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Brunswick United Lodge No 924 Consecrated 27th of July 2002

Brethren, You are summonsed to attend the next regular meeting of the Lodge at the Masonic Temple, Davies Street, Brunswick on

Tuesday 18th of June 2013 At 7:00 PM Please Note Earlier Tyle Time! WBro Nick LeRay-Meyer AM 2 Ellenvale Avenue Pascoe Vale South Victoria 3044. Mobile Number 0408 383 182

Work for the Meeting 1. 2. 3. 4.

Minutes and Correspondence Treasurer's Report Election of Officers 2013 - 2014 General Business  Subscription Increase - 2013 - 2014  Membership Categories 5. Admit and Welcome Visitors

6. Second Degree Ceremony (conducted by the PMs) to Pass Bro Colin Kirwan and Bro Eric Brown 7. Obligate the Master-elect: WBro Graeme J Hay 8. First Rising  GL Correspondence  Presentation of 60 Year Service Jewel - RWBro Ron deLisle 9. Second Rising: Reports 10. Third Rising: Close Lodge Mobile Phone Number 0449 095 278 (activated from 6pm on Rehearsal and Meeting Nights)

A/Secretary WBro Don Wilkin PGStdB Until Further Notice, All Communication On Lodge Matters:  9386 6961 or 0408 383 182 Website:

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Brunswick United Lodge

Tuesday 21st May 2013. OPENING. The Lodge was opened in a Regular manner by the Worshipful Master, WBro Nick Le Ray Meyer AM at 7:15 pm MINUTES. The minutes of the last regular meeting having been printed and circulated were taken as read and confirmed. CORRESPONDENCE. Inward: • Email from WBro Rochefort advising of his resignation of the Office of Secretary with immediate effect on and from 1st May. • Referee Report on Mr Gurpal Singh • Berry Street letter seeking donations • Variety "The Children's Charity" seeking financial support for the 2013 Variety Bash - The Masonic Car No 321 • Grand Lodge Bulletin 116 • Letter from Bunnings with Sausage Sizzle dates for the period July December • Letter from WBro Graeme J Hay nominating for position of Master 2013-2014. Outward: • Numerous Emails from the WM advising appropriate agencies of the resignation of the Secretary and the interim appointment of WBro Don Wilkin PGStdB as acting Secretary • Letter of Introduction and Welcome to Mr Gurpal Singh - a candidate • Email and Surface Mail (Post) Notice Papers to 82 members plus District Secretaries, District Coordinator and District Inspector of Workings It was moved by Colin Scharp and Seconded by Philip Scharp that the correspondence as read be received. CARRIED

TREASURER’S REPORT. The Treasurer, WBro Gary Beckett reported that there was a balance in the Working Account of $9651.13 with accounts to be passed for payment totalling $440.01 plus catering. It was moved by Graeme Hay and Seconded by Knut Ratzeburg that the Treasurer's report be received and the accounts as read be passed for payment. CARRIED GENERAL BUSINESS. The Worshipful Master, having declared "Freedom of the Lodge" spoke on two subjects. First, about the events culminating in WBro de Rochefort resigning from the Office of Secretary with immediate effect of 1st May, and subsequent, unsuccessful attempts by others to engage WBro de Rochefort in discussions aimed at resolving his dispute. The WM expressed his extreme disappointment at the event and assumed blame himself for not realising as the Leader of the Lodge that such circumstances were arising and/or that his actions could be construed in the manner adopted by WBro de Rochefort. All in all, a salutatory lesson for him despite years of management and leadership experience! The WM then outlined the forthcoming need to increase subscription fees, primarily as a result of another increase in Grand Lodge dues (likely to be approved at the June 19th Quarterly Communication), exacerbated by the lack of inclusion of GST in the previous increase and the further increase - ostensibly in line with future CPI movement - in January 2014. He reminded Brethren that the Lodge is now required to pay Grand Lodge dues in advance. In addition to the increase in Grand Lodge dues, there had also been increases in Lodge support costs, including catering. Also, the Lodge has had to bear Grand Lodge dues unpaid by a number of Brethren who are in arrears with their dues several of whom will now, regrettably, be subject to Exclusion. The question of subscription increases had been discussed at the Planning & General Purpose Meeting (see the Minutes set out elsewhere in this Notice Paper). As a consequence the WM gave Notice of Motion that at the June Meeting he would move that the annual subscription fees be increased by an amount that would include projected increases in Grand Lodge dues for the year 1July 2013 to 30 June 2014. ELECTION OF WORSHIPFUL MASTER 2013-2014. In accordance with Regulation 166 the election of the Master is to be conducted at our May meeting. At the opening of the meeting, only one application (in writing) for the position of Worshipful Master had been received. In accordance with Regulation 169,

there being only the one application, WBro Graeme J Hay was declared duly elected as Worshipful Master for the period July 13 to July 14. VISITORS. The following visitors were admitted and welcomed to the Lodge: • The Worshipful Master of Lodge Killara accompanied by 21 Officers and Brethren • 7 Worshipful Masters • 13 Past Masters • 9 Brethren (5 accompanied by their Mentors) INITIATION CEREMONY. Mr Jack Aquilina, having signed the Declaration and paid the required fees, was admitted into the Lodge and made a Freemason by being initiated in the First Degree FIRST TIME OF RISING. • Notification of the September Communication of Grand Lodge, to be held at the Masonic Centre of Victoria 300 Albert Street, East Melbourne, on Wednesday the 19th of June 2013 commencing at 7:30 pm. • 2nd Schedule - Mr Gurpal Singh, of 33/14 Bell Street Coburg, Age 44, Lawyer with SSS Lawyers, Level G, 288 Sydney Road COBURG 3058, proposed by the Worshipful Master and Seconded by the Secretary by Grand Lodge dispensation, read for the 1st Time. • Presentation of a Master Mason's Certificate to Bro Tony Doumit by the Worshipful Master. SECOND TIME OF RISING. • Almoner Report. The Almoner, WBro Sharp advised on the health and welfare of Mrs Chris Beeson, John Beeson, Peter Jones and Neil Parsons. •

Social Committee Report. VWBro Colin Scharp reminded members of the following forthcoming events: a Trugo challenge to be played against Western Street United Lodge at Temple Park Brunswick on Saturday 25th May, starting at 1200. The event includes a BYO BBQ. the Master-elect Presentation Lunch to be held at the Glenroy Bowling Club on Sunday 23rd June; $40 a double, drinks at bar prices, names to Colin or Yvonne Scharp as soon as possible.

• Email re our Lodge Web Site. • Letter from the Finance Committee • Minutes from Social Committee. • Letter from G.L. re application for Charitable Grant. • Referees information re Mr Jack Aquilina. • Dates for Sausage Sizzles etc. Outwards: • Emails re lodge work for March, April and May. • Replies to Lodge Secretary, WM and Almoner.

Centenary Lodge of Instruction. WBro Groves advised members and other interested brethren that the next meeting of the Centenary Lodge of Instruction will be on Thursday 23rd May - work for the evening will be the first degree.

THIRD TIME OF RISING. There being no further business the Lodge was closed in Peace, Love and Harmony at 9.40 pm

Correspondence received, Moved Graeme Hay and seconded Bob Found. Signature

………………………………….…………………………………….. WBro Nick LeRay-Meyer AM Worshipful Master Tuesday 18th June 2013.


Don Wilkin, Garry Beckett, Neill Pratt, Peter Sackett, Bob Found, Nick LeRay-Meyer AM, Charles de Rochefort, Mike Rich Chairman, Sam Sala, Colin Scharp, Philip Scharp, Knut Ratzenburg, Graeme Hay.


The Chairman, Mike Rich opened the meeting at 7.30 pm and everyone made welcome by the WM.

REPORTS Secretary. Nil report Sub Committees: • Finance Committee. Treasurer Garry Beckett presented a very comprehensive financial report with: a copy of their Minutes Quarterly review of financial progress. Discussion Paper on Special Members. Proposed budget 2012-2013. Fee increase proposals. Note: Discussion on Special Members, budget and fee increases deferred to General Business. Finance report received. Moved by W.M. seconded by Philip Scharp. •

APOLOGIES: Ron de Lisle and Kevin Duckett. MINUTES:

The Minutes of the Last Meeting, having been printed and circulated, were taken as read and adopted. Moved by Colin Scharp, seconded by Don Wilkin.

BUSINESS ARISING: Nil CORRESPONDENCE: Inwards: • WM Email of Letter of Appreciation to WBro Howard Gateley regarding his presentation of the 1st degree Tracing Board


Membership Committee. Chairman Bob Found reported that mentors are still required to take our candidates along to their Maps meetings. Neill Pratt said he may be able to assist and would like more details. Also mentioned that: two or three members required to conduct the members draw in the South; provided a brother had signed the Appearance Book he was still eligible to win the draw even if not present - since he has attended Lodge that evening. Report received, moved by Neill Pratt seconded by Peter Sackett .

• Standards & Education Committee. Philip Scharp reported that the committee meets every even month at 6-30pm before lodge rehearsals. Items that have been discussed include: methods in which to improve the execution of signs by the members in Lodge that we are becoming short of members able to do work in the lodge and need to encourage new and older members to learn new charges - through the Lodge of Instruction is an excellent way. that a SWOT analysis will be required for our renewal accreditation as well as a three year plan. the front page of our summons could show the lodge work and agenda for the month (not the subscription). AGREED Report received, Moved by Don Wilkin, seconded by Graeme Hay. • Social Committee. A written report from Chairperson Yvonne Scharp stating that their monthly meetings are fairly well attended and lodge members are always welcome. Since the last report we have had a Saturday lunch at the Pascoe Vale Hotel which proved very popular; so much so we will try another Saturday lunch. A younger member enquired about another Trugo Day. This has been arranged for a B.B.Q. on Saturday 25 May starting at noon. Lodge Aquila and Weston Street United members have been invited to join us and compete for the perpetual trophy and to make sure there is plenty of gas in the bottle for the BBQ. Peter Sackett is the world champion at the moment but anyone can play this Victorian game. Sunday 23 June, at noon, will be our Presentation lunch at the Glenroy Bowling Club with the cost being $40 a double with drinks at bar prices. For bookings contact Colin Scharp on 9727-4328. Next Social Committee Meeting Tuesday 28 May. Report received. Moved by Don Wilkin seconded by Neill Pratt. •

Charity Committee. Nick LeRay-Meyer confirmed Donations of $2000 to Humour Foundation (Clown Doctors)* $2000 to Heart Throb $2000 to Berry Street Towards Medical Kits* $2000 to Uniting Care* $2000 to Scope [Yooralla] $1000 to Freemasons Homes in addition to members donations * Applications submitted to Board of Benevolence for supplementation and advised that the next Sausage Sizzle to be held at Bunnings Coburg was on Friday 17 May. Junes dates TBA.

Report received. Moved by Colin Scharp seconded by Bob Found. GENERAL BUSINESS: District Administration. Nick LeRay-Meyer has been appointed the Assistant District Coordinator - IVALDA and will be responsible for the selection and supervision of assigned Panel Members for that Masonic Centre. Finance. Discussion on the Finance Committee Report recommendations. • Forming a sub committee to review a classification of Special Members. A committee of four was agreed upon being Bob Found as Chairman supported by Philip Scharp, Don Wilkin, and Nick LeRay-Meyer. Committee to meet at 5pm on Tuesday 14th May and forward recommendations as soon as possible to enable Lodge vote at June meeting. • Annual fees for 2013 -2014. After much discussion and combinations, it was decided to have only two broad membership categories: Ordinary (full) Member Concession Member. The criteria for this membership category to be defined by the Special member sub-committee The subscription recommendation(s) will have to be put to vote by members in Open Lodge. Moved by Nick LeRay-Meyer and seconded by Philip Scharp. CARRIED Lodge Work Program • May 1st Degree - Mr Jack Aquilina Official visit from Lodge Killara • June Double 2nd Degree (Bros Kirwan and Brown) by Past Masters (Colin Scharp acting as WM) Obligation of Master-elect by WM • July Installation of Master-elect (Grand Lodge Team) 2013-2014 Team • Master-elect still finalising team. • All Team members to have a current Ritual and a "Book of Lodge Workings". • No advice as yet from GL as to allocation of an Installation Team.

Departure of Secretary • During discussion on collection of overdue subscriptions the Secretary expressed his displeasure at administrative actions taken by the WM and left the meeting - obviously upset. Note: The Secretary subsequently tendered his resignation from Office with immediate effect. Subsequent attempts to discuss and/or resolve the differences were unsuccessful. The WM has appointed WBro Don Wilkin PGStdB to be acting Secretary until further notice.

encourage them to start delivering Charges where allowed at our ceremonies. Notwithstanding, we need to be aware that the "one suit for all" doesn't necessarily produce the best result for either the individual, the Lodge in particular or the Craft in general!!!! At our May meeting, three members were "press-ganged" into office; RWBro Jack Lewis (as IPM), WBro Bill Schoof (as JW) and VWBro Philip Scharp (as SD). I extend to you all my appreciation for the quick response which enabled us to open the Lodge on time, complete our administration and still admit visitors without undue delay.

NEXT MEETING: The next Meeting of the P&GPC. will be Friday 21 June 2013 at 7-30 pm. CLOSURE: There being no further business, the members were thanked by the Chairman for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.55 pm.

The Master's Chair Greetings Brethren All It has been a somewhat hectic month! Apart from "Being on The Road" - which means about three visits a week - there has been an increased amount of administration tasks to be coordinated with Grand Lodge and the acting Secretary, WBro Don Wilkin. Completion of these tasks has not been aided by some difficulties accessing the new Grand Lodge "Secretary's Portal" for the lodging of reports etc. This portal hasn't been operational since about last November!! Consequently, there is a large back log of reports to be entered and scenarios similar to the "chicken and egg" have been common. Still I don't have much hair to pullout so I'll get by!!! With the influx of new members, and there are another two on the way, the initial plan to have only six or so ceremonial nights for my year in office has been well and truly superseded. Not a bad thing for the Lodge since the calibre of our new members portends well for the future! However, as mentioned in RWBro Bill Wilkinson's Newsletter, we need to ensure that pressure is not overly applied to have these new members rushed into taking office or joining other Orders. Since at least 12 months must pass by before the newly raised MM can take office - no matter his wish to do so - a more suitable plan for many of the MMs will be to

Finally, despite the best efforts of our Treasurer the time has come when annual subscriptions must be increased. Grand Lodge has already heralded an increase come 1st of July and regular increases (at least to match CPI increases) will follow. The P&GPC has spent some time considering various options, including the introduction of a dining fee - a practice of so many other Lodges. However, that option has been dropped in favour of a restructuring of the subscription categories and defining the parameters for each. Notwithstanding the need for an increase, our Lodge subscriptions are still among the cheapest in the District; where some exceed $300 a month!!! Till next time, go safely and may your days be whatever you wish! Fraternally


The Brunswick United Masonic Lodge No 924 Newsletter (prepared by RWBro Bill Wilkinson  93865709) "Hello" Old Friends Just a line to keep you abreast of the happenings in your Lodge.

Tuesday the 21st May we witnessed Mr Jack Aquilina take his first step in Freemasonry - joining the "Craft" in general, our Lodge and a fine group of new members who are a great nucleus for our future provided they are not rushed into office. Congratulations to Brother Jack and the "Team" upon sincere ceremonial - may Jack's enthusiasm be maintained and indeed flourish into the future.

WBro Graeme J Hay was elected as "Master-elect" for the 2013-2014 year. Well done to Graeme whose thoughtfulness and forward thinking has given our Lodge a future without anyone being coerced to the office; thanks mate!

Wasn't it great to see so many visiting Entered Apprentices and their mentors present to witness the ceremony in which they themselves had recently been a participant!

Those I Missed:-

Congratulations to the Worshipful Master and the brethren from Lodge Killara whose presence swelled our attendance by 22 ( to a total of 74). Well done to all! Appreciation is also expressed to the Lodge Killara Choir and the soloist their harmony greatly enhanced the ceremony for all in attendance. Our Worshipful Master spoke to the Brethren of impending rises in membership dues (a rise long overdue in my opinion) - we really do get freemasonry on the cheap brethren; just compare your Lodge dues with yearly fees for sporting clubs - eg, golf, bowls, football. Something to ponder? The South was great; 2 courses for winter; soup and a main with your choice of several veges with your Lasagna. Thanks to our caterers (Kevin and Marie Sloane). Laughter and short speeches - time to fraternise (good thinking Nick) our candidate's enthusiasm was maintained with presentation of his "goodie" bag and a pocket watch. Generally a great night! What the Dickie Bird Said:Great to see Bill Schoof resplendent in his new apron and collar after his conferral of "Grand Rank" - very well deserved. Bro Tony Doumit was presented with his Master Mason's certificate by our Worshipful Master in a sincere manner without resorting to a lot of reading well done to both of you.

Welcome back into the fold - Kevin Duckett after a sojourn in hospital (Val is a fine chauffeur mate).

Ron de Lisle - hope all is well at home. Charles de Rochefort - certainly wish the best of good health and sincerely hope your new Lodge will bring joy and happiness for a long and prosperous Masonic career. Len Glazner, Allen Hansford, Rupert Knox, Terry Ramadge, Laurentius Rath, Salvatore Sala, Graham Scholes and Bashir Younes. Hope to see you in June (our Worshipful Master's last night). Those in need of Tender Loving Care! Russell and Audrey Bowen are both continuing to improve in health in the comfort of their new home. Sid Gladman back in the groove after he and Shirley have had a lot of running around caring and assisting others. Daryl Glasson has had a knee reconstruction - all well - with rehabilitation to come. Bruce Hocking suffering severe back spasms and pain - for which pain killers are no relief. Maurice Hooper back on deck but not himself as yet. Wife Dianne making good progress in her rehabilitation. Peter Jones has left hospital - still a way to go. Terrific mate! Reg Martin - busy, busy, busy - knocking himself about! Neil Parsons - looks better every day! Bassam Saoud - recovering from his problem (tests indicated liver and pancreas amiss) John Beeson - coping well with Nursing Home Care. May the GAOTU grant a full and speedy recovery to all.

Wedding Anniversary

Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind, only to completely forget the purpose? Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses. Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame have discovered that passing through a doorway triggers what is known as an "event boundary" in the mind, separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next. Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room and prepares a blank slate for the new locale.

Peter and June Jones recently celebrated their 63rd Wedding Anniversary - the best present was Peter returning home from his stint in hospital!

It's not aging, it's the door!! Thank goodness for studies like this.

Happy Birthday:-

Philosophy You are never too old to learn something stupid!!!

Welcome To The Fold Bassam Saoud - we wish you a very happy future for all the family - hope Elaine and baby "Scarlet???" are doing fine. Allenby Crewther - absent one meeting and you're missed! Sid Gladman - great to greet you mate.

Rhett Jenkinson (64), Bill Butler (79), Graham Scholes (89) and Ken Lazarus (50). May the GAOTU grant to each a happy and prosperous future. Happy Masonic Birthday:Ron Harding (69), Ron de Lisle (60), Jack Lewis (56), Allan Monks (46), Glen C S Doyle (40), Laurentius Rath (39), Hazzah Chaouk (27), Philip Scharp (24), Bassam Saoud (13) and Knut Ratzeburg (6). May the GAOTU grant to each a prosperous career in the Craft. Next Social Event:The "Presentation Lunch" for our Master-elect - WBro Graeme Hay and Elaine. The Glenroy Bowling Club on Sunday 23rd June - 1200 for 1230. $40 a double, drinks at bar prices. Bookings essential. Contact Yvonne and Colin Scharp 97274328. Let's make it a great day for our Master-elect and his Lady.

Charity Happenings The sausage sizzles at Bunnings Coburg continue apace and the community support coffers continue to fill! However we still need some more volunteers to assist the current team in conducting this worthwhile and satisfying event. The good news is that to date we have received cheques from the Board of Benevolence to double two of our nominated Charity Donations for 2013. We await a decision on the third but as that song says" two out of three ain't bad"!!


Nick Brunswick Centre Market Day Saturday, July 20th! The Brunswick Masonic Centre is conducting a "Market Day"!!!

Have You Heard? I knew it wasn't it's the door huh???Makes sense to me!!!!

Inside, 25 tables with all sorts of craft, collectibles, jewellery and the like. Additionally, the Brunswick United Social Committee will be manning the kitchen to sell great soup and crusty bread - just the thing for a cold day while

shopping for bargains. If the weather is nice outside, there will be a jumping castle (mainly for the children!!!) and face-painting (likewise). There will also be a small display in the Lodge Room foyer for interested men (and Mum's who are looking to give guidance to their sons!!!). Come on down and support your Centre!! PLANNING GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE MEETING. Next Meeting: Friday 21st June @ 7.30 pm CENTENARY LODGE OF INSTRUCTION, No 142. Meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7.30 P.M. Next meeting 27th June 2013 First Degree NORTHERN DISTRICT CO-ORDINATOR. WBro Peter Harris PGStdB 8390 9102  83909102 Asst District Coordinator (Preston/Brunswick) VWBro David Heazlewood PGIW 0403029832 ALMONER. If you know of a brother in need, ill or ailing please call WBro Arnold Sharpe.  9744 2664 ASSISTANT ALMONER. WBro Reg Martin. REHEARSAL. Tuesday 11th June Rehearsal Double Second Degree LODGE MEETING. Tuesday 18th June 2013 Double Second (PM Team): Bros Colin Kirwan and Eric Brown Obligation. VWBro Colin Scharp Secrets. VWBro Bob Found Badge. WBro Terry Ramadge Added Remarks. WBro Nick LeRay-Meyer AM South East. WBro Bill Butler Working Tools. WBro Terry Ramadge Tracing Board VWBro Philip Scharp Final. WBro Garry Beckett Meet & Greet Arnold Sharpe

Lodge Fees Are you financial for 2012-2013? If not, please pay as soon as possible. A new, increased subscription year will be payable from 1st July 2013 Current fees (including GL Dues, GST, Homes $5 donation) are: Member: $205.00 Country Member: $160.00 Special Member: $140.00

June 2013  

Brunswick United Lodge No. 924: Monthly Summons - June 2013

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