

AustChamThailand Advance

Member profile

V Australia: Australia’s Newest International Airline


n 2006 we had a dream to bring the world a fresh new, exciting, Australian international airline, powered by passionate people who generally care. This airline would make long haul travel affordable for all and bring back the romance, joy and fun of flying. Three years later on 27 February 2009, Virgin Blue Group launched Australia’s newest international airline, V Australia. We began flying daily non-stop between Sydney and Los Angeles, twice a week from Melbourne and three times a week from Brisbane. New destinations have recently been added such as Phuket, Nadi and Johannesburg.

winning state-of-the-art on demand entertainment and three cabin classes – all on board the world’s largest longrange twin-engine aircraft.

Operating a fleet of brand new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, our boutique style airline offers 33 lie-flat beds in International business, 40 International Premium Economy and 288 International Economy seats. From the beginning our mission has been to understand the different needs of our valued Guests through every part of their journey and make a positive difference. We do this by delivering a safe, reliable, innovative and consistent product at value for money fares with a unique Australian style. You’ll soon see that when it comes to putting fun back into flying, V Australia is miles above the rest. Profile When we came up with the V Australia idea, we stepped back in time to a place 12

April 2010

Three cabin classes.

where international air travel was something to look forward to. Where you’d get excited about what you’d have to eat, how nice it was to be waited on, and how good it felt to simply get up and away from the everyday. V Australia brings a world of pure imagination to international air travel. Impeccable service with a smile from the industry’s finest, delicious dining, award

• Intimate 33-seat International Business cabin designed so Guests arrive feeling refreshed and ready to go. • More space, comfort and value for those in International Premium Economy. • The widest seats across the Pacific and more room to stretch the legs for International Economy travellers. Fuel efficient. Thanks to a new wing, smarter engines and a lighter structure, the 777-300ER aircraft makes clever use of fuel. For every unit of fuel saved, almost three fewer units of carbon dioxide are generated. AustChamThailand Advance

Khun Sutipong Ittipong 1949 – 2010

Khun Sutipong with John Hancock, Khun Charn Saralertsophonm, and Nandor G. van der Luehe at the farewell of HE Bill Patterson, 2008.

Khun Sutipong receiving an award from Joe Helper in July 2008.

A Gentleman and a Gentle Man By Gary White


English classes at schools in Kanchanaburi, Chonburi and Rayong provinces.

his was Khun Sutipong Ittipong, inter alia Senior Executive Vice President of Siam City Bank Pcl, Vice President of Austcham since 1995, Chairman of the Austcham Community Services Committee since 1991, and also Chairman of the New Zealand Thai Chamber Community Services Committee, who died in a tragic car accident on the morning of 22 February. Khun Sutipong was returning to Bangkok from Koh Samui, after having only recently retired last December from a lifetime career with Siam City Bank.

In 1997 Khun Sutipong initiated the first of what would become signature Austcham community service projects, the construction of a library building at Sai Yoke Yai School in Kanchanaburi province. “We agreed the best thing we could do for the community was to look after its children, and the best thing we could do for the children was to support their education”, he said in 2008.“We chose Kanchanaburi because of the Australian involvement there during World War II, and Rayong and Chonburi because many Austcham members are based there”.

I first met Khun Sutipong when I became President of Austcham in March 1992. He had already been on the Chamber Committee (as it was then called) for a year and had proposed that we set up our own Community Services sub-committee to give something back to the country in which we all lived so well. He had readily offered to lead that sub-committee and set about establishing its strategy and undertaking its first project, the provision of concrete water storage tanks to some schools in Kanchanaburi. Several small projects followed and then, in 1996, an English teaching programme was established that still runs to this day, with Chamber volunteers giving up a day of their weekends once a month to undertake

What followed over the next 12 years, in addition to the on-going English teaching programme and innumerable small projects and donations was:


April 2010

• Four complete, free-standing library buildings, plus books, furniture and equipment, at 4 schools in Kanchanaburi, Rayong and Chonburi; • Water tanks at Ban Haad Ngiew School in Kanchanaburi (in addition to those at other schools in 1992); • A concrete sports court at Ban Khao Huay Mahad School in Rayong; • Four water filtration systems at schools in Chonburi, Rayong and Kanchanaburi;

AustChamThailand Advance

Khun Sutipong Ittipong 1949 – 2010

• A bakery at a vocational school for the deaf in Kanchanaburi; • New or refurbished canteens at two schools; • Donation of a motorized patient trolley to Somdej Na Sriracha Hospital and a foetal monitoring machine to Panthong Maternity Hospital, both in Chonburi. And most recently; • Construction of a canteen sala and kitchen, and refurbishment of toilets, at Wat Putakian Kindergarten in Kanchanaburi. All completed under the quiet, steady, unassuming leadership of Khun Sutipong with his team of dedicated supporters. Khun Sutipong, in fact, became synonymous with Austcham Community Service – but that was just what he did through Austcham. Khun Sutipong had recently helped set up the New Zealand Chamber’s own community services sub-committee and was assisting in the development of projects for that Chamber in Kanchanaburi. He also undertook his own sponsored projects on his beloved Koh Samui, where he owned two resorts, Samui Laguna on the beach and Samui Bayview on the hill. Because Khun Sutipong was so personally retiring and

AustChamThailand Advance

unassuming, you really had to know him and be there to understand the breadth of his contribution both to Austcham and the broader community over the years … well, decades. He was a stalwart at Austcham functions, and was always ready to host Chamber Committee and subcommittee meetings at his Bangkok restaurant (and we never did manage to take up his standing invitation for the whole Committee to decamp to Samui for a weekend!). I do not know how many Community Service subcommittee meetings I attended at Laguna Fondue, or at its successor Fusion 15, but I do know that never once could we persuade Khun Sutipong to take even one satang for the food that always appeared on the table once the meeting was over. The best we could ever do was press the odd bottle of wine onto the table as well! Khun Sutipong was a man of unbounded generosity, of quiet, steady leadership, of unassuming but solid presence. Our Chamber has lost a great and generous supporter. Our community has lost one of its pillars. I have lost a good friend. We have all lost a gentleman and a gentle man. Gary White was President of AustCham Thailand from 1994 – 1997 (four terms).

April 2010


Khun Sutipong Ittipong 1949 – 2010

Khun Sutipong at the Farewell of HE Bill Paterson.

Khun Sutipong is cutting cake with HE Bill Paterson and Malcolm Ferdinands.

Khun Sutipong at Panthong Hospital in Chonburi as the new foetal heart rate monitor is donated.


April 2010

AustChamThailand Advance

Khun Sutipong Ittipong 1949 – 2010

Khun Sutipong Ittipong By Gary Woollacott


was on a plane that Monday morning and, being the compliant type, didn’t switch on my phone until the aircraft doors had opened. It rang immediately: a close friend to pass on the dreadful news about Khun Sutipong’s untimely passing. I hung up after a short conversation and then the phone started bleeping for all the missed calls and messages. To say that news was a shock would be a major understatement. Khun Sutipong and I worked together very closely within AustCham during my three years as President – as well as before and after that – but my enduring memories of him are largely from seeing him in non-AustCham settings. Khun Sutipong was highly organised and disciplined, and expected others to be the same. During a formal visit to Siam City Bank with then Ambassador Bill Paterson and then Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner Sean Riley, Khun Sutipong had clearly been extremely busy, drilling everyone on what they had to do, what they had to say as well as how and when. As a result of his meticulous preparation, our visit went off without a hitch – we learned a lot about the bank, and his senior management team went away very well informed about our Australian business community, brimming with ideas as to how they might benefit commercially. Another scenario that occurred outside of the chamber that was instructive to observe, was Khun Sutipong was at his resort on his beloved Koh Samui. Getting up particularly early one morning late last November, I positioned myself in a strategic spot on the terrace to enjoy a coffee and read the newspaper. I could see everything that was going on – and particularly watching Khun Sutipong running around in his hotel general manager role, training and cajoling the staff to give their best attention to the guests. At times he was clearly exasperated in his drive for perfection but he maintained his composure: I’m not sure if I would have been able to under those circumstances. Khun Sutipong will be greatly missed, without doubt. His gentle and understated demeanour didn’t always reveal the focussed and driven man who knew what he wanted, and how he was going to get it. Always courteous and charming, he was direct in his dealings – something that I found very useful in the AustCham sense as it enabled us

AustChamThailand Advance

Khun Sutipong at the AGM 2009.

to be very clear as to our expectations of each other. One isn’t always lucky enough to work with people one respects and trusts – I didn’t have to compromise my principles and I could speak freely without having to couch my words. Khun Sutipong’s qualities were many, and I – along with countless others – will miss him. Gary Woollacott was President of AustCham Thailand from 2005 – 2008 (three terms). He can be reached at +66 2 636 2323 or via

April 2010


board of directors 2010

AustCham Board of Directors 2010 The Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce held it’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 3 March at the Dusit Thani Hotel. Following the AGM, twelve were elected to the Board of Directors. Four were then appointed to the roles of President, two Vice-Presidents and Treasurer. Congratulations to the new Board of Directors!


April 2010

AustChamThailand Advance

board of directors 2010


Andrew Durieux is a director of Coverage Ltd, a leading Business Consulting and IT software and services provider, and owner of Infocomm Software in Australia. He has been operating in Thailand and Asia for almost eight years, and his daughter attends an international school in Bangkok, speaking four languages.

Andrew Durieux - Coverage Ltd.

Andrew’s personal specialty is Business Continuity Planning, Crisis Management and Risk Management. He has developed his own unique fully integrated approach for quickly training or implementing a program to minimise and prepare clients for any major event that may occur. Andrew is one of only three internationally qualified Business Continuity Institute (UK) members in Thailand today. Beyond this Andrew and Coverage assist clients in areas of compliance and regulatory matters, and now provide an outsourcing service specializing in IT and systems use. Andrew is the current President of AustCham, and a Board Member for the last two years. Andrew is very aware of the challenges, risks and pitfalls in the Thai and International markets today and believes that AustCham can provide great value and assistance to members in the current environment. In the last 12 months AustCham has created the SME sub-committee and activities, improved the Alumni section, and has played a very active and vocal role in a significant increase in advocacy on behalf of AustCham members through the Board of Trade of Thailand and the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce - all this while continuing the growth of the networking, communications and information services provided to members. This year, the focus will be on more advocacy on behalf of our members, continuing the great networking events, making some improvements to the major events, providing more information services and speakers, and creating more marketing opportunities for sponsors and members. Andrew’s vision for AustCham continues to be “a must do for every Australian related business in Thailand – must contact, must connect, must contribute”.

AustChamThailand Advance

Who is your idol and how do they inspire you? My daughter – she is just twelve and speaks three languages (learning her fourth), swims like a fish, reads Ulysses, does Taekwondo and Ballet – and gets around international airports better and faster than me! What is one of your “out of the ordinary” habits/hobbies? Watching the Tour De France all alone in the corner of a quiet bar – for three hours per day for three weeks each year! Synergy of the human species is at its best in this sport driving a group on and on, up impossible mountains and against the weather – if only everyone got the message the world would be a better place. If you could choose four people to have to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be? Don’t want to waste dinner - Lets start at the top – who has had the biggest influence on the world – Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, Jesus? It would be good to have one of them and understand their message first hand – maybe Mohammed as his seems to be the most mis-understood religion. Darwin, Einstein, Dawkins, Hawking – Who could give me the most knowledge in the space of a dinner? I choose Hawking since he has the benefit of the others knowledge. With my new knowledge gained – How to influence change? Who are the greatest leaders and changers of men? Sun Tzu, Martin Luther King, or Hitler? I choose Adolf Hitler because anyone who can influence a very religious people to wage a World War must understand how to make people change. Fourth person? That’s easy – my daughter so she can take the combined knowledge of these three into the next generation.

April 2010


2010 board of directors

John Anderson - Meinhardt (Thailand) Ltd.

John Anderson is originally from South Australia. He has lived in Thailand since 1995. He is married with two young children. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering with Honors from University of Adelaide and Masters of Business Administration from Deakin University. He also has a Master of Science with Distinction and Diploma of Imperial College from Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, University of London. He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Engineers, Australia. Recently he became a LEED AP.

What was your proudest moment? Receiving my MSc from Imperial College at Royal Albert Hall, London.

John is currently a Director of Meinhardt (Thailand) Ltd. He has over 20 years experience working as a Professional Engineer. At Meinhardt, he is responsible for managing an engineering team - which has completed a number of the largest projects undertaken by the firm, including the “RIVER”, “Millennium Residence” and “Sukhothai Residence” condominiums. John has specialist expertise in the design of high-rise buildings and steel structures.

If you could choose four people to have to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be? My family; mum, dad (deceased), sisters, wife and kids.

What is one of your “out of the ordinary” habits/hobbies? I am a first Dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do .

He was first elected to the AustCham Thailand Board in 2007. Since then he has been responsible for industry groups, the Business Awards and AFL Football Grand Final. In 2009 he held the position of Vice-President. If elected to the board in 2010, John would be keen to continue to promote the activities of the Chamber to current and potential new members, especially those in the Property and Infrastructure sector.

Laksasuba is the Owner and Director of her own businesses, The First Steps International Pre-school and BaanLaksasubha Resort, Hua Hin. Laksasubha joined the Board in 2009 with the portfolio of Sponsorship and will also assist with strengthening of the Australian-Thai Alumni. With both children currently studying in Australia and being a past student in Australia herself, this provides her with a good understanding of the objectives of the Thai-Australian Alumni which is to promote the development of the contacts between AustCham members seeking to employ Australian graduated students. M.L. Laksasubha Kridakon - Baan Laksasubha Resort Hua Hin

Nigel McKinnon is originally from Casino NSW Australia. He is married with two sons. He holds a Bachelor of Business and is an Australian Certified Practicing Accountant. Nigel is the Director for Boral Thailand Concrete & Quarries. Nigel has been working with Boral for over 13 years of which nine years have been in finance roles in Asia. Nigel moved to Thailand in early 2008 after roles with Boral in Jakarta and Shanghai.

Nigel McKinnon - Boral Thailand Concrete & Quarries


April 2010

Nigel is keen to represent Boral in support of the Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce. In 2009 Nigel acted as the Treasurer.

Who is your idol and how do they inspire you? Mahatma Gandhi. We are born on the same day-he inspires me with his superior intelligence, determined in his belief. He managed to inspire millions of followers and gain their favor through peaceful means. What makes you most proud? Seeing my two children doing well in university. If you could choose four people to have to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be? Brad Pitt, Dalai Lama, Leticia Shahani (Assistant Secretary General for Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs), and my father.

Who is your idol and how do they inspire you? Wile E. Coyote. No matter the obstacles and failures that he has experienced in his life he always manages to keep going and keep trying. He is the personification of endurance and creative problem solving. If you could choose four dinner guests (dead or alive) - who would they be? Hannibal Barca; Carthagian General, Publius Cornelius Scipio (aka Scipio Africanus), Roman Consul; Gaius Octavius Thurinus (aka Caesar Augustus), Roman Emperor and Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, Marshal of the Soviet Union. AustChamThailand Advance

board of directors 2010

David Armstrong was elected to the AustCham Board last year and chairs the SME sub-committee. This committee was set up last year to serve the interests of small and medium businesses – the majority of AustCham Member companies. The SME committee has been, and is, arranging talks and discussions on ways of helping SMEs operate in Thailand, is setting up an SME forum on the AustCham website, will develop position papers on the concerns of Australian businesses here and is working closely with directors of the British and New Zealand Chambers involved in SME issues. David Armstrong - Post Publishing Pcl

David has lived in Thailand since 200 and joined AustCham in 2007. He has helped support the Chamber by arranging Bangkok Post sponsorship of the Business Awards and of the Thai-Australian Alumni networking nights. He has also helped edit the AustCham Handbook and Advance magazine. He attended almost all Sundowners last year - in Bangkok, the Eastern Seaboard, Phuket and Chiang Mai. David retired as President and Chief Operating Officer of Post Publishing at the end of 2008 but remains an adviser to senior management. He has worked in the newspaper and magazine industries in Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand - throughout his career. He is a former Editor-in-Chief of The Australian, Group Editorin-Chief of the South China Morning Post, Editor of the Canberra Times and Editor of The Bulletin.David would continue to work to help SMEs and to help the Chamber maintain a tight focus on business, economic, trade and investment issues which affect Australian companies in Thailand and the Australian-Thai business relationship.

Achara is a Director at Grant Thornton in Thailand, a member firm within Grant Thornton International. She was a Group Representative for ANZ Thailand Representative Office prior to this current role. Achara has been an active participant in AustCham events since 1999. She was AustCham sub-committee member for Community Service Group for three years from 2002 to 2004. She was elected to the AustCham Board of Directors in 2006-2007 and had responsible for Business Awards. In 2009, she had responsible for Alumni.

Amanda Canavan is the General Manager of Energi Design Asia, a Strategic Branding agency that deals with 11 countries in South East Asia. She has been managing Energi Design in Thailand and throughout Asia for two years but has called Thailand home for the past three. Amanda is an organised, intelligent and independent person with excellent interpersonal and communicative April 2010

What was your proudest moment? Answer: My proudest moment was being proud of the team I worked with at Post Publishing. In 2006 they set up and started operating a new, computerised, high-speed printing press without any significant problems. I can think of newspaper companies in Australia that can’t make the same claim. Perhaps it doesn’t sound like much to an outsider but they did a great job. If you could choose four people to have to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be? 1. Nien Cheng, who wrote Life and Death in Shanghai - an amazing tale of a survivor of the cultural revolution in China. A very tough and clever woman 2. William Shakespeare - just to find out if he really did write all those plays 3. Christopher Moore, the best writer in Bangkok (and about Bangkok) 4. Deb Bailey, a wonderful woman who passed away nine years ago. She was my wife.

What was your proudest moment? My proudest moment was when I held my child for the first time. Who is your idol and how do they inspire you? I see my mother as my idol. She has shown me the work life balance since I was very young. She was a director at an MNC who led a team of 80 staff and at the same time a dedicated wife and mother at home. I’m trying to follow her footstep. If you could choose four people to have to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be? My dinner guests would be US First Lady Mitchelle Obama, Bill Gates, and Roger Federer.

Khun Achara Boonyahansa - Grant Thornton


If you could change one thing about Thailand what would it be? The weather – or perhaps the calendar Wouldn’t it be great if it was December all year round? Think of all the golf you could play without getting dehydrated, or all the fabulous outdoor restaurants you could eat at without getting rained on.

What is the strangest thing you have seen in Thailand. I went to a ball once where I saw a man wearing only speedos and wings. What is one of the things you enjoy most about your work and why? What excites me most about the work I do is when I walk into a super market and see the latest Pepsi can in the

AustChamThailand Advance

board of directors 2010

skills. Her time management and problem solving abilities are superb; as they have been honed to perfection being essential to every position she has held. She is a diligent, dynamic, dedicated and energetic worker who is both punctual and reliable. These qualities, coupled with her excellent computer skills and initiative make her an asset to any work place.

Amanda Canavan - Energi Design

For the past 12 months she has been a director on the board for the Australian Chamber of Commerce. She was elected for her creative flair and project management. This has been a demanding but challenging role that she have enjoyed very much, especially having organized two of the biggest events on the Bangkok business calendar.

Khun Jurairat Jammanee (Khun Rai) is the Business Development Manager at the HASSELL studio in Bangkok. HASSELL is a wholly owned, multi disciplinary design firm based in Australia, which has encourages her to promote strong Thailand and Australia links. Prior to joining HASSELL in 2005, Jurairat worked with Steven J. Leach, Choice Foods and Santa Fe Relocations. With two daughters, and married to an Australian working in Thailand, Jurairat maintains a strong connection with Australia through regular personal and professional visits.

Khun Jurairat Jammanee - HASSELL

Jurairat has been a regular participant at AustCham events since 2003, and has also represented HASSELL at other Foreign Chamber events over the last five years. Tertiary educated with a Bachelor of Arts, and with 10 years experience in Sales and Marketing, Jurairat has developed a large and diverse network among the Thai and expatriate community, both in Thailand and internationally. She is also experienced in organising events and functions as well as being active in community services.

fridge or the sparkling wine packaging we designed on shelf. It’s wonderful to watch an idea develop from sketches into artwork on screen and then brought to life on shelf. It’s very rewarding, I love it! If you could choose four people to have to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be? I can’t only do four, I’d have to make room for more...Bob Dylan, Brad Pitt, Kate Hudson, Christian Louboutin, Jimi Hendrix and Patrick Swayze.

What was your proudest moment? The birth of my two daughters Jenna and Ellie. What is one of your “out of the ordinary” habits/hobbies? Pulling strands of hair out and sticking them in my ear. I don’t know why I love doing this; I guess it started as a way to release my stress and now it’s become a habit. I’m afraid I will become bald one day, then I would look like Demi Moore in GI Jane. If you could choose four people to have to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be? Warren Buffet, George Clooney, Yuwadee Pijanjit (CPN) and Jamie Oliver, who will be the chef.

Jurairat will enthusiastically encourage the increased involvement of Thai professionals in AustCham activities and events. She also aims to support the Chamber to boost the positioning of Australian companies working in Thailand, and strengthen the existing Australian alumni network and its links to industry.

Leigh is Chairman of DBM Thailand. He has over 30 years’ international business experience and has lived in Asia since 1989. Leigh’s previous experience was in the banking and the investment industry, internationally and in Australia. He has 20 years of senior management experience and has held roles including Vice President - Citibank, Director and Treasurer - Australian Bank, Chief Executive - Bank of New Zealand (Australia), and Chairman of stockbroker BNZ Norths.

Leigh Scott-Kemmis - DBM (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

AustChamThailand Advance

Leigh has served as a non-executive director on the board of a number of listed public companies and is currently a non-executive director on four boards within the region.

What is the strangest thing you have seen in Thailand. Playing golf in groups of eight with three caddies each. If you could change one thing about Thailand, what would it be? Limiting golf groups to four with one caddie each. If you could choose four people to have to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be? Only three because I make up the four. Greg Norman, Tiger Woods and John Daley.

April 2010


board of directors 2010

Leigh was an advisor to the Australian Treasurer in respect of capital markets development, a consultant to the Commission reviewing the Australian financial system and a consultant to the World Bank. He has had considerable experience in managing large organisational change and has a strong interest in the people issues associated with leadership and change which is his major focus in Thailand. In Thailand and regionally, Leigh has worked with over 200 major Multi National and Thai corporations undergoing change and transition; including career management and coaching to the chief and senior executives of major companies. Leigh studied Economics at the Sydney University, and is AAIB.

Originally from Western Australia, Belinda Skinner is a consultant and senior member of the management team of Top Talent Asia (formerly Talent Plus and part of The Capstone Recruitment and Consulting Group). In this company she is the Team Leader for both the Consumer/FMCG/Pharmaceutical and Human Resources sectors for executive search and recruitment.

Belinda Skinner - Top Talent Asia

Belinda relocated to Thailand with her husband four and a half years ago and has thrown herself into various community activities and organisations in Thailand. She is highly involved in AustCham’s Voluntary English Teaching program and you will also find her at most AustCham events. Belinda is also an active member of ANZWG (Australian New Zealand Women’s Group) and The Lighthouse Club, both of whom undertake significant fundraising and community services work. Notwithstanding the fact that she has joined various community services groups, she is also a regular member of the British Club Golf section and is always up for a game of golf. Golf however is not her only passion; she is an avid member of Fremantle Australian Rules Football Club (however don’t hold that against her - someone has to be!). You will definitely meet Belinda at the AustCham AFL Grand Final function, proudly wearing her Fremantle colours. With 25 years working experience in Australia, London and Bangkok, predominantly within the mining and legal industries and a background and Degree in Management and Human Resources she was keen to join the AustCham Board. Belinda has served on the Board for the last two years with the responsibility for the Communications portfolio which included the Chamber’s publications (Advance and the Handbook) and electronic media (AustCham website and eNews communications). She also served on various subcommittees for the AFL Grand Final Function, Australia Day Ball and also Business Awards, together with attending both Bangkok and Eastern Seaboard Sundowners, member site visits and ANZAC Day memorial services. At the same time, as she has done for the past three years, remained an active volunteer in the AustCham English Teaching program.


April 2010

What was your proudest moment? After four long hard years of training and perserving doing the Avon Descent (longest white water paddling race-two days race), I finally conquered it and crossed the finish line! What is one of your “out of the ordinary” habits/hobbies? Belong to the Bangkok Community Theatre - like to perform on stage! If you could choose four people to have to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be? I thought about this question and considered inviting prominent business people whose business ideas I admire, I thought of well respected or highly intellectual people so I could learn from and then I thought, wining and dining with friends is my favourite pastime and I really enjoy going out to dinner with people I can have fun with, so I revised my list. Firstly, the chef is important, this was a hard choice - do I go for someone like Wolfgang Puck or Jamie Oliver or Ruth Puck & Rose Gray (although sadly died last month) or more local Australian talent such as Neal Jackson, David Coomer or Kate Lamont. I think I’d go for Kate Lamont. Secondly, I need a hot date and there’s no question - George Clooney! Others would be Andrew Denton as I think he is a great conversationalist and really gets people to open up and talk; Robin Williams as I love a laugh. Then there would be a fifth person (I know breaking the rules, but heh - that’s me!) I’d like to invite my housekeeper Khun Pat as I think she deserves a night off and get to experience some really good Australian cooking.

AustChamThailand Advance

board of directors 2010

Ben Yong - Baker & Mckenzie

Ben is a consultant with Baker & McKenzie, a law firm that assists foreign investors with business operations in Thailand and several other countries. Baker & McKenzie’s Bangkok office was established over 30 years ago and has a good understanding of the Thai legal and commercial environment, supported by an ability to work closely with the Thai authorities.

If you were allowed choose three items to be stranded on an island with, what would they be and why? My collection of The Who and Monty Python records/videos/ DVDs (my favourite musicians and comedians), home theatre (for watching them), iPod (for listening to everything else).

Ben helps several clients with advice on issues relevant to foreign investors, such as, foreign investments laws, company structures, and mergers and acquisitions. He has worked for Baker & McKenzie in both Bangkok and his hometown of Melbourne, Australia since 1995. Having worked in Thailand for over 14 years, he hopes to offer his local knowledge and experience to AustCham members. Previous positions include:

What is one of your “out of the ordinary” habits/hobbies? Occasional game of snooker or pool, coupled with occasional appreciation and discussion of health benefits of single malts.

• Chairman of Joint Foreign Chambers Law Committee • Member of the Joint Foreign Chambers Foreign Business Act taskforce since 2006 • AustCham director since 2006 • Member of the AustCham Tax & Legal Sub-committee 1998-99 • Member of the Australia Thailand Business Council’s General Committee and Executive Committee 2000-02

If you could choose four people to have to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be? In no particular order: Terry Jones (of Monty Python), Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Gough Whitlam. (Mahatma Gandhi was a possible candidate but eventually ruled out on the grounds of not being likely to eat much).

During the past year, he has actively represented AustCham at meetings and activities of the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce and the Board of Trade, and he has been involved in discussions and activities involving liberalization of Thailand’s foreign investment and labour laws, including meetings with various government ministers. His new role as Chairman of the Joint Foreign Chambers Law Committee is to facilitate updates to the chambers on matters of legal interest. He has contributed updates to members on legal developments, including materials on company law and labor law, and presented at a seminar on product liability. He has also provided technical assistance to the Chamber to help it carry on its activities smoothly.

Saeed Zaki, Ph.D., is the Managing Director of dwp, a leading international design consultancy, based out of Thailand. Saeed is an Architect, Urban Designer and Urban Planner by profession with experience spanning over 20 years across several countries in the region, including China, Hong Kong, India, Philippines and Singapore as well as Thailand. He has been based in Thailand since 1991 and has worked in technical and executive positions with leading international consulting firms.

Saeed Zaki - dwp

Saeed’s experience includes Master Planning, Designing, Project Management and Construction of infrastructure, industrial, hospitality and real estate projects. He holds a degree in Architecture and post graduate degree in Urban Design from CEPT in India and M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Urban Planning from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand. Saeed has also been a regular guest lecturer with leading Universities in Thailand and speaker at various International Organizations.

AustChamThailand Advance

What was your proudest moment? I have several but in order of priority the top two are: 1) Completing and obtaining my PhD from AIT; 2) Being elected as a director of AustCham on the Board of Directors. Who is your idol and how do they inspire you? My parents who have inspired me to aim for the highest and best in everything I do while remaining humble, honest and sincere. If you could choose four people to have to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be? My four dinner guests would be Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King. They all fought for social injustice, all preached and practiced selflessness and all made a tremendous positive difference to the world we all live in today. April 2010


community services

Voluntary English Teaching on 20 February 2010 On Saturday, 20 February, volunteers and AustCham staff made a visit to Wat Pra Pathanporn School in province of Sri Ra Cha. In February, volunteers taught a lesson about fruit names and flavors to three rooms of around 20 students. Thanks must go to all volunteers and a special mention to long time supporter Suzanne Schultz who taught with us for the last time as she is returning to Australia.


April 2010

AustChamThailand Advance

Chamber Events

Breakfast Briefing: How to Create Rapid Growth and High Profit

With many organisations fighting to develop and be financially successful, Rangsan Thammaneewong presented ‘Blue Ocean’ theories which make the fight easier. AustCham would like to thank him for his briefing.

AustCham Site Visit, 19 February 2010 AustCham conducted it’s first site visit for the year at the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (ESIE) in mid February. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from Khun Chantana Hinkaew at Hemeraj Land and Development, then take a tour of the Bosch Chassis Systems Factory with Ray D’Silva. AustCham would like to thank all involved for their time and effort into making this what was said to be a truly unique and intriguing opportunity.


April 2010

AustChamThailand Advance

Chamber Events

Eastern Seaboard Sundowners at Grand Centara Mirage Beach Resort AustCham enjoyed it’s first ESB Sundowners for 2010 with a fantastic turnout of over 100 guests. From six o’clock, guests arrived at Thailand’s first fully themed hotel to enjoy, food, drinks, prize giveaways and of course the great opportunity to network with a vast range of people. Thanks must go to Grand Centara Mirage Beach Resort for providing catering the venue as well as Hemeraj for hosting the evening.

1) Tracy Cosgrove - Melissa Cosgrove Childrens Foundation; David R Nardone - Hemeraj Land And Development; Rosanne Dimente Women With a Mission. 2) Uli Kaiser - Town and Country Property; Kevin Gallahan - Magnate Automotiv; Jim Beeson - Ultimate G; Susanne Kaiser - Mangomango. 3) Khun Sasithorn Poolsawatdi - Centara Grand; Banthita Sunthararak - Centara Grand; Apinya Punchanon - Amari; Unchalee Chamnithurakarn - Amari. 4) Mark Cawley - Centara Grand; Andrew Durieux - AustCham President, Coverage Ltd; David R Nardone - Hemeraj Land And Development; Graham MacDonald - BCCT, MBMG International Co., Ltd.


April 2010

AustChamThailand Advance

Chamber Events

IT Security for Dummies Webinar, 23 February 2010

Joint Luncheon: Hedge Funds Revealed, 26 February 2010 Phil Crotty and Paul Gambles met with AustCham Members and Guests on Friday, 26 February to reveal some of the methods to successfully investing in Hedge Funds. In particular - long short equity hedge funds and that can still be an extremely lucrative investment strategy. Thank you to both Phil and Paul for the seminar.

Fifteen met at the AustCham office at 7:30 to get the latest on “IT Security for Dummies�. Eight others viewed and participated from locations around Thailand and America via the internet. AustCham would like to sincerely thanks Jared Dandridge for his talk.

AustChamThailand Advance

April 2010


Chamber Events

Bangkok Sundowners at the Dusit Thani Hotel on 3 March 2010 On Wednesday, 3 March 2010, Bangkok Sundowners was held at The Dusit Thani Bangkok. We thank Property Care Services (Thailand) Ltd. and the Dusit Thani Bangkok for their generous support.





From left: 1) Danny McCafferty - Dusit Thani Hotel; Andrew Durieux - AustCham President, Coverage; Sabastian Anthony Power - Property Care Service. 2) Philippe Keller Dusit Thani Hotel, Thomas Deledalle - Dusit Thani Hotel, Danny McCafferty - Dusit Thani Hotel, Andrew Durieux - AustCham President, Coverage. 3) Simon Landy - Colliers International; Stuart Winters - Sodexo; Khun Achara Boonyahansa - AustCham Director, Grant Thornton Services; David Bell. 4) Howard Noble - Air Madagascar; Nigel McKinnon - AustCham Treasurer, Boral Thailand Concrete and Quarries; Khun Ekjaree Thanasawangkul - Dataconsult; Adrian Spencer, NCI Packaging. 5) Khun Wiriya Pienchob - Halcrow; Ben Young - AustCham Director, Baker & McKenzie; Khun Ekjaree Thanasawangkul - Dataconsult; Khun Pacharavalai Sanpari, PCS International; Khun Kanit Inthuwannarat,


April 2010

AustChamThailand Advance








PCS International; Ryo Bando - Cable Group. 6) Germain Robin - Waste Solutions; Mark Cope - Downer EDI Engineering; Khun Pichanaya Kanchanaporn - Workan; Khun Absorn Na Nakorn - Shimmering Pink; Chris Venvell - VenCap; Khun Ananya Inphum - Trandar. 7) John Mugford - Meinhardt; Ali Adam - Halcrow; Colin Foster - Preferred Dining. 8) Andrew Durieux, AustCham President, Coverage; Peter Ley - Aurecon. 9) Amanda Canavan - AustCham Director, Energi Design Asia; Liz Weselby - WordPlay Communications; Siobhan Kennedy, The Kennedy Group. 10) Kay Ellis - Allied Pickfords; Khun Nareerat Cotchatorn - Servcorp; Veronique Sirault - Chatrium; Marcel Sawyere - Dusit Princess Hotels. 11) Craig Blackie - Hassell; Marcus Burtenshaw - Knight Frank; Philip Hannaford - Hassell; Colin Beech - Credenda Associates.

AustChamThailand Advance

April 2010


New Members and Members’ Changes

Corporate Ordinary Members

Infinity Financial Solutions Ltd 54, Unit 3924 BB Building, 9th Floor Sukhumvit 21 (Asoke) Klongtoey Nua, WattanaBangkok Bangkok 10110 Tel: +66 2 261 1571 Fax: +66 2 261 1577 Email: Website:

Principal: Mr. Trevor Keidan Alternate: Ms. Judy Blair Infinity Financial Solutions was established in September of 2004 and has quickly grown to become one of the leading independent offshore financial advisers in South East Asia. Fully licensed and regulated through our regional head quarters in KL, clients of Infinity can always be assured of receiving quality solutions that are the best in the market place. With over 40 staff, 3 regional offices (KL, Bangkok and Pnom Penh) Infinity is well established in the region, servicing over a thousand private as well as corporate clients. Success in life often comes down to making the right decisions at the right time. Choosing Infinity could be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

industry; creating and delivering services that enable its clients to win in the changing world of work. Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2008, the $22 billion company offers employers a range of services for the entire employment and business cycle including permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; employee assessment and selection; training; outplacement; outsourcing and consulting. Manpower’s worldwide network of 4,000 offices in 82 countries and territories enables the company to meet the needs of its 400,000 clients per year, including small and medium size enterprises in all industry sectors, as well as the world’s largest multinational corporations. The focus of Manpower’s work is on raising productivity through improved quality, efficiency and cost-reduction across their total workforce, enabling clients to concentrate on their core business activities. Manpower Inc. operates under five brands: Manpower, Manpower Professional, Elan, Jefferson Wells and Right Management. Established in 1998 in Thailand, Manpower, through its network of 9 branches in Bangkok, ESB (Chonburi), Lumphun, and Songkla has carved a reputation for itself as an industry innovator and has worked with both public and private sectors to develop new staffing policies and solutions and enabled them to win in the changing world of work. Manpower provides an amazing range of resources ready to be combined to meet our clients’ needs: permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; employee assessment and selection; training; outplacement; outsourcing and consulting.

Principal: Mr. Radolphe J.A. Gay Alternate: Ms. Suthirat Sangsri The Pacific City Club was founded in 1995 by a group of prominent businessmen offering Bangkok’s corporate and diplomatic elite a proper setting to meet in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Membership of Pacific City Club is by invitation only at the recommendation and discretion of the Board of Governors of the Club. The Club offers members and guests an oasis of relaxed elegance and sophistication in the heart of Bangkok on Sukhumvit Road, alongside the BTS Nana metro station. With panoramic views of the city, the Pacific City Club is a perfect setting to entertain your Business peers, acquaintance, family & friends or arrange meetings and events.

Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel 518/8 Royal Maneeya Tower Ploenchit Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330 Tel: +66 2 125 5000 Fax: +66 2 125 5068 Email: bkk.ratchaprasong@ Website:

Principal: Ms. Julie Ann Codus Alternate: Mr. Michael Hogan Manpower 2nd Floor, BUI Building 177/1 Soi Anumanrachathon 1 Surawongse Road, Bangrak Bangkok 10500 Tel: +66 2 634 7273 Fax: +66 2 634 7271 Email: Website:

Principal: Mr. Gregory Poupon Alternate: Mr. Simon Matthews Manpower Inc. (NYSE: MAN) is a world leader in the employment services 34

April 2010

Pacific City Club Two pacific Place, 28th floor 142 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110 Tel: +66 2 653 2450 Fax: +66 2 653 2473 Email: Website:

The Renaissance story dates back a century ago; in America’s heartland in the early 1920s, where the Stouffer family had a dairy farm in Ohio which later developed into a dairy stand at Cleveland’s Sheriff Street. and Stouffer’s Lunch restaurant in 1923 and went public in 1929. In 1960, Stouffer’s purchased their first hotel – Fort Lauderdale’s Anacapri Inn and expanded tremendously over the next four decades. Moreover, Marriott International, Inc., is a leading lodging company founded by J. Willard Marriott AustChamThailand Advance

New Members and Members’ Changes

and opened its first hotel – The Twin Bridges Motor Hotel in Arlington, Virginia in United States of America and now has more than 3,266 lodging properties globalwide. In 1997, Marriott International acquired the Stouffer’s portfolio – 74 hotels in 24 countries and reflagged them all under the Renaissance name. Renaissance has remarkably grown ever since, to include of more than 140 hotels around the world across 30 countries and is still continuously evolving.

Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok 991/9 Rama I Road, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330 Tel: +66 2 162 9000 Fax: +66 2 162 9009 Email: reservation.siambangkok@ Website:

Change of Company Address

Change of Representative

PIVOTAL Mahajak Apartment #14A 46 Sukhumvit Soi 3 (Nana Nua) Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Tel: +66 81 235 1549

Mr. Richard St John, GM Asian Sales and Marketing is a new representative of Fisher & Paykel Appliances (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Milan Crosse Creative Ltd. has changed company name to be The Milan Crosse Consultancy Ltd. 283/66 Home Place Office Building 14th Floor, Soi Sukhumvit 55 (Thonglor), Sukhumvit Rd., Klongton-Nua Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Tel: +66 2 713 9580-2 Tel: +66 2 713 9585

Mr. Jorge Carlos Smith, General Manager is a new representative of Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya.

Corporate Sponsors 2010 GOLD SPONSORS

Principal: Mr. Thomas Klippstein Alternate: Mr. Karan Kaul Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok offers contemporary Thai design, outstanding water features and landscaped gardens in the heard of the city. Siam Kempinski Hotel is situated in the centre of Bangkok adjacent to Siam Paragon, the city’s premium shopping and entertainment complex. The hotel is connected to the BTS Sky Train system and is within 10 minutes of both the underground and the new airport train link (2010). Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok is the perfect base for business and relaxation.



Individual Affiliate Member Mr. Geoffrey Storey Your Supply Solutions 32 Fleetwood Drive Doreen Victoria, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 4 0137 0054 Email: geoffreystorey@

AustChamThailand Advance

April 2010


Members’ offers

Amari Orchid Pattaya Enjoy an unforgettable 2-hour massage, by professional therapists with our Sun, Sea, Sand Summer Sensation, Sun Lovers Package in Pattaya. Follow with the ultimate in indulgence, a honey body scrub & wrap to rejuvenate. This offer is priced at Baht 2,499 per person, or Baht 4,499 per couple from 1 April - 31 May. Call for details and reservations on 038 418 418.

Baan Laksasubha Baan Laksasubha at Hua Hin is delighted to offer readers two nights stay in the Garden Veranda for only Baht 7,000. Set in plush landscaped gardens, spacious guestrooms are ideal for a romantic getaway or weekend retreat with the family. Enjoy dining at our Costanera Beach Restaurant & Tapas Bar which overlooks a private beach and serves a variety of culinary delights. To book this offer, kindly email rsvn@ or contact us on 032 514 525-31 and quote ACOO1.

Bangkok Marriott Resort and Spa Until 30 June, book our Premier Meeting Experience package for only Baht 1,400 per person including two coffee breaks and one lunch at your choice of three Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa restaurants. Refer to “Premier Meeting Experience” when booking for this special rate. For more information or reservation, please call (66) 2 476 5005, email marriottevents@ or visit Marriott. com/BKKTH

Conrad Bangkok Conrad Bangkok is offering the following meeting prices, valid until the 31st of March 2010: Halfday Meeting Package - minimum 20 guests: Baht 1,200 per person. Full-day Meeting Package

- minimum 20 guests: Baht 1,400 per person. All day coffee break at Deli by Conrad is valued at: Baht 650 per person. For more information or to make a booking, please call: 66-2-690-9999.

Emirates Fly Emirates and enjoy 10% discount on all fares as an esteemed member of the Australian Chamber of commerce. Be privy to a choice of over 100 destinations worldwide and enjoy our award-winning service. We also offer our First and Business Class customers a complimentary personal airport transfer in a chauffeur-driven car at selected airports.This offer is valid for bookings made by 30 November 2010 when you quote the promotional code: THEMBZY * Mile restrictions apply

Hua Hin Marriott Resort and Spa Enjoy an exclusive golf vacation with Two-Night Golf Escape package at Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa including two nights’ accommodation in a Deluxe Garden View and Deluxe Sea View room with delicious daily American breakfast. Deluxe Garden View rates start from Baht 4,800 and Deluxe Sea View rates start from Baht 5,700 per night. Rates include one round of golf per person, round trip transfers, green fees and caddy. Package is valid until 31 October 2010. For more information or reservation, please call 02 477 0755 or email to

Lebua State Tower For special benefits for members of AustCham and the ATBC, including best available rates, V.I.P reservations, as well as special discounts for meetings and events, please call +66 (0) 2624 9888 or email:

Novotel on Siam Square Thais and expats can take advantage with our exclusive “Local Advantage Package”, available until 15 December. Enjoy, free Hi-Speed WiFi Internet connection in all rooms, free entry to Concept CM2, and free use of Fitness Centre. Baht 3,150 is inclusive of breakfast whilst Baht 2,700 is not. Bookings can be made at 02 209 8888.

Novotel Suvarnabhumi Chef Murray Paterson invites you to take a culinary journey through a delicious sampling of classic Italian dishes from each region from now until 31 May at The Square. The Italian Flavour Buffet Dinner is available from 06.30pm to 10.00pm everyday at Baht 850 per person. For more information or to make a reservation, please call 02 131 1111 ext. 1750 or email:

Pachara Suites Opening rates are valid until the end of April: Studio Deluxe (42-45 sqm) Daily: Baht 2,700; Monthly: Baht 58,800. Studio Executive (42-50 sqm) Daily: Baht 2,900; Monthly: Baht 64,400. One-Bedroom Deluxe (55 sqm) Daily: Baht 3,600; Monthly: Baht 70,000. For more information, please call +66 2 262 9999 or email:

Samitivej We keep our medical expenses down while keeping our high quality standard up. For a vast range of Plastic Surgery, Women’s Health and Wellness Check Up services, please contact us at

Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World will take you and your family into the mythical

underwater realm of fabulous creatures from celebrated Thai fables, folklore and literature. See an electrifying drama on stage as Sudsakorn, the boyhero, defeats ‘Nil-Mangkorn’, the Black-Sapphire Dragon-Horse. Watch the Amazing Underwater Creatures performance in a giant tank - a uniquely Thai cultural experience. Until 16 May, you will receive a 100-Baht discount on your entry fee when you visit before noon.

Superior A.R.T. Superior A.R.T. provides services for couples with infertility problems, those who have experienced repeated miscarriages or where one partner or both are affected by a genetic disorder. Valid until: 31 March 2010: BHT 10,000 once you purchase an IVF program. Please call +662 255 4848 or email: services@

The Sukhothai Hotel Celebrate Easter Sunday with a special Easter Sunday Brunch. Traditional treats with deliciously different twists are the order of the day, including Roman Easter Soup, Duck Foie Gras Terrine with Tea Aspic, Ginger Hungarian Goulash, and Piroshki. Plus lots of Easter chocolate to eat and to hunt! Baht 2,500 per person. For more information or reservations email to:

The Westin Grande Through to 30 April, 2010, four friends or business colleagues can enjoy a refreshing Japanese set lunch menu at Kisso Japanese restaurant with one of the four dining for free. Sets are valued at Baht 350. Lunch is served from 11.30am - 2.30 pm (except Sunday). For further information or reservations, please call 02 207 8000.

Please note, all details are subject to change, please contact respective businesses directly for latest details.


April 2010

AustChamThailand Advance

Proudly Support by

The 8th Volvo Truck & Bus Thailand Convoy for Kids Charity Golf Day at Laem Chabang Golf and Country Club on Friday 4th June 2010. Shot Gun start at 1230H - Registration at 1230H.

Fee for the day, 15,000 Baht for a team of 4 players or 3750 baht per player. Price includes green fee, buggy & evening meal. Scoring format 4 ball scramble - modified preoria. How to get there? For a map and instructions visit the Convoy web site at or check out the course site at We thank Volvo Truck and Bus Thailand for their continued support for this fun event which raises funds to help handicapped children in Thailand. We do hope you can join us !

Yes, the prize on offer for a hole in one is a brand new Chrysler Captiva. Be in contention for this prize and join our golf day. Help us by being an event sponsor See benefits below Gold 50,000 Baht

Silver 25,000 Baht

Hole sponsor 12,000 Baht

Tournament fees for 2 players. Hole naming rights and your Tournament fees for 4 players. Company logo on event polo shirt. Company logo on event polo shirt. company banners at hole. Hole naming rights and your Company brochure in hand out Display stand at registration desk company banners at hole. bag. and restaurant. Company brochure in hand out Company logo on Convoy web Hole naming rights and your bag. site. company banners at hole. Company logo on stage bannner. Company brochure in hand out ls & lf bal Company logo on Convoy web bag. o g , .com tops site. Company logo on stage bannner. rkids rink s o f d y , o s v Company logo on Convoy web .con stand www food r e o t f i site. e ebs lcom See w . o we s s l e z a pri are draw sors y n k o c p u S &l nical Charity Golf day 2010 Tech

From the Chamber Office

Message from the ED


he 2010 AGM has taken place and let me first congratulate the ten returning board members and the two new board members for 2010/11. The director’s portfolios have now been assigned and can be seen on the AustCham website. I encourage all members to take active participation in the Chamber and for those interested in assisting with a portfolio or joining a subcommittee please contact the appropriate board member. Fresh ideas and ways to improve our services are always welcome. I would like to thank the Dusit Thani Bangkok for providing the space for our AGM and Sundowners in March as well as Property Care Services - PCS for sponsoring the Sundowner evening. By now you should have received the membership renewal invoice for 2010/2011 and I am pleased confirm that once again membership fees will not be increased for the new membership year. Invoices are payable by 9 April 2010 so please do remind your financial department. As usual AustCham provides a lucky draw for those who renew their membership before 9 April 2009 and this year I am very pleased to announce that the prize will be two nights stay in a ‘Garden Veranda’ inclusive of daily breakfast for two persons at Baan Laksasubha Hua Hin including limousine services to and from Bangkok - generously sponsored by Baan Laksasubha. I would like to remind everybody of the ANZAC Day remembrance and community service program that will be conducted on Saturday, 24 April and Sunday, 25 April 2010. The Chamber will be organising transportation to Kanchanaburi along with a program including visiting our nearly completed community services kindergarten project at Bann Phu Takian School, attending the Dawn Service at Hellfire Pass and the 10 am service at the War Cemetery in Kanchanaburi town. For further details,

Calendar of Events FRIDAY, 2 April ESB Sundowners

18:00 – 20:00 Venue: TBA WEDNESDAY, 7 April Bangkok Sundowners

18:00 – 20:00 Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok SATURDAY, 24 APRIL Site Visit: Baan Phu Takian School, AustCham’s Community Service Project in Kanchanaburi

please call the AustCham office or visit our website www.austchamthailand. com. If you have yet to experience ANZAC Day at Hellfire Pass I highly recommend you attending. It’s not too early to start thinking about our first major event for the year – the AustCham Thailand Business Awards 2010. Nomination forms will be ready shortly and will be available to be downloaded from our website. This year the Awards ceremony will be overhauled and revamped so stay tuned for updates. Who knows, your company could be Business of the Year in 2010. Finally, I wish all members and friends of AustCham a very happy and safe Thai New Year for Songkran and as always, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

07:00 11:30 14:00 19:30

- Depart by the AustCham bus from Thai CC Tower. - Arrive at Baan Phu Takian School to give gifts and lunch to the students - Arrive at River Kwai Village - check into rooms then relax for afternoon - Dinner at the River Kwai Village


04:00 05:30 06:30 10:00 11:30 13:00 16:30

- Depart for the Dawn Service at Hellfire Pass - Dawn Service commences - Gunfire Breakfast - Memorial Service commences at the War Cemetery - Lunch at the Floating Restaurant adjacent to the Bridge over the River Kwai with Embassy groups - Depart by the bus to return to Bangkok - Anticipated arrival back in Bangkok

Brett Gannaway Executive Director, AustCham Thailand

Thank you to all March sponsors


April 2010

AustChamThailand Advance

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Come and find out why Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok, provides outstanding educational opportunities in a unique riverside setting for children age 3 to 18. Your child’s learning journey begins here. Book your school visit now by calling Bonnie Sauder on 02 675 1888 ext 1110 or email w w w . s h r e w s b u r y. a c . t h

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Advance is AustCham Thailand's high profile monthly magazine. It outlines the Chamber's activities and provides information on pertinent bus...

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