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PATTERN FOR AFRICAN COMFORT DOLL IN THE ROUND (FOUR NEEDLES) To Begin: The basic method for each doll is the same. Begin at the feet, changing the colours for each body segment. The head is stuffed and the neck is formed by pulling in with a gathering thread. When the body is stuffed, the feet are formed by pulling with a thread. The arms and legs are formed by stitching through all layers after the doll is stuffed. To Make: Knit throughout: Cast on 36 stitches Knit 6 rows for feet Change yarn colour K 14 rows for pants Change colour K 12 rows for sweater Change colour K 8 rows for face Change colour for hat K 2 rows Row 3: K 4, K 2 tog Row 4: knit Row 5: K 3, K 2 tog Row 6: knit Row 7: K 2, K 2 tog Row 8: knit Row 9, K 1, K 2 tog Row 10, knit. Row 11, K 2 tog Row 12, knit Draw the yarn through the remaining stitches. To Finish: 1. Stuff the head. Weave a single strand of matching yarn across the first face row. Draw up to form neck and secure ends. 2. Repeat for body, drawing in at ankles. 3. Stuff feet and sew up bottom pulling in as much as possible. 4. With matching yarn, form arms with tiny back stitches through all layers from waist to two rows below neck. 5. Define the legs in the same way from bottom to just below the waistline. 6. Embroider hair and facial features as desired. Pattern by Mary MacMillan

Dolls of Joy: Pattern 3  

African Comfort Dolls: Pattern 3

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