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Sweet as chocolate Confectionery a success Our confectionery program was launched at the 2012 LPO Conference. From an initial trial in nine outlets, there are now more than 1,000 licensees participating in the program. Australia Post Executive General Manager Retail Services, Christine Corbett, says it’s fantastic that so many of our LPOs are benefiting from selling confectionery and seeing some great success at their outlets. “Last year’s Australia Post Easter confectionery range generated record-breaking sales for outlets,” Christine says. “This year we’ve increased our range to offer our customers a more diverse assortment of quality options at competitive prices.”

There are 1,031 participating outlets across the country as follows: • South Australia/ • New South Wales: 275 Northern Territory: 101 • Victoria: 277

• Western Australia: 104

• Queensland: 224

• Tasmania: 50.

All confectionery orders are supplied with your normal mail or parcel delivery so everyone can place an order to receive a supply.

Autumn 2014

Christmas 2013 The results are in! Were you one of the more than 1,200 outlets to sell Christmas confectionery last year? Our sales results confirm that Maltesers, Darrell Lea, M&M’s gift boxes and Walkers Scotty Dog were the strongest performing products for the festive season. Claudia Stephson, licensee at Morven LPO in outback Queensland (pictured above, left) received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers about her range of Christmas confectionery, including her most popular items – Walkers Scotty Dog, the Maltesers Canister and the Jelly Belly gift box. With approximately 250 people living in Morven, and a Christmas range that included more than 60 items, it appears every family in town purchased something sweet from the LPO in the lead-up to Christmas. “The confectionery range was a huge success,” says Claudia. “Some customers purchased on impulse while others chose something to send as a Christmas gift to a loved one. Overall, we couldn’t have been happier with how well it was received.” If Claudia can successfully sell confectionery in a location that regularly reaches temperatures of 40 degrees in summer, why wouldn’t you consider getting on board? For further details on how you can participate in the confectionery program, please contact your network manager.

2014 LPO Conferences Have you made plans to attend your local LPO Conference yet? Has it been a while since you attended an LPO Conference? Do you want to grow your business and make the most of the Australia Post brand?

Welcome Dear licensees, Welcome to the Autumn 2014 issue of Licensee News. While Christmas seems like a distant memory, I would like to recognise and thank you for all your hard work during our busiest time of the year. Your commitment to delivering excellence in service to our customers is unwavering and this is strongly reflected in the retailCX customer experience score which is tracking at 9.24 out of 10.

The annual LPO Conferences are the biggest event in the Retail Network Partnership calendar and we encourage you to attend. This is a great opportunity to mingle with suppliers from merchandise categories, receive information relevant to your business, observe demonstrations, participate in workshops and win some great prizes. It’s informative, fun and free. And, most importantly, it’s perfect for licensees who want to make the most of their Australia Post business opportunities. Get organised, make a weekend of it and attend the awards night held on the Saturday night – it will be worth it!

As you’re all aware the changing preferences of our customers – as more and more Australians communicate and transact online – are creating challenges and opportunities across all areas of our business, including in the LPO network. In response, we are pursuing initiatives that support a more sustainable approach to our business which will also benefit licensees. Since the beginning of the year we have introduced an additional parcel scanning fee for PO box articles and also made an advance PO box renewal payment to eligible licensees to assist with their cash flow. Should we gain approval to increase the basic postage rate from 60 cents to 70 cents from 31 March, licensees will see the benefits through additional payments. We remain committed to continuing to work closely with our licensees to support you to run sustainable businesses. Over the coming months you can expect to hear more about other initiatives that are planned to benefit you and your business. Don’t forget to mark your diary with the annual LPO Conference dates in your state. These events are an important opportunity for us to share information with you and to gain your feedback. Best regards, Christine Corbett Executive General Manager Retail Services 2

Licensee News Autumn 2014

For further details, keep an eye out for your mailed invitation, or visit:

Licensee Retail Rewards It’s not too late to share in the prizes There is more than $50,000 in prizes still up for grabs this year, so have a think about how you can increase your outlet’s chances of winning.

Fundamental measures You first need to meet your outlet’s fundamental measures to earn points each month. These are: • c  ash handling management – does your outlet have a current cash management plan in place? • c  redit management – are you meeting your monthly payment schedule? • insurance – does Australia Post have a copy of your current insurance certificate? • m  andatory training – is everyone in your team up to date in their training requirements? • security – does your outlet meet its security requirements?

Performance measures A few simple actions can increase your monthly points and increase your outlet’s revenue opportunities. Think about the following: • R  etail revenue – maximise your revenue opportunities by asking “How soon does it need to get there?” to every customer sending a parcel, and ask “Is there anything else you need today?” to all customers.

Sharon wins customer service award Australia Post would like to congratulate Sharon Lulio-Pio, from Dunkirk LPO in Victoria, who received the customer service award at the Goulburn Valley Region Business Awards in October last year. Sponsored by electricity distributor Powercor and radio station 3SR, Sharon took out the coveted award in a category that received more than 350 nominations across the region. Sharon says it was an honour to be recognised for the service she applies in her everyday work at Dunkirk LPO. “I made the finals last year and was one of the 20 finalists this year, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear my name called out on the awards night,” she says. “I’ve been working at Dunkirk LPO for around nine years and I love dealing with our customers to ensure they get the most out of their visit. Making a difference to their day, whether it’s a ‘hello’ or explaining a parcel service is rewarding enough.”

• Instant ID photos – have you taken up the Australia Post camera offer? • C  ustomer satisfaction (retailCX) – you’ll be surprised how appreciative customers are by a friendly greeting and smile. • O  perational excellence (passport processing) – always ensure a second counter operator checks the applications before they are dispatched for processing. • D  elivery scanning – monitor your awaiting collection parcels daily.

If you require any further information please contact your network manager or visit Postlink at: Postlink > LPO > Licensee retail rewards

Licensee News Autumn 2014


LPO commission rates Would you like to know what you’re getting paid for non-standard agency transactions?

Business update Help a community organisation in your neighbourhood The 2014 Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program is open until 4 April and we are now accepting nominations for community organisations that require funding. We encourage you to consider how you can get involved in this year’s program. You can either nominate a community organisation that you have a direct affiliation with or encourage a community organisation that you know of to apply. Last year’s program saw an array of exciting grant nominations from our licensees and we hope to see even more this year. Nominating an organisation that you are involved with for a Workforce Nominated Community Grant is a great opportunity for you to help a community organisation that is working to build a healthier, more vibrant and more inclusive neighbourhood.

If you would like to become involved or to view the full list of 2013 winners, please visit:

FlexiPOS system improves efficiency Since June 2012, selected non-EPOS LPOs in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania have been participating in a new FlexiPOS pilot that allows outlets who have historically processed manual transactions to operate a new electronic point-of-sale system. Feedback from participating licensees has been positive. We have heard that the easy-to-navigate system provides licensees with the ability to process bill payment transactions and money orders, scan articles, assess postage and print a postage label so they gain more time to attend to their customers’ needs.


Do you need further clarity about the manual adjustments that appear on your monthly LiPOMS statement? Updated Australia Post product and service information is available on Postlink. You can also find useful information around the netPOS self-payment procedure and self-payment timetables. Non-EPOS outlets will receive a copy of these rates on a quarterly basis. For more information, contact your network manager or visit: Postlink > Information > Resources > Outlet operations > netPOS self payment procedure

Getting stamped during March and April Autumn’s major stamp issue, Centenary of WWI: 1914, will be the first of a five-year stamp-release program designed to commemorate one of the most significant events of the twentieth century. The first five stamps of the series will reflect Australia’s reaction to the war and our early involvement through volunteer enlistment. A distinct and unique logo featuring a poppy will be used on every stamp issue, and a range of philatelic products will offer our customers the opportunity to reflect on Australia’s wartime history, the formation of the ANZACs and the spirit of mateship which arose in this era. The stamps will be released on 22 April.

The system also enables licensees to provide customers with a printed receipt and reduces the number of paperwork and reconciliation issues previously experienced by licensees and their staff.

Other new issues for the quarter include the Queen’s Birthday stamp, to be released on 8 April, and Floral Emblems, which features each of Australia’s eight states and territories and their floral emblem. There is also a range of designs and products to meet the needs of our customers with the proposed increase to the basic postage rate.

A recommendation on the future rollout of FlexiPOS in non-EPOS LPOs will be developed at the conclusion of the trial at the end of June 2014.

A special 2014 Baby Keepsake release in March will use a new nursery stamp design and includes a coin from Perth Mint and a matching postage paid envelope.

Licensee News Autumn 2014

Travel update The benefits of pre-ordering for promotional programs

The Travel Essentials marketing campaign will go live from the end of March and will continue throughout the peak mid-year travel period. Please remind customers of all the “travel essentials” we can help them with before they embark on their overseas adventures. Results from last year’s campaign suggest that outlets will see a significant increase in customer demand for travel-related products and services including: • Load&Go Travel Card • Multi-currency Cash Passport • AMEX GlobalTravel Card

Australia Post has long-provided outlets with the opportunity to place orders for promotional programs well in advance of the actual event, such as Mother’s Day.

• AMEX foreign cash and travellers cheques

Placing an order in the advertised timeframe will ensure stock is guaranteed while providing you with the following benefits:

• passport applications and instant ID photos

• stock is received at the same time as corporate outlets • s  tock is on-hand prior to the promotion, allowing you to create an effective display • s  tock is available to support the 3.5 million catalogues distributed nationally and to maximise your sales. Take the opportunity to place an advanced order for the March “Winter Warmers” program. Please refer to the P10 LPO Product Offers Guide for further details about the offers available.

• travel insurance

• Prepaid TravelSIM®+ cards • travel accessories • mail hold and re-direction. Like 2013, we hope to see great success with increased sales of our travel-related products and services, so please ensure that you reorder stock via the normal process if you are running low. +TravelSIM® is a registered trademark of Premas Solutions IP Pty Ltd and licensed exclusively to TravelSIM Australia Pty Ltd in Australia. Powered by

Licensee News Autumn 2014


Making the most of marketing materials More than just posters ... Your customers walk into your outlet every day, but are they really aware of the products and services that you can offer them? Your monthly marketing materials are designed to let your customers know what your business has to offer so that you can encourage impulse purchases and increase your revenue. Whether browsing or visiting for a specific purpose, you can use your point-of-sale material strategically to attract your customers’ attention. By letting them know about the special offers or additional services you can provide, you are adding value to their shopping experience and ensuring that they keep coming back to your outlet.

Keeping it fresh We regularly change a wide range of point-of-sale products, including posters, flyers, terminal cards and ticketing, to keep outlets fresh and provide a consistent message that aligns to both our catalogues and specific products and services that we want to promote. Customers view advertising on a daily basis and can become immune to it, so by regularly updating your point-of-sale displays you will maintain their attention.

Point-of-sale 101 guide Here’s a quick summary of the primary point-of-sale materials and how to maximise them to drive sales. • A  1 posters: the posters generally focus on retail products and services at special prices and are updated every promotional period with a new colour to align with the catalogue. • T  erminal cards: terminal cards focus on key messages that act as prompts or reminders and engage customers at the counter as they’re waiting to pay. • W  riting bench mats: writing bench mats promote key messages and act as an additional prompt about our service offerings. • D  L flyers: flyers contain detailed information that the customer may want to take away and review. • P  rice tickets: these are product specific, highlighting key offers such as multi-buys. These must be displayed directly in front of the product being advertised. • W  obblers: wobblers are most useful in areas where it is difficult to display other types of point-of-sale material due to space limitations. Similar to price tickets, they highlight key offers.


Licensee News Autumn 2014

Tip: make it easy for the customer Place your point-of-sale materials in close proximity to the product or service that is being promoted. Make it as easy as possible for the customer to get everything they need to make the purchase.

Save time and money: get the most out of your scanner Scanning compliance is becoming more important because our customers expect to know where their articles are 24/7. Over the past two years scanners have been rolled out nationally to help us meet our customers’ expectations. Please follow these hints to save you time and money. • W  hen not in use, leave the scanner on the cradle to maintain a full battery charge. • L  og out of each scanner and place it in the cradle at the end of every business day. Actioning this will allow the scanner to establish network connectivity to ensure scan events are transmitted back to the server in a timely manner. • A  t close of business every weekend, leave the scanner logged on and cradled to allow the scanner to download software updates over the weekend. • If the scanner is not communicating with the network, visit Postlink and review the “Quick fix” section on page 45 of the scanner work instructions for simple solutions:

 ostlink > Guides & training > Training resources > P MC70 handheld scanner instructions > MC70 work instructions

Making ordering and reporting easy After 12 months of testing, the new ordering and reporting systems are now available and are a great way to improve your management of stock purchases. The new features of the LPO Outlet Order Screen include: • a  n easy to use online ordering system for stock and consumables • the ability to create favourites to simplify regular orders • live checks on availability of stock and correct material codes • t he option to check total order costs, minimum order quantities and bulk pricing prior to committing to an order.

To achieve basic scanning compliance, every barcoded article must have a minimum of two scans performed by the outlet. These could include the following events: • A  waiting collection – this scan event must be performed when the article has arrived at your outlet, unless the multi-function retail (MFR) process is completed by a contractor or PDO. • D  elivered – this scan event must be performed when the item is delivered to the customer. • R  eturn to sender – this scan event must be performed if the article is not collected within 10 working days.

The revised Outlet Order Report system allows you to: • v  iew details of your stock orders and products dispatched from the warehouse • v  iew consignment and delivery events as they move through the network • tailor reports for reference, referral and archiving. All EPOS outlets have access to these new systems so make sure you discover their great features.

Further details about these new systems are available on Postlink: Postlink > Guides & training >Training resources> CE-POS resources > LPO Store Order Screen Postlink > Guides & training > Training resources > CE-POS resources > LPO Outlet Order Report

Licensee News Autumn 2014


Security and compliance Your responsibility

Compliance is a critical part of any business. By taking due care with compliance-related matters, you are helping to protect Australia Post’s people, customers and reputation – and keeping the Australia Post network a safe and secure place to work. At times you may see things or become aware of activities that go against Our ethics, or that you know to be wrong or even potentially criminal. If you do find yourself in this situation, you should report your concerns confidentially via the Whistleblower Line on 1800 799 353. The service is secure, confidential and managed by an independent third party and is available to all Australia Post team members, licensees and contractors. All cases will be investigated promptly with outcomes advised to the initial caller. Alternatively, you can contact your local Australia Post security office or email to report any incidents or concerning activities you have witnessed.

Think before you speak Everything we do and say can have social, environmental and economic impacts so it’s important we’re all careful in how we represent Australia Post in our local communities and with the media. If you or someone in your outlet is approached by a media representative for a comment or an interview, regardless of whether you know the person, please ask them to contact the Australia Post Media Line on 03 9106 6666. We will contact you if a media opportunity arises in your area. If you have a story about Australia Post for your local media, please email the Retail Communications team at Over the coming months we’ll provide you with further information on our compliance policies such as the updated Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying Policy which was recently re-issued to all outlets and is available on Postlink. Please be mindful of these policies and ensure they guide your actions every day. Our performance, work environment, reputation and business success depend on our adherence to them.

6 Weeks of Safety winners Our retail safety competition, 6 Weeks of Safety, took place from 21 October to 29 November last year and was developed to encourage everyone in the retail network to discuss how to make their workplaces safer. Throughout the competition, outlets were provided with weekly information, via Retail Information Updates, about safety improvements they could make and safety ideas associated with equipment, manual handling and staff awareness.


Licensee News Autumn 2014

Outlets were encouraged to submit their own ideas on how to improve safety to potentially win one of 30 $100 Christmas party hampers. Waroona LPO in Western Australia was one of the winning outlets and used photos to accompany their winning entry. Licensees, Ted and Margaret Russell, say the entire team was part of the safety review. “Everyone agreed that additional shelving would provide better access to the parcels storage area and our safety and efficiency would increase if we re-arranged the outgoing mail sorting space,” says Ted. “It’s rewarding when little improvements can make such a difference to the working environment. The benefits have been amazing and everyone appreciates the efforts implemented to create a safer and more organised workspace.”

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Licensee news autumn 2014  
Licensee news autumn 2014