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LISA MONTGOMERY The Importance of Backing Yourself



The grass REALLY is greener on the other side.

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Lisa Montgomery


Leading lady of finance 6

In the chair

With Jan Kirstein



The 2016 Rewind




Max walker tribute

What will the Mortgage Broking Industry be like in 2020?

Remembering a legend


Wrap up

22 Kokoda mates trek

FBAA Member Mark Nowakowski tackles Kokoda

24 Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths offers up some of his proven secrets to business success

30 FBAA 2016 Awards of supremacy

Event wrap up and award winners

38 BROKER style

The importance of outfit accessories

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The biggest conference in FBAA history

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In The Chair

with Jan Kirstein


elcome to the second edition of the new look Broker Magazine. ‘Broker’ was just one of the Association’s many achievements of 2016. Last year’s milestones appear elsewhere, but in this “In The Chair” I would like to concentrate on governance and backroom issues that may seem ‘less glamorous’ but are important.

Membership Because of the great work carried out over many years, membership growth continues to be strong, and we expect this to continue. This has necessitated a relocation to new premises to accommodate our growing team. In agreement with our members, we have also improved our constitution to bring it in line with current regulations. This will be of benefit to members in the years to come.

Management Structure I’m pleased to report that our board continues to be stable, with only one change in 2017. I’m sure you will welcome Steve Rasmussen who brings a great deal of industry experience and has been Queensland State President for seven years. On a state level, our Presidents and Councillors are doing a fantastic job helping improve communication on the ground with members in local areas. They are very important executives of our team and our focus into 2017 is to provide them with even further support to help them in their roles.

More For Members Although there were many achievements in 2016, there is more to do for members, and this a key focus in 2017. The FBAA look forward to providing even more tools, by way of marketing and relevant business training and support. Our team is working on improving our message delivery with the employment of a Social Media Specialist who will be keeping everyone informed on the latest happenings from the FBAA, and who will also collect and communicate to management your valued feedback. We are proud of what we, as a team, have achieved in 2016 and are in a great position to capitalise on this momentum to provide so much more going forward. I look forward to seeing you during the year.

Jan Kirstein Chairman of the Board of Directors


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Liberty Network Services Pty Ltd ABN 65 151 158 628 Australian Credit Licence 408042.


THE 2016 rewind



As another year comes around we stop to take a look back on the year that was 2016



The 2016 rewind


ere we are at the start of another year, with so many new and exciting opportunities ahead. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we should take a quick look at where we’ve been.

Leadership in Uncertain Times

Senator David Bushby, Chief Government Whip in the Senate Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science and Cabinet Secretary, Senator Arthur Sinodinos

It’s fair to say that 2016 was a year of uncertainty, both at home and on the world stage. In such times the nation and business requires stable leadership and a clear plan. I’m pleased to say at the FBAA we have both.

Senator Mathias Cormann, Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate

In 2016 your organisation continued to lead the way, in terms of representing the industry and presenting your case to the highest level of government.

Shadow Minister for Finance Jim Chalmers

Presenting Our Case

Plus a number of key staffers from both parties.

There are a number of ongoing issues affecting members and it’s good to be able to make our thoughts known to decisionmakers who can influence outcomes. This year I met personally with senior and influential people in Government and Opposition, including: Kelly O’Dwyer, Minister for Revenue and Financial Services


Michael McCormack, Minister for Small Business.

may be able to discount the interest rate but must also reduce their commissions. We have tried to keep all members up to date with this, via the motor finance roadshows, and will continue to monitor the situation.

Treasurer Scott Morrison On the other side of the house, I was able to engage:

Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate, Katy Gallagher

This level of unprecedented access is important when you consider the amount of scrutiny there is on the finance industry as a whole.

Flex Commissions Another issue that will carry into 2017 is that of Flex Commissions in the auto industry. We have already made multiple submissions to the regulator, and we think a likely outcome is car dealers and financiers

Global Research Paper It took a lot of hard work, but it will all be worth it. While Federal Politicians are on their summer break, our final Global Research Paper is on their desk, awaiting their return. By any yardstick, our Global Research Paper is a large body of work put together over hundreds of meetings and fact-finding by many management members. Our report included information from New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, Europe and Canada and showed that our current broking commission model is best practice and highly competitive and should not be changed. The Minister, Kelly O’Dwyer, has already told me she is

looking forward to catching up prior to the planned ASIC review but in the meantime, our position has been made loud and clear, with plenty of evidence to back it up.

Membership Transfer Initiative We get a lot of people coming to us wanting to become members of the FBAA but don’t want to duplicate other memberships they may have. Now they don’t have to. Under the Member Transfer Initiative, they can become members of the FBAA, and not pay until their existing current certificate runs out with the other party. This “No Risk” chance to see some of the many benefits is already starting to pay off, with a rise in membership

Lights, Camera, Action Extra space in our new offices means we are all set

to push the RECORD button on a series of new webinars and webcasts. We already have fourteen key subjects and sub-segments ready to roll, with new topics coming online as the year progresses. For any broker who wants to research a topic or brush up on their learning, extensive content is only a mouse click away.

Breaking News In 2017, watch for more information on these two exciting developments.

We have also come to an understanding with the Small Business Association of Australia, which will provide FBAA members with reach over 250,000 small businesses. More on both in the next edition of Broker.

Awards Night Finally, our most successful conference ever was held at Seaworld on the Gold Coast in November. There is a report elsewhere on the night, but special mention should be made of our new “Awards for Supremacy”. How great was it to see so many members get the recognition they so richly deserve? Here is to a great and successful 2017.

We are setting up a new committee for Equipment Finance and Commercial Brokers with some very senior industry people getting on board.

Peter White

Executive Director Government | Media | Strategy



aggregator news

What will the mortgage broking industry be like in 2020?



What will the mortgage broking industry be like in 2020?


he mortgage broking industry has changed rapidly since the year 2000. Mortgage brokers now account for more than half of all home loans originated in Australia and that percentage is expected to keep growing. If we look at the trends in countries such as Britain and Canada we are likely to see broker market share at more than 70 per cent. With the current government focus on the banks, we are likely to see more of a level playing field for the smaller lenders and them taking a larger percentage of the market as well. Along with this, we will see more product innovation which will also lead to more confusion for customers and hence further growth of broker market share.

Changing Times Evidence from other countries confirms that distribution through brokers is more cost effective and a variable cost than a direct distribution. As banks face broader competition among


numerous product lines, possibly exiting financial planning and removing incentives for their direct sales channels, we will see a real shift on a number of fronts. All of which is likely to further support broker market share growth.

Businesses who expect to remain competitive leaders by 2020 will need to place significant emphasis on their customer experience.

But while brokers continue to be key players in the home finance industry, they will also have to adapt to the changing market and shifts in consumer behaviour.

Customers are going to be better informed than they are now and have more options. They will expect companies to know their individual needs and personalise the experience. They will be information hungry and will make carefully considered decisions based on research and recommendations of their family and friends.

The good question to be asking is what will your customers look like in 2020 and what other changes will be in store for the mortgage broking industry by then?

Our Solution Fintech companies are not only developing some fantastic solutions across product categories and taking business off the banks. We are also likely to see some amazing innovation with technology on artificial Intelligence and this will likely be used to target consumers more pro-actively right before decisions are being made in their life. Not only nurturing a relationship at the right moment but making the appropriate offers that would benefit the customer. Scary stuff.

Importance of Social Media I expect the importance of the internet and social media will also continue to strengthen. The online space is likely to transition from a ‘leads to education’ focus with home loans to the lodgement of loans requiring much less human interaction. Generations Y and Z are, of course, already very comfortable interacting via social media. When they become borrowers, they will be relaxed and comfortable

applying for a mortgage over the internet after doing their research through social media. There will still be opportunity surrounding the internet and social media to generate true direct applications to the

lender. Lead generation will be a challenge for

lenders who only have interest rate offerings as a real instrument. This leaves brokers with an opportunity to generate leads from these web based mediums. We are likely to see the emergence of one of the large consumer brands with significant client databases such as Coles, Woolworths or even Google get into the mortgage space.

This will cause significant disruption to the mortgage broking industry but being aware of these looming changes will be key to your ongoing and long term success.

John Kolenda


Be prepared to adapt and change as the industry evolves. In recent years, we have experienced increased surveillance of our industry from ASIC in both the aggregator and third party space and this will carry on, particularly if our market share keeps growing.

Leverage The keys for all of us in the mortgage broking industry as we head towards 2020 is to leverage customer information to create a better experience for clients. We need to deliver a more personalised service and invest further in digital communications channels to help retain customers. It will be crucial to shift from reactive to proactive customer service and implement effective customer engagement strategies that are relevant to your target market.

The harsh reality is time poor brokers will not be able to compete in the online space going forward with major internet players. They should value the deep relationships and keep a Customer for Life mindset. But if they receive significant assistance from a forwardthinking aggregator they will be on a level playing field. Finsure can assist with website development, SEO/SEM, lead generation, rate comparison modules for web , social media production & integration, and education on optimizing digital assets. Our Broker Academy goes from strength to strength and we also can provide advanced financial management reporting and business analytics to help open up new revenue opportunities. Based in Sydney, John Kolenda is the Managing Director of Finsure, one of Australia’s fastest growing aggregators.


MAX WALKER REMEMBERED FBAA Says Goodbye to a Larrikin and Friend



hen celebrity and sportsman Max Walker passed away last year, Australia lost a legend, and the FBAA said farewell to a mate.

Max had a long involvement with the organisation and as Executive Director Peter White recalls, “He was not only a good friend to the FBAA, but was remarkable in the way he related to people and would never refuse a photo with fans that approached him during one of our many conferences.” It was a far cry from the sort of reception an opposing batsman would have faced. If the batsman was lucky enough to see off opening bowlers like Dennis Lillee or the unpredictable Jeff Thompson, the respite would be short-lived, as Max Walker would take the ball, mark out his run, trundle in and bowl one of his unorthodox (right arm over his right leg) but highly effective, inswingers. All up he played in 34 Tests and 17 One Day Internationals, scoring 586 runs and taking 138 wickets including a career-best of 8/143 against England at the MCG in 1975. He was also ‘right time, right place’ to be a key figure in the introduction of World Series Cricket.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, If Lillee or Thommo don’t get you, Then Max Walker Must. A (slightly altered) saying from World Series Cricket. More Than Cricket If cricket was Max Walker’s only claim to fame, it would be enough. Max was also a gifted Aussie Rules player who in his teens, was approached by a talent scout and subsequently moved to Melbourne, where he spent six seasons with the Melbourne Demons. After cricket, Max worked as an architect and as a presenter of the thenfledgling TV Show Wide World of Sport. This led to the Corporate circuit, where his easygoing delivery and what seemed like an almost infinite supply of cricket yarns and lessons for businesses, made him popular with organisations looking to personalise meetings and conference. It’s through corporate work Max got involved with the FBAA. “Max was our MC from the very first meeting,” remembers FBAA’s Peter White. “With his genuine interest in business and people, he not only was a huge supporter of our industry, he provided motivation from the MC’s chair.”

“Max took a real interest in the FBAA and came to events - even when he was not presenting. He was sincerely interested in the business and mortgage brokers.” FBAA will miss Max Walker. His openness and honesty, and the serious message delivered with a grin, has become part of the way FBAA conducts business and communicates with its members. And that might be the real reason to Max’s success. He loved people and what made them tick. When on 28 September 2016 Max succumbed to his long battle with cancer, the initial reports suggested melanoma. However, it was later revealed that myeloma, a cancer of the blood cells, was the real culprit. Max’s family are now working to raise awareness and research funds for the disease. Which, when you think about it, is exactly what Max would have done himself.


Bigger, Better, Stronger 2016 National Industry Conference Lives Up to Its Theme


lot goes into organising an FBAA Conference. It has to be the right balance of useful information and motivation, with some lighter elements thrown in. A lot of time is spent selecting presenters and helping them hone their subject matter, so that is relevant to members on the day. Judging by the response to date, we got the mix just right. This year’s conference was, by all benchmarks, a fantastic success. Held at Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast the theme was ‘Bigger, Better and Stronger’ and nearly 1,000 brokers and finance professionals took the time to attend. From the outset, the mood of the room was enthusiastic and attentive, with the audience engaging with the various speakers. There was also time and opportunity to network with other brokers and exchange ideas.

Adam Franklin from Bluewire Media discussed Digital Marketing, while Natasha Hawker briefed us on employment law and how happier employees make for a better business. In keeping with the FBAA’s close association with ASIC, the regulator was represented by Chris Green, who heads up the ASIC Deposittakers, Credit, and Insurers Stakeholder team. Finally, special mention should be made of MC Catriona Rowntree who conducted proceedings professionally and with a good knowledge of the “business of broking”. We are working on next year’s conference, and I can reveal we have once again locked in Seaworld on the Gold Coast on Friday 24th November 2017. It will be a tough act to follow, but already we are promising that 2017 will be bigger and better than 2016. All you have to do is book the date and watch this space.

Mark Bouris from Yellow Brick Road gave a personal and thought-provoking presentation about the value of your personal brand and where you are on your life journey.

check out the 2016 conferEnce 18


Bigger, Better, Stronger So... you thought the 2016 National Conference was



will be bigger and better than ever! Friday 24th November, 2017 Sea World on the Gold Coast Mark it in your diary and keep an eye out for regular updates.








Kokoda Mates Trek Hellish, humid and heart-breaking


he Kokoda Track and the jungled mountains it passes through, were the location of one of Australia’s most ferocious and important battles of World War Two. In 1942 the advancing Japanese army came within 40 kilometres of the strategically placed Port Moresby, only to be pushed back the way they came, by Australian soldiers. And a chapter in our nation’s history had been written. These days, the spirit of Kokoda lives on. Australians from all walks of life come to pay their respects and test themselves physically and mentally on this 96 kilometres of challenging track. Through a partnership with Mates4Mates, an organisation that supports exservicemen, the FBAA funded Association member Mark Nowakowski to do the Kokoda Trek Experience. Mark came to Mortgage Broking after 21 years in the Navy, mostly working with submarines and their combat systems. He was looking for a career that would make good use of his skills, and if possible also compliment his wife’s accountancy business in the growing outer suburbs of Sydney. After the study and hard work establishing his business he was looking for a challenge, and the Kokoda opportunity came along. “The walk required a lot of preparation, and I gave myself three months. Which was only just enough. I was doing treks a week around Wiseman’s Ferry, two or three times a week. The only problem was that was in winter, and when we got to New Guinea, it was 36 degrees with 100% humidity.”



Once there, Mark’s Navy training kicked in. “Once you sort out the physical side, the mental side sort of follows, says Mark. “I am not the sort of person who quits once I set my mind on something. You have to be like when you are facing a hill that’s one and a half to two hours to the top. You look and say you can’t do it, but you just do it.” The trip not only taught Mark about himself, but something too about business. “Often clients will come to you with a scenario, that just doesn’t look possible. But it’s a challenge that you face and get through it. You find a way. And helping clients is incredibly rewarding. What FBAA and Mates4Mates did for me was awesome.”

About mates4mates Every year, Mates4Mates provides a wide range of rehabilitation and psychological services, employment, and adventure challenges, all the while paying tribute to the soldiers who fought to save our country. Mates4Mates receives no ongoing government funding and is reliant upon donations, partnerships and various grants to provide its valuable services.

Facts About The Track It’s known as both Kokoda Track and

Kokoda Trail. It’s thought the word track is more Australian, while a trail is predominantly an American term. It runs 96 kilometres overland through the Owen Stanley Ranges in a straight line Trekkers can expect hot, humid days with intensely cold nights, torrential rainfall and the risk of endemic tropical diseases such as malaria. The track runs from Owers Corner in Central Province, across rugged and isolated terrain which is only passable on foot, to the village of Kokoda in Oro Province. It reaches a height of 2,190 metres as it passes around the peak of Mount Bellamy.





Author • Mentor • Presentor 25

Author • Mentor • Presentor

He’s The Business! IN THE FIRST OF A SERIES, ANDREW GRIFFITHS OFFERS UP SOME OF HIS PROVEN SECRETS TO BUSINESS SUCCESS, FREE. From humble beginnings growing up as an orphan to global entrepreneur, keynote presenter and international bestselling author, Andrew Griffiths is a powerful inspiration to business owners around the world. It has been almost 20 years since Andrew’s first book ‘101 Ways to Market Your Business’ (Allen & Unwin) first hit the shelves. In that time, the way we do business has evolved furiously. In an age where we are drowning in information but thirsty for wisdom, Andrew now has 12 bestselling titles which are sold in over 60 countries. This is clearly a testament to the fact that he continues to offer relevant advice as an author and business commentator. SUCCESSFUL SPEAKER As a keynote presenter, Andrew’s authenticity is one of his greatest assets. He has the rare ability to hold a mirror up to people and show them the metaphoric parsley stuck in their teeth, with unapologetic honesty and a quick wit. He presents globally on a host of business success topics as well as diving headlong into the big personal growth concepts of overcoming adversity, communication, curiosity, trust and much more. Andrew imparts wisdom generously, but with clear expectations – he doesn’t just want to leave a warm and fuzzy lasting impression on his audience, he wants to have a lasting


impact on the way they choose to live, work and do business because of what they have learned. His advice is a combination of street-smart wisdom, practical concepts and productive triggers, derived from the hard-learned lessons from his own trial and error, as well as years of close observation and identification of the characteristics shared by the uber successful. Andrew’s versatility and ability to speak a language that crosses cultural and geographical boundaries have made him one of the most in-demand consultants in today’s highly skeptical market, acting as trusted advisor to a client list of multi-nationals and corporate giants alongside ambitious small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. Helping Business Get On With Business Recently he formed Small Business Inc, a specialist advisory firm designed to ‘help big business better engage with small business’. In this space, Andrew has worked with organisations including CBS, HP, Telstra, Optus and many others to provide strategic advice on small business engagement. He is also a media commentator, writer and columnist for out of New York, Huffington Post, Flying Solo and MOB Magazine to mention just a few. Most recently

Andrew launched Smallville, a small business community offering advice from over 100 of the top small business influencers in Australia. GIVING BACK Andrew is an active philanthropist and passionate campaigner for Not For Profit organisations which create better living opportunities for others, including an Ambassador role with Act for Kids and fundraising support for the Salvation Army, the Red Cross Blood Bank, the RSPCA and Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary to mention a few. Described by many as a man with a giant heart, Andrew is on a mission to share the entrepreneurial rites of passage that he has learned to help others set themselves apart from the crowd. His desire is to help the

people he works with to grow personally and professionally by challenging their beliefs to develop and build the business they desire and deserve - ideally one that exceeds their expectations in every way. Sound impressive? The FBAA thinks so too. That’s why we’re proud to feature Andrew Griffiths in the next up and coming issues of Broker Magazine. Get the very latest business tips and advice in Brokers ‘He’s The Business’ article by Andrew Griffiths. For more information on Andrew please visit: or


JOBS BOARD Fixing the Talent Shortage in Mortgage Broking Job Boards Lead to a More Targeted Approach Not so long ago, job boards changed the game. It was marketing to the masses; it was the place to go for anyone looking for a job. But, that’s just it: anyone. Just like television advertising, billboards and newspapers, it gave companies the chance to get in front of a huge audience. Which, was revolutionary and deemed a requirement. However, times change. It’s relatively easy to see trends and how marketing is changing, every market starts off general and with time moves to become more targeted and niche. I think job boards are going the same way, or at least they need to.

Why Change? Social media analytics marketing and the ability to know, understand and target an audience today is far more sophisticated.

28 28

Anyone looking for a new role, be it a part time barista, a forklift driver, a marketing executive or UX designer are essentially heading to the same space to find opportunities. But, the market is now slowly moving to a more targeted approach and a niche job board is viewed more successful for many reasons. Primarily, it allows employers to get resumes and responses from relevant candidates at a more economical price. The fee structure of a large-scale job boards is based on their audience and their reach, however if you post a job for a Mortgage Broker, 95% of the audience is irrelevant.  The key to success, however, does remain similar to that of the large-scale job board, and that is to be the dominant player in the market. This is a strategy applied in developing my own job board, specifically targeting the Mortgage Broking industry, Finance Brokers and Loan Processors.

Dominance To be the dominant player in my niche, I first focussed on my presence in the industry and ensuring I was equipped to play this role and influence such change. This includes creating and sharing expertise through my blogs in both The Adviser, Mortgage Business and Mortgage Professional, my articles via LinkedIn and growing a network within the industry. As a result, I am now frequently approached by people looking to make a move.

Finding a Niche Everything I do is focused on one narrow niche - Mortgage Brokers and Loan Processors. The recently launched job board,, is a highly target job platform which means attracting more qualified candidates, and provides a convenient hub of relevant roles for those looking to move. They go to because they know they’ll find exactly what they are looking for: an opportunity within the industry. 

Added to which, it serves as both reactive and proactive, with the capability to share amongst my LinkedIn connections, your LinkedIn connections and groups that are relevant to the industry such as BDM and Broker Broadcasts.

The Solution I’m seeing a lot of groups looking to grow, and the capacity of work as a recruiter is increasing. So I’ve created a solution that doesn’t see the recruitment process handed over completely but provides the tools to help enhance your own recruitment process in allowing access to a highly targeted job board. It’s a targeted point for broker groups and the like to post their jobs, to leverage my network, marketing and presence to generate candidates.


Specialist Recruiter Founder of niche Job Board for the Finance Broker Industry

Hiring a mortgage broker just got easier. 29

For the first time, this year’s FBAA Gala Dinner also incorporated a special awards ceremony. The “Awards of Supremacy” recognised brokers who are considered “leaders in their field” and showcased those who excelled in their respective category. Judging by their success, the awards will be a feature of Gala Dinners for years to come.



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Imperial Finance

31 31


at the event

33 33


at the event










35 35



Insurance Advisernet has been appointed Insurance Broker to the FBAA since 2000.

We’ve been providing products and services to the Finance and Mortgage Broking Industry for over 15 years. Our Professional Indemnity Insurance is: • Tailored to your needs • Meets ASIC Licensing Requirements • Base Premiums (excluding govt charges and fees) Starting from $575 As an FBAA Member you will receive premium discounts, pay by the month and personalised service.

Contact us for your no obligation assessment today.

AFSL No. 240549

Call 1300 769 163 E-Mail Web:

Darren Loades is an Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty Ltd, No: 262182



ccessories are the finishing touches to every outfit, the icing on the cake if you will. Stand out from the crowd rather than fade into the background with my three accessory essentials. Remember people notice the small details, don’t just be another suit in the crowd.

TIMEPIECES Everyone has a Smartphone, which may be why I see less and less people wearing a timepiece. So why wear a timepiece if your smart phone tells you the time and more? • Compliments, people notice a nice timepiece. • Convenience, it’s on your wrist. You don’t need to reach into your pocket or search your bag when asked ‘Do you have the time?’ • Function, most tell you more than just the time. • They signal style, a person who takes pride in their appearance. • Embody Craftsmanship, they’re a piece of art and jewellery. Some watches have more than four craftsmen working on one watch for months. • They make great heirlooms! Invest in one quality timepiece that will last you years to come rather than several substandard ones, a good quality timepiece will cost you anywhere from $800+. Think of it as ‘price per wear’ a $3,000 timepiece worn five days a week for 48 weeks a year will cost you $12.50 a day, clearly you’ll have it longer than a year. In five years it will cost you $2.50 a day, less than a cup of coffee. If you’re looking for something classic, reliable, stylish and well price you can’t go past Longines. I bought my first one over 10 years ago and it’s still ticking along beautifully. A smart watch is not appropriate to wear in the office, leave it for the weekends or gym. Having a conversation with a client as your watch starts buzzing is unprofessional and distracting. Longines along with a range of other great timepieces are available at Hardy Brothers



WALLETS I still find it hard to fathom why so many men carry wallets that look more like a receipt folder for their annual tax return and ladies who carry enough pointless contents in their handbags they could last a full season of Survivor. Declutter, empty all your receipts at least once a week. I recommend downloading the app. Receipt Bank. If you’ve never heard of it you’re missing out. It’s a lifesaver, and you’ll love it. So will your accountant. The other app you need will be Stocard. It stores all your privilege and reward cards which take up space in your wallet and make them bulky. Ladies, it’s unlikely you’re going to be stranded on an island anytime soon so tip all the content out of our bags. Now pick up each item and ask yourself, “when was the last time I used this?” If the answer is more than three days ago, don’t pack it back in. Most items are used either at home or at work, so keep those item there rather than lug them to and from. Quality over quantity. I say this a lot because it’s true. A good quality leather wallet will last you several years, as will a classic leather handbag. This Calvin Klein handbag is a classic shape with several compartments and is big enough to fit a small laptop or tablet. Gold accents add a sophisticated touch and the navy colour is easy to mix into most wardrobes. Green with envy? Let your personality show and have some fun with the colour of your wallet gents.


Available at Myer stores nationally, it also comes in a range of colours. Oroton Salisbury contrast wallet is available nationally and online


BROKER STYLE PEN PALS There is nothing more off-putting than half-chewed BIC pen. The pen you hold says more about your style, attention to detail, hygiene and self-respect than you can imagine. The most important accessories for a business professional is the pen you hold.


For as little as $69.95, you can purchase a beautiful ballpoint pen from CROSS that you’ll be proud to hold and pass across the desk for clients to sign on the dotted line. Throw away the plastic multipacks and get your hands on something of substance and style.


Mirza & Heath are Australia’s leading Made to Measure specialist, providing exception suiting for both men and women. Receive a complementary Made to Measure shirt valued at $150 when you purchase a suit from our extensive Zenga or Loro Piana cloth collection.






ALKER MAX W E ..... TRIBUT................ ................





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Increase Revenue, Reduce Costs, Engage More Customers. At the end of the day, what are you as a business owner, or a CEO really interested in? You know that cost control, efficiency and increasing revenue are critical. So how can you, in providing finance solutions to customers, do this when so much time is involved in tasks such as lead qualification, remote or busy clients, reviews and loan top up meetings? Technology that provides a capability to engage clientele via video, may just be the answer and has been shown to produce an outcome at least equal to if not better than results, that which would have been achieved in a face-to-face meeting. As long ago as 2014, Nationwide became the first in Europe to offer a “video link” service to give consumers greater access to mortgage advice.1 Nationwide, is the world’s largest building society, that boasts a relationship with 1 in 4 households in the UK, via its 700 branches and 400 mortgage specialists. Post the implementation of a video consulting service, Nationwide measured customer experience, new business uplift, and cost. 94% of the customers who had experienced a video meeting said it was an


excellent replacement for a face to face consultation. From a net promoter score view, a score of 70 was achieved by the in branch face to face consultants and 90 for the remote advisor experience. The experience customers said, is “really is like you are in the same room”. Now make no mistake, it was not for Nationwide or for any organisation, as simple as just implementing a video meeting capability (of which there are plenty of solutions such as Skype, GoTo Meeting etc). There is a careful protocol that is required. A video meeting is a meeting that invites the customer into your business. The experience still should represent the brand image of your business. So, for Nationwide “attention to detail was critical: the remote advisors were uniformed and occupied pods looking like branch offices…… once connected, the customer saw and talked with the advisor in real time, was able to review documents and mortgage choices with the expert, and received printed documentation for review or signature. After that initial videoenabled meeting, subsequent consultations were scheduled using the same medium”.2

The key takeouts are that the places where video adds value and help are3: 1. Anytime, anywhere: Save the expense of travel while retaining the personal connection of face-to-face communication; your specialist advisors can be available to your entire customer base. 2. Personal consultation: Video enables you to maintain and build customer intimacy more effectively than phone or digital based engagements (emails). You want success like Nationwide’s? Invest in a quality video meeting solution. Like Nationwide, one that allows document and screen collaboration and sharing and

signing protocols is the great differentiator. Like all things in life and business, you get what you pay for. SuiteBox offers that happy medium and is a customer meeting space that allows you to deliver efficient personalised engagement. 1 press-releases/archive/2014/4/16-aprilnationwide-launch-video-link-service 2 Video Collaboration Increases Sales for UK Financial Firm, Cisco 2013 3 blogposting/13174/video-collaboration-ispushing-the-boundaries-of-the-customerexperience-in-financial-services


Being Authentic An interview with

Lisa Montgomery

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An interview with Lisa Montgomery

were working full-time, only 25% of their wage came in as part of the assessment. If they were working part-time or casual that would be zero.

What did customers think about dealing with a female lender?


rom a lending position to the first wave and a ten-year career culminating in the role of CEO with Resi, she is a pioneer in a maledominated business. Her life changed in 2012 when diagnosed with breast cancer. She took the next 12 months off to fight and rethink. Her message now is “don’t give up your life for work.’   She has always been an advocate for consumers and believer in the power of information. Here Lisa gives some tips to female brokers starting out, and observations on what’s happening in the fastchanging world of broker finance.

How did you first get started in the business? I started lending money in Newcastle around 1985. Back in those days, women couldn’t get a loan by themselves. If they were part of a married couple and they


Some business people would walk in and walk straight out again. They didn’t want to borrow money from a girl (laughs), and I had to learn pretty quickly how to keep them in the room. I had to approach a miner who had just come off his shift differently to a businessman with a briefcase. This was at a time where the classic bank manager was 52, chain smoked and wore brown pants.

What was it like for you? Back in those days I had to prove my worth. If something came up and there was an opportunity to stand out, like selling insurance or reaching target, I went in boots and all. That was my approach to get noticed. I was relentless.

Then along came the first boom? Yes, I was discovered by Infochoice and moved down and came to Sydney. It was dynamic and fast moving, and among other

things I started to give information to newspapers. All the information I had after 18 years lending I could give out on mass. It was a powerful thing and it was a great springboard for my next role, as Head of Consumer Information & Advocacy for Wizard Home Loans.

Are you surprised in 2017 about the lack of female brokers? There are some fantastic female brokers, but it seems it is still a career males take on. I am surprised more women haven’t embraced it because a lot of women working in lending organisations leave to start families and wonder what they would do if they came back. But to start out working as a broker can be a daunting thing, not having a steady income as you build a client base and write loans. For women, they can go PAYG and get paid straight up, which is a safer way to return to work. The ones who have been successful are the ones that back themselves and don’t take a risk. Just be patient and reap the rewards.

What other impression do you have on the business? I think there a lot of brokers getting it right, and that is reflected in the numbers being written. They are getting it right, because (they realise) it’s not just a transactional relationship needed with a consumer, but a holistic approach to redesigning their financial landscape. A lot of brokers performing extremely well because they are focusing on the service proposition.

What are some challenges for the future? The FinTech (Financial/ Technology) Revolution will change the world for consumers but the service proposition provided by brokers will never be undervalued. There will be certain borrowers that will get their

loan online, but on the whole most people don’t want that. They want to be educated, guided and they want someone to be there for them; not just in the moment, but a contact for life. In late 2013 you retired as CEO of Resi Home Loans for health reasons, and returned in early 2014. What are you doing now? Firstly I am now more relaxed and mindful in how I go about things. I am a consultant back to the industry and also continue to provide commentary as an independent, as a consumer advocate and a consumer financial specialist, and that way I don’t have any shackles in relation to any brand. I am my own brand, and I continue to give information as independently and accurately as possible to

help people make better decisions. A lot of people have tried to do that, but don’t understand the importance of being authentic in the process. You have to be open and honest with people, because the punters out there will see right through you if you’re not.

Postscript Lisa regularly appears on Sky Business channels, Rates Live and Your Money Your Call as a consumer finance specialist, spokesperson and commentator. She sits on a number of Advisory Boards and has been recently appointed to the Board of Breast Cancer Network Australia Interview by: Tony Peterson Photography by: Darren Paterson


Trail book valuations reach record highs ARE YOU MISSING OUT?


rail book valuations have soared as the brokerage industry has experienced strong growth coming off its lows post the GFC. Whereas trail book transactions were once within the scope of 1.3-1.8x net annualised trail income, we are now witnessing a surge to at least 2x or often greater, annualised income. This growth particularly in the past 24 months, marks an exciting time for the industry, as a leading industry specialist predicts that this upward trend will continue into the foreseeable future. Jeff Zulman, Managing Director of BBBSA Finance, a specialist boutique focussed on valuing, lending and transactions around trail books, argues that this trend is occurring for a number of key reasons:

“We are currently witnessing an inverse correlation between trail value and interest rates, and with the gap closing on financial planning book multiples it is important that we recognise that the industry has evolved for the better.”

What’s your trail book worth? This trend has important implications for finance brokers, particularly those looking to sell their books in the near future. Many brokers never stop to consider the actual value of their trail books. This is a big mistake. Valuations are crucial if brokers want to seize the opportunity to capitalise on the value of the book and fund growth for their business. Yet, often brokers do




w. F bb E bs TC a.c H om ! .au



BROKERAGE BUSINESS UNLOCK THE VALUE IN YOUR TRAIL BOOK AND BORROW UP TO $600,000* Where do you get cash to grow your business? Discover how you can borrow up to 18 times your monthly trail income using the value of your trail book as security, even if you’ve been rejected by other lenders. No hidden costs, property or personal guarantees required.


1300 139 003

Level 3, 4 - 10 Bay St, Double Bay NSW 2028

not know how to properly self-value their businesses and can make costly slipups in the process. If brokers want an accurate, effective and reliable valuation it is essential that they turn to professionals within the market for assistance.

Unlocking Value Zulman argues that professional valuations are a crucial first step to unlocking the true value of one’s trail book. “After valuing your trail book it becomes so much easier to utilise that valuation to powerfully fund growth – if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it, and you certainly can’t capitalise on the full value of the asset you have built”.

“Continuously updating your database and systems and sourcing multiple forms of product revenue, will allow the smart operator to expand the business and retain strength in the finance market.”

Valuation Service BBBSA Finance offers industry leading trail book valuations that are both thorough and fast and affordable. With an indicative free valuation and the experience and expertise of professionals, finance brokers can rest assured that their books and business are in good hands.






Q: Where were you born and raised?

Q: What’s the thing you love most about the Finance Industry?

Q: When you’re not sitting on the FBAA Board of Directors, what else fills up your day?

Born and bred in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe (4th Generation). Schooled in Gweru but raised on my father’s and grandparents’ respective farms (I am a bushy). Moved to Cairns in 1988.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give to up and coming Brokers within the industry? Always do what is best for your customers, and they will keep coming back to you. They will refer friends and family to you. Your business will grow and prosper as a result

Q: What are the top three things on your bucket list? There are many. Doing a cruise/trip to Alaska (next), getting serious about photography when I give the FBAA/Finance away and travelling Australia and the world.


With more than 24,000 finance brokers in Australia, it still has a small world family feel to it.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give to up and coming Brokers within the industry? Broking is a fantastic industry, but don’t expect to make $100,000 over night. Enter with real expectations and be able to financially support yourself for 6-12 months

Q: By what motto do you live? “No one said it would be easy, just that it would be worthwhile” and “Always follow your dreams, and if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough”.

I am now semi-retired so spend a lot of time gardening and working around the house.

Q: What are you best known for? I am apparently the historian on the FBAA Board. The other Directors seem to come to me to clear up Historical details.

Q: What’s the thing you love most about the Finance Industry? I love the people. Being able to help others to achieve their needs and dreams.



Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give to up and coming Brokers within the industry?

Q : What’s the one piece of advice you would give up and coming brokers?

Don’t set the bar too low and keeping pushing. If you don’t know what to do get support. There is a lot of givers in this industry if you ask, you’re not alone.

Q: What’s the top three things on your bucket list? • Meet as many people as possible and have a positive impact. • Assist as many middle income Australians as possible. • Make Nieuvision a national brand.

That is an interesting question and one that deserves an answer not riddled with cliches. But I am going to answer with what my father Steve told me as a teenager. When I asked him what I should do with my life, he said, “A door will open, and you will take to it like a duck to water. Whatever it is will feel natural as if you were born to do it. When this happens learn from it and become the best you can. Knowledge is no burden to bear. “

Getting that work/life balance is difficult but living on the Gold Coast certainly helps.

Q: What’s the thing you love most about the finance industry? I love the diversity both in work and people. Every day there is something else different to do, and in the end, we are problem solvers. A broker works for the client to achieve the best outcome for their client’s needs. I just love this industry!

Thanks, Dad.

Q: What’s the thing you love most about the Finance Industry?

Q: When you are not contributing to the FBAA Board, what else are you working on?

The ability to help people and find an outcome that assists them in fulfilling their dream or goal. It’s dynamic, challenging and always changing.

I have been a practicing Broker since 1983 and I am the Managing Director of CSA Finance and Mortgages Can Do.





Q: What are the top three things on your bucket list?

Q: Where were you born and raised?

• To live to be 100 (and to be fit and able to enjoy it). • To see an active volcano up close. • To go back to University and do another degree, just for the heck of it.

I was born in Tasmania and raised in Huonville, which is lovely country town located South of Hobart. I have now lived and worked on the Gold Coast for 30 years, 23 years of these as a mortgage broker.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give to up and coming Brokers within the industry?

Q: What’s the thing you love most about the Finance Industry?

Start each day with an open mind and a fresh outlook. Because each day will always bring its challenges (sometimes old, but mostly new), it is critical that your thinking and attitudes stay flexible so that you remain open to new opportunities, new ideas, new ways of looking at things, and particularly the willingness to consider other points of view.

Q: The motto do you live by?


Look for the good in everyone one you meet.

I get so much satisfaction out of helping clients who have nowhere else to turn for finance. I have found that they have been with the same lender for many years and are not aware of other avenues to which brokers have access. I take the “Can Do” approach to all my work, listen to the story, the exit strategy and find a nonbank lender that will save them.

Most times I have success and happy clients which lead to more rewards, as they then refer their family and friends.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give to up and coming Brokers within the industry? Mortgage broking involves very long hours and is at times a seven day a week job. Don’t burn yourself out. Remember to take regular holidays, so you can reflect on how well your business is doing and where it is heading.


Q: What is it about the Finance Industry that keeps you motivated?

Q: Apart from being on the board, how do you spend your time?

Suffice to say FBAA involves a significant part of my life, which I totally enjoy.

I have been in the accounting and finance industry for over 50 years, including banking, government accounting, senior executive management of a government business enterprise, finance, and mortgage broking - and in recent years in the management team of the FBAA.

I have been a member of the Board off and on since 2008, which has at times been very demanding on my time when running my own business as well. Although challenging at times, the rewards have been great knowing that I am on the Board to serve the best interests of our members. For the last 4 years, apart from my Treasurer role, I have been fortunate enough to be involved on a full-time basis outside of Board activities in the financial management of the FBAA as CFO during an exciting period when our membership has had exceptional growth.

It goes without saying, my family is equally important to me, and my wife Barbara has to put up with my constant time away from home.

What has kept me continually motivated is the endless opportunities for change and improvement in services to those we serve, our clients. Year by year the constant changes, opportunities and challenges are accelerating which makes my job, and those who work in the industry who take up the challenge, a completely rewarding occupation. One with limitless opportunities in coming years.

As an accountant, I know there are significant challenges to growth. Cash flow is needed to pay for the resources required to meet the growing demand for services from by an everincreasing membership.

However, I always find time to take time out during the year with Barbara, my three children and their families including our four grandchildren.

Q: By what motto do you live by? Growing up with strong Christian beliefs and Irish heritage, we were taught to “treat others in the same way that you would want them to treat you.� I’ve carried this into my personal and business life by respecting wishes and beliefs and listening to the people I deal with - whether they be family, friends, community, and of course clients.

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They Just Don’t Get Small Business

I’m writing on the occasion of a groundbreaking arrangement between two great bodies, the FBAA and the Small Business Association of Australia. In many ways we are kindred spirits.

says Small Business Association of Australia

Over the years there have been many wins for the Small Business Sector. But lately, it seems we have taken a few steps back, simply because government’s of all persuasions simply don’t understand us.

Independent, loyal and hard working.

OVERSEAS EXPERIENCE In New Zealand and Singapore, for instance, government department’s seem to welcome an enquiry from entrepreneurs to start a business. They provide support, they walk through problems one on one. More importantly, they interact with Small Business, so they understand their needs. In turn, it makes the countries more successful. Not a bad strategy for countries with no natural resources to exploit. Robert Gottliebsen in The Australian (09/01/2017) summed it up.

UPHILL BATTLE One only has to look at the direction of the economy in the last seven years to realise the difficulties facing Small Business. They are forced to collect GST, PAYG, and SGL taxes on behalf of Government, at their own cost. They have trimmed staff and general costs, maximised their overdrafts against their property, extended their credit card debt to provide funding and now they are delaying creditors payments to stay alive. When times get tough, Small Business cuts it’s overheads to a bare minimum. All this at a time when Government is increasing overheads, placing extra cost on business and Big Business raises prices to compensate. Small Business in most cases cannot raise prices.


THE WAY AHEAD “In today’s environment, any government that unfairly persecutes small business will be decimated in the polls”.

The Small Business Association of Australia believes the answer is to research the situation and then work closely with all stakeholders, in an open and honest environment to resolve the problem, in a similar way the FBAA deals with all sides of politics to achieve a win/win situation for their members.

“The Turnbull and Morrison government confirmed in the midyear economic statement that the tax office is owed some $19 billion in overdue tax including a staggering $13 billion by small businesses with turnover up to $2 million.”

By working cooperatively and with respect for all, we can stop legislation which will send many Small Businesses to the wall, saving the livihoods and jobs for millions of Australians working in the sector. The Small Business Association of Australia looks forward to being a positive force for change, and as our recent closer relationship with organisations such as the FBAA will attest, be a strong and tireless worker for our members.

“The government plans to allow the Australian Taxation Office to disclose to credit reporting bureaus the names of those who owe the money unless they have “effectively engaged with the ATO to manage these debts”.

Contact: Lionel Barden Chair Small Business Advisory Board Chair of Small Business Policy M:0400 555 145 E:

(The Australian 09/01/2017)







p: (07) 4721 1174

55 e:

BROKER news desk 56


CONGRATULATIONS! FBAA Staff member Jeremy Schneider and dancing partner Jayne Di Bella were crowned Australian U21 C grade New Vogue champions. They also received runners up U21 C grade Ballroom, 3rd U21 C grade Latin & 5th U21 Open New Vogue Jeremy, 18 years of age moved to Brisbane in February to dance with Jayne 20 years of age, and they have now been dancing together for ten months and have already achieved national champion status. Their favourite dance in the Latin style is the Cha Cha which originated from Cuba and their favourite dances in the Ballroom Style is Foxtrot and Tango. We wish them both the very best for the future.


The continued growth of Mortgage aggregator, Finsure Finance & Insurance (‘Finsure’) has been recognised by inclusion in BRW Magazine’s Fast 100 List for the first time, after featuring in its top 100 Fast Starters List the previous two years.   The 2016 Fast 100 List includes Australia’s fastest growing companies, which started trading before July 1, 2012, and is ranked by average revenue growth.   Finsure, which placed second overall in the top 100 Fast Starters in 2015, was ranked sixth in the 2016 Fast 100 List after enjoying revenue growth of 191.2 per cent in the 2015-2016 financial year.

AWARD WINNERS We would like to congratulate all of the winners of the 2016 FBAA Awards of Supremacy. For a list of all the winners go to pages 28 - 29 of Broker.

WELCOME SERGE FBAA would like to welcome Serge Burjak to the team. Serge comes on board with a strong background in IT, and the understanding of the high importance of cyber security and IT hardware maintenance. He keeps up with technology advancements as they happen. Serge will be taking on the role of CIO/Chief Information Officer


GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE. Would like more information on an FBAA Event or PD Day that’s happening in your local area? Maybe you have some feedback or an issue you would like to discuss? MARY KOWALSKI Western Australia - State President

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Managing Director Synergy Financial Solutions

Director Finance Opportunities

Mobile: 0416 535 606 Email:

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CHRISTINE GREEN Queensland & Northern Territory - State President

GUS GILKESON New South Wales & ACT State President

Liberty Network Services

Managing Director Grow Capital

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BRENDON KURTZ Victoria & Tasmania - State President State Manager VIC/TAS Outsource Financial Mobile: 0478 040 714 Email:


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They fit out stores for one of Australia’s largest retail companies that just extended their payment terms. When they were due to pay the next day.



AustrAliA’s leAder in short term business loAns


How would you feel if they followed in your

footsteps? Do you have children in their final years of schooling, that are interested in a rewarding career in finance? Did you know that the FBAA have developed the only student based career path to become a finance broker? FBAA Student Membership is available to high school and university students up to the age of 21 years, who are currently studying and who are not currently employed.

Student Membership with the FBAA is free, providing students with the latest industry updates and an opportunity to learn about our exciting industry.



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