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Commercial Storage Solutions Commercial Storage For nationwide distribution companies, or local companies in the Oklahoma City area, choosing the right local commercial storage facility will ensure that you are going to be able to store the items you ship, anywhere in the US, from a centrally located storage facility. When you choose Distribution Services, located in Oklahoma City, for your commercial storage needs, not only will you find low costs on storage, but you can also quickly ship the supplies in storage to consumers. The facilities are located right in the center of the United States, and intersect large interstates (I-35 and I-40), making pickup and drop off of supplies into trucks which do shipping services for your company very manageable and cost effective.

Save Money Using A Third Party Commercial Storage Provider As a business owner, you will also find that the commercial storage facilities at our location to offer the storage capabilities for almost any products, and any amount of supplies you have to hold for your logistics and supply chain needs. You are going to save money by keeping these supplies located in a central location of the United States. So, you will be able to ship to any state, or local city, in the shortest time possible, and it will cost your company less money in shipping costs as well. By storing your supplies in a centrally located facility, such as Distribution Services, in Oklahoma City, no matter where a customer orders from, the supplies can get to them within one to three days. Companies are also going to find that the staff at Distribution Services extremely friendly and helpful, and that the commercial storage facility will offer the best customer service, and storage needs for your company. So, if an issue arises, or if any problems arise with an order, our staff will quickly and efficiently be able to help your company resolve the issue. As your commercial storage provider, you will also find that we offer a wide range of storage facilities, depending on what your company is storing, how much is being stored, and what your storage budget is. Using this commercial storage option can also clear up space in your local stores and prevent you from having to rent a dedicated facility of your own. So if you own a nationwide company, storing your inventory in our facility will allow you to ship to the local stores when they are running low on supplies, and will allow that store to order additional inventory to keep on hand, for other products that customers order more frequently.

Whether you are trying to save on storage costs, become more efficient at shipping anywhere in the US, or just need a centrally located storage facility for your nationwide company, business owners will find that Distribution Services, located in Oklahoma City, is the ideal commercial storage facility for their company to turn to. Not only can we store any commercial goods that are shipped across the US, but your company will also find that this commercial storage option is going to save you time, money, and keep your customers happy, due to the fact that we are able to ship to the customer in a much timelier manner than in the past.

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