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Academy for Urban School Leadership The AUSL Chicago Teacher Residency program demands commitment, passion, and perseverance, all of which each resident must possess to be successful. In order to do so, one of the best (and most unique to AUSL) support factors I have this year is my fellow residents. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have raised the bar significantly for our students. For this blog I want to focus on CCSS Anchor Standard 10, as it demonstrates one way in particular that these standards have raised the bar. Standard 10 establishes a staircase of text complexity, and expects that by the end of each year students .

AUSL (Academy for Urban School Leadership), created in 2001, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve student achievement in chronically failing schools, primarily in Chicago, through its disciplined transformation process, built on a foundation of specially trained AUSL teachers.

AUSL currently manages 29 Chicago Public Schools serving over 17,000 students and has graduated over 650 residents from AUSL’s Chicago Teacher Residency. Steady, positive improvements in academic achievement, student engagement, and parent satisfaction are hallmarks of all AUSL-managed CPS schools. AUSL turnaround elementary schools have outpaced the Chicago Public School district growth in ISAT meets/exceeds gains every year since our first turnaround school in 2006. The University of Chicago Consortium on School Research found that turnarounds, including those managed by AUSL, closed the gap between their test scores and the CPS average by over half in reading and by two-thirds in math after four years.

Preparing Highly-Effective Teachers

Teachers are central to our theory of change. Through professional development for our teachers and the Chicago Teacher residency, AUSL develops highly effective teachers for the challenging urban environment. Many of the teachers at our turnaround schools are graduates of the AUSL Chicago Teacher Residency which is a yearlong program during which residents train under the guidance of a carefully selected and trained mentor teacher in the classroom and complete coursework at National Louis University to obtain a Master’s Degree.

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Academy for Urban School Leadership  
Academy for Urban School Leadership  

AUSL Academy for Urban School Leadership created in 2001, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve student achievement in chr...