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Morgahna Godwin This week in the twitterverse we got the best of live tweets from the Oscar’s,

a just-got-home-from-partying tweet courtesy of Justin Bieber, and a deep thought from Kim Kardashian (always entertaining). I also included the ‘twitisdom’ from various others who always make us feel better about our own lives, either because theirs is so shit or because they penetrate our brains with encouraging thoughts. Whatever. The week started with so much anticipation for the Oscars. I was lucky enough to be at the red carpet and I squealed like a deformed mouse when Bret MacKenzie strutted his stuff. I think W Magazine summed up what we we’re all thinking when he won:

W magazine

Danielle Hayes Whilst staying on the ‘swaaaaag wagon’ one of our very own shared some brilliant swaggyness. I have nothing to say except, if modeling fails, you are totally self sufficient.


“Just went through drive thru kfc ordered my order and made the car behind me pay. #swagg.”

Matty McLean On a another note, I have nothing against this ‘One Direction infection’ that seems to be possessing half of New Zealand, but I really didn’t pick Matty McLean as a follower. Each to their own. You go Matty!


“apparently @onedirection tickets sold out in a minute. good thing i have fast fingers!”


“Really wishing Bret McKenzie would break into “Business Time” #Oscars.”

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian showed her money making, brand conscious, word vomit in a comment about Marilyn Monroe’s royalties. She makes a good point, if you forget the whole ‘she’s Kim Kardashian’ thing. Don’t underestimate the Kardashian’s; they come across as oblivious to the world, but be wary because I’m pretty sure they’re in the midst of a Coke a Cola-esque world domination phase. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife (you know how the rest goes).

Ashton Kutcher Major proud-to-be-a-kiwi moment goes here. Think what you like of Ashton Kutcher, but there is no doubting the audience he can reach. And for him to shout out The Naked and Famous, I have nothing but unicorn coated cupcake love for him.


“Young Blood by The Naked And Famous is beyond my favorite song right now.”

Tavi Gevinson


And the last twitisdom is from Tavi Gevinson. If you don’t know who she is stop the bus, hold the phone, and do some serious googling. She’s 15 and I envy her brain. Follow her. That is the best advice I can give you.

Incase you live behind an impenetrable Justin Bieber invisible cloak, you may not have been aware that it was his birthday this week. I have nothing against the kid. He’s killing it while we all sit and watch. But I did happen to stumble across this 2am Twitter magic he posted after getting home from his party. Welcome to the world of I-must-not-drunk-tweet.


“If Marilyn Monroe has no family or children, who makes all of that money off the usage of her HUGE brand? Her name must rake in so much $$$.”

Justin Bieber @justinbieber

“my only note on The Artist was that the opening music sounded like the theme song from Caillou.”

Unfortunately my pop culture brain capacity, unlike Tavi’s, doesn’t support the ‘no dialogue file format’. And I was therefore unable to sustain the focus needed to watch The Artist. Such a shame (that was sarcasm). However, I may have sent a ‘please forgive my sins’ prayer to the intellectual film gods. Whatever.


Morgahna is a woman on a mission. Originally from Waihi Beach, she now lives in New York City. You’ll usually find her breaking into song on the side of the road thinking she’s Jay-Z. Be jealous. Follow her on twitter @Godfasher .


debate issue 3 2012  
debate issue 3 2012  

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