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Now if you are just going to eat healthy during pregnancy, that is not a problem, however dieting during pregnancy in terms of going on some extreme diet plan, that is forbidden period! Why you may ask? Well if you want your baby to be born healthy, and while you are at it keep your own health, you should not do it! Now that does not mean you have to gain a lot of weight either. So here is what you should do! First of, you need to plan your meals. You need to add extra calcium to your diet, and you have to have a good portion of the nutrition in your body such as fruits and vegetables. And you should snack on it all the time! A good type of dieting during pregnancy means eating healthy foods. So what is a healthy food: fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, soups, and of course bad type is eating chips, deeps, fried stuff and of course overdoing it on sweets. We are not saying you should not indulge from time to time, but a healthy desert is a frozen yogurt and a bad desert is chocolate fudge Sunday with extra toppings. If you ask your Dr. they will be against you going on any kind of diet. They will forbid it, but they will always suggest sticking to a healthy eating plan if you want to stay fit and they will almost always suggest exercising. Unless of course you have high risk pregnancy! If you do not know how to do either, maybe reading a fit during pregnancy guide can help you. Also know that if you do stay fit, you have higher chance of having an easier labor, less discomfort during the third trimester, and having less lower back problems.

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==== ==== For the best diets during pregnancy check this out ==== ====

Dieting During Pregnancy - Be Warned