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KORA on campus

Don’t miss Kora with Soljah and DJ Infamy this Friday! This is the final and biggest gig of AuSM Orientation and tickets are just $5 for AuSM members. Get your tickets from the AuSM office or HYPERLINK “”

Student Exec Vacant Positions

Do you want to represent the student voice on campus? There are vacant positions for the 2012 AuSM Student Executive Council. Find out more details at


AuSM are supporting the Child Cancer Foundation’s Beads of Courage collection. We will be out raising donations on 23rd and 24th of March. We would love you to volunteer with us! Check out the event on HYPERLINK “” www.facebook. com/ausm1 or email HYPERLINK “” deanna.berry@aut. to register


So it’s another AuSM Orientation almost over and we want to know what you thought of it. This year we have had more activities than ever before! Email HYPERLINK “mailto:kate.” with your feedback on AuSM Orientation or any of our services… I have some movie tickets that might just come your way!


We are so excited to have so many AUT students signing up for their free AuSM membership, thanks for joining us. If you haven’t already you can sign up at HYPERLINK “” for free. Once you’ve signed up come along to an AuSM office and get a sticker on your AUT ID. It gives you access to AuSM extras such as movie screenings, Free Feeds, lockers and cheap gig tickets. more AuSM-ness on pg 10...


The Child Cancer Foundation Friday, March 23rd Saturday 24th March

AuSM volunteers will be out collecting donations in central Auckland locations on Friday 23rd March & Saturday 24th March during the day. We would love your help – to register your interest email Deanna.Berry@aut check out or join the facebook group (tbc). All volunteers who register will receive a tshirt so please let us know your tshirt size.

E COME SEE US Hikuwai Plaza Exchange Fair Tuesday 20th March AUSM Clubs Day Thursday 15th March (see our stall)

STUDY AND TRAVEL AT THE SAME TIME! Study overseas for a semester on Exchange with AUT’s many University partners around the globe! Crosscredit your grades back to your AUT degree. CALL 09 921 9469

Want to find out more? Come and listen to past Exchange students talk about their experiences at one of the two lunchtime events this month.



debate issue 3 2012  
debate issue 3 2012  

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