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澳佳地产 Portfolio 2015



1. 关于我们 2. 我们的服务 3. 媒体报道 4. 我们的团队 5. 客户评价 6. 市场策略 7. 租赁房屋



About Us

About Us • Established in Melbourne in 2011, AussieHome has been recognized as one of the top Asian real estate service providers in Victoria. With our excellent customer service, great multicultural competence and a thorough understanding of the current property market, we have refined our marketing strategies to provide the optimal service and achieve maximum exposure of the properties for our clients. • Our dynamic team, with multicultural awareness and intercultural competence, is committed to promoting a cross-cultural understanding of both Asian and Western cultures in interacting with our customers and clients. AussieHome aims to deliver the highest level of service to our clients by creating a bi-cultural sphere for them. • With our offices located at Kew and Box Hill, AussieHome specializes in property sales, management, and rentals. We can also provide with spot on appraisals and expert consultation.

关于我们 1. 作为墨尔本一支备受关注的地产团队,澳佳地产创建于2011年,我 们致力于用东西方结合的先进理念为每一位客户提供最专业的服务。 通过我们最专业资深的房地产顾问以及行业专家的全程陪伴,澳佳地 产可以为您和每一位具有中国背景的客户带来最全面和客观的房产信 息。不仅如此,澳佳地产除了帮助您选择和买卖,对我们而言更重要 的是在仔细倾听您的需要和要求之后,我们将用最高的诚意和最专业 的态度为每一位尊贵的客户提供私人定制的全方位服务。 2. 从房屋土地的租赁和买卖,到产业咨询和物业管理,我们将会为保证 您的权益做不懈努力。为了让我们的每一位客户都能够充分理解和 适应澳洲房地产市场,澳佳地产将会为您创造一个中西方文化结合 的专业地产咨询以及交易环境,从而在最大程度上保证您的利益。 3. 公 司 坐 落 于 墨 尔 本 近 郊 社 区 K e w 和 B o x H i l l , 自 成 立 以 来 , 我们AussieHome澳佳地产一直为广大具有亚洲或中国背 景的客户提供最全面最详细的澳洲房产信息以及服务。

WHY US We have an experienced team of professional sales consultants who have extensive knowledge and experience with Asian-background potential buyers and utilize local and international medias and resources to achieve the best price for our vendors. Being a multi-lingual agency, our sale consultants speak fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghai dialect, Sichuan dialect, Hokkien, Teochew, Bahasa and Malay, etc. Our offices are located in Kew and Camberwell. We have a large number of investors/buyers in our database and from our referring agents. In addition, our company has a good network with migration agents, financial agents and education agents in China, giving us the advantage of selling your property to financially ready Chinese migrants and investors. We will report regularly to you of the interest in your property and provide feedback of offers and any questions that potential buyers may have.

我们的优势 澳佳地产拥有最专业最经验丰富的销售顾问和行业专家。作为墨尔本有相当 影响力的华人地产公司,无论是购买,租赁或销售房产,我们都将为每一位 具有中国或东亚背景的客户提供最全面地服务。 作为一家拥有多语言环境的墨尔本地产公司,我们的房产顾问将为您提供英 语,普通话,广东话,上海话,四川话,泉州话,潮州话,印尼语及马来语 等服务。我公司坐落于墨尔本近郊社区Kew和Camberwell, 我们拥有大型的 买家/卖家 资料库,从而可以保障每一位来澳佳咨询的客人都能得到满意的 结果。与此同时,澳佳地产还具备了面面俱到的大型人脉网,从移民中介到 教育咨询,从商务管理到财产顾问,与澳佳地产合作,无论是销售或是购买 地产,我们都会为您带来最便捷,最全面的服务。作为连接中澳地产行业的 桥梁,澳佳的优势不只局限于墨尔本,我们拥有大量国内客户资源,而这将 会为每一位客户更进一步的提供更多信息与机会。为了更好的为您提供专业 的服务,我们将会定期为您汇总所有您可能感兴趣的信息和结果,并时刻准 备解答您的问题。

Our Service

• Property Management • Property Sale • Bi-lingual services [Mandarin/English] • Real estate consultation • Service of the Highest Ethical Standard • Property Valuations

OUR Service

我们的 服务

1. 房屋管理 2. 房产销售 3. 双语服务

4. 房产咨询 5. 最高道德水平的服务 6. 房产评估


• Creating a trustworthy, comfortable and professional atmosphere for our valuable clients.

• Aim to establish a space to support customers of Asian background to gain reliable and updated information in terms of property finances and valuations.

• To continuously develop our customer service and reputation of providing quality customer satisfaction. It is our goal to successfully expand our services throughout Australia.


1. 对于澳佳地产来说,我们的首要前提是为我们尊贵的客户创造一个专业 并且值得信任的商业环境。

2. 我们立志于为拥有中国背景的客户提供最全面最可靠的房产信息。

3. 就像所有成功的产业公司一样,我们的宗旨是为我们的客户带来最合理 的价格和最专业的服务。

• In the 2013 to 2014 financial year, our firm has sold properties worth more than $200 millions; this includes properties from various high-end suburbs such as Kew, Canterbury, Balwyn, Toorak, Hawthorn, Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe East, Surrey Hills, South Yarra and Camberwell. • We have successfully sold at least 80% of the properties entrusted to us. • For the 2014 to 2015 financial year, our aim is to increase the sold properties worth of the previous financial year. Additionally, we would like to keep providing the excellent customer service and increase our services for our clients.


• AussieHome sells more than 70% of local properties bought by Asian clients in Melbourne top-end suburbs. We are confident that this percentage will continue to grow in the coming years.

我们的努力 1. 在2013和2014财政年度,我们公司售出了市场价多 余两亿澳元的房屋和地产,这些房地产多来自于墨 尔本中心地带的富人区,比如Kew,Camberwell, Canterbury, Torrak, South Yarra 以及Hawthorn等这些老 牌豪华街区都属于澳佳地产的销售范围。 2. 我们的房屋成交比例高达百分之八十。 3. 在下一个财政年度,澳佳地产的目标是继续为我们 的客户提供最高标准的服务。 4. 更值得您留意的是,我们公司在澳洲墨尔本华人地 产领域有着一定的的影响力。在墨尔本近郊富人区 的房屋地产买卖当中,拥有中国背景的客户渐渐成 为最具有购买力的潜在买主,而在这之中,将近百 分之七十来自华人以及中国顾客的交易,都是由澳 佳地产来完成的,而且这个数字,仍在每年稳步上 升。


1/41 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn. Sold Price: $860,000. Suburb Median Price: $1,007,500

5 Stainer Street, Kew Sold Price: $2,050,000 Suburb Median Price: $2,125,000

7 Belvedere Ave, Wheelers Hill Sold Price: $1900,000 Suburb Median Price: $891,000

9 Park Ave, Kew Sold Price: $2,3800.000 Suburb Median Price: $1,8500,000

199 Doncaster Rd, Balwyn North Sold Price: $2,100.000 Suburb Median Price: $1,430,000

61 Marykirk Dr, Wheelers Hill Sold Price: S1,212,880 Suburb Median Price: $891,000

21 Woodlea St, Doncaster East Sold Price: $1,230,000 Suburb Median Price: $970,000

537 Waverley Rd, Glen Waverely Sold Price: $1,590,000 Suburb Median Price: $980,000

9 McClares Rd, Vermont Sold Price: $818.000 Suburb Median Price: $795,000

294 North Road, Brighton Sold Price: $2,680,000 Suburb Median Price: $1,500,000

20 Severn st, Box hill North Sold Price: $1,705,000 Suburb Median Price: $838,750

12 Shaftesbury Crt, Keysboough Sold Price: $513,000 Suburb MedianPrice: $450,000


Media Interview


• The Victoria government has selected Aussiehome as one of Top 50 companies in the state that are dealing exclusively with sustainable development. • We have worked closely with the Australian state government and Asian business associations to maximise the exposure for our clients’ properties. • We have attended Victorian Government’s Super Trade Mission to China in 2013 and 2014.


1. 在许多方面,澳佳地产都成为了澳洲墨尔本地区乃至维州省 屈指可数的具有竞争力的房地产公司,对于澳佳地产来说, 被维州政府大力推广以及支持也是我们的一大特点和优势。

2. 而作为这样一家具有州政府支持的房地产公司,我们澳佳地 产将会为您带来更高标准的服务以及运用更为多样化的方式 为您提供最全面的帮助。 3. 在2013和2014年,我们公司作为维州政府提选出来的五十家 具有可持续发展潜力的公司之一,在上海参加了维多利亚政 府中国商务交流代表团会议。



Our Team

OUR TEAM Our diligent team of real estate specialists compromises of some of the most knowledgeable experts in their specialist fields; they are the core for the development and growth of AussieHome. If you are curious about the current property market or want a free property appraisal, be sure to call any of our agents, as they will be more than happy to help you with any of your questions.

我们的团队 对于澳佳来说,每一位行业顾问及专家都是我们引以为豪的财富,拥有勤奋且专业的 团队使我们可以最大限度地为您提供最全面的服务。


Fiona Shen: Director Phone: 03 9008 8788 Mobile: 0433 599 588 Email: Fiona Shen is the Co-Director of Aussiehome Real Estate as well as Aussiehome Project Marketing. She has an extensive background in the real estate industry. She is also very successful in her own investments. With her background and in-depth knowledge of investments she is not only capable of identifying the specific needs of her clients but also takes the proper steps to provide accurate evaluation and suggest effective strategy to achieve best results. Fiona has a megnetic personality and puts clients’ needs first. As a top sales agent, she demonstrates great communication skills with her clients. Fiona had acquired a vast wealth of experience and expertise. Before opening Aussiehome Real Estate, she worked in other real estate agencies. Her incredible work ethic and drive help not only locals, but also the Asian community to integrate in Australia. Her broad connection and unparalleled customer service skills convince her clients to come back for her assistance again and lead to her involvement in numerous big residential transactions with Chinese investors in Kew, Canterbury, Hawthorn East and Toorak with a gross- realization of over $100m.

Ming Li: Office Manager Mobile: 0404 666 368 Email: Dr Ming Li is the Co-director of both Aussiehome Real Estate and Aussiehome Project Marketing. He has an extensive background in business and real estate. Holding a PhD degree in Computing Science from a world class university and having published over 100 research papers in the field of computing science, Ming has a unique appproach to marketing and advertisement. Dr Li has been a key contributing factor in many residential projects and marketing development of real estate business. With in-depth understanding the development of education in both China and Australia, he is quick to respond to the needs of Asian investors. To attract Asian customers he runs a series of real estate seminars in China. In his spare time, Ming enjoys mountain climbing the 1000 steps in Melbourne and travelling to other countries to discover more of what the world can offer.

Mike Ye: Sales Manager Mobile: 0432 456 876 Email: Experience, honesty, good results, excellent communication skills, in-depth industry knowledge and great work ethics are just some of the standards that clients try to look for in a real estate agent. With a humongous list of more than satisfied clients, Mike Ye never fails to impress. His continuous growth in both reputation and outstanding customer service ability makes him incredibly reliable and trustworthy. With over 20 years of knowledge on businesses, Mike has developed a very strong background in business, making him very knowledgeable and successful in business sales. Mike used to be in the photographer industry, which has provided him substantial skills and insights in marketing and photography. This is one of the most important skills necessary, especially on a competitive real estate market. Mike has the talent to give his clients the amount of publicity needed to highlight the key dynamics of each property. In his spare time, Mike enjoys photography and taking walks in suburbs like Box Hill, Doncaster and Balwyn to have a closer understanding of the environment. He also enjoys the uniqueness each suburb brings.

Cherie Huang: Sales Consultant Mobile: 0433229172 Email: Cherie Huang is a hardworking and dedicated real estate professional. With a combination of a wealth of real estate industry knowledge and a genuine passion for real estate Cherie always delivers a high level of commitment and success to her clients. Cherie has a high reputation in Blackburn, Burwood and the surrounding areas. As a delicate communicator with a strong background in business, Cherie understands the hardship of running a business and the stress it incurs. As a person who graduated with an engineering degree and used to own a business, Cherie is highly sophisticated in terms of understanding her clients and being able to give an accurate valuation. Her optimistic attitude and friendly approach make her clients feel comfortable and at ease. Prior to joining real estate, Cherie worked in selling off-plan packages for building companies. This had allowed her knowledge to expand and helped her become a very competent and experienced sales agent. A good communication and understanding is her foundation for achieving successful sales. Cherie speaks a number of Chinese dialects and understands the Chinese culture very well. This enables her to effectively help her Asians Clients.

Jane Wang: Sales Consultant Mobile: 0409 327 489 Email:

Jane Wang is a real estate professional who is hardworking and dependable, having passion to deliver the “most comfortable� services to clients with her solid industry knowledge. She believes the best way to take care of customers is to stand on their point, and she will only ever look for what is benefiting you. Jane is easy-going, friendly and always willing to help. Prior joining real estate, She has working with own business in catering industry for over 20 years, which enable her very passionate about helping people and will always be looking forward to work with you.


Agent: Dawson Shen 31 Radnor Street, Camberwell- sold on 23 August 2014

It is Amazing! We couldn’t believe that our house was sold prior to on the market, only took 3 weeks. Thank you very much the professional agent Dawson from AussieHome Real Estate. Penny & Jonathan (Mobile: 0415 867 721)

1. 2/84-86 Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill Dear Annie, I am so lucky to have you as my sale agent for selling my property. Through your over a month big efforts and hard working, we gain the record selling price of our property. We do appreciate for your carefulness and attentiveness. — Yinfu Chen and Yun Mei Wu, 31 August 2013 2. 致澳家房产公司感谢信: 贵公司陈爽在销售我房E310B过程中工作努 力,很快找到买主,迅速与各方面沟通,并办好 各项手续,于2月19日完成过户,及时将房款付 到我帐户,望贵公司对陈爽予以表扬奖励! 原房主杜极生.


CASE STUDY MONASH AVE, BALWYN • This irresistible 70 square unit beauty exquisite in every aspect - it offers an exceptional family environment and fully opening French doors, which open to a gigantic indoor-outdoor entertaining area. To add, the elegant garden is water wise with a fountain, remote triple garage, 6 beautiful bedrooms (four fitted with ensuite) plus a spacious study. The winner of “Spec Home over $400,000” of HIA (Housing Industry Association) 2012 Victoria House. • Marketing Strategy: This stunning house was sold within only one week after it was put on the real estate market because of the successful overseas marketing campaign.

Methond of Sale: Marketing Time Frame: Sale Date: Total Enquries:

Private Sale 1 WEEK 17/04/2015 951

Marketing Budget:


Total Realisation:


个案分析 这座精美的豪华别墅占地650平方米(70 square),不论是室内还是室外, 这座别墅都能给它的家庭提供舒 适的居住环境,这座别墅包括:法式大门和精致的装潢,六间卧室(其中四间自带洗手间),书房,院子内 的喷泉和三个车库,而这些豪华的设施及特点都使这幢别墅成为墨尔本独一无二的不动产。 这栋别墅在2012年曾在维州省HIA(Housing Industry Association) 评选会上荣获“四十万以上最有价值房 产”冠军。 市场销售策略:澳佳作为墨尔本华人地产公司立志于用最高的效率来为我 们的客户争取最大的利益,这栋豪华别墅只用一周时间便以理想的价格程 共售出。














PURCHASING STEPS Step 1: Provide Agent With Your Full Details Such As: • The actual purchase price you will be paying for the property. • The method by which you choose to pay the 10% deposit. Eg. check/bond/other. • The Settlement period that you require or the vendor has stipulated. • The name of your chosen Solicitor or Conveyancer. • The name of your bank or finacial lending institution. • Any special conditions or requests that you may have so that we can inform the vendor(propery owner)

购房步骤 步骤一: 向房产中介提供您全部的详细信息,比如:

1. 您购买房屋的实际预算 2. 您选择支付百分之十首付的付款方式。 (支票/现金/其他) 3. 您要求的或卖方规定的房屋结算日期。 4. 您的律师或法律事务代表人的姓名及联系方式 5. 您详细的银行信息及联系方式 6. 其他附加条件和特殊要求等

PURCHASING STEPS Step 2: Confirm Your Time Frame Available To Do Any Investigations • Find out if the proterty has a deadline on it, such as auction or other offers from interested parties.

Step 3: Decide If You Are Going To Obtain A Pest & Bulding Report Before you purchase any property- in particular a new home-- It is important that you receive a copy of a Pest and Building Report from a qualified inspector. Please note that this report is a complete list of defects of the home, and is very different from the feature brochure that you receive from our angency. Most people are shocked with the report they receive on the home, and most times misinterpret the report, eg. the home is 34 years old and is in need of new roof titles. Roof titles last approximately 35 years and need replacing on every home of that age. The point to remember here is that all homes at one time or another require maintenance, and that is known as a capital improvement.

购房步骤 步骤二:核实您可以做房屋调查的时间 例如查看被销售的房屋本身是否有截止日期,拍卖日期或其他感兴趣的不动产。

步骤三:决定是否接受害虫报告 在您购买房产尤其是在购买新房之前,检查来自专业人士的房屋除虫报告是十分 重要的。并且需要您注意的是,这一份报告与您之前看到的中介为您提供的房屋 广告是完全不同的,这份报告只包含了房屋本身所有的瑕疵及问题,所以这与您 之前看到的宣传广告可能完全不同。很多人都被这样的一份报告所惊讶,但同时 也有很多人误解了这份报告的作用与含义。


一般已经使用了超过三十五年,而每座房屋每三十五年都需要重做一次屋顶,所 以提前熟知这些房屋的维修维护等信息对于购买房屋也是十分重要的。

PURCHASING STEPS Step 4: Notify Your Bank Of Your Purchase Address & Details A pre-approval of finance from your bank or lending institution needs to be in place before safely proceeding with yout propety purchase, hower many banks will approve you in principle yet may require a valuation. Don’t be alarmed if your bank or lending institution request a valuation by a registered property valuer. This is normal practive of lending institutions, and serves as confirmation of the agreed sale price. If you are intending to buy at auction, all the above-mentioned must be in place. Auction day is final. If you turn up to bid and you are the highest bidder past the reserve price (on-the-market price) you are the intant owner awaiting settlement of the property.

Step 5: Don’t Forget To Include Stamp Duty Funds In Your Final Numbers Step 6: Meet With The Agent And Provide All Details For Sign Off With The Owner Once agreement on price, settlement, conditions, etc has been reached with the vendor the sale can proceed. An Exchange of contracts is the only way to actually buy or sell real estate. This is achieved by singing the contract of sale which is then processed by the agent with all legal parties.

购房步骤 步骤四:将您购买房屋的地址与详细信息告知您的银行 预先得到您的银行或贷款机构的支持对于您顺利购买不动产是十分重要的,许多银行在给予您 资金上的支持之前会先为您h将要购买的房产做评估。

银行请求与您一起做房产评估是为了对房屋卖出价格作出最后的确认。如果您准备通过拍卖的 方式来购买房产,上述所有的步骤必须要全部跟进到位。拍卖当日将无法再作出任何更多的调 整。如果在拍卖当天您的出价为当日最高并且高出了市场平均价,您就成为这所房产的买主。

步骤五:计算印花税 步骤六: 与您的房产中介顾问讨论之后将所有细节信息提供给卖方 一旦所有价格与条件细节全部与卖方谈妥,您便可以正式进入买卖的环节。在正式交换合同的 同时,具有法律效益的买卖行为也真正启动。



RENTALS AND TENANTS Summary of Our Rental Markets Our firm has certain influences in Asian and Western rental markets in Melbourne, Our customers consist of Asian families who may have Chinese backgronds, International students, Western families with or without children, working individuals, and couples.


RENTAL AGENTS Jamie Jin: 0449228599 With a wealth of enthusiasm and strong customer service background, Jamie fulfils her role as a property manager with professionalism and a focus on personal service. Her honesty and work ethic go a long way to ensuring a smooth relationship between landlords and tenants. Jamie recognises that excellent organisational skills, an approachable manner and relationships built on trust are all key components of what makes a true professional in real estate. Her vibrant personality and friendly nature ensures all our clients are treated in an appropriate manner.

租赁顾问 Jackie Wang: 0490031538 Skills and expertise Before settling down into her Real Estate career, Jackie has been teaching and accumulated a wealth of experience working with students of various educational and cultural backgrounds. Her strong communication skills, personable, easy-going manners coupled with a tireless work ethic enable her to bring premium customer service to you. Believing in developing strong relationships based on trust, honesty and communication, she endeavors to put you at ease and enjoy your life to the fullest in your rental home. Other Jackie is very passionate about her role in real estate and is proud to be a part of the Aussie Home team. Outside of work Jackie enjoys swimming, jogging, cycling and spending time with family and friends.




FEES Leasing Fees include: • Property Inspections • Market appraisal • Suggested improvements • Marketing of the property • Conducting open home inspections • Processing of tenancy applications • Selection of a tenant in consultation with the landlord • Preparation of documentation • Comprehensive dossier of photos, digital images and video • Collection and receipt of rent • Iodgement of the bond with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority • Providing a copy of the lease agreement

Management Fees ( 5.5%) include: • Collection of rental payments • Payment of authorised accounts and charges • Organising authorised maintenance works • Disbursing net rent to the landlord as authorised • Preparing annual financial revenue and expenditure statments • Administering property and rental records • Conducting regular inspections and reports • Preparing applications and notices in compliance with the legislation and tenancy aggrement • Representing the landlord at VCAT hearings and coordinating evictions with the police if necessary • Conducting rent reviews • Negotiating lease renewals

Marketing Fees ( $550) include: • Internet Advertisements • Preparing of Brochures • Preparing of signboards • Newspapers or other publications • Window displays • Counter list • Prospective tenants database • Direct marketing

USEFUL LINKS RENTING HOUSE THINGS YOU MUST KNOW renting/renting-a-home-a-guide-for-tenants.pdf


网页链接 房屋租赁须知 renting/renting-a-home-a-guide-for-tenants.pdf



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